Thoughts of Guilt: Chapter 45, Part 1: This is Berk

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This chapter did go long, and to keep with the rest of my other stories, keeping the last chapter a two parter.


I did a lot of homework on this chapter, one of the reasons why this was late to getting posted.

There are a ton of references and subtle hints in this chapter.

My homework was on both movies, and tv shows.


I hope you guys enjoy it.  This first part is right up before they actually go out for the first lap.

I will have the 2nd part up some time later tonight.


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This is the most excited I've been writing, because of the race.

Thoughts of Guilt


Chapter 45, Part 1


This is Berk


          Not much was done after Skybolt was hatched.  Cazi left with Skybolt to get him home and get him settled.

          We all spent the next couple of hours preparing for the race.  In that span of time, we did however have lunch.  I did not eat much, as I wanted to get out to the stables and prepare my gear and my dragon for the race ahead.  I know the race is just something for us to release the stress of the past couple of weeks, but it seemed like it was something more than that; at least for my family.

          In those hours leading up to the race, Hiccup went to each house that had eligible racers for the race.  He stated that only one from each family could be eligible to race.  So for my family, everyone agreed it should be me as I one the family tournament.

          The start of the race is nearing.  I had on all of my gear, even improved a few things that I thought would help; tweaking and adjusting my gear and even Fredrick’s saddle.  Before putting on my helmet, I went to the stable washroom to put on my racing paint.  This time, I used a much simpler pattern on my face, though still used the yellow and blue colors.  What I did this time was take the blue, start near my nose and make a half a diamond to the edge of my face.  Then on my forehead, do another half a diamond with the point pointing to my nose.  Everywhere else on my face, I filled in with the yellow.  I used this simpler design as I had a lot of burden lifted off of me:  I saved my father and then saved my family in the process; my family is changed for the better.

          As I came out and saw my family, my heart just swelled with love and pride and as we walked I started looking at the big picture.

          This is Berk.

          It is now only six days north of hopeless as the dragon flies, but still a few degrees south of freezing to death.  While be located solidly on a meridian, it has become a little more cheerful in recent years.

          My village.

          In a word… Crazy.  The people have been here for seven generations, but every single person.... is still just as crazy as ever.

          Just then the twins went by over head on Barf and Belch, I then though, “Some more than others.”

          We have friends, family, and a dragon to call our own.  The only problem was we did not know what else to do except raise and train them.  You see for the longest time we had boats racing.  Now with our dragons we have....

          Dragon Racing!

          Some people might not like actually racing with all of its thrills and danger.  Not us.  We are vikings, we have stubbornness issues; plus it is in the job description.

          My name is Jarl Brodd Mollerson.

          Great name I know, but it's not the worst; it is better than some and actually one that I'm quite proud of.  Who do you know that has the name of Jarl?  Like the old saying, “Parents believe that a hideous name will frighten off gnomes and trolls.”  Our “charming” viking demeanor has something to say about frightening them off, but I think we all know what those trolls are actually.

          That is... my dad… Sigvald Mollerson the Mighty.

          They say that he could lift the weight of a Gronckle and hurl it over great distances.

          Do I believe it?

          Well, I asking my father about it just then as we were making our way up the gangplanks to the upper grandstands areas; he said, “Well, that was more of a rumor that was spread to cause fear in our enemies.  I was one of Berk's greatest marksmen with a catapult... and one of those boulders for the catapults weighed as much of a Gronckle.  So in a way it was true, but we left out some of the details.”

          Getting to the main grandstands with my family, Stoick is right there below where he would set to call and judge the race; he asked Gobber, “What have we got represented?”

          Gobber answered, “Gronckles, Nadders, Zipplebacks, Razorwhip, Skrills, Thunderdrums, Tide Gliders, oh and Monstrous Nightmares too.”

          “Is Toothless here yet?” Stoick asks as he brushes a Terrible Terror off his shoulder.

          “Not so far,” Gobber replied.

          Stoick said, “Where is that boy?”

          I saw Cazi with Annabeth getting ready there near the start-finish line with their dragons.

          Cazi then quipped, “Oh nice of you to join the party; though you'd be carried off and swarmed by now with all of your new fans.”

          “Yeah,” smiled Annabeth.  “Can you even walk through the streets without being swarmed?”

