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This is essentially a list of dragons that don't have titan forms yet. Some of them have been overlooked for years...

Here they are (in alphabetical order):

1. Abomibumble

2. Armorwing

3. Bonestormer

4. Catastrophic Quaken

5. Changewing

6. Chimeragon

7. Deathly Galeslash

8. Devilish Dhervish

9. Dreadstrider

10. Eruptodon

11. Fireworm Queen

12. Flamewhipper

13. Ghastly Zapplejack

14. Grapple Grounder

15. Groncicle

16. Hobblegrunt

17. Hotburple

18. Moldruffle

19. Mudraker

20. Night Terror/Fire Terror

21. Prickleboggle

22. Raincutter

23. Ridgesnipper

24. Seastormer

25. Shivertooth

26. Shovelhelm

27. Silver Phantom

28. Singetail

29. Skrillknapper

30. Sliquifier

31. Slithersong

32. Smothering Smokebreath

33. Snafflefang

34. Snaptrapper

35. Sweet Death

36. Thunderpede

37. Tide Gider

38. Typhoomerang

39. Windwalker...

Egads! nearly 40 dragons that have been in School of Dragons (Some almost since the game started) that have no known Titan Form! I would have added Night/Light/Dusk Furies(Night Lights) to this list, but they're already special dragons. I have no idea how people would react to being able to turn them into Titans as well.


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Ooo I've been wondering about

Ooo I've been wondering about this too. Not in the sense that this need to happen ASAP but in the sense like "hmm there're lot of thread talking about new Hybrids or new dragon but no one talk about not-yet release Titan anymore I wonder what would be the one most people wanted"


The current developement with them releasing the titan right along with the new dragon is very good and promising but it also make me wondering about the older ones. There are some dragons that's my favourite but i don't really in need of their titan knowing it can be a little lackluster from what've seen from Rise of Berk and Titan Uprising, such as Eruptodon. Vice versa there're dragons that I didn't care much but has interesting Titan such as Changewing and Typhoomerang.

The one however I'm most looking forward to is Raincutter!

I'm also most curious about what they're going to do with Hobblegrunt, would the titan be of the Threadtail? or actual Hobblegrunt, both of them look good and suitable for SOD Hobblegrunt really

  <Threadtail (SOD hobblegrunt) titan

 < actual Hobblegrunt titan


Also FYI we know what titan Light fury look like thanks to Titan Uprising, the fin back split into three!


I don't want them to focus on titaning the older hybrids just yet but I'm positive they'd be identical with the design from Titan uprising if Titan Humbanger is anything to go by ie. Abomibumble looking more crystalize, spikier and lavaier. Bonestormer is all firey.



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I kinda wanna see the Titan Skillnapper in-game.


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Rosepetal- female Deadly Nadder level 22; adult

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Erupto- male Eruptodon; level 12; adult: Got from code Lavaeater

Thunderclap- male thunderdrum level 50; TITAN: Got from store.

Gas and Spark- male Zippleback level 15; adult: got from UDT egg

 Alphine: male Wooly Howl- level 50; TITAN, bought from store.

Venom- Speed Stinger- male- level 13; adult; bought from store

Groundshaker- male Whispering death- adult; got from a random chest at the School; level 15

Paradise- female whispering death- teen; got from Explore the Dark Depths; level 6

Wildfire- female Monsterous Nightmare- adult- again, got from a random chest at TG; level 12

Sweetsmell- male Snaptrapper- got from Thawfest chest at Lookout (how was that possible!?); adult; level 11

Seashock- male Seastormer- got from Thawfest Event (first hybrid); adult; level 21

Golden- female Deadly Nadder- got from a Thawfest Chest; teen; level 5

Treecutter- male Timberjack- bought from store; TITAN; level 24

Spruce- male Timberjack- bought from store; adult; level 11?

Shatter- male Screaming D.eath- bought from store- TITAN; level 21

Wildblaze- male Typhoomerang- got from Battle Event Chest- adult; level 11

Moijorg- male Skrill- bought from store- adult; level 13

Pouncer- male NL- got from Summarhildr Event- adult; level 15

Benshu- female Prickleboggle- bought from store; adult; level 22



Former dragons:

Toothless- 21.

Light Fury- 11?



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Eggroaster- Female Fireworm Queen- level 6ish; adult; got from battle event chest.

Skyheart- Female hobblegrunt- level 25; adult; got from store as well.

Earthquake- Male Eruptodon- level 1; baby; got from code Lavaeater too.



Nightscales- Male SandWraith- Level 22; Titan; got from beginning of game on other account.

Sunlight- Female M. Nightmare- level 6; baby; got from hatchery.


MORE TITANS (new dragons!):

Opal- Titan Razorwhip: female; level 20

Meleody- Titan Death Song: male: level 21

Flower- Titan Deadly Nadder: female: level 20


Number of Titans: Nine.




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I want the titan groncicle so bad. First expansion and first free dragon on a expansion. It would be epic.



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I would love make all my dragons titans eventually, in order of their levels. My Groncicle and Snafflefang would be the next ones.



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Grenade the Gronckle, Ginger the Devilish Dervish, Tiger the Monstrous Nightmare,

Poppy the Deadly Nadder, Argon & Xenon the Hideous Zippleback, Beryll the Snafflefang,

Spout the Scauldron, Galaxy the Stormcutter, Dozer the Rumblehorn,

Pluto the Monstrous Nightmare, Olive the Gronckle, Bluespur the Whispering Death,

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Fuschia the Monstrous Nightmare, Domino the Deadly Nadder, Dapple the Deadly Nadder,

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Inkspot the Gronckle, Cetus the Thunderdrum, Jackson the Boneknapper,

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Oooh, I'd like too see it too!

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I forgot to mention that two species have titans, but also have variants that don't have any known Titan form. These are the Hobgobler and the Sentinel. I do wonder what Titanwing versions of the Elder Sentinel and the Smitten Hobgobbler would look like... I also honestly wonder what other dragons might have variants. I think I'll put that thread in general discussions or in fan art, though!

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While I agree with Smitten

While I agree with Smitten Hobgobbler, I always thought Elder sentinel is already a titan since it IS eldery and their design is similar, differ only as the individual details for unique character but has over all the same idea/ anatomy feature. It's like Elder sentinel is the individual  Titan Sentinel character.