Thunder run shortcut?

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Hey guys 15 minutes ago i was racing with sleep walker and boticka (maybe they didnt notice me -,-') i was racing with them in trench drive i see they using shortcut... tell me if you guys know where is the shortcut. Or you guys can make a video! Thx very much


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Fine it yourself. :/ it's not

Find it yourself. :/ it's not hard. Practice in Single Player and seek them out. Half the fun is in discovering the shortcut for yourself.









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I tend to not race in

I tend to not race in gronckle run,frozen warriors,trench dive. the racers somehow teleport ahead of me instaeneously so i don't race there. my best is fortune falls. I can beat amazonite on her thunderdrum there on my nadder! :D  

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Yay!     *throws confetti*     (ノ´ ▽ `)ノ*:・゚✧



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I only know 1 shortcut xD That's in Trench Dive though.


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What in the world is a subject?

There are short cuts in Gronkle Run, Frozen Warriors and Trench Dive that I know about, but I don't use the one in Trench Dive as much.


Finding out the short cut yourself would be the best thing to do because learning is fun (?)


Good luck.



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I know all the shortcut

I know all the shortcut


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I have found the shortcut in trench dive, but am still trying to master it. Every time I use it I get the countdown then sent back to just after the entry of the shortcut. But still trying, practice will eventually make perfect. (Hopefully) -_-









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Find out your self.


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observe the minimap carefully and try to find it yourself in single mode.

I found the same shorcut by observing someone then doing test and error repeatedly in the single mode.

Finding it is the challenge ;) its more exciting that way

Good luck  


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Just try to follow them

Just try to follow them shortly.  Don't mind it if you lose a bit before getting the hang of it. :)


I found them out by trying to observe them carefully. GL.!



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Yeah i found it. Blossom udh gua temuin hehehe

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ahahaha, congratz congratz

Timingnya dapet gak?

Special tips: 

Jangan puter kecepetan tapi juga jangan puter kejauhan.

Begitu panahnya muter, langsung puter juga.  Pake shift bikin bisa U-turn lebih cepet. 

Sirenemoon (not verified)
I'm afraid..

I am afraid you are going to have to find the shortcuts in the racetracks yourself, like we all did.  Most of us learned by searching and practicing in solo for hours or by observing others.  

Good luck and don't give up.  Practice makes perfect.  



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Gk ngerti gua. Btw gua juga

Gk ngerti gua. Btw gua juga mainnya di android bukan di komputer jadi gk enak bgt -,-'

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LoL, ya itu sih emg susah klo di hape/tablet... ¬˽¬"

anyway, goodluck deh. 

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Lagian setiap gua coba di

Lagian setiap gua coba di komputer selalu error padahal udh gua download unity web player. Btw oke thx yoo

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Thanks members

Thanks members for your post.  What they all told you is very true.  We all started somewhere and all lost many races.  Do a lot of watching, then trying things out.  It is a trial and error time for you.  We are always learning in this game. 


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