          “Wah, wait.  Who me?” I returned.  “Nah come on, what did I do?  All I did was save my family… and quite possibly Berk... nothing big.”

          My father then poked me, “Nothing big my foot.”

          “Well,” I added and then gestured to myself with showing my muscles.  “They wouldn't know how to pick up all... this.”

          Gobber then chimed in, “If they can lift a toothpick, I think they can lift you.”

          We all just laughed.

          A few other riders came up on their dragons and joined us as we stood on the wooden walkway at the start-finish line.  It was Jack, Hyrith, and Garth.  They joined us along with Cazi and Annabeth.

          “Our job is so much cooler, now that we can race,” stated Hyrith.

I put my arm around Hyrith's shoulder, “It isn't a job it’s a way of life.”

          Asvord then remarked, “I wish I could be in the race, but since my fall, I’m still not a hundred percent.  I was good enough to finish off the battle at The Golden Isles, but now am feeling the effects of my fall I took… and mother not wanting me to do so is partially why as well…  I would have made plenty of marks on the scoreboard for the race.”

          “That is why I'm in the race,” I answered.  “Even without your fall, you made marks all in the wrong places in the last races and I was able to win.  Look sister, if you ever want to get out there to race, you'll have to stop all... this.”

          “You just pointed to all of me,” Asvord smirked.

          “That's it,” I smiled.  “Stop being all of you.”

          “Oh...” Asvord started pointing a finger at me.

          I interjected, “Ohhh yeah, brotherly love, Asvord.”

          “You... You sir, are playing a dangerous game...,” Asvord continued.  “…keeping this much raw... racing talent... contained.  There shall be consequences.  You will lose one day.”

          “I'll take my chances,” I said as I dodged a nudge from my sister.  “But for right now, I'm the better racer.  You put in the work... or I fall off Fredrick again... you'll be in position to beat me.”

          Asvord just shook her head and rolled her eyes.

          Cazi then added while shaking her head too, “Brothers.”

          “Tell me about it,” Asvord began with a slight sarcastic smirk and while squinting her eyes she went to a grin.

          Within the next few minutes, more and more villagers filed in and filled the stands at the same time as more and more racers came over and lined up along the front edge of the grandstands.

          The sun is starting on its downward trajectory over the horizon and is at that one point where the sky is starting to turn orange; beautiful just beautiful.

          As quickly as the racers had gotten here, the stands were now nearly full; each racer had their own cheering section.

          The crowd progressively started randomly screening and cheering in anticipation of the approach start time of the race.

          I looked down the racer’s line and saw all of my friends.

          “What are they all doing here?” I wondered.

          As Stoick came from behind the stands, went up the steps to the Chief’s chair, and stood in front of it.  Just then, the Academy Riders flew in and landed on the small gap where people had walked across to get to the grandstands.

          Stoick must have been waiting on them as he raised his hands to quiet the crowd, he began, “If someone had told me that in a few short months, Jarl Mollerson would go from well being just one in the crowd, to solving three mysteries and saving his family, his friends, and protecting Berk, I would have shipped him off for feeding gone mad.”

          Stoick, the crowd, and really everybody else laughed.

          Stoick again raised his hands and continued, “Now.  We are all vikings at heart and can do anything especially when it comes to family, friends, and protecting your home.  But for someone to take on that responsibility all on his own,” I noticed Stoick glancing at his son. “…is quite an accomplishment.  Let’s be honest, not everyone would do this as willingly as some and actually volunteer for it, figure things out on their own, and recruit fellow vikings to help in solving the mysteries and puzzles as they come their way, fight for the answers, and still protect themselves and just as important their home.  All of you followed your fellow friends into battle, helped each other, and again I say protected your own.  When Jarl asked for help, you never hesitated.  When old friends and family came back to help and Jarl asked for help, you never hesitated.  Jarl was humble enough to even ask for help from the ‘Pride of Berk’.  Hiccup’s accomplishments did not stand in Jarl’s way; if Jarl needed and asked for help even from those who have done more, you never hesitated.  Today, this race is dedicated to each and every one of you, you too Asvord.  You put everything on the line to protect your brother and your family.  As vikings we strive to do that every time we go into battle.  I am proud today to say, all of you are the future of Berk.  We are in great hands.”

          An enormous cheer erupted in the crowd.

