Thoughts of Guilt: Chapter 36: Game Changer and Chapter 37: Hatching Trouble

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Sorry this took longer again.  I got on another roll writing and a flood rush of ideas came in.  Ideas even including the end of the mystery in the next few chapters.  But in going on this roll, I ended up writting two chapters.  Two chapters that are so closely related and too good, I had to post them together.


I hope you guys enjoy these chapters.


Please comment on what you think so far or what is going to happen, or whatever you like.  :)


(Goldenfury:  I hope my info that relates to your story is good or at least to your liking.  :D  )


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Thoughts of Guilt


Chapter 36


Game Changer


          I looked at the glove on my hand and then thought of the dagger, closed my eyes, and then opened them.  It then changed into a dagger, “I don’t know if I should think that is cool or should I be scared.”

          I put the dagger back under my belt.  I then tried to get a bearing on where I am on The Golden Isles, with it being the light of day.  Taking into consideration that it was probably just sunrise a few hours ago because we came back to The Isles at night, I believe it to still be morning as the sun is slightly less than a forty-five degree angle from where I am at; because of that, then it cannot be noon time and thus be still morning.  Also, since it was probably sunrise a few hours ago, having the sun roughly halfway between the horizon and directly above tells me east is to my right.  So west would be on my right with north ahead of me and south behind me.

          Where I am standing seemed to be on the side of a mountain, or at least a very large hill.  The peak is about twenty yards up to the southeast.  The vertical shaft was still next to me and I seemed to be standing on a small, carved out flat area on the hill just for this shaft.  I thought I might be on the eastside of The Isles, but yet there is a lot of land to my right.  It would probably take a minute before I recognized which side I am on.

          “If I remember Hyrith’s story correctly,” I thought to myself as I started out in a jog to the east, down the rest of the hill.  “Moonstone should be located somewhere on the middle to eastern side of The Isles.  So I will be on my way to that location.”

          After jogging down the hill, I then noticed where I was.  I am near where we had come up the cliff and across into the forest area; that massive cavern must span the entire length of the beneath the Village Ruins at least, if not more.  I started to wonder if they there were any sentry guards posted.  Sure enough, when I got on the other side of the forest area there were sentry guards all over the place.

          With no weapon besides maybe Sirena, no shield, no helmet, and no armor, I could not allow myself to get caught.  I then whispered to Sirena to stay right next to me; I patted my left leg as I whispered.  She seemed to understand as she got closer to me on the left side.  Sirena always looks so happy, even in situations like these.  Her smile could be considered maybe “creepy” because of how her species’ teeth are… Says the viking who rides a dragon who can open his mouth over four times as large as it is when it is closed.  Sirena’s personality is very much like a Terrible Terror, although most young dragons are like them anyway.

          I am hiding behind a tree watching as the sentry guards make their rounds around the outside of the path around the houses and buildings in the main village.  There are two guards to a squad, spaced about forty yards apart.  They seem to be going in a clockwise manner around the entire village.

          From my hiding spot I formulated a plan, or at least the start to one:  I thought they might be expecting more people in and around the village for it must be the main entrance, so I decided to take the long way around.  Since the guards were going in that clockwise motion, I thought it would be better to go around to the left instead of the right.  This way I will be less likely to be spotted and be able to jump behind cover faster because of the forest and boulders scattered throughout the forests, pathways, and on the hills; basically there is cover all over The Isles.  Since my overall plan is to go around to the left, I should better just go ahead and go since I will have to play the rest of the plan by ear.

          I saw I could run through the forest along the path for a while, so I did that first.  Staying in a slightly bent over position, I ran swiftly through the forest; but at the same time looking where I stepped to make sure I did not step on anything that would hardly make a sound.

          “Wouldn’t you know that today would be the day that it would be completely windless,” I thought.  “If I step on a twig close enough to the guards, they are sure to hear it.  Better keep my distance.”

          That being said about the weather, I did however start to feel a sudden change in the temperature.  There were some cumulus clouds in the sky, but back towards the west they were starting to tower and grow upward.  That is not a good sign.  With the continuing slight drop in temperature, my instincts are telling me a storm cell is brewing to the west.

