Thoughts of Guilt: Chapter 35:

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Sorry for the one day delay in posting.  Had a mild case of Writers Block and today got a later start on the chapter than I wanted too.  Then to add on to that got on a roll with writing and the chapter went on the longer end of my spectrum of how long I have my chapters.  This chapter is around my max limit to how long I want to have a chapter.


The chapter is a slower to start the action, but there is more coming in the next chapters and the conclusion of my story.  Don't know eactly when that will be, but definently within 10 chapters.


Hope you guys enjoy the chapter!
I really like any and all comments.  :)


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Ugg, -_-  I didn't it

Ugg, -_-  I didn't it again.


The thread title should be:


An Escape Route

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Better, need I be, with titling Distrubed in the force I must be

Thoughts of Guilt


Chapter 35


An Escape Route


          The door opened and in walked Truvor, though he was alone.

          “I see that you have been occupied,” Truvor addressed me as I picked myself up off the ground, again, and kept rubbing my jaw.

          I then replied, sarcastically, “I get better treatment from my sisters than I do with these two.”

          Truvor actually gave a laugh, instead of a chuckle.

          I thought to myself but like I was talking to Truvor, “How… ironic… is that statement when one of the girls is my sister!”

          As Truvor was going around his desk looking for something, I shot a glance at Asvord.  She just rolled her eyes… to stop from smiling herself.

          Truvor spoke, while still searching for something, “Jarl, do you sit down for a certain time everyday coming up and writing down jokes, sarcastic remarks, funny quips, and comebacks?”

          I shrugged it off some, “Eh, not really.  I more or less just ad-lib off of what someone has said or done.  Although, I do practice my remarks with my sisters to weed out which ones are good, funny, witty, sarcastic, or the opposite of those; and then use the good ones from that group… Well… I used too,” I said growing somber as I remembered that Asvord “died” and then trailed off, “Until Asvord…”

          “Yes,” replied Truvor.  “An unfortunate turn of events; I sent Firestorm off to capture you, Jarl, but I never intended for that to happen.”

          I almost wanted to believe him… until he continued, “But that would have happened sooner or later after I had captured you and keep you alive while I took your family away from you like your father did to me.”

          Anger started to build up inside me.  Now was not the time to let it out, it took all I had to keep it at bay.  To get my mind off of it, I replied and changed the subject while Truvor stood staring down at his desk but seemingly on nothing, “I thought you blamed your wife?”

          “No, I blamed Dagmar,” he responded.  “For a long time I did blame her and blamed her for being against me.  Then later came to grips with the fact that she was against me because… Sigvald turned her against me.  I don’t blame her for that.  She of all people wouldn’t have wanted to even hurt Hedda… it was Sigvald… who turned her against me and caused her to act falsely against her own mother!”

          Truvor then enraged and took it out on everything on his desk by wiping it all off onto the floor everywhere.

          “Hey!” I exclaimed.  “That wasn’t his fault!  He said that he saw one of the crew members try to push Dagmar off, but Hedda saved your daughter by getting in between them and the crewman is the one who pushed your wife overboard!”

          Truvor then turned his attention of off his search and onto me, “Yeah, yeah…. He said… ‘He’ said…… He would say that.”

          “But why would he lie to his own family, when he told us about that night?” I argued.  “Why after all this time my father spent away from his own family just to protect yours to just lie to me, my sisters, and my mother?  Huh?”

          “Oh come off it Jarl,” Truvor retorted.  “Can you truthfully say that he isn’t the same ‘father’ you remember?  Even if you could remember what he was like, doesn’t your mother think that he is different now than before they were separated?  Hasn’t he been acting ‘out of character’?”

          I started to think for a split second, but then realized Truvor would have said I had “hesitated” and justified his statement.  So I quickly answered after just a second, “Well my dad said he went undercover for Stoick.”

          “Yeah, your father does have a way with being undercover and pulling it off,” Truvor started to chuckle.  I did not know why until he said, “Going undercover and lying about his identity…  He’s done so much it… he is doing now with his family.  Don’t you see that?  The man is not the same, Jarl.”