          Again quieting the crowd, Stoick continued, “You are probably all wondering why I summoned all of you here.  Some of you might be thinking that this race was just going to be a fun race, well it still will be.  However, I wanted this race to mean more to you and to us than just a race.  I want every one of you to race in honor of the work that you have all done for your family, your friends,… and your home.  When you race, we race with you.  When you fight, we fight with you.  When you struggle, we lift you up.  When you need help, we help you.  When you stand, we all stand with you.  Berk is our home.  As vikings, we are united.”

          An even bigger cheer with applause sounded from the crowd.

          Stoick let the cheering go on for a few minutes and then quieted them down, “Now for the race.  You will all be split up into teams.  This will be a relay race.  Teams have already been selected by me and each racer will be picked to go one at a time.  Each round, each racer will be racing against a similar dragon or a similar racer.  This race is to test your teamwork, team-strategy, and is supposed to test your skills as a racer and your wits as a viking.  Gobber, would announce each team.”

          As Stoick had talked there was quite a murmur going about in the crowd as well as with us, the racers.

          Gobber announced from a scroll, “Hiccup Haddock III, Astrid Hofferson, Fishlegs Ingerman, Snotlout Jorgenson, and Ruffnut and Tuffnut Thorston; you are Team Red.”

          Gobber paused between each team so as to separate them, “Jack Leifson, Hyrith son of Goldern, Garth of Izar, Kesu Patro, and Hattori Korozinu; you are Team Blue.”

          “Repteil Abisson, Meen Mordson, Sapphire Battersea, Faith Valgard, and Navaro Blannson; you are Team Green.”

          “Explodantor son of Ragvald, Cullan Quinn, Thoreous Hallson, Ashley Sorethon, and Tory Skyman; you are Team Orange.”

          “Cazi “The Conqueror” Olson, Annabeth Everdeen, Elsa and Jarl Mollerson; you are Team Yellow.”

          Gobber than turned his attention down toward me, “Jarl.  Do you have anybody in mind for a fifth member of your team?”

          Without hesitation I replied, “I do.  Angie Carolina.”

          “Alright,” Gobber stated as the crowd had gotten a little louder with the surprise twist to the race.  “Now some of you that were assigned teams probably weren’t expecting to race.  That being said, we will give you fifteen minutes to go back to your houses and prepare.  You will have to be back here at the end of those fifteen minutes.”

          No one really moved as we were all taken off guard, Stoick then said, “Well, what are you waiting for?  Get going!” He smiled as he saw those of who were not ready fly off in an almost panic state trying to get back to their houses.

          I walked back over to my family’s cheering section.  They were in the front row, a few sections back of the start-finish line.

          “Well that’s a twist,” I said.

          Asvord had a frowny face on, but had a sarcastic tone, “Yeah, that means I could have been in the race, had I not fallen.”

          She then threw a right cross into my left shoulder, “What was that for?” I said.

          “It’s all your fault,” she stated… trying not to smile.

          “My fault?” I questioned.  “How is it my fault?”

          “Well,” she replied.  “If you had saved me from my fall, I wouldn’t have gotten hurt.  And if I wouldn’t have gotten hurt, then I could have raced.”

          “Saved you?” I retorted.  “You let go of my hand.  How am I supposed to save you if you let go of my hand?”

          Mother then piped in, “You did what, Asvord?!”

          Asvord just stood there with her mouth open, “Uh…. Yes… I did… possibly let go… of Jarl’s hand.”

          Mother was about to reply to that, but being the “good” brother I am, I thought I would save my sister from explaining, “Well, if she hadn’t let go of my hand, both of us probably would have gone down together.  Even if He… our one friend still came along, they may have not been able to catch both of us.  Thus one of us would have died.”

          “Okay, well, that was nice of you Asvord to do that,” mother said.

          “Nice?” Asvord stated.  “Why should I ever be nice?”

          Elsa just came over a moment before, and then said, “Well he was nice enough to give that comeback to mother to explain why you let go of his hand.”

          Asvord then gave a rhetorically hand motion and looked up into the sky to “think” about it, “Eh, you’re probably right.”

          “You kids haven’t changed a bit,” father laughed.  “Well, you’ve grown a lot… in more ways than one… but you’ve done this banter ever since you guys could talk.”

          We all then just laughed.

          Cazi and Annabeth came over.

          “So what do you think our strategy should be?” Annabeth asked.