          Now on the move going in and out between the trees in the forest, I made my way nearly halfway around the back of the Village Ruins.  I could not go much further in the forest because we are near the northwest corner of The Isles and the edge of The Isles is right next to the forest edge.  I saw the pathway, I am going to take, bend around behind the large hill that The Golden Isles’ “Great Hall” is built into.  I would not say it is a hill, but it is not a mountain.  What is between a hill and a mountain?

          “Dirt,” I chuckled internally.  “Ah… that wasn’t that funny.”

          I was expecting I would have to follow the sentry guards all the way around but seconds after they walked around the bend, they came back.

          “Why would they just not go all the way around?” I thought.

          Then it dawned on me.  The northeast base of the mountain-hill, is not there because that is where Firestorm had collapsed that area with his tunneling.  For a brief moment I became sad because of Asvord.  But then I became happy, because I remembered she was still alive.  I shook my head for thinking that and chuckled a little bit.

          While I had been thinking about those things, the guards made their way back around and up towards the Village Ruins.  This is my opportunity.  I stayed near the edge of the pathway and ran in a sweeping arc to the base of the mountain-hill.  I jumped behind a rock to peek back and make sure the guards had not turned back around.  They did not, so I moved forward.

          Once I had gone around the bend, I saw what is left of the path.  Okay, so on the western side, it is a hill; but in continually goes up and peaks on the eastern side and creates a mountain.  From sea level, the main plane of The Isles which have the Village Ruins on them is roughly fifty yards.  Add another fifty or more yards up to the highest peak on The Golden Isles, and I think you have at least a medium mountain if not a small sized one.

          The wreckage left by Firestorm, in the simplest of terms, is a bunch of massive chunks of rock and boulders stacked on top of each other like pancakes for breakfast; bumpy and lumpy pancakes.  I think you could guess what I am about to do.  I was going to walk across.  Guess again.  If you guessed rock climb on the side of the mountain, you are correct.

          “Why am I talking to myself?” I asked Sirena.

          Sirena gave a soft grumble as she shook her head.

          “I thought you might be thinking that,” I replied.  “Can you carry me across?”

          Sirena then started to fly across the gap herself.

          I chuckled, “I’ll take that as a, ‘No,’.”

          Sirena looked at me like I should do that too, “If only I could,” I smiled at the small dragon.

          The top of the boulder slide came about ten feet up from my position and a chunk is laying against the mountain side.

          “Good thing I’ve practice rock climbing with my dad, or else I would be in a fix right now,” I said to myself as I started to climb up the mountain side a little bit.  I added, “Kind of convenient I learn how to rock climb before this and now have to use it in a mystery.”

          Testing out each hand and foot placement, I slowly made my way across the side to the tip of the mountain avalanche.  It had been several minutes making my way up and to the top to go over the boulder chunk and start downward.  Still testing each hand hold and foot hold, I moved downward to the other side of the pathway.  Once near solid footing, I jumped and rolled to safety.

          I continued on my way, but not before checking to see if anyone is coming.  There is a sentry squad coming, but they were far off.  So, I ran to the other side of the pathway, entering a forest area, and ran alongside the edge of the large cove.

          Instead of going down the path towards the “seal” room, I went a different way.  I stayed along the edge of the cove until the edge of the forest stopped, which was over halfway around the edge of the cove.  This seemed to be farming country, noticing the lushness.  Still keeping stealth in mind, I kept my head on a swivel to make sure no one would spot me or I would not put myself in a position to get spotted.

          I am somewhat in the open, but I have gone to the other side of the pathway as there were boulders and trees scattered along the way.  The pathway seemed to be going down into a valley.  After a few minutes of swift and quiet walking, I came upon a clearing which on the other side of it is a cave.

          “This must be where Moonstone would go,” I pondered.

          Since the pathway had gone down, the land to my right naturally was a hill; even though on the higher path it was just a slight rise.  Being about ready to run across to see if Moonstone was in the cave or not, I then heard a hearty laugh to my right.  That could mean only one thing, there were guards.  I am at the base of the path, right before the clearing, so I peeked around the corner of the hill to my right.  Sure enough, there were two guards sitting down, conversing and eating a meal.  One was leaning against the hill while the other sat on the ground; both were eating what looked like chicken.

