Thoughts of Guilt: Chapter 38: Family Ties, Part 1

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Sorry for the delay.  I'm trying to end my story in a good way and had writers block.  Ending a story it probably the most difficult thing to do in story writing.  You want it to be good and have a good ending.  So I was working on that.


Hope you guys enjoy the chapter! :D


I now have a better idea of what I want to do, so the next chapter shouldn't be a problem with getting it posted on time.


Please comment what you think.  :)


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Thoughts of Guilt


Chapter 38


Family Ties, Part 1


          It took seemingly several minutes to traverse the winding tunnels.  When in reality was only three.  With Hyrith’s help, we assisted Annabeth in walking.  At this point, she is semi-conscious; not really knowing what is going on, she felt very limp even though she is trying to walk.  Ohmarr knew the tunnels well; never hesitated on which one to pick.

          The moment we exited the tunnels, I immediately scanned the area for a place to lie Annabeth down to attend her wound.  Seeing a large boulder to my right, Hyrith and I laid Annabeth’s head and back against the boulder.

          I saw Cazi run up with a few of our friends: Thor, Garth, Cullan, Sapphire and Navaro.  Cazi gasped at the sight of her friend lying on the ground and cried, “Annabeth!”

          I was checking Annabeth while Cazi rushed over to her friend’s side, next to me.  See the blood stained part of Annabeth’s shirt, which had a small tear in it from I am guessing the object that did this, lifting the shirt no farther than the top edge of the injury.  I observed the wound had only breached the first couple layers of skin; however, the flesh wound is fairly large.  Being nowhere near as bad as I had feared, I breathed a sigh of relief seeing that Annabeth’s wound is just a flesh wound.  The scrape had a small gash on the top.  This is the part that had given off the blood which stained her shirt.  The gash had already stopped bleeding.  Grabbing a handkerchief out of my tunic pocket, I wiped away the access blood around the wound.  The small gash in her side looks nothing like a sword flesh wound, as I thought it was.  It looks as if some blunt object hit or rather scrapped her side; Annabeth must have been push hard enough to cause such a gash.  Her being push would also explain the bruising starting to show around the wound.

          “Just a flesh wound,” I announced.  “She will be fine.”

          Cazi as well as the others breathed a sigh of relief.  Cazi said, “Ah, thank Thor.”

          “Who, me?  I didn’t do anything,” Thoreous answered.

          Cazi rolled her eyes.  This is not the first time this has happened.  I did see a slight smile from Cazi.  Smiles from anybody have been scarce the past couple of days.

          “Not you.  The guy with the hammer,” Cazi replied.

          “Oh,” stated Thoreous.  “But he didn’t have anything to do with it either.  Why should he get all the credit when Jarl should?  He did escape and came back for her.”

          “That’s true,” agreed Cazi, but then quipped.  “But you didn’t either.”

          “Very funny,” Thoreous acknowledged.

          I then asked, “So how did Annabeth get this wound?”

          “I’ll tell you, now help me up,” responded Annabeth who had regained full consciousness.

          Cazi tried to stop her friend, yet Annabeth had her mind made up.  Annabeth held out both her hands, so I stepped to Annabeth’s right to grab her right arm while Cazi grabbed Annabeth’s left.

          When we pulled Annabeth up, she relayed how she got the wound, “When Truvor, Ohmarr, Vlarrin, and those two girls came for us in our cell.  Truvor brought us all out into the main cavern and then split us up.  As you obviously saw Jarl when he rescued us, Truvor only took me and Hyrith with him and also Anora too.  I haven’t seen Cazi since then, but when we were separated that had to be when I injured myself; although I was pushed.”

          “What?”! I declared.

          Cazi nodded and continued the story, “Just as we were getting separated, one of the guards shoved me when I was not looking, knocking me to the ground.  He said I was, “too far out of line from the group.”  When the guy had initially grabbed me, Annabeth ran to my defense.  She told the guy to, ‘Not lay a hand on her.’  She rushed over to my aid only to be thrown back herself.”