          That anger I had felt a couple minutes ago seemed about ready to come out, but I still kept it at bay by my clinching fists while I stood there, “Well, what’d you expect?  A man hadn’t seen his family in how long?  He is out of practice, with help that can be changed.”

          “I don’t think you really believe that, Jarl,” Truvor said as he started around his desk and towards me.  “The more you try to save your family… the more you are going to lose your family.”

          I got quite angry for a brief moment, but then thought of a comeback that calmed me down, “Well… at least I ‘have’ a family to save.  You tore yours apart.”

          My remark pushed Truvor over the edge as grabbed the special dagger, that was still stuck in the top of the desk, and then shoved me up against the wall, pinning me with his left arm while he used his right hand with the dagger and put it right up near my throat.  I had never seen so much anger on someone’s face until I saw Truvor just now.  I did not want to struggle when he did this because that could have pushed him even further.  So I did nothing; although, except for tilting my head to the left and slightly back while I put my head against the wall.  I stared down Truvor.  He stared at me back for several seconds… and then eased up and let me go.  Even with all his angry, I saw in his eyes that he did not want to kill me; he just seemed very conflicted at the moment.

          Truvor eased off and let me go.  It is like he is trying to control his anger, like he has a problem with it and does not want it to come out.  Also, he is trying not to “cross a line”, yet he has already crossed that line ten-fold.

          I saw this as an opportunity, so I took it.  I rushed Truvor, pushed him with my left arm, and shoved him up against the other wall and said, “No one shoves me around without me showing I can shove back too.”

          But when I shoved him into the wall, I used his kneejerk reaction to swipe the dagger without him noticing of course.  I slipped the dagger under my belt, which is hidden by my tunic.  Truvor is to full of his anger and conflict within himself that he did not notice my little slight-of-hand trick; which I learned from my mother.

          Heather rushed over and “peeled” me off of Truvor just a few moments after I got the dagger.

          “Get him out of my sight,” Truvor then stated as he readjusted his clothes because I messed them up.

          “Why?” asked Heather, surprised at the statement.  “I thought you needed to get information out of him.”

          “Don’t need him anymore, well at least for information that is,” replied Truvor as he went back around and sat in his chair.  “We found what we need and now how to use it.  We really don’t need his friends either.  I need to think about what to do with them.  Though in the mean time, you can take my guest to the room in which we have discussed.”

          Heather and Asvord seemed quite perplexed at this turn of events.

          “As you wish, Truvor,” Heather said as she brought her right hand in a fist to her left shoulder and slightly bowed as she left.

          Heather went and opened the door as Asvord tried to grab my arm to lead me out.  I shook her arm off of me and said, “I can walk on my own, thank you very much.”

          Asvord is right behind me as we leave Truvor’s office.  Heather closed the door behind us and got in front of me.  About ten yards from Truvor’s office, Heather intentionally slowed her walk to slow me down.

          “Why are we slowing down?” I asked, but in a quite tone.

          Heather then replied but kept her head forward, “Did you get the dagger?”

          A little puzzled, I replied, “Yeah, why?”

          “Have you already started planning an escape?” Heather asked.

          Still puzzled, “Yeah, why?”

          Asvord then added, “And you do know that you have to get out of here and get help?”

          Now starting to get the picture, “Yeah, why?”

          Heather continued, “We need you to escape our clutches, get help, come back, free your friends, and stop Truvor from hatching that egg, all the while not getting recaptured yourself, not blowing mine or your sister’s cover, and not getting anyone killed.”

          “Yeah, why?” I continued with a smile.

          “Oh stop, Jarl,” Asvord gave me a nudge.

          “Sorry,” I replied.  “Yeah, I have already started hatching a plan; oh, poor choice of words.”

          Asvord quipped, “I think that was a ‘pun intended’.”

          “You know me too well,” I stated.  “One question:  How in a yak’s brain am I supposed to get out of here?”