          “Have you heard why we are here?” one of them asked.

          The other responded, “Either for a dragon that is only found in legends or some treasure that is even more so and get back and Sigvald and his family; but I heard Truvor say he wants to release The Shadow Dragon and harness its power for some queen he works for.  I don’t’ know if everybody knows what Truvor’s up to.  If they did, they probably would not follow him.”

          “So why did ‘we’ come anyway?” the first one started to question.

          “Are you complaining?” inquired the second man.  “Let me remind you we are hired and being compensated for our time, whatever Truvor is up to, doesn’t concern me.”

          “I’m not, Slode,” the first answered back.  “I know we are getting paid and that is fine, but with Truvor and his ideas and his beef with the Mollerson kid… What’s in it for us?”

          “You ask too many questions, Leif,” Slode remarked.  “Why not just sit back, like me, do what you are told and just rake in the profits?”

          Leif started to pace around, “That would be easy, but I’m thinking bigger.  Yes we could sit back and earn what we are earning, on the other hand, there are trinkets and valuables on this island that could be sold or traded for invaluable profits.”

          Slode began to nod, “Keep talking.”

          “You’ve always been the one to let things just come your way, but I have more ambition,” Leif continued.  “I’ve always had a hankerin’ for ancient artifacts and trinkets like the one I have here.”

          Leif held up… Anora’s charm necklace, “I know this isn’t much, but there are more like this in Truvor’s vault.  He doesn’t seem to care much about it anyway.  Talking with the rest of our crew, they have all agreed.  But first they wanted your opinion, as well as I.  We’ve all looked at you as our leader, even though we are just a band of renegades in it for ourselves, but you’ve always led us in the right direction.”

          Slode stood up and threw his chicken bone to the side, “I thank you for that, Leif.  I too have been thinking about it for a while and was waiting for an opportunity to arise.  I have actually talked with a lot more of the other men, both Berserker outcasts and Outcast-outcasts… that’s funny… and they agree that they don’t want to follow Truvor anymore.  They’ve got the gold that the Outcasts wanted and the Berserkers got want they wanted with Hiccup and company.  There is nothing left for them to stay for… and without an army and a navy to take him from place to place, Truvor is nothing.  This is why I’m not too concerned about Truvor.”

          “Well the opportunity is here and now,” Leif declared.  “We must make our move soon.  With Truvor busy with that egg of his, those kids as his prisoners, and the kid’s dragons, we can take this map and follow it to Truvor’s vault to take what we want.  With what we know about this Shade Furies, I think we should report back to Ryker as soon as we can too to see what he thinks about it,” Leif paused for a moment.  “I believe that Truvor knows something’s wrong with that new girl and her weird Berserker accent.  I think he is planning something when he had me capture her dragon… Moonstone, I think it was.”

          I inadvertently said, “No, not Asvord,” out loud in reaction to Leif statement.

          “Did you hear something?” asked Slode.

          “Yeah,” Leif replied.  “It came from around the corner.”

          Sirena started to growl.  I held a finger to my month.  Obviously still not wanting to be captured, I had to think quickly.  The hill next to me was a little steep, but I could easily climb up it.  I did, but Sirena is more interested in meeting new “friends”.  I got back down and reached around Sirena’s middle to pull her up with me.  Not a moment too soon.

          “Nothing’s here,” Leif expressed.

          “What’d you expect?” retorted Slode.

          “Maybe they climbed up the hill,” explained Leif.

          My heart skipped a beat when he said that, “I gotta move!” I thought.

          I got up enough where I could use my feet to jump down to the ground where the two guards had been.  I then ran as quickly as I could and ducked behind a large tree.

          I did not dare look back, but I could feel Leif and Slode looking this way, “I thought for sure I heard something,” Leif assured.

          “Maybe we should get off his rock,” suggested Slode.  “You’re starting get a little punchy.  Hearing any bells yet?”

          “Very funny,” Leif replied.

          “I’ve already talked to a lot of the men and have had a plan in the works already, all I’ve got to do is say the word,” Slode relayed.  The sound of a dragon horn could be heard.  “That’s Truvor’s signal.  The egg is ready or he is ready, I don’t know which.  We need to report back.  You go on, I’ll catch up.  I’ll start the plan in action and let some of the rank-one soldiers to start getting things out of the vault and onto our ships.  Once Truvor gets what he wants, we leave, and bring our haul to Ryker.  Got it?”