          Annabeth then picked up and concluded, “I was able to keep my balance as I staggered back… until Truvor swiped his hand and struck my face,” Annabeth rubbed her jaw.  “He hit me so hard I was knocked off my feet.  I fell and landed on a large rock about three feet in size.  Then hit my side and rolled onto the ground.  I took the hit to my right side with a glancing blow, but probably how I got the scrape.  Thankfully I was able to stretch out my arms to take the brunt of the impact, but my side still hit the rock.  I could feel my side start to hurt, but I thought I was just going to be sore after that.  I didn’t expect it to start bleeding.  I didn’t feel it bleed, though it could have been slow enough I couldn’t notice it.”

          I gently touched her left should with my right hand and smiled, “Well, I’m glad you’re alright.”

          Garth came over to say what I had also been thinking, “So… What’s the new plan?”

          Before replying, I asked Garth how he, Cazi, and the others escaped.

          Garth relayed, “Well the Twins started a diversion by just being themselves.  It got to the point when we were top side that the guards had had enough of the Twins and went over to separate them; which is something you shouldn’t do, especially when Astrid as well as Hattori, Cullan, and Ashley could get the jump on the guards.  They did and the rest of us scattered.  We obviously got separated from the rest when we did scattered.  As did hopefully the others, we were able to lose the guards, and back track.  Cazi had a hunch where you had gone, Jarl.  And by the time we got over here, you guys had come out of a tunnel we had just been passing by.”

          Even while Garth was speaking, I was thinking of plan.  But, since I had already been thinking of a plan since the egg had started to hatch, I had an idea.  However, “Without weapons we’re dead.  Stay here when the egg has been fully hatched we’re dead.  Even with our dragons, we hardly stand a chance if the hatchling is the shadow Dragon.  If it lives up to its Legend, there is only a slim chance we will survive.  On the other hand, the factors and variables were not correct for the release of the Shadow Dragon.  That being said, I’m banking on the hatchling to be a Shade Fury.  If it is, we tremendously stand a better chance at defeating it and Truvor, then if it were the Shadow Dragon.”

          Annabeth then questioned, “Shouldn’t we be getting out of here?  You said the egg is already starting to hatch.”

          Hyrith started first before I could answer, “That is correct, but if Jarl is correct, which I believe he is, the weather and variables were not right and the odds would say that the hatchling would be a Shade Fury instead of the Shadow Dragon.  This would mean that we have a bit more time to form a plan than before.  The storm is starting to roll in as the winds have just picked up and the clouds blocking out the sunlight.  We do have time, but not much of it.”

          As Hyrith had said that last remark, I did notice the area had gotten darker as the ominous clouds took over the sky.  The wind is starting to pick up, but it did not feel cold, which is a good thing.  Just the feel of the wind is a simple indicator on what the storm is going to be like:  Cold wind equals heavy rain and possibly dangerous storm winds with a ton of lightning, cooler winds equal lots of moderate rain and strong winds, and warmer wind equals either light rain and lightning or lightning with a steady wind.  The wind we are feeling fell between cooler and warmer winds.

          Cazi then asked right after Hyrith spoke, “How are we going to get our weapons?”

          A voice came from behind and above me, “Ask, and you shall receive.”

          It is Elsa, and she has everyone’s weapons!

          Meatballs stayed up on the hill, but I could notice everyone else’s dragon was up there too.  Elsa must have found the rest of the dragons and brought them with her.

          “Elsa!” I declared as she ran down the hill and hugged me.

          Elsa hugged me back, “I’m so glad you are alright.  But I knew you would be, especially when I heard you had escaped.”

          As the rest of my friends had come over to re-equip their weapons, as well as getting mine back, I questioned Elsa, “Where is everyone else?”

          Elsa replied, “They are rounding up all of Truvor’s men.  After we had escaped, we got to our dragons.  Everyone else started overpowering Truvor’s men with their dragons, while I went back for everyone’s weapon.  After giving everyone else’s weapons, I flew out looking for the rest of you guys.”

          Once everyone had gotten their weapons, Elsa is left holding Asvord’s sword and sheath.  I saw this as soon as I put my quiver and bow over my shoulders and attached my sword and sheath to my belt.  A tear could be seen streaking down her left cheek.

          I know what she is thinking… and I cannot wait to see her reaction when I tell her, “Elsa.  What are you waiting for?”

          “Huh?” she replied, still staring at the sword in the sheath.

          I then continued, “Give your sister her weapon.”

          “Stop joking,” Elsa said as she was obviously irritated at what I said.

          “No, joke,” I answered.  “Elsa.  Look up and do a head count.”

