Titans uprising clan recruitment

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Wanna join a fun clan? We're looking for people who are active on titans uprising. Come join without limits , we have fun battle alphas. We all share advise on the game. Come join us! Help take down the alphas. Just need a couple more players to take down the four star alphas. Join a happening team


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I would love to join I have a 4000 power team and play everyday but will it be better then my other clan which take down 6 star alphas(sorry if that sounds mean I don't mean any offence I'm not that type of person)

By the way I have toothless,charsoul,obsurdian,and 5 more 4 stars including the new 4star bonestormer 

And the 5 star thunderdrum






A bit about me!!!!

Clan - tribal kyber racers ( leader)

In game name: gourmandcosmo the seeker

Favourite color: magenta

Favourite animal:tiger(I like all animals even bugs and snakes!)

Favourite dragons: deathgrippers(I love them),furies,sand buster,storm cutter 

Least favourite dragons:deadly nadder,seashockers

Favourite Dragon class:strike

Least favourite dragon class:tidal

Age: not as old as many people on here, but it's none of your business

Religion: agnostic

Favourite movie characters: emporer Palpatine, toothless, loki, Diego( Ice age), scar, the doctor, river song.

How many dragons do I own?: 267

I love art 



favorite movies.....

ok then I'm a movie buff.


1. Star wars trilogy

2. HTTYD trilogy

3. Marvel

4. Ice age

5. Disney films

6. Doctor who( not a film but...)