          “Yes,” Leif acknowledged.

          I waited for a brief few seconds before looking back.  They were gone, of course.  And then so was I.


          “I’ve got to get to my friends before, Truvor hatches the egg,” I contemplated.  “This idea of a mutiny though… Truvor’s ain’t gonna like hearin’ this.  This is definitely a game changer.  If this egg of Truvor is actually hatched and with what I know of the legend from Hyrith, we may just need their help to defeat the Shadow Dragon or a Shade Fury, either one is just as good or bad as the other.”



Chapter 37


Hatching Trouble


          I am started off to go to the cave with the seal in it from last night.  This time, I concentrated more on speed than stealth.  If my hunch is correct, all of the sentry guards will be recalled while the lookouts would remain in place.  The lookouts are probably only around the main village and around the outskirts of The Golden Isles.

          The clearing which had the few trees and the one cave I supposed Moonstone called home is, acting almost like another cove.  Surrounded by hills on every side, except for paths further north and back the way I came.  I need to go east and slightly south.

          The hills, although steep on their sides, I ran up them in a climbing fashion and then just jumped to the path on the other side when I was within jumping distance.  Still trying to keep stealth in mind, I kept near the hills on the left side of the path while running east.  By the way, I had already put Sirena down before I jumped off the hills.

          The trip took a few extra minutes then it did when I had flown on Fredrick of course; but since I am running, it did not take that much longer.

          Within about five minutes, I found myself at the site where Caz, Hyrith, and I had solved the riddle.  The giant opening is still there, so I found a way to repel down into the tunnel.  I had on one of my bolas on my belt a small rope attached.  If used quickly, I could secure it nearby and repel.  That is just what I did.  Even though the rope was small and thin, it was quite long.  I tied the bola end to a medium, yet sturdy tree, using the bola rock ends to tie the rope to the tree.  I let out the rest of the rope and flung it in the tunnel.  With the light from the sun, I saw it did not reach all the way bottom.  However, it did go far enough.

          I repelled down into the tunnel, promptly enough as to put as little strain on the rope as possible.  I got a feeling fifteen feet from the bottom, five feet from the end of the rope that the rope is pulling apart.  With that feeling, I turned myself so my back was against the wall and to slide down the rest of the way on the wall, using mainly my feet and some of my hands to slow me down before I jumped the last seven or so feet.  I stood up and gave a light tug on the rope.  It snapped under what little pressure I put on it from the tug.

          “That was close,” I though.

          Ever since I had awaken from being knocked out, I had been thinking, “How could Truvor get us, let alone the dragons, out of this tunnel and down further into the caverns?”

          It just did not make any sense until I was repelling, “There has to be a secondary route from the seal room to the rest of the caverns that does not involve breaking the seal.”

          To cover my tracks, Hyrith did tell me how to raise the stone elevator.  Hyrith knew about the seal as it is, or was part of our secret; although, I still have a few tricks left up my sleeve.  Having the mystical and weird yet cool dagger that I have is a big part of the secret.  Hyrith knows a little bit about each weapon and what it does.  Hyrith did not yet know how to control each weapon.  I found out how to change the weapon through a “trial of fire” while I was escaping.  Actually controlling the weapon is similar….. I think.

          The stone elevator raised and once it rises all the way, it locks back in place and the riddle must be resolved.  This means no one can follow me from behind, but this also means, “There is no turning back now.”

          Much to my hope, Truvor had already unlocked the secret passageway.  Thinking just because the door is closed, does not mean the door “handle” cannot be found.  I walked over to my left to inspect the far wall.  Since there is a ton of dirt and dust in here, Truvor forgot that once you use the door “handle”, the dirt wiped from the handle is still there.

          I spoke under my breath as I felt along the wall, “So I know right…,” I then pushed in part of the wall.  It popped out, I turned it right side up, and pushed it back in.  “…Where to push, pop, and push to open the door.”

