The Thread to Help Spread Kindness!

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I like spreading kindness everywhere I go, with everyone I meet, so I thought I'd try to do a thread on here where everyone can share kindness in any form they want!

You can share stories, or compliment others!


I thought I'd share start with some stories of how kindness has helped me!

Please note, I'm not complaining in the parts that are more bad, I'm just sharing how bad it was for me those times.


First story, as as y'all probably know by now, it involves a car, as it probably usually does with me! XD


So I was learning to drive a stick shift car last month, and I was having a very anxious time, because I had already been honked at, for stalling at a stop sign three times,because I was still mixed up with gears a little.

So I was obviously scared that I'd have more car honking at me, as I drove on busier and busier streets with my instructor.

At one stop light, I tried to go, but I stalled the car, and it turned yellow, so I couldn't go, but the Dodge Ram behind me must've noticed the car stalling, because they patiently waited until the next time the light turned green for me to go, without (thankfully!) stalling! 
It was just a small act of kindness, because I was super nervous, so someone having patience with my mistake was a huge help with my confidence!


Second story is of my cat. 

When I was younger, I had a bad day at church, because I had been walking down a busy hall, and a lady with long sharp nails felt like she was sta.bbing me, because she had no patience in a busy hallway, and thought that pushing a little kid who was walking to class was okay, and I had a bad day after that, because my back was hurting from the lady, and I was crying, because I'm a highly sensitive person, so it was a pretty bad day for me.

After church, as I was at home, telling my mom everything that had happened, my cat came up to me, and knew that I was sad, so she came up and started purring, and flopped over for me, and was being very kind and happy with me, and it helped me feel much better, because I rarely got attention by her, other than when her food dish was empty (again, I was a younger kid, so my cat didn't tolerate me as much when I was younger, so that"s why it's so special that she did that!)

which showed me that she did actually noticed my feelings, and knew what I needed. 
She still comes whenever I am having a bad time, and tries to help me feel better whenever she notices when I'm sad.


Those are some stories of times I've gotten treated with kindness, and I'm excited to read others' stories!

As I've said in a past game I made, the internet is always full of negativity, and I'm here to help show that there's good in it too, and am hoping that everyone who reads this post, takes a moment to think of a time you've had something really nice happened to you, whether it's as little as someone helping an insect be free, to as big as helping build a house, I want to hear them all, and hope that it will help everyone feel happiness in their hearts, and remember to try to do something kind during their day!




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