          I answered, “Well that all depends on how exactly the race will be set up.  I’m guess everyone will want to save their best rider and dragon for the anchor leg and use the slowest dragon first; so that with each preceding dragon, the race will get faster and faster.  Also, that would allow each team to catch back up, if they had fallen behind in one part of the race.  The next dragon could make up the time.  But the way Stoick had said it, it sounds like he is going to pick the racers for each round.”

          “And now the question is:” declared Cazi.  “Who wants to go up against Hiccup and Toothless?”

          Without hesitation, I raised my hand.

          Father was a little surprised, but understood, “Really.  You do know that Toothless is the fastest dragon on Berk.”

          “And the quickest,” Annabeth added.

          I then smiled and patted Fredrick who had still been right next to me the whole time, “Let me ask you this:  Has Hiccup and Toothless ever gone up against a racer and a Thunderdrum, in a real race?” I paused.  “Didn’t think so.”

          “Well,” Asvord said.  “Hiccup’s either going to flat out beat you, or you’re barely going to beat him.”

          I intentionally dropped my mouth open, “No.. kid.. ding.. Asvord.  Either he is going to beat me, or I’m going to beat him.  I didn’t know that’s how racing worked.  I wondered how it worked and why I kept getting first place.  It was because I was beating other racers and their dragons… of course!”

          “Oh, stop,” Asvord took a swing at me, but I leaned back out of the way.

          It had just been five minutes since the racer had left to get ready.  We did not do much but stand around for the next ten.  Before the fifteen minutes were up, though, all the racers that were gone had come back before the time was up.  I waved and said, “See you later,” to my family as I got back in line where I was.

          This time the crowd did not need to be quieted down, as they quieted themselves down as Stoick began to speak, “Alright.  Here we are.  Do you kids remember what team you are on?”

          We all nodded.

          “Okay then,” Stoick said.  “Each round will be three laps long.  The first round will start with each dragon hovering at the start-finish line.  Then each preceding round, each racer must tag the next rider on the third lap.  How you tag will be left up to you.  However, you must tag the other person somehow for them to continue in the race.  The racer being tagged can only get read after every racer has crossed the start-finish line when the racers have completed Lap Two.   I will now announce each round’s racers.”

          Stoick went along down the line and this is how the rounds stacked up.

          First Round:  Jack Leifson, Elsa Mollerson, Navaro Blannson, Thoreous Hallson, and Fishlegs Ingerman.

          Second Round:  Kesu Patro, Angie Carolina, Faith Valgard, Cullan Quinn, and Tuffnut and Ruffnut Thorston.

          Third Round:  Garth of Izar, Cazi “The Conqueror” Olson, Repteil Abisson, Tory Skyman, and Snotlout Jorgenson.

          Fourth Round:  Hyrith son of Goldern, Annabeth Everdeen, Sapphire Battersea, Explodantor son of Ragvald, and Astrid Hofferson.

          And of course in the Final Round:  Hattori Korozinu, Jarl Mollerson, Meen Mordson, Ashley Sorethon, and last but certainly not least, Hiccup Haddock III.

          The racers then broke out into their teams, huddling up in areas and spots away from the other teams.

          Elsa is already next to me, so Annabeth, Cazi, and Angie came over to me.  We all huddled up, putting our arms around the person’s shoulder standing next to us; even the dragons got in on the act and spread their wings out so we could hear each other better as the crowd is really loud.

          Before anything else was said, Angie thanked me, “Thank you for choosing me to be your fifth racer.  I know I just met you, but I feel like I’m already a friend.  So thank you.”

          “You’re welcome,” I answered.

          Cazi then quipped, she quips a lot, “Well you got a Skrill don’t you?  Why wouldn’t we want you?”

          We all laughed.

          “Okay,” Annabeth said.  “Let’s get down to business.  Anyone have a strategy?”

          I laid out what I had in mind, “This is what I think.  Since they have already picked each racer for each round, our strategy is plain and simple.”

          “Let me guess,” Elsa said.  “Beat the other teams to the finish line.”

          “You took the words right out of my mouth,” I joked.  “No, but seriously, I know some of us our more experienced at racing then others, some more skilled than others, and some more experienced and skilled at this particular track.  It is the same track layout as the Family Tournament track.  I’ll go through it as quickly as possible for you Angie and then Elsa and Annabeth who have not had much time on this track.”

