Thoughts of Guilt: Chapter 42 Parts 1 and 2: Justice is Served

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The chapter again went long as I wanted to end it the right way and the right way that felt right to me.  So that is one reason this took until early Saturday to post.  And also because of the tournament.  Trying to write between races will tend to make any job take longer than it should.


I hope you guys enjoy the ending to the mystery.


Though the story itself is not over.  I still have the race to do and then the conclusion of the whole story.


Please comment on how you think I did with ending the mystery.




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Thoughts of Guilt


Chapter 42, Part 1


Justice is Served


          “Jarl, Jarl.  Are you alright?” came a voice.

          I felt myself waking up and sat up, grabbing my head.

          “Ooo,” I grimaced.

          “At least he is alive,” said a different voice who I recognized to be Hyrith’s.

          I blinked my eyes a couple of times and looked up.  Annabeth was on my right side bending down; Cazi and Hyrith were to my right.  Hyrith and Annabeth were already in position to help me up, so I stuck out my arms and my friends pulled me up.  As I got up, I noticed the storm is practically all but gone; though it is still cloudy… and nearing mid-afternoon.  As quickly as the storm had “popped” up, it had dissipated.  Fredrick came over, and I rubbed his head a little bit as I whispered, “Sorry for the arrow.”  I saw that the arrow had not gone past his hide and did not penetrate his skin, so that was good.

          “After I saw you go in, Jarl,” said Hyrith.  “I didn’t know what to expect.  I knew if one other person or thing was in the aura when the evolving process started they would get its power.  What I’ve read and learned never delved into what would happen if there were more than one thing in there with the Shade Fury when the process was complete.  So I feared the worst, especially after that lightning strike hit throwing us back off our dragons.”

          “Are you guys alright?” I asked.

          “We’re fine.  We were more worried about you.  I know I was,” Annabeth asked, “Are you alright, Jarl?”

          I slowly replied, still rubbing the back of my head, “Yeah, I think so.”  I then inquired, “How long was I out for?”

          “Only a minute or two after we were thrown back,” Annabeth answered.

          “Really?” I replied.

          Cazi stated, “You sound surprised.”

          “I am,” I responded.

          “Why would you be?” she asked in return.

          “Well…,” I paused.

          Annabeth added, “Well what?”

          “I can’t really remember,” I told them.  “All I can remember is having a duel with Truvor, something about Thor and his hammer and worthiness, some connection between Truvor and I, a feeling I was in the Twlight Zone, and the Shade Fury.”

          Cazi nodded her head, “I bet it was the hit on the head you took; because you were thrown way clear, of the blast of the lightning strike on the aura.  The hit made you see things.”

          “Did you win the duel?” questioned Annabeth.

          “Yes, that is the one thing I know I remember,” I replied to Annabeth then responded to Cazi, “But it felt so real.  And I spok… Where’s the Shade Fury?”

          My friends looked around to the direction I am looking.  Hyrith said, “It’s gone!”

          “Wait,” Annabeth replied.  “Then where did that dragon come from?”

          She pointed at tan colored baby dragon playing with Sirena near the center of the stone circle.

          “Hold on,” said Cazi as we had walked over to the two playing dragons.  “This tan hatchling is a Sand Wraith dragon.”

          “Are you kidding?” asked Hyrith.  “Those dragons are extremely rare.”

          I then corrected, “Not as rare as you might think.  After all, Sand Wraiths are related to Wooly Howls which are related to Snoggletog Wraiths; and then all three of those kinds have similarities shared with Night Furies… or at least with Toothless.  I’ve never seen a Wooly howl before, but Sand Wraiths are mentioned in the Book of Dragons.”

          “Funny, I never saw them,” replied Hyrith.

          “That is because there are barely mentioned… and it is near the back of the book,” I added.

          “Yeah,” Cazi chuckled.  “No hardly ever gets to the back of the book… they used to just kill the stuff the words tell you stuff about… and ask questions later,” as she finished she winked.

          Annabeth then held out her hand to the Sand Wraith, the dragon rubbed on her hand, and then Annabeth said, “What should we call it?”