          As the door opened, I recalled more parts of Hyrith’s secret with me while I walked into a larger dome room, “There are two ways a shadow dragon can come to be:  Release the famed ‘Legend of the Shadow Dragon’ by breaking the seal in the room behind me or hatching a Shade Fury’s egg in ‘the shadow of a storm,’ of which is brewing a few hundred miles of shore right now coming for The Golden Isles.”

          The room I am now in could be compared to the arena back on Berk, just on a smaller scale and different aspects:  The room is still quite large, but not as massive as an arena.  There is only one entrance and thus only one exit, out the same way.  The “arena” itself is twenty-five feet in diameter and is about seventy-five and a half feet in circumference.  Where I stand is nearly like a balcony area with arcs carved out of the cave itself over reaching the “arena” and making eight pillars stretching from the bottom floor to the top in the shape of a regular octagon with each pillar at each vertex angle.  The balcony, including a small three foot wall connecting each pillar to make each side of the regular octagon, is thirty feet from the bottom floor to where I am.  In the very center was a pedestal.  Right above the pedestal is a vertical shaft.

          Hyrith never went into too much more detail about how in fact a shadow dragon is hatched from a “regular” egg.  I remember him saying it had something to do with the way the room’s architecture is, how the vertical shaft reflects light, and then the weather itself from the environment; temperature, light, clouds, etcetera.

          Before I went any further, I heard sounds of voices below me, but still behind the rock.

          “You know you can’t open the door without my knowledge,” sounded like Hyrith’s voice.

          The next voice is Truvor’s, “Who needs your knowledge…”

          I then felt a blast and rumblings from the room itself and below me.

          Once the dust settled, “…When you have dragons that can open doors for you.”

          It must have been Firestorm who “knocked”.

          I hid myself behind the three foot wall-side right above the entrance below and peered over the side.

          Truvor, with two men next to him who I recognized to be Slode and Leif, walked in as well as even Vlarrin.  I was then surprised to see Anora there too as Heather is leading the dragon in by chains around Anora securing her mouth and restricting her movement.  Next, Asvord and Ohmarr brought in Annabeth and Hyrith, respectively.  I expected the rest of my friends to walk in, but am not surprised when they did not.  I had a hunch Truvor would just bring those he needed and then give the rest away to the Berserkers for a side profit, but did not put it past Truvor that he would do something different.

          Annabeth and Hyrith had their hands tied behind their backs, but their mouths obviously not gagged because Hyrith spoke and their legs not tied as well.  I am curious, though frightened why Truvor brought Annabeth and even Anora in here.

          Slode and Leif stood “at ease” at the two front pillars while Truvor grabbed Annabeth and shoved her down to her knees in front of the pedestal.  Vlarrin stood in between Slode and Leif, but slightly in front of them.  I am guessing because Vlarrin has a higher rank then the other two.

          “What am I here for?” asked Annabeth, in a sarcastic tone.  “What?  Am I supposed to ‘worship’ something?”

          Truvor started to randomly pace throughout as he began to talk, “After years of studying and searching for every clue, key, and item, we are finally here to witness… the rebirth of an age...  An age where dragons ruled the earth.”

          I thought as he went along, “That doesn’t sound like the story I know of.”

          Hyrith then quipped, “A rule where you see yourself as the king?”

          Truvor continued and ignored the comment, “Tirelessly searching for the famed shadow egg and these Golden Isles, I have finally achieved what I was destined to find.”

          Someone from the back came up.  If recognizing the egg, as the one thing Hyrith told me in his secret he hoped would not be found by anybody, is alarming enough, the man carrying this egg is Hawk McBaugston!

          Truvor had gone about how long a trip, life, story it had been.

          “Blah, blah, blah,” I thought.  “The same story of how hard it has been for him…. You are basically summarizing my last two mysteries and this one to this point in a nut shell, though from your point of view.  You had such a minor role in my first mystery that you don’t even mention anything important which deals with my first mystery and my second mystery was all about getting back at Sigvald.  But now you have changed your tune now and want to take me down as well as my family?  I think this guy is more deranged then Dagur is… and that is saying something.”

          “But one thing I found out about this egg,” Truvor said setting the egg on the pedestal handed to him by Hawk and then come back around to the back of Annabeth.  “Is that if coated with a certain substance, the egg would be less likely to explode and cause the dragon itself to be more docile.”

