Thunder Run Racing Cheater

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Hi everyone,


I wasnt sure where to tell this so i desided here,

The user MissKapriz cheated in Thunder Run Racing with her Fireworm Queen.

Few seconds before the start of the race is she already racing and flying away.

I dont know is that cheating or not but i think that is a bit hacking the race.

I share this is bcz that is not nice and maybe someone else could earn the trophies and i odnt want that this happens someone else.





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Yeah, me too. I was racing with her today and she did this. And I have got some other cheaters - Azerjhdkl and Toothlessgolubka. 




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Yup, that is both cheating and hacking. 

Eventually, her name will get around, and nobody will race with her anymore.

My "do not race" list keeps growing and growing and growing.....(sigh)





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Happened to me too! it was SKYRUN and MissKapriz


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PS, MissKapriz used a

PS, MissKapriz used a Stormcutter on me

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Also I ran with a hacker in

Also I ran with a hacker in this week. He wore a Smokebrath and

crossed walls. They must have seen as he advanced map: He stopped,

and in blink of an eye, appeared in another corner of the map. 


Name: xXRomeoVIIXx


It is the first in the image: 

















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Magnus III
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Oh, I'm sorry. It's

Oh, I'm sorry. It's Smokebreath*

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I found another and he is now online - XxAwny Raid DabbahxX

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Hop can so many people know

Hop can so many people know the same trick? Never seen such a good considence

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Hi everyone,   Im sorry to

Hi everyone,


Im sorry to hear that you also haved so much issues with thunder run racing cheaters :(

I really hope that SoD will ban all those cheaters and hackers who done that and stop this glitch,hack or cheat whatever it is that no one can do this ever again.






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When i am on Thunder Run Racing i almost never being first i don t know if that s a hack or something but every time i go to race i am going with my skrill and i am losing almost by any dragon i am trying so much and the same again and again and when i am taking (for exemple) a groncicle like someone did and he beat me i lose again i don t know if that s a hack but it s very strange for me like every dragon now can be faster then a stryke class dragon i just saying that the most times i was have to be at least the second.

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it all about skills. if you

it all about skills. if you race with people with more skills than you, you have more chances to lose


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hey i have had someone go through walls and appear infront of me and ive

seen someone start the race before it started tho i do not know their names i was

able to stay in second (without useing speed boosts) with these people but the

won that started before it started was way ahead of everyone. and i use my skrill

when racing


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is it normal

astrid carol ok i got it after i post that i saw some other replys on forum that u need skill and i say ok maybe u do need skill and then i think of some of those i raced and i just remember them starting with gliding and all of them were beat me in just a sec and i say what how can u do that when u not even go down and again up they doesn t even try to have skill they start gliding i was jast behind everyone but now i ve got a snow wraith and i will try with him to race.

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forgot what i was gonna say... 




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ok now i saw a real cheater and his name is bluethedragontamerYT if i remember correctly and he started the race before all of us and then i think he leave the race and someone else was first.