Tired of collecting items on the ground for quests? This will save you LOADS of time!

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There is a glitch which can save you a lot of time when it comes to collecting items on the ground. Let me tell you how it works.


First, get on the dragon, and walk towards the object, but don't touch it just yet. Then, get off of your dragon and grab the object. If the glitch works, your dragon will come to you, and give you another one, with you ending up with two objects instead of one. Side warning, if you have one item left, don't do this glitch as your dragon will glitch out, causing you not being able to fly until you leave the place.

Other than that, this glitch will cut your collection time in half. Note that this doesn't work for farming as you can't ride your dragon, and this also doesn't work with items your dragon can't collect. (There are some.)


So, did this help you? Let me know what you think! And SoD devs, please do not patch this. I beg of you! Go and patch all the other bugs, but leave this bug out of it!


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