          Annabeth connected the dots, tried to get up, and answered, “So when you found Anora, who was obviously in search of me, used her for your own gains when you drained Anora of her poisonous tears.”

          Truvor restrained Annabeth and said more forcefully, “Yes, did use her tears.  I have discovered many things that these tears could be used for.  In very small concentrated amounts can be taken internally and makes you feel paralyzed and then knocks you out; while unconscious one’s breathing is reduced to barely enough to keep one alive.”

          Hyrith added, “How you framed Jarl’s father for murder.”

          Truvor replied, “Well I actually intended Sigvald to take the vial and then incapacitate him while Vlarrin brought him in.  But when Sigvald was charged with murder, it was a pleasant change of events that shifted my focus from Sigvald to Jarl.”

          “Back on subject,” Truvor stated.  “I had used much of the Razorwhip’s tears for that concoction and for my version of blow darts from an acquaintance, I ran out.  I had a private stash, but somehow it was recently destroyed.  I suspect a traitor in our midst, but I’ll deal with that later.  What I do need now is more tears from your Anora.”

          Annabeth struggled some more, although it accomplished nothing, “Anora will never give you any more tears.”

          “I know that know,” Truvor declared.  “I’ve have tried everything I know in addition to what I had already done, and it just isn’t working.  I guess the bond between a dragon and its rider really is as strong as Hiccup says it is.”

          “You better believe it,” Hyrith interjected.

          Truvor finally answered Annabeth’s question, “That is why you are here, Annabeth.  If I were to take this bond away, then I would get what I want.”

          Truvor then drew his sword and laid it on Annabeth’s right shoulder.  I knew I had to act.  I saw that Heather and Asvord were very concerned, Asvord started a step towards Truvor, but Heather grabbed her left arm and stopped her from going any further; even Slode, Leif, Vlarrin, Ohmarr, and even Hawk looked on in fear.  It seems that no one except Truvor saw this coming.

          “If I manually break this bond,” Truvor related as he rubbed his sword on Annabeth’s now trembling body.  “I will get what I want.”

          Truvor abruptly swung his sword up.

          I screamed out, “STOP!”

          Truvor’s arm halted as Annabeth looked away and down to the floor.

          Truvor looked up in my direction, “So, the coward did in fact decide to comeback.  I was getting very doubtful after I found out you had escaped and it had been this long.  I thought you had skipped, however, I knew you are more foolish then most give you credit for.”

          To keep Truvor guessing where I am, I crawled to a right side of the octagon and said, “You’ve got a very weird definition of courageous compassion.”

          “That’s one way of putting it,” Truvor stated.  “You can’t win Jarl.  I know you feel differently about this girl here.”

          I crawled further ahead to the front of the octagon and with a hint of irritation in my voice questioned, “How would you know what I feel?”

          “From what I hear from Vlarrin, Hawk, Ohmarr, and a few more associates,” Truvor called up to me.  “I hear you two have been spending a lot of time together.”

          I then crawled back to my previous position, “That is what friends do when the other is in trouble.  No matter what they are in, they aid and help in any way they can.”

          I then felt like Truvor is trying to get in my head and make a rash decision.

          “In any case, Jarl,” Truvor spoke.  “I’ve won.  Without Anora’s tears on the egg, the explosion from the egg will kill us all and the dragon will be released.  If you surrender now, I win and the dragon is still released.  If the process of the Shadow Fury actually starts according to the legend, there is a hardly an explosion and the dragon is released in the shadow of a storm; I win.  I kill Annabeth, get my tears, coat the egg, and the Shadow Fury hatches according to the legend, I still win and the dragon is still released.  No matter how you look at it Jarl and no matter which of these variables occur in no particular order, I’m always going to win.  That storm Is almost here and the egg is in place; there is no stopping the storm.  There is no hope for you now.”

          I started breathing very fast as I thought of my options.

          I remembered what Slode and Leif were planning and brought it to Truvor’s attention.  He naturally denied it.

          “I’m growing very impatient!” Truvor declared.  “They would never betray me.”