          Elsa looked up and started counting: Thoreous, Garth, Cullan, Sapphire, Navaro, Annabeth, Cazi, Hyrith, Ohmarr, me, the “other” girl, and…

          “So what there are twelve kids here?  Big deal,” Elsa said as she walked back up the hill to bring Meatballs down.

          When she came back down, I walked over, stood behind her, and pointed her to the rest of the group.

          “I’ll make this as simplest as can be,” I stated.  “Twelve people correct?”

          “Yeah,” Elsa said, a little unsure of herself.

          “Okay,” I continued.  “You brought back ten weapons correct, Elsa?”

          “Yes,” she answered.

          “Alright.  Ohmarr already had his and the ‘other’ girl is the same.  Everyone else has their weapon, but one, which is Asvord.  Who else standing here does not have their weapon?” I questioned.

          Elsa looked down at the weapon and then up to the only other person left who did not have a weapon.  Elsa looked again to the weapon, back to the girl, and then up at me.  I smiled and nodded my head.

          Elsa looked back at the girl and quietly said, “Asvord?”

          “Yes,” Asvord replied, lowering her hood, taking her mask off, and running over to kneel down and hug her sister.

          “Oh, Asvord!” Elsa cried.  “I thought you were… You didn’t come back… Jarl said you had…”

          Asvord hugged and rubbed her sister’s head, “Shh, it is alright now.  Everything is going to be fine.”

          Elsa composed herself and stood up to say, “Jarl I thought you said-,” and then punched me in my right side.

          “Ow, what did I do?” I declared.

          “You said Asvord died?” Elsa looked at me.

          “I don’t remember what I said, but seeing someone intentionally let go of your hand and fall down the face of a cliff with boulders raining down… the probability of her surviving was close to none,” I replied.

          Asvord then teased, “You and your math.  Next time, look for my body to make sure.”

          I chuckled, “I hope you’ll see to it there won’t be a next time like that.”

          Asvord took her sword and attached to her belt and briefed Elsa on how she survived.  After Asvord had said that, Elsa then ran over and hugged Heather.

          “Thank you, whoever you are,” Elsa hugged Heather.

          I had not yet said this was Heather.  She gave me a look that she wanted it to stay that way when I was about to say who she was.

          “It was nothing.  I was just at the right place at the right time,” Heather hugged my little sister back and then stood up.  “I hope you guys fair well against Truvor, but if I’m seen helping you in any way, it would ruin all the work I have done to construct my cover.”

          “Cover?” Hyrith asked.

          I was about answer Hyrith, when Heather raised her hand and answered him, herself, “In due time, you will find out who I am.  But in the mean time, you have bigger problems on your hand.  Asvord has told me that Jarl and Hyrith know what to do and I will be of no use to you now.  I will take my leave back to my brother.  I wish you safe travels and Thor-speed.”

          Heather then let out a dragon call and her Razorwhip came.  Heather then got on her dragon.  She looked at me last.  I nodded.  She nodded back and flew away.

          Navaro then remarked, “She’s got a Razorwhip too.  I wonder who she is?”

          “Like the girl said,” Sapphire added.  “‘In due time…’ We’ll find out who she is.”

          “So what’s the plan, again?” asked Navaro.

          “The plan is I take Truvor on ‘alone’,” I said taking out the dagger and checking its condition.

          “You’re doing what?!” Asvord exclaimed.

          Navaro mentioned, “I think that girl who left does not know what she is talking about.”

          “Oh that… girl for sure knows what she is talking about,” I almost said her name.

          Asvord then looked at me censored and a little heated, “Am I missing something?”

          “That’s the point, that’s the plan,” I said, turning around a looking back at the tunnel we all had escaped.

          Asvord grabbed my right shoulder with her left hand and forcefully spun me back around, “You are doing no such thing.  Going back and facing Truvor… By yourself?  Are you kidding me?”

          “No, I’ll have Fredrick,” I said looking at my dragon, who had come with Meatballs and had been right behind him.  Fredrick looked ready, but did not like the argument Asvord and I had started.

          “Fredrick is a great dragon, but you’ll be up against a man who will stop at nothing to get what you wants,” Asvord disputed.

          I then explained with my hands, “That is the point.  If I go in there ‘alone’, then Truvor won’t get what he wants.”