          Before anyone else could say, I said with a slight smile, “Sandy.  Sandy Times.”

          The Sand Wraith howled and shot up as the hatchling wagged its tale.

          Cazi looked and said, “How’d you know it is a girl?”

          “I just knew,” I responded.

          Hyrith then shook, like someone had come up behind him and scared him, as he suddenly started looking for something.

          “What, Hyrith?” asked Cazi.

          “They’re gone,” he replied.

          I guessed, “The ‘mystical’ weapons.”


          “They’re gone, Hyrith,” I said.

          “And I suppose you already knew that too,” Hyrith quipped rhetorically.

          “Yes,” I said.

          “From your ‘dream’?” suggested Annabeth.

          “Yep,” I answered.

          Hyrith then stated, “For not being able to remember what actually happened, you are remembering a lot of the fine details.”

          “Well they are the most important details,” I said.

          I asked about Truvor and Hyrith said that he checked his body.  The impact he had with the cave entrance, must have did him in.  Hyrith did however say that he had seen signs in Truvor already that the weapons had really been affecting his head.  Hyrith went on to say that any human being’s mind cannot be put through that strain for very long.  If they fight the power of the weapons and keep control of their own wits, they can use it.  But if their whole thing is to have power, then they will literally drive themselves crazy.  Basically Truvor would have soon figuratively and literally “blown a gasket”.  The explosion from the aura and the impact with the cave entrance just sped it up the inevitable.  Hyrith reminded me that he brought this ending on himself.  I was just trying to stop him from possible using the power of the Shade Fury to hurt anyone.

          Suddenly out of the blue, we heard an explosion from afar.  An explosion followed by two smaller blasts…

          “What was that?” asked Annabeth.

          I raced to my dragon and jumped on as I said, “That was my sisters’ warning shot.  Something is very wrong!  Will you guys…”

          “Just go, Jarl,” Annabeth stopped me short.  “We’ll take care of things.  We’ll catch up.”

          I nodded to Annabeth and then I urged Fredrick up and pointed him in the direction where I heard the explosion.  Fredrick then took it from there and accelerated to his top speed the fastest he has ever done.

          Our heading is south by southeast.  I could still see the explosion in the distance.  Off in the horizon I could see three dragons.  The one looked like Meatballs and the other Spiker.  They were chasing after another dragon.  Since I am coming up from behind, I could not see what type of dragon they were chasing.  But as Fredrick covered a mile or two in the next few moments, I saw a blue Hideous Zippleback.  I pulled back on my reins just a bit, for Fredrick to fly higher.  Doing this gave me a better angle to recognize the dragon.

          “Ohmarr’s dragon!” I said under my breath.

          Spiker and Meatballs both have good speed, but Fredrick was always the faster dragon.  I had been catching up to them, but they were still two miles away.

          It looked like the rider on Ace is firing sometime back at my sisters, as they kept taking evasive maneuvers, and Ace is letting of gas which made firing a problem.  Asvord and Elsa must be selective with their shots as their fire-breathing dragons could set off the Zippleback’s gas and cause an explosion that could blow them out of the sky.  Fredrick does not breathe fire.

          I knew I could use this to my advantage; however, it is difficult to do at speeds like these to make the sound waves be affective in knocking any dragon off course:  The blast would dissipate in strength by the time it reached the target.  Fredrick does have a few powerful blasts that can do the trick, although Fredrick has already used up one of his sonic blasts.  So doing a second sonic blast when at these speeds would drain my dragon’s energy enough thus allowing the Zippleback to escape.

          I saw we are coming upon an island which had a lot of tall trees, rock formations, and would be a good place force down Ace.  The island looked smaller than The Golden Isles, yet this other island is massive in area.

          I did not know if the riders on Ace had seen me or not, but I was about to let Fredrick let out his roar to let my sisters know I am behind them.  It would give up the element of surprise, but I need my sisters’ help if we are to stop Vlarrin and Hawk; whom I am assuming are the riders on Ace.

          I bent down over the top of my dragon, near his ear, patted him, and said, “Give ‘em your roar.”

