Thunder run racing (coldwinds)

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This happen when the track is cold winds and ive been waiting so long but nothing happen and when I restart the app my trophies -5 I wait minutes to re enter  trr


HELLO! Iam Jellybeamed(ign/ingame name)


I like the movie  HTTYD 3


My favorite dragon is the Titan Wooly Howl:Night Howl

I love titan dragons too





I have 19 Titans,41 dragons overall


I am in a guild: Darkness Overcomes( member)

197 trophies, Lvl 50


I am not good in racings ant its laggy

the most laggy (fortune fall)

I have few friends in sod

I first played the facebook version of this game and I stop

playing after not knowing how to grow adult dragon lvl 12 baby or teen only

I came back this year (2020) coz I miss httyd


Sometimes when bored I draw but not good


Thats all for now I think heheheh (-_-')


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Yes, that always happens in

Yes, that always happens in cold winds mutiplayer mode. You have to re-enter, and you lose 5 trophies. I wish they would fix it. I lost 30 trophies already....

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