          “Deny it all you want, Truvor,” I expressed.  “But you have to admit the treasure you have found here and out on your travels are just sitting in your vault; they don’t call this place The Golden Isles for nothing.  There is a reason.  Why, I bet you the rest ‘your’ men are stealing your fortune right from under your nose as we speak.  With them not coming with you here is the perfect opportunity for them steal your gold and jewels.  You’ve got to admit it Truvor, you’re not the easiest man to serve under let alone profit from.  You have Outcasts and Pirates from every tribe in the archipelago… you’re begging to be double crossed by them to form a mutiny.”

          I looked at the dagger as I brought it out with my right hand and then looked at Sirena.  I bought a little extra time to think of a plan of action, by letting Truvor think of the mutiny.  Sirena and I both seemed to have the same idea… or at least I hoped we both did.  I nodded at her; she returned a nod to me.

          “Tell me this isn’t true, Slode…. Leif?” Truvor addressed the two of his own army.

          Both men hesitated and were speechless; that is the worst thing they could have done.  They might of well of just said it is true.

          “No.  Nnnnoo.  No, no, no… NO!” Truvor announced.  “This can’t be happening.  I’m so close… SO CLOSE!”

          I then added, “Face it Truvor, with all your plans, with all of your ideas, you forgot one thing about your own army:  They will only follow you as far as treasures go.  If you let your guard down once, they WILL steal you blind.”

          “I’m still in control!” Truvor demanded.  “I still can win!”

          Annabeth screamed, in what sounded like pain, “JARL!”

          I jumped up to see Truvor swing down his sword upon Annabeth.  I screamed, “NO!” as I pointed my dagger at Tuvor’s sword.  But the dagger had turned into the glove and a ice bolt blast shot from the glove stopping Truvor’s sword just inches from slaying my friend, Annabeth.

          I jumped up on the ledge and reiterated, “I thought I said, ‘STOP!’?  What don’t you understand about the word ‘stop’?”

          Truvor looked shocked as he looked up and saw me with the glove on, “That’s my-…”

          “Glove?” I finished for him and then smirked a smile at him.  “Oh, is this your glove.  Well know it’s mine.”  Truvor then got the angriest along with evilest face I have ever seen.  I then teased Truvor, “Oh do I sense someone is jellin’ at the fact that I know how to use ‘your’ weapon?  Let me show you what else it can do.  Oh and Truvor… There is always hope!” I paused for a split second before I commanded, “Now Sirena, cover fire!”

          Sirena hopped up next to me and started firing like crazy.  Not exactly what I had in mind, but at least Sirena moved Truvor away from Annabeth with her amber blasts.  There is a gem on the side of the glove that I can press with my thumb.  I did so with my right thumb, but jumped off the balcony at the same time.  I landed the thirty foot drop with not ill-affects to myself.  I rushed to Annabeth’s aid.

          “How’d you…  Wah… What are you doing?” Annabeth asked still trembling in fear but confused by what is happening.

          “No time to explain,” I answered.  “And I’m trying to make a chicken sandwich… What do you think I’m doing?  I’m rescuing you and getting you to a safe place before I do anything else.”

          Annabeth seemed a little dazed.  I know the affects of the mode the glove is in gives off a sense of confusion to anything in its surroundings, but it should not be his bad as this looks different.  I bent down to help Annabeth up, as Heather and Asvord used my diversion to knock out Truvor and his men, Ohmarr on the other hand did not fight back and held his hands up.  When my hands went around to her right side, I felt something wet.  I quickly looked at my hands…. Blood!

          The reason Annabeth is dazed is because she just fainted!

          Asvord asked me, “So what’s the rest of the plan.”

          “Honestly, I didn’t think I’d get his far,” I relayed as I motioned Hyrith to grab Annabeth’s right arm as did her left arm.

          “Jarl!” Asvord demanded.

          I thought hastily, “Uh… Rescue you guys, get our dragons, and stop Truvor.”

          Heather asked, “How do we get out of here?”

          Ohmarr replied, “Follow me.”

          As Ohmarr led the way out and we started out, Heather questioned, “What about the egg?”


          I spoke as Hyrith and I helped Annabeth walk as we all escaped, “Leave it.  It’s too late now, the hatching started when I jumped down.  I just hope we can get out of the explosion radius in time!”

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