          Fredrick let out a loud roar, but not to the point of actually firing a shot.  Asvord and Elsa looked back and saw me.  I immediately signaled to them using hand signals to force the dragon to go through the island while they circled around the island to stop him from escaping, if I lost him.

          My sisters understood.  Asvord had Spiker twice shoot to the left of Ace which caused Ace to naturally move off to the right, which caused Ace to start flying towards the island.  By now, they had started flying into the island, so my sisters stopped as one flew off to the left to circle around while the other flew off to the right to circle around.

          Ace had breathed some gas right as they flew through the forest, but I blew through before Ace could light and explode the gas.  Not the best of scents to smell, but I did not have time to deal with it.

          Bobbing and weaving around trees… flying over toppled trees… flying under them… even I had to duck several times and move my body to miss branches.  Ace was about fifty yards or less in front of me, which gave me the upper hand:  Whichever way Ace would go, I could cut the corner or turn earlier to cut Ace’s lead on me.

          I still could not see exactly who is flying Ace, but they seemed to know how to fly a dragon.  The rider did have Ace gas and explode the bottom of a massive tree which once they did that, start to fall over… in my direction!  Going down as low as I could go, still bobbing and weaving my way through the forest, I flew out from under the top of the tree with hardly any room to spare.  The sounds of wood cracking and splitting under pressure could be heard.

          Several minutes had been spent chasing Ace down.  But I did cut into his lead with every attempt at escaping my pursuit.  So now they tried flying through some caves and gas-ing to try and cover an escape route.  However, Fredrick is just too fast for them.  My dragon seemed bound and determined to catch up as he had not slowed down since we left The Isles; even when we turned to follow, he still did not slow down.  He had “head of steam” and wanted… needed to catch Ace.

          And that we did.  The rider on Ace mistakenly turned a little too soon when exiting another cave and ran into a tree, slowing them down tremendously.  I seized this chance and got right up on the riders… but Fredrick had other plans.  He bulled right into Ace!  When the impact occurred, the riders turned their heads and looked my way.  It was in fact Vlarrin but with Ohmarr flying Ace, trying to make a break for it.  I knew I could not let them get away again.  I saw we were coming to the center of the island where a small lake was at.  I do not think you could guess what I am planning to do.

          When we were right over top the lake, I quickly slipped my feet from saddle’s stirrups, steadied myself on my dragon… and leaped from my dragon in the direction of Ohmarr and Vlarrin… to tackle them in mid-air!

          This completely caught the two of them off guard and all three of us splashed down in the lake below.  As I fell, I saw Fredrick continue after Ace.

          After plunging into the water, I swam back to the surface.  Good thing my helmet has a strap on it or it could have sunk to the bottom.  We all started swimming to the shore.  Would not it figure, I would be the one further away from the shore they had picked.  Thankfully I am a fairly good swimmer.  Ohmarr and Vlarrin are a little discombobulated as they did not expect me to do that.  All three of us basically came to shore at the same time.

          Vlarrin was about run off, but I called out, “Vlarrin!  Stop!”

          He stopped.  Did not think he would actually stop.

          “It is over Vlarrin,” I said.  “No more running.  No more lies.  No more charades.  Come clean.”

          Vlarrin did not turn around, he just kept mumbling something.

          “What are saying?  I can’t hear you, Vlarrin,” I spoke.

          “I cannot go back!” Vlarrin whirled around.  “I… Truvor will kill me.”

          Vlarrin must not realize yet, so I played along, “Why would he kill you.”

          “Because,” Vlarrin paused.  “Because I’m the one who told Ohmarr to contact you guys to come rescue Ohmarr’s parents.”

          Surprised, but Vlarrin has lied before, “Why would you do that?”

          “I know you don’t have to believe me, but it is true,” Vlarrin said.  “Ohmarr is my son and I used you guys so I could escape.  I did not plan for you and your friends to get captured.  I just wanted to get away from Truvor.  Hawk is the one who got me involved with Truvor.  I never really wanted any part of it.  It felt like I kept getting deeper and deeper involved that I could not get out.  So in a sense, Ohmarr was telling the truth when he told you guys that he needed to rescue his parents; although it was just me.  My wife is hiding out back on Berk.  Truvor made me do all the things I have done.  He threatened to take my family away from me.”

