Three shows that i ABSOLUTELY recommend

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Alright, I've seen some really good shows, but i have three favorites. I'll give you the details for all three the best i can, and i HIGHLY recommend watching them.

1) The Owl House (shows up on Disney Channel and Disney XD): This one has been running for a couple of years now. It follows a girl named Luz Noceda in her travels on the mysterious Boiling Isles with her witch trainer (yes, there ARE WITCHES!!!), Eda Clawthrone and the demon (ahem, um not really a demon, I'm not spoiling completely), King. This is jammed-packed with action, magic, and emotions as they try and stop the evil Emperor Belos and the Emperor's Coven from destroying the Boiling Isles. Unfortunately (due to ONE censored couple that actually works, ahem, DISNEY) they are planning on cutting the show after three 48 minute specials. 


2) Amphibia: This one has been again running for a couple years. It kinda follows the Owl House plot, but with talking frogs this time (animal lovers will love this show). It follows three teenage girls (Anne, Sasha, and Marcy) in their travels in the world of Amphibia. Anne discovers what she is meant to do in her time on Amphibia. Anne landed in the small town of Wartwood and was taken in by a talking frog family: Hopadia Plantar, Sprig Plantar, and Polly Plantar. Meanwhile, Sasha gets trapped in Toad Tower with (yes, exactly how it sounds) toads and Marcy lands in the famous capital of Amphibia: Newtopia (which is full of newts). However, all the girls want to do is go home and when Anne does she find herself in a mission to stop King Andrias from destroying Earth as something bad happens to Marcy in Amphibia and Sasha changes on a new leaf. Anne must embrace the power of the stones from the Calamity Box (the thing that brought them to Amphibia) and save her friends. Unfortunately, this show has ended with the Episode "the hardest thing" (WARNING: EXTREMELY EMOTIONAL, will end up crying at the end!), however this show brings us heartwarming feelings, emotions, and action all the way.


3) Lego Monkie Kid: This one is very cool and is still running. It follows a kid named MK in his training with the legendary Sun Wukong of the Journey to the West (mythology fans are going to LOVE this) and his friends (who are all incarnations of the orginial JTTW team, btw) Mei, Sandy, Pigsy and Tang. MK will face a lot of challenges (ranging from alright, not horrified to OMG WHAT) as he masters the legendary powers of the Monkey King. The main villains are generally agreed to be The Six-Eared Macaque (Wukong's sworn enemy, starts appearing in Season 1, episode 9), the Demon Bull King (Season 1 focuses around him mainly) and his family and finally the dreaded Lady Bone Demon (also called the White Bone spirit from JTTW and she appears in all three seasons, making the most of her appearence in the Season 2 episode "Minor Scale", but she does show up a lot more before that). This is emotional, action-packed and fast moving and will leave watchers wanting more.


Well, those are my fav shows. I highly recommend watching them. (Note: Lego Monkie Kid is recommened to be watched online, since TV doesnt give you all three seasons) 


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I have another reccomendation, CENTAURWORLD!  It's about a war horse and her rider, in a place filled with war.  The horse falls(somehow) into a magical world filled with colours and singing centaurs.  She needs to find a way to go home and back to her rider





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I can vouch for all three

I can vouch for all three including Centaurworld the other have recommend, they're all very good show! The Owl house especially. s2 end a few week ago and I can said that it's the best show that was airing during those time. I got into Amphibia late game but it's a pretty feel good show. Lego Monkie kid is spectacular show case of animation, like constant bombastic eye candy Sakuga, you wouldn't expect it from a lego show, probably one of the best production out there . Centaurworld really  is something (pos).


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Gotta love those shows

I personally LOVE the collector's animation. Lego Monkie Kid is super good and the plot is constantly throughal (not to mention I'm a sucker for Sun Wukong's myths). And I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the final episode's gem outfits for the girls. How more awesome can you get with the anime costume they gave them?! 

My favorite character in The Owl House is Eda (favorite coven Head Witch is Ebber, gotta love that adorable little guy)

My favorite character in Amphibia is (probably surprising) Sasha.

And finally my favorite character in Lego Monkie Kid is...(drumroll please LOL) MEI!!!!!! 


And also, I'll try and watch Centurworld (i already got a spoiler from the song Nowhere King and honestly LOVED THE SONG)

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If we're talking about the

If we're talking about the favourite characters. My fav from TOH is Luz, Simple I know but I just like this sort of protagonist. My fav from Amphibia is Andrias and the Boonchoeys. (I don't think Sasha is a weird pick, from the fandom that I've seen around she's very popular and like of course she's the mean blond rival character with  redemption arc, everyone love that)

I don't watch enough monkie kid to pick a fav yet but I guess I will be boring and end up liking Macaque lol I already bias for him from the myth tho.

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*Grabs popcorn*

Ayy thanks! I was actually planning to watch a few of these.


1) The Owl House: I was actually planning to start watching it tomorrow- Heard how amazing the plot and the characters were, and decided to give it a shot. Can't wait!


2) Amphibia, i was also planning to watch this during the summer. I heard that it's amazing and that the finale was fantastic, so i'm definitely giving it a try ^^



As for my recommendations:


1) Centaurworld: It's an amazing show, it might seem a bit silly at first, but trust me, things get deeper and deeper as the show progresses. The main character, while serious, is always a bit funny, shenanigans are happening left and right, but some of the moments hit hard. Boy if they do. The villain song will be engrained in your head, because of how good it is. I won't spoil anything, but i gotta say that the story and plot twist are really fun and engaging. I 100% recommend this!


2) Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil: Personally, i think this is one of the few shows that represents young teens the correct way. I've always seen young teens represented as adults in many shows, and that always irked me a lot, but here, young teens actually behave like young teens. The characters get amazing character archs, and the plot is really good and entrataining. I also really recommend this show, it's an emotional roller coaster, i was left speechless by how fun it was!


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Macaque is pretty cool, all things considered

Haha. As for Macaque, yea, he's pretty awesome when you get passed the part that HE PERSONATED SUN WUKONG FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE. (For some reason, I end up quoting him by accident when I'm talking to a friend of mine. No joke.) Not to mention episode 9 of season 1 has one of my favorite fight scenes (the other being from the beginning of Season 3, which is like SUPER awesome, and i have the whole script for it memorized (if anything's weird, then THAT is weird)). I'm kinda disappointed in what Luz chooses for her palisman in TOH....and if i had to choose a coven, I'd take Beast Keeping, no question. Amphibia is just gah the artist who did that is SUPER talented. And somehow Amphibia and TOH got me crying later in their seasons. 

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Just a little rundown on action.

While I agree the seasons start out a little slow in action (doesnt really pick up until "Impossible Delivery" in my opinion and then slows down again....), Season 2 finale and Season 3 is when it REALLY gets interesting (and we see macaque a LOT more than in the previeous season 1 and 2 (which combined is only 2 TIMES, while we see him in Season 3 like almost every episode)). Plus, the villain for Season 3 (aka the White Bone Spirit from the Journey to the West, aka the one that almost poisoned tripitaka if not for Wukong's swiftness, and also known as the Lady Bone Demon in this show). Also, we get to see more than one celestial god in Season 3 (also known as the god thats immortaily 12, aka one of my favorite celestial realm gods ;)). 

So basically the action meter in Season 3 is probably a freaking 9. (Maybe 10, cause the last 4 episodes were omg freaky and emotionally tramuatizing for a few minutes).