          Heather turned around and faced me a few steps before we got to the main cavern.  Heather gestured with her hands my escape route, “When we go to the left and enter another tunnel, ‘escape’ there and then go to your right.  We will have to report your escape right away to keep our covers, so you won’t have much of a head start.  Go to the end of the tunnel, and turn right.  You will probably encounter some of Truvor’s goons by then; take them out and continue going forward.  You’ll come to a small dome shaped room.  You will be exiting out of one of the natural air vents for the cave system.  Climb up the fifteen or so foot vertical shaft and you’ll come to the top surface.  Quickly go get help and come back.”

          “That’s a good plan, I like that plan,” I replied.  “The only question is, what help am I supposed to get.”

          Asvord then interjected, “You’ll have to wait until the yaks fly over the ‘Moon’ before you’ll get any ‘help’ here.”

          Asvord spoke in her phony accent for some reason and stressed the words “Moon” and “help”.  I looked around Heather to see that a few miners had walked by and also Ohmarr had come back.  Now I see why.  My help has something to do with the Moon or something in reference to the Moon.

          “Where are you taking Jarl?” Ohmarr questioned.

          Heather answered, “Truvor wanted us to take Jarl to the room he had prepared for him.”

          “Good,” Ohmarr replied.  “I’ll come along.”

          My eyes got a little big, but that was all I allowed myself to show.  This was not part of the plan; Heather and Asvord both knew that and gave me an uneasy glare from their eyes.

          Ohmarr started out to the left towards the same tunnel Heather had described.

          I thought, “At least the room is near my escape route.”

          Ohmarr is to my left with Heather in front of me and Asvord behind me.  This time no one had a hold of me because they thought I would not dare try to escape.  Heather and Asvord probably thought with Ohmarr being there would cause a problem, I on the other hand thought it actually helped.  Ohmarr is an unexpected bug-in-my-yaknog, but I do pretty well changing things on the fly when you have to come up with a Plan-B; this relates to how I can ad-lib jokes and remarks on the fly too.

          I had briefly looked over in the main cavern and still saw the miners and soldiers still working on different rock sites as they still were looking for something.  But Truvor said they had found what they were looking for.  Is Truvor keeping something from his men?

          When we had just entered the other tunnel, I then suddenly shouldered Ohmarr into the tunnel wall and took him by surprised.  I then grabbed Heather by her right arm and flung her into wall in which she “bounced off” and ran into Ohmarr, knocking them both over.  Heather went limp pretending she was knocked out.  Asvord then drew her dagger and swung at me.

          “What was that for?” I whispered.

          “You’re escaping, remember?” Asvord looked at me like was Snotlout.  Asvord gave another swipe and I dodged it.  “Now knock my dagger out with mother’s kick.”

          I complied and did a three-hundred and sixty degree turn to my left and came back around to Asvord with a flying kick with my right foot to her hand.  The dagger flew from her hand… and then Asvord tried to punch me.

          “Since you are escaping, I got to make it look good,” Asvord replied.  “Now punch me.”

          “What?” I said.  “I won’t punch you, you’re my sister.”

          “That didn’t stop me and you’re my brother,” Asvord said as she landed a left gab after I had blocked her right cross.  “Punch, me Jarl,” She demanded in a hushed tone.

          I then tried a left cross, which she blocked, but I countered with a right upper-cut.  I actually whiffed… or at least it felt like it.  Asvord acted like she actually got hit and threw herself backwards.

          “Now why didn’t I think of that,” I stated and then I remind myself, “Oh, right, escaping now.”

          Asvord then cried out, “Escape, escape, prisoner escaping!”

          I had seen right after I “hit” Asvord, that there were some goons already coming my way, Ohmarr was trying to get Heather off of him, and Asvord was “slow” in getting up.  I had to get moving.