          I then questioned, “Then why would you fire back at us when we were chasing you?”

          “Because he was afraid of going back to Truvor,” answered another voice from my right.  It was Hawk and he had captured both of my sisters!  “He is afraid of what Truvor could do to him.  However… He should be more afraid of what my brother is going to do to you.”

          Out from behind Hawk came… Koll Valgardson!



Thoughts of Guilt


Chapter 42, Part 2


Justice is Served


          “I knew you would turn up sooner or later!” I exclaimed.

          “Oh did you, now?” inquired Koll with a smirk.  “Have you told Vlarrin yet?”

          I did not say anything to him, I asked my sisters, “Are you two alright?”

          “Yeah,” replied both Asvord and Elsa.  Then Asvord continued, “I’m sorry Jarl.  He got the jump on us by using his Changewing’s camouflage.  He jumped on my dragon and forced me to land.  Then making me subdue my dragon and tell her to wait for me.  Koll took me captive and he met up with Hawk who had done the same with Elsa.”

          Elsa relayed, “The exact same happened to me and Meatballs, Jarl, except Hawk nearly took me out with a crossbow.  I had to comply with his demands as he said that his arrows were poison tipped.  I had to do the same thing with Meatballs as Asvord did with Spiker.”

          Koll ignored my sisters’ conversation with me, “Didn’t think you would have told him,” Koll remarked.  “Vlarrin.  Truvor is dead.”

          Vlarrin looked like the weight of the world was lifted off his shoulders.

          “However,” Koll said.  “You will have to answer to me.  From what I hear from Hawk, you haven’t been the most… how should I say it… loyal… to our side.  Okay.  Let me just lay it on the line for you.  Join us and we’ll let you and your son live.  Or don’t and you both die.  Either way I get repayment on my revenge from Icestorm.  With Jarl’s father on trial for murder, his children helpless to defend themselves, and soon his wife to be heartbroken, I will make due on my revenge.”  Koll chuckled, “Heh, Jarl, maybe you should have let me have my revenge then at Icestorm, or maybe you would be living now.”

          Vlarrin started thinking, but Ohmarr could see what he was thinking, “Dad, come on now.  Don’t be thinking what I think you’re thinking.  You just got out from under the grasp of Truvor, don’t get back in.”

          “What other choice do I have?” Vlarrin asked.

          Koll then stated, “Well you have a few minutes to decide.  Move.”

          He shoved my two sisters in front of him and motioned all of us to start moving.  We started walking back in the direction I had first flown over the island, but this time up the one rock formation.

          Asvord asked me what are we going to do, but I did not have a plan.  I started to wonder where my dragon flew off too.

          “Was Fredrick that set on getting Ace that he forgot about me?” I thought.

          Koll, Hawk, and Koll’s Changewing brought up the rear and pointed us to the highest point on the formation… which was next to a cliff.

          “Okay, tie ‘em up,” said Koll as he got some rope out of his saddlebags.

          “What?” Vlarrin questioned.  “What are you planning on doing with them?”

          “They are of no use to me,” responded Koll.  “So I will dispose of them.”

          My heart jumped when Koll said that.  I could feel the tenseness from my two sisters, who were tied to me.  Hawk grouped my sisters and me in a circle and tied our waists and legs together.

          Vlarrin started panicking and pleaded to Koll not to kill them.

          “Well that is up to you,” said Koll.  “If you join me, I will let them live and just leave them tied up here.  Or if you don’t… off they go.”

          My sisters and I were standing near the edge.  Looking down the cliff it had to be at least a hundred foot drop.  If the fall did not kill us, the drowning part would.

          “I have to save them,” Vlarrin said.

          Ohmarr then pleaded for him, “Don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment, Dad.  Don’t join Koll.  Go ahead and let the Mollersons die.”

          “Excuse me?” I asked Ohmarr.

          Elsa then replied, “I thought you were on our side.”

          Asvord added, “How many times are you going to switch sides, Ohmarr?”