          “How is that going to help?  You got off spouting the odds about me dying… Well, what about the odds of you surviving Truvor?  What abou-.”

          I grabbed Asvord’s arms with both of my, shook her, and nearly screamed at her, “I can’t lose you again!”

          Asvord became speechless.

          Her mouth is slightly open with a blank expression on her face.

          I sighed, let go of my sister, looked down, and walked in a circle shaking my head.

          When I came back around, I looked straight into my sister’s eyes and spoke in a normal sounding tone, “I just… Can’t… Lose… You… Again.  If I know you are safe, then I know Truvor will not win… even if I don’t make it out.”

          Asvord’s eyes had started to water, yet Asvord quickly wiped away a tear forming from her left eye.  Asvord then spoke softer, quieter, and nearly started to cry more, “I can’t lose you either.  I thought for she I would die.  But now that I’m back, I too want to do everything in my power to keep you safe.”

          “Oh Asvord,” I said as I grabbed her for another hug.

          Asvord after I first hugged her for the first moment tried to say something, but I stopped her by having my left hand behind her hand while we hugged.  I then whispered in her ear, “Listen carefully.  We are being watched, probably Truvor.  Don’t look when I’m done.  Hyrith knows what to do, we’ve been planning this for a long time; if it had ever had to come to this.  Go with him.  Do what he says.”

          I then let my sister go and added, out loud, “I need you… to trust me on this.”

          The look in Asvord’s eyes told me she is begging me not to go.

          “Please, Asvord,” I reiterated.

          Asvord breathed and said, “Okay.”

          I was afraid she would try to look and tip off whomever was looking that we knew someone is up there.  But she did not.  All she did is simply saying, “Okay,” and turning around to get on her dragon.

          Elsa then argued, “You can’t be serious, Asvord.”

          Asvord mounted Spiker and said, “Jarl is right.  No use all of us going and possibly getting all of ourselves killed.  One of us should go home and be able to say what happened to the rest of us.”

          “But-?” started Elsa.

          “No, buts,” stated Asvord.  “Let’s all leave.”

          Right before Hyrith had walked by, I put my hands in front of me, away from the observer, and motioned with my right hand a number “three” with pinching my pointer finger and thumb.  Hyrith had been looking at me while he had been walking past; yet as I motioned the “three” to him, he looked down ahead of his path, immediately looked back up again, and started to jog to his dragon.  This was a signal to me that he understood.  Everyone mounted their dragons and followed Hyrith off back to the main village.

          As soon as everyone had gone, Fredrick started to growl.

          Even without turning around to see who it was, I called out to the observer, “How long have you been eavesdropping… Truvor?”

          “Ohhh… not too long,” Truvor played it like it is no “big deal”.

          I still had not turned around to face him; although, I could hear him walking towards me and could gather how close he is coming.

          Truvor continued, “You disappoint me Jarl.”

          “How so?” I asked, while at the same time slowly reaching down with my right hand to rest it on my sword.

          “I thought you were a team player,” expressed Truvor.  “But I can understand why you did it.  I don’t know if you stupid or smart.”

          He had come extremely close to me, so I drew my sword at the same time I whipped myself around.


          Our swords clashed and we pushed back on each other.  While doing so I said, “I’m not stupid enough to just let you waltz up here and pick me off… but I am smart enough to bait you into a trap.”

          “What?!” exclaimed Truvor.

          With my remark, he made Truvor ease up on his sword.  I seized the opportunity to push him back and then jumped out of the way for Fredrick to give Truvor what for.  I could tell Fredrick had been dying to do that.  Truvor flew back across the ground and hit the front side of the entrance to the tunnel.

          “I think you’re too smart,” declared Truvor as he reached out his sword again, after getting up.

          Nothing happened.

          “Not again!” Truvor shrugged.

          “See,” I smiled.  “I’m too smart, I’m a genius.  Your ‘fancy-dancy’ sword won’t work without this.”

          I reached into my tunic pocket and pulled out the pommel to his sword.  I tossed it in the air a couple of times before putting it back in my pocket.

          “You want it?” I asked and then readied my stance for fighting.  “Come and get it.”

          Truvor charged at me with some new found energy.

          Our swords clashed again and the battle has begun!

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Nice! Can't wait for the next chapter.



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You're a fast reader.


I think you can probably gather what the next chapter is going to be by what Jarl said to his sister.

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