          I ran down to the end of the tunnel and took a right.  I took it so fast my feet actually slid and I did a spin move as to not knock myself off my feet by running into the wall.  I took out in now a dead sprint and starting out down the corridor.  I passed several rooms of wood that had been built in the cave tunnel.  Glancing at each room as I went by, I abruptly stopped as I went by one of them.  I entered the room to find where Truvor is housing the “mystical” weapons.  I then knew for a fact, the dagger I swiped is one of those weapons.  I was not sure before as I did not want to go on just looks, but know I am positive.  I saw the other weapons again: a staff, a sword, and a dagger…

          “Wait a dagger?” I thought.  “I thought I had the dagger.  Then that would mean…” I stopped as I looked at the dagger I had in my belt.

          “Where’d he go?” I heard some voices from afar and knew I had better get going.

          Before I left, I detached the pommel again from Truvor’s sword.  Since he seems to use it and his glove the most, having his sword not being able to work should come in handy later.

          I peeked out the door to my left and saw three guys stationed at the cave tunnel I had escaped from while I saw a larger group of guys going down other corridor opposite the one I am in.

          One guy said to another, “Do you think the prisoner went that way?”

          “No,” he responded.  “That way leads to two dead ends and two other tunnels that wrap back around to the main cavern.”

          The guys were pointing my direction, I thought, “Thanks Heather for only giving me one option.  But I guess at least I got one that they obviously don’t know about.”

          I started thinking of some way I could get out without those goons noticing me.  Every time I think, I look up for answers.  Every time I look up, answers always come my way and it did not fail me this time either.  I noticed that these rooms were built inside a tunnel, but not into the wall.  There is no ceiling over the rooms as they used the entire cave ceiling for that.  Why does this help?  There are crossbeams spread three yards apart down this whole tunnel.  It looks like they help support the tunnel as well as providing a way of escape for me.

          There is one pedestal that is empty, as I have that weapon, so I used the pedestal as a stepping stool.  I got on it and jumped up and grabbed one of the flat beams.  The beams are only a few inches in diameter, but are made from very strong wood.  They obviously run horizontal to the floor, so I am able to shift my grip from one hand on either side of the beam to both hands on one side of it.  My toes were still on the pedestal, I stretched out my arms so I could push off with me feet to hoist myself up onto the beam.  There was only about a three foot clearance to the tunnel’s cave ceiling, so I had to squat down on the beam.  I noticed the rooms in this tunnel all shared a wall, so I “frog” walked on the beam to the wall which is perpendicular to the rooms’ shared walls.  This perpendicular wall stretched the length of the tunnel, so I frog-walked slower across the wall top to keep my balance but consistently enough that it only took me about a minute to reach the other side of the tunnel and saw the dome shaped room and the vertical shaft Heather was talking about.

          I paused for a moment to figure out a way to get in the vertical shaft without the goons knowing I went down this way.  The dome room is lit unusually so, yet there are but only two torches in the room; and they are on the left and right of the doorway on my side.  I knew if I jumped down on the solid rock floor, I would create a sound which echo off the cave walls and then alert Truvor’s men.  But even if I got down, I would have to get back up somehow because there is no clear way to the vertical shaft.  I realized how Truvor’s men must not know about it is because the shaft is well camouflaged by the jagged or rather spiky ceiling.  The vertical shaft itself is jagged on its interior that it just blends right in with the ceiling of the dome room.

          “But how am I supposed to get up in the shaft?” I contemplated as I took the dagger and started to twiddle with it.  “There is no way I could jump down and then up as it would be too high for me to jump.  I can’t climb in an inverted fashion up the dome ceiling as it is too jagged with all the stalactites.  Too bad I couldn’t just waltz across a bridge to the shaft and then up to complete my escape.”

          All at once the dagger’s handle as well as blade became extremely cold.

          “Yowsers,” I nearly said louder than I wanted to.

          I set the dagger to my right on the last room’s wall top.  I looked up to the shaft and then back to where the glove was…

          “Glove?” again nearly said louder than I wanted to.  “Where’d the… no wonder they are called mystical.  Even if they… Oh I’m not going to try to understand it right now.”

          I put the glove on to warm up my right hand because that dagger was really cold, but I then felt very strange… as if I was reinvigorated with energy.

          “Could it be?” I wondered.

