Tips for screenshots and other things?

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Hey Ive seen some incredable screenshots across the forums and I was wondering how do you guys turn off the HUDs I have had some screenshots where I had to crop them out :(       (the keybinds for camera angles would also be helpful)


Also completly unrelated does the thawfest Screaming death armor have have racing stats?


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Heh thats somthing id like to find out too! As for the screaming death armor, sorry i have abosolutely no idea. :)


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These pixel dragons were made by the amazing 

chameishida!Thanks so much! (Also, i did not request all of these just went through the thread)
Now, here are some pics I edited:









Here are my dragons in sod: 

Flightmare- Light Fury (that's her name)

Monstrous nightmare- stormfly (funny story when I started, I didn’t realize I was hatching a Nightmare!)

Deadly nadder- Stormfly 

Armorwing- Greyhound

Eruptodon- Lava Eater

Rocky- Gronckle

Howler- Titan Wolly Howl

Lasher- Deathgripper

Wisper- Wispering Death

Dart- Night light

Scout- Flame Whipper


I will keep you updated on my dragons!



Moving on.. here are some art and edits that various people have made for me!

This was a beautiful picture was edited by Eclipse Wraith. Thanks So Much!

This wonderful dragon was made by the AMAZING Tigerli1y! Thanks a lot! :)

This adorable art was made by FireninjaHUN! TYSM!

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Nightcloud Gif

This cool gif was made by the talented AMAZIEing! Thanks :)

Nightcloud (art trade)

Thanks so much, Warmetalgarurumon for doing this super adorable art of the one and only, Nightcloud! :)


Here is yet another amazing dragon headshot by Tigerli1y! Thanks again!

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Q's about Racing Armor? I'm your guy.

Press 'Ctrl' and '-' or '+' repeatedly to enter free cam mode (gets rid of HUDs) Then once you enter the mode where you're zoomed out away from your Vikings normal point of view, right click to rotate angle, mouse wheel to scroll in/out, forward/backward, left click to move horizontally and vertically. If you only have a touchpad, get a mouse XD. Touchscreens also work, three finger swipe to zoom in/out, two finger swipes move the camera horizontally and vertically, one finger swipes move rotate camera. The Thawfest Screaming Death armor from the shop has speed stats and DT stats, the ones obtained from the Thawfest DT levels do not have speed stats I believe. Hopefully you'll have fun with screenshots! c:


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sheesh my subject

  Sooo as i person who bought a full screaming death thawfest armor from shop, sold it than got it in DT I was kinda suspicious about my stats not working . i tested the thawfest chest plate that i got in DT and here is my score on escape the cave racing map:

than i equipped skill armor to compare the time

after that i equipped basic tunic that gives no speed bonus or similar and my score looked like this

as you can see SD thawfest chest plate and skrill chest plate have almost the same time which means their stats are working and faster compared to basic t-shirt that has no racing stats.


SOOOOooooOOOo in conclusion DT items have speed stats i mean at least the chest plate i tested, but there is one thing bothering me and it is why would they make items in store tier 1 and items in DT tier 2, are they planning to eventually remove racing stats from tier 2 thawfest items that were obtained in DT, i read a thread by Hypergoof and they said they got that information from you, correct me if im wrong but i think it was about skrill armor that was obtained by (i believe)a promo code losing racing stats(im not sure if all DT skrill chest plates lost stats or just the one that was obtainable by a promo code),


so anyway when talking about skrill chest plate it isn't a big deal since it can always be purchased back with coins and owned as a lets call it "real" item aka item that isn't in DT equipment section, but when talking about thawfest chest plate which is a limited event item it would be a waste if it lost racing stats in future especially because players wont be able to get it back unless they purchased the tier 1 item from store. 


What would be your opinion on this and should i do some gem grinding and buy the armor from store or you forumers believe that DT thawfest chest plate stats wont disappear?


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I just kept the SD chest from the store to be safe., so I'd gem grind and get the chest, all the other pieces have worse stats than other armors. Both the redeem code armors lost racing stats and were replaced with DT stats. The ones in the shop that you buy have racing stats, the sets from redeem codes have no racing stats.