          Ohmarr answered, “As many times as it is needed to stay on the -right- side.”

          “I think I’m beginning to like this kid,” Koll declared.

          “Come on, Ohmarr,” I spoke.  “I know this isn’t really you.  What happened to you?”

          Ohmarr repeated what he said and seemed to emphasize the word “right” again, “I think I know what side I am on now.  The -right- side.”

          I wondered what he was trying to say.  Ohmarr looked wide eyed at me and seemed to be ever so slightly moving his eyes back to my right.  Looking around trying to find the answer… I saw what he meant.

          As Ohmarr initiated an argument with Vlarrin, I whispered to my sisters, “Do you to two trust me?”

          “Yes,” they both replied and then asked at the same time, “Why would you ask that?”

          “Because of this,” I exclaimed as I leaned forward, picking both of my sisters up of the ground… and jumped off the cliff.

          As I jumped, Asvord screamed, “What are you crazy, Jarl?”  Elsa just screamed.

          We were falling… and the all of a sudden we were not any more.

          “Nice of you to stop by,” I spoke.  “But why did you come?  What about Truvor’s men?”

          “You’re welcome,” replied a gliding Garth.  “They’re taking care of and we did not want you guys to have all the ‘fun’.”

          Garth is wearing his glide suit and had grabbed us as he flew by.  He let us down on the beach below and then hopped back on Riptide, who had been gliding beside him the whole time.  I looked up to see Hyrith, Annabeth, and Cazi land.  Fredrick along with Ace, Spiker, and Meatballs, were right behind them.  Annabeth came in with one of her swords and sliced the ropes that bound my sisters and me.

          “Thanks for following us,” I stated as I ran up to Fredrick and gave him a quick hug then mounted our dragons.

          Cazi replied, sarcastically shrugging her shoulders, “Meh, we did not have anything else to do,” then did a brief review of how they got here, “We got back on our dragons after you left.  Firestorm actually like that he did not have a rider to respond to any more.  He screamed in our faces and flew off.  We flew off to find the rest of our friends.  They had stopped Truvor’s men.  Hyrith told Hiccup and them to stay with Truvor’s men and keep them captive while we came to help you out.”

          “I’m glad you did,” I answered as I could hear explosions from behind.

          Cazi then said as she had Electic lift up in the air, “What are we standing around here for, let’s get in the action.”

          My sisters had mounted their dragons when I mounted mine.  The rest of us there flew back up to see a smoke screen of Zippleback gas.  Garth threw a couple more Zippleback gas grenades to force Koll, Hawk, and the rest back down to the clearing around the lake.  Thoreous and Meteorblast started laying down some boulder shots, blocking Hawk and Koll’s escape to the south.  Elsa and Meatballs did the same on the north side.  The Deadly Nadders of Asvord, Hyrith, Cullan, Repteil, Tory, Ashley… did not realize until now how many Nadders we actually have… Faith, Sapphire, Navaro, and Meen laid down suppressive spine shots around Koll and Hawk keeping them from going anywhere.  Because we had a larger number of Nadders and if each dragon just shot five or six spikes, the number of total spikes is a lot.

          Vlarrin and Ohmarr had gotten to safety when Explod had gassed the entire area around the Nadder spike and Gronckle boulder perimeter that had been laid.  Ohmarr got on his dragon Ace and helped Explod continue to gas the surrounding area to keep the two men of Hawk and Koll contained.

          Then there is the Changewing to deal with.  Cazi made short work of Koll’s dragon.  Combining the might of Electic’s and Sparklebolt’s lightning power from the sky, Cazi shot and shocked the Changewing stunning it to the point where it laid on the ground motionless; it knew when it had been beaten also.

          Koll fought back though.  He grabbed his crossbow from his brother and started firing.  The Deadly Nadders had to break off to not get shot as well as the two Zipplebacks.

          I then yelled out, “No one hurts my friends, everyone’s dragons, threatens my family, and tries again to get revenge without paying for it themselves!”