          I then described the track to them, going turn-by-turn, “Right out of the gate you have an angled right turn down to the docks; Turn One.  Then right after that you have a slight left turn to fly out over the docks; Turn Two.  First straightaway is out over the docks and into an upward climb over The Academy; the straightaway is I’m guessing a thousand to two thousand feet, about a third to a half a mile long.  Once over The Academy, slight left over the top edge of the forest; Turn Three.  Next there is about a five hundred foot straightaway.  Turn Four and Turn Five are both basically one turn to the left, but big enough they are considered Turn Four and Five; they are long sweeping turns, probably three-quarters of a mile each.  Before you get to Turn Four, there is a shortcut at the entrance of Turn Four.  I’m not sure if we are allowed to use this shortcut every time or not.  I’ll have to ask that here in a minute.  If we do get to use the shortcut, be sure you bank into the turn quite a bit as it is sharp for it by passes Turns Four and Five and cuts the distance traveled over half of those two turns.  Now for the backstretch, here is where you can ‘catch your breath’ as it is nearly three to four miles long.  Be sure to keep your momentum, as you will need it.  Watch out though, the first half is a heavily wooded area and you come on it right as you exit the shortcut.  The second half of the backstretch is flying up to the ‘Donut Hole’, as I call it, and down across part of the sea.  Once you see the village, start a slight accend from the backstretch, Turn Six is there at the edge of the village and is a left turn past Hiccup’s house and in front of The Great Hall.  As you exit Turn Six you enter Turn Seven immediately and is a sharp right turn; though Turn Seven is a bigger turn, so you can bank it pretty well from Turn Six.  Then from Turn Seven you go left into Turn Eight and then finally Turn Nine.  Turns Seven through Nine are fairly big and wide, so banking is key in these turns.  As you exit Turn Nine you cross the start-finish line.  So did you get all that?”

          Angie spoke up, “No, but I’ll be fine.”

          I chuckled, “I can be a little detailed but-.”

          Gobber came over and interrupted, “I’ve gone to each team and said the same thing: Once every team is ready, we will all be lead by Hiccup and each preceding team on a slow practice run through the entire course.  Each turn and straightaway is plainly and clearly marked with red arrows or flags pointing you in the correct direction.  Once that is completed, the track will be cleared except for the Round One racers.  Any questions?”

          “Yes,” I stated.  “Can we use the shortcut?”

          “Yes, you can,” Gobber replied.  “Since the race is based purely on skill of the rider and speed of the dragon, you can take the shortcut anytime you’d like.  In this race, there are no sheep to be caught.  This is just a flat out sprint relay race.  Turns Four and Five basically became one turn in the shortcut as everyone has been expected they are going to take it.  So in reality, there are eight turns in the Berk Raceway now.  Any other questions?”

          No one could think of one, so Gobber told us to get ready to mount our dragons.

          The girls were about to break the huddle on their own, but I called them back in, “Listen to this:  No one round is more important than another.  The start is just as important as the finish.  The Second Round is just as important as the Third Round.  Give your best, do your best, and just have fun.  ‘Dragon Racers on Three.’”

          In unison, all five of us screamed, “One, Two, Three…. DRAGON RACERS!”

          Getting back in our lines, but now in our teams, we awaited further instruction.

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I am a Mage of Fairy Tail, I do not need a subject

Okay, Skybolt is a "she", not a " he"

Nice use of Cazi's "title" ;)



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Okay.  I'll change it here

Okay.  I'll change it here soon.  As long as you have mentioned it, everybody should know.

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WOW AMAZING. history time: i


history time: i actually been reading your stories since you begun posting them its just i got an forum account in febuary but i was reading your stories long time ago.

again i loved this chapter its truly amazing.




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Thanks. Nice.  Sometimes


Nice.  Sometimes things work out that way.  But thank you for reading since I started posting from TCotMS (The Clue of the Missing Socks)


Thanks again. :)

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Link to my final chapter
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With the subjects wise this one is. Heed them do you not have to

Did you guys catch all the references I made to the movie?


Also pay attention to what words I swapped for others, because there are some subtle hints here and there about things.

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yes i did!   o even noticed a

yes i did!


o even noticed a little bit of movie reference in older chapters.

It was when Heather and your sister were undercover.