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Porgs have stolen the subject

Ah thank you Stormy!


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Oh my- 


Me trying to 3 finger tap my mobile screen, nop not working 


(made by the awesome banner maker - Dragonriders Fury!)


(edit by the amazing dragon editor - WoollyHowlEra!)                                   (drawn by WoollyHowlEra! TYSM!)


                                 (Drawn by FrostShards - aahh so beautiful! TY)                         (Zeke is showing off his custom designs! drawn by ZestyDragonWing! eeee i love it so much)


                          (drawn by the one and!!)                                                                            (drawn by the "AMAZING" - AMAZIEing!)

(gif edited by Dragonriders Fury - eeEE TYSM!)

These 6 pixel dragons are my current dragon team with le Zekrom being me ace :D (just like a pokemon team yes)

(pixel dragos - all done by the card dealer - chameishida! :D P.S. the triple stryke was pulled by dravas >:0)

(P.S. Zeke is edited with his colours, done by meee granted perms by chameishida! TY)


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Name: Just call me Icey! :D

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Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 12.38.31 pm.png

Art by my classmate (Emma) based off mine (it's so magestic!)                                Art by me (yes I created a new species!            


     Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 8.00.13 am.png

 Art by me (yes I created a new species!                                                  Art by my classmate (Emma) based off mine (it's so magestic!)        


Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 3.39.14 pm.png

Art by my classmate (you guessed it! Emma!) based off mine (it's so magestic!)                        Art by me (yes I created a new species!          



Dragons stuff:

Fav dragon species: Triple Stryke

Fav class: Strike

Friend code: PM me if you would like it and I'll send it :)

Clan: Xx Savage Racers Reborn xX :3 (we're roughly usually around 50th on the leaderboard xD

Fav dragon movie/series: Race to the Edge would definitely be my favourite!! I really love the storyline, the characters, the plot, the settings, AND ESPECIALLY ALL THE COOL NEW DRAGONS THAT GOT INTRODUCED!!! (INCLUDING THE TRIPLE STRYKE!)



My dragons: (in order when I got them)

Storm (male adult shockjaw)

Apple (female adult deadly nadder)

Zekrom (male adult triple stryke)

Voilet (female adult thunderdrum)

Nightmare (male adult monstrous nightmare)

Air Slash (male titan stormcutter)

Dratini (female adult skrill)

Sand (male adult whispering death)

Purple and Green (male adult hideous zippleback)

Sunset (male adult silver phantom)

Rocky (male adult gronckle)

Blue (male adult hobblegrunt)

Midnight (female adult groncicle)

Mold (male adult eruptodon)

Steelia (female adult armorwing)

Wolf (male titan woolly howl)

Norway (basically pouncer xD, male adult night light)

Drizzle (male teen raincutter)


P.S. I might've got some genders mixed up cuz there's no way to tell but by memory! 



Main dragons I use:

- Zekrom (my fav dragon out of all, I use him for flying around and exploring, he's also a pretty good racer so I used him as my racing dragon before Norway/Wolf, I also use him for dragon tactics)

- Norway (a really cute dragon, I use him for racing, and for exploring around)

- Blue (my battle event dragon, usually gets me in the top 3, before Blue, I used Sand)

- Wolf (a really cool dragon, I mainly use him for racing and dragon tactics)

- Air Slash (is my main titan, he's the highest level and is the best for using in dragon tactics out of all my other dragons)



Here are some screenies I took of my dragons along my SoD journey!


Zekrom hatched:


Titan Wolf:


Norway being cute:


Triple Stryke reunion:


Zekrom, me and a rainbow:



Welcome to the end of my siggy!! 

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Idek how you enter free cam mode on mobile, so can't help ya there. Try 3 finger swipes, not taps.

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Once you hold down 'ctrl', you have to keep pressing '-' to exit that mode. Free cam mode goes away by going to a different map or exiting and re-entering the game.