          I had been circling above overseeing my friend’s plan of action, but it was time to take my own action.    I did not even have to give Fredrick the command to fire, as he understood what needed to be done.  Ignoring the arrows fired at me, which missed, Fredrick fired at Hawk and Koll knocking them both off their feet as I flew by; but as I did fly by, I jumped off Fredrick to the ground, rolled forward and back to my feet and threw a right cross at Koll.

          Koll and Hawk were getting up to fight; but, as I came over, Koll jumped to his feet.  Asvord and Elsa had come in as well, and took on Hawk.  We are having none of that.  Every punch Koll threw, I either blocked, countered with a punch of my own, or completely ducked out of the way.  I threw several shots to his stomach, his face, and his sides.  Asvord and Elsa did the same.  If Hawk tried going after Elsa, she got out of the way while Asvord punched him.  And then vice versa when Hawk tried to go after Asvord, Elsa made him pay.  Hawk and Koll continued to back towards each other.  Then at the same time, Asvord and I spun in a half circle and swung our right legs kicking the two men in the faces with our right feet.  Hawk and Koll fell into each other and to the ground.  They looked at each other, tried to get up, but then slumped back to the ground.  All my other friends came in for a landing to congratulate Asvord, Elsa, and me.

          But the celebration is very short lived.

          “We gotta get back to Berk,” I exclaimed.  “Stoick gave me three days… My three days are almost up.”

          I remounted my dragon at the same time Vlarrin came over on my right side, “For what it is worth, I’m… I’m sorry… for… for everything, Jarl.”

          Vlarrin held out his right hand.  I grabbed it and pulled him up for him to sit behind me on Fredrick.

          “We can say our apologies later,” I replied as I nudged Fredrick to fly up.  “All I care about right now is getting back in time to stop the trial.”

          Asvord called over as she too ran to Spiker and mounted, “If my knowledge serves me right, once a sentence is handed down on a convicted viking of a serious crime, the sentence cannot be contested.”

          Elsa declared as she got on Meatballs, “Then let’s get moving.”

          “We’re coming too,” stated Annabeth as she and Anora came over.  “The boys can stay and take care of Hawk and Koll.  The more dragons you have with you, the better time you’ll make going back.  We can be in the same formation we were in as when we first came to The Isles.”

          I nodded to Annabeth as she jumped from Anora to Star Scream and motioned Anora to follow in behind her.  The rest of the girls’ Nadders fell in behind Anora two by two: Tory and Ashley, Faith and Meen, Sapphire and Navaro.  Asvord and Elsa were in front of me and I brought up the rear.  Ohmarr wanted to come too, so he flew in line behind me, at the last second.

          Tick… tick… tick…

          Seconds felt like minutes… Minutes felt like hours… Hours felt like days…

          It was a hard having to just wait and be patient while we traveled back to Berk.

          Considering we chased Vlarrin and Ohmarr to the one island to finally stop Hawk and the missing-in-action Koll, we had double to the distance to cover on our way back to Berk.  It took about an hour and a half total to go from Berk to The Golden Isles, so it should be now about two hours back to Berk.  However, when the small storm cell had blown threw and dissipated, the winds had changed.  Now they are coming from the north.  And with our heading being northeast, we basically had a head wind.  We had to fly more north than east so in turn the wind from the north would not blow us off course.  The wind is steady, strong, and cooler.  The wind was stiff enough to slow us down somewhat.  So I knew the time back to Berk was going to take more than it did to go to The Golden Isles.  I just prayed we could get back to Berk in time.

          With it being late afternoon and getting into evening, the sun is almost down; with the clouds, darkness is coming early tonight.  Darkness would make it even trickery and more difficult to fly.  We had to be extra careful to make sure we were heading in the right direction.

          No one said a word to each other on the way back.  The riders occasionally talked to their dragons to keep them alert and focused on the trip at hand.

          Tick… Tick… Tick…

          The waiting is killing me.

          The thoughts of, “Will I get there in time?” kept going through my mind; “Am I too late?”

          Trying to count the seconds and minutes as they went by did not help really to make time go any faster than it naturally does.

          One hour… two hours… even a third hour I think had gone by… still no sign of Berk on the Horizon… by now it was completely dark.

          Dragons getting weary… exhausted… tied… and slowing slightly…

          “There is Berk!” shouted Annabeth from the front.

