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Hey guys, so this is my new QnA cuz the last one. . . well, yeah. I'm hoping to answer some good questions ((which I love to do)) and chat it up with you guys! You can ask me anything and I will answer *flashes terms and conditions at the bottom of screen while speaking way to fast to understand* ^ ^ I hope you have as much fun as I do! So fire away!

((Not one for big intro's, sorry not sorry))

Hey, welcome to my signature. I don't have much, like to keep it simple.
here are a few links if you want 'em.

(Thunder, by Katarile. TYSM)


Thunderbird is a very strong and fearless character. She sails the skies with her trusted dragon, Smugde, and touches the seas with her heart. Her father was a sailor of the Løken tribe on an island called Kalfa. Boats have always been a big part of Thunder's life and adventuring is natural to her. In fact, she lives to travel and explore. She never stays in one place for to long because she believes there's to much she hasn't seen. She is fierce, intelligent and an excellent strategist. She loves to learn and is quick to learn it. She can find her way out of tight spots with ease. She is also an excellent axemen. She is swift, agile and flexible. You'll most often see her training on a large sea stack while Smugde either plays with any animal or dragon nearby or sleeping in the shade. She is very adaptable and fairly easygoing, yet, she does have a temper and is not afraid to show it. She will storm off or even give you the silent treatment if you make her really angry. She does not trust easily but will be loyal and kind if you earn it. Dragons trust her relatively quickly with the help of her Hobblegrunt who is kind to all species of dragons as long as they are fairly kind to him. But he does not trust people as easily. in fact, he does not trust people at all. It took Thunderbird two years to earn his full trust. Now they are in separable, they fly in the sky and touch the seas with their hearts, as one.


RP's I'm in;


Iron wars: Dissent to bloodshed


The Elven's hope


A muggle's guide to conquering evil sorcerers


Kalelians in Milldrãny


The enhanced (an avengers assemble RP)




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Okay... here is my *hopefully* interesting (and not too weird) list of questions! 


What is your favourite shade of blue?


Would you rather live without no summer (like the season, not summer break from school) or no cell phone (or if you don't have a phone, no movies or TV)?


What is your favourite book?


What is your favourite in-game dragon?


What is your favourite question to ask people?


If you could meet one celebrity, who would you want to meet?


If you had to spend five years in prison, what would you finally have the chance to do?


That's it! Hope you enjoyed! :)



Thanks nay 279!


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My Main Dragons:



Laika, the Woolly Howl







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Kaeldra, my Razorwhip





Rinna, my Sand Wraith

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Isi, my Deadly Nadder



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Soren, my Skrill


Eire, my Stormcutter



My OCs:


Eris, the Night Fury

Eris is shy, reserved, and stanoffish to people she doesn't know.  It takes a lot of patience (and salmon) to gain her trust.  She loves to hang out with Katar, and they are the best of friends.  



Katar, the Nightfury:

Made by Frytha

Katar has lots of energy and is very athletic.  She loves to race anyone and will not hesitate to put on a burst of speed to win a race even if it means losing her rider!  Katar is also a huge goofball and loves to play jokes.  Her favourite food is Brown Trout, and she likes to hang out at the Edge with Eris.


    My Aquaborealis:








Jade and her mate Seaweed (owned by kcrockett)




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                    Koa and her mate Mild Hurricane (owned by Spy)








Thank you Spy and kcrockett!



My Thornridge, Britta:                      My Honeybumble, Aspra:


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Favorable shade of blue. .

Favorable shade of blue. . .

Sort of a dark teal. Kinda like my profile, it's also the color of the water in Plalla Flamenco.

Idk, it's just always been my favorite, my whole life.


without summer, or without Phone. . .

Without a phone; I could never live without summer, it is my element.

My culture thrives off of it and plus, that's baseball season. And I hardly spend time on my phone, only at night.

I would much rather be active and warm than bundled up in a sweater and lazy.

((That's good to though ^ ^))


favorite book. . .

Harry Potter. Always has been, never get tired of it.


facorite in-game dragon. . .

Hobblegrunt and wholly howl. They both have such great personalities; on is energetic and enthusiastic. The other sweet and protective. Both smart and loyal, and fun to be around.


What is my favorite question. . .

Hmm. . . "what would you be if you could be anything at all?" I loved to see what people are on the inside.


Which celebrity. . .

Chadwick Boseman. He reminds me of my dad and he plays the chars in two of my favorite movies; 42 (as Jackie Robinson (also my favorite baseball player)) and Black Panther (as T'challa (also my favorite superhero)).


five minutes in prison. . .

I would win every arm wrestling contest I could and have better time management skills.


((Good questions! Thx!))

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I agree... I'd much rather live with summer than without my phone! 


I love Harry Potter too! Who's your favourite character?  I like Ron, Hermione, and Draco.


Ooh... the Woolly Howls are one of my favourite in-game dragons too! 


Black Panther is a pretty cool superhero!  I haven't seen the movie yet, though.  Was it good?