Thunder Run Racing doesn't let me finish and I still get a penalty

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When?: Around July 23

OS: Windows 10

Platform: PC

What were you doing when the bug occured?: I joined a race, but when I finished the final lap, the game would start loading endlessly, and I would lose trophies upon exiting, as if I had never completed the race. Another variant of this bug is that, when I finish the race, the game will in fact show me the results, but my name is not on the list, thus making me lose trophies after exiting.


An example of the results screen after a race:

Notice how the time shown in which they completed the three tracks does not make any sense (21187 minutes is ridiculous, but it also could be 353 minutes, which is still unbelievable)


Please fix this ASAP, or, if someone could tell me how to fix it, that would be greatly appreciated.



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I feel you, man. Though don't count on a fix, really. I've been reporting it countless times since the freaking Dreadfall started. No fix so far -_-


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