          Her voice felt like a Thunderdrum roar in the middle of a plain with no wind.  I had gotten so used to the quiet and my own thoughts, anything else seemed very loud.

          Berk could be seen more north from our position.

            From my feel of Fredrick with my legs and the sounds of hard breathing around me, everyone’s dragons were practically tapped out.  But with Berk in our sights, everyone including dragons tapped into a reserved portion of energy that we thought we did not have.  Berk continued to grow larger and larger and larger, until we were there.

          “Go Jarl!” yelled everyone who was in front of me.

          Every dragon peeled back out of the way and then Fredrick was clear when we just came to the docks.  Flying over the houses and up to the Great Hall is a great feeling, but I still had fear in my heart.  Fredrick did not slow down; but I did not want him to.

          “Why aren’t we slowing down?” Vlarrin asked.

          I paid him no heed.  Fredrick slowed down slightly but at the same time curled his wings around his body.  I tapped my dragon twice on the top of his head to fire a short blast to open the doors to The Great Hall.  They flew open as the crowd in The Hall scattered.  Fredrick quickly opened up his wings to stop all of his momentum and then landed on the floor below.

          Vikings in The Hall started to come after me but Stoick, at the head of the room, called them back.

          I dismounted my dragon as soon as Fredrick had landed and ran up to Stoick as he bellowed, “Jarl Mollerson.  You better have a good reason for this interruption.”

          “I do, sir,” I said, trying to catch my breath for some reason.  “Has sentence been issued yet?”

          “No, we were just getting to the decision of the tribe,” Stoick answered.

          “If you excuse my interruption, chief,” I spoke up.  “But I have critical evidence that has a bearing on the case at hand which could change the verdict.”

          “I object!” Mildew protested.

          “Oh, sit down,” came several voices from the crowd.
          “Go on,” stated Stoick.

          “In the laws of Berk,” I began.  “Is there not a law that a man cannot be tried on the account of murder if a body cannot be found?”

          “Yes,” responded Stoick.  “But if there is strong supporting evidence to show a murder had been committed, then a body does not have to be found.”

          “But what if that body was found?” I questioned.

          Stoick answered, “Then the case against the accused would be forfeited and thrown out.”

          I then smiled, “What if the body, in relation to this case… could tell you yourself my father is innocent!”

          I pointed to Vlarrin on Fredrick… he was not there… he was under several people of the crowd.  Vlarrin must have been thrown from Fredrick when he had landed and had bowled into several from the crowd in which piled on top of Vlarrin.

          Vlarrin got out from under everybody and came forward and addressed Stoick as well as the crowd in simple words, “Sigvald Mollerson the Mighty is innocent!  I framed him of my own murder to further my own interests.  This man is not guilty!”

          The crowd nearly erupted in cheers, but Stoick spoke out first, “With this new… convincing and live evidence… I herby order that Sigvald Mollerson the Mighty is cleared of all charges and is free.  Case dismissed!”

          Stoick could no longer keep the crowd at bay as they erupted in cheers, even Vlarrin himself could not help but clap.

          The crowd around me started to pick me up as though they knew what I had done.  All I could do is look at my father standing there looking up at me just smiling with pride and gratitude.

          He nodded at me.

          I nodded back.

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Master Jedi am I, nor do I need not a subject. Who am I?

Just as an Fyi, I tend to extend times when I am writing.  So when I say shortly, it will be a little bit, but still soon.


These two parts took a little longer, for on thing I did it in two parts.  >.<

The other thing was I wanted to end the mystery well and not just end it short or take too long.  Trying to get what I felt was the good in between, was hard to do.


I hope you feel I did a good job. :)

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Man this was good!

Man this was good!


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Did you like how I used

Did you like how I used Garth?

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Nina the skrill kid napped my subject

Wow once again it's a master piece 

"tick tick tick" I like the waiting part it's like no body makes a single sound. Haha! I love you stories how many chapters are left?



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With the subjects heed them u don't have to Sound like Yoda I do


At most, probably three.

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Star Wars, do I enjoy. Evident, is this not? XD