That time I didn't want a bug to be patched. :(

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Around a year or two ago, there was a bug that let you grab a duplicate items that was used in quests, like Sandstone and building stones. While that was extremely helpful in cutting down the time it took to complete tasks, they patched it a week or so.


Recently, there was an exploit that lets you skip the gear room in the Snoggletog Maze. The bug was very helpful, and had no affect on quest lines except to make the Not-So-Stale quest a little more tolerable, but they took it out. Here's a video explaining what happened, and what I think about School of Dragons' priorities when it comes to patching bugs.


I can see why the bug was patched, and I don't mind it being gone, but still, it's quite a shame. :/


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Two other shortcuts were

Two other shortcuts were added within this gear room that can get you to the end, that don't involve falling out of the map, when this was patched. 


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