          I got back to the problem at hand, not the hand with the glove on it, but my problem of getting to the shaft.  I noticed that the ceiling edge of the tunnel I am in stopped right after the edge of the room wall and started upward to the shaft.  I also observed that there were two stalactites that looked like they were “holders” or “hooks” for something.

          “If only I had some type of pole to lie in those holders and swing across,” I pondered.

          I suddenly perceived the glove on my right hand had gotten heavier.  I looked only to see I had a spear in my right hand.

          “Okay,” I whispered.  “This is getting to weird to even see, let alone think of how it can do that.”

          An idea just struck my head like the after taste of yaknog, I can use the pole to swing to the shaft.  Grabbing the edge of the wall with my left hand so I would not fall down and I reached out with my right hand with the spear and set it in the stalactite holders.  It was a little uneven, but I am still able to rotate the spear.  Letting go of the wall and quickly moving my left hand from the edge to the spear to keep my balance, I waited for a moment after grasping the spear now with both my hands to put the tops of my feet on the top of the wall.  I slowly dragged my feet off the wall and let my legs dangle from underneath me.  I could probably let go and get to the floor and hardly make a sound, but I already had a plan to get to the shaft.

          Where the spear is right now is about halfway to the shaft, maybe even over halfway there.  I started to build up a swing towards the shaft.  I could not reach inside the shaft without letting go of the spear.  Thus I let go of the spear with my right hand while still swinging from my left.  I tried grabbing for the edge of the ceiling and shaft on the first time though missed.  Second try, however, took hold, literally.  The shaft was jagged, but bumpy-jagged; not spiky-jagged like the dome’s ceiling.  This being said I was able to get my hand on one of the bumps and stopped myself from swinging.  This may sound easy enough, but to stop your own body from swinging is very taxing on your arms and uses up a lot of your own strength for your arms are holding all of your weight because your legs are not on the ground.  This takes a lot of strength, even for a young, lean body like my own.  Since my dad had been back, he had been helping me build my strength, stamina, and endurance up so I could perform several moves like this in battle, racing, or just playing… until he started going undercover and his demeanor changed and we stopped practically altogether working out together…

          Moving on…  I then took note that when I will take the spear off the holders, my complete body weight will be on my one arm.  I will have to as quick as I can grab something in the shaft to relief my right arm and hand so I will not slip and fall to the floor.  Problem being is that I will have a hold of the spear.

          “Okay,” I said to myself.  “Don’t think this is the right way to do it, but: Please spear turn back to the glove so I can get in the shaft.”

          As soon as spoke, I took the spear of the stalactite holders, swung on my right hand, grimaced as my weight shifted to my right arm, and quickly grabbed for something in the shaft… and did.  The spear did in fact turn back into a glove as I was wearing it.  That weird feeling came back over me and again felt rejuvenated and my energy I had used to swing and shift my weight seemed nearly restored.  I did not feel as tired as I did, but did not want to wait around and find out how long this feeling lasts.

          I then pulled my legs up to touch the ceiling and then grabbed higher in the shaft and pulled myself into it to the point I could brace my legs in the shaft.  It is a small squeeze, but I made it work.  The shaft is even brighter than the dome room.  I then transferred my weight to my legs as I readjusted my arms so I could push down on them and lift my legs up and brace them again with the shaft’s walls.  The shaft was roughly a pentagon or hexagon shape.  I reached up higher with my arms and pushed down on my hands to lift myself up and brace my legs again.  I continued this routine and got into a rhythm which in turn allowed me to move faster up the shaft.

          Within thirty seconds I reached the top of the shaft, which I would say is roughly forty-five feet high.  As soon as I got to the top, I grasped the idea why the dome was so bright with light.  The vertical shaft not only worked as a natural air vent, but also as a source of light.  I lifted myself up out of the shaft when I got to the top and was nearly blinded by the sun.

          It is already the next day!

          I have less than twenty-four hours to get back to Berk with the evidence needed to save my father from the trial that points to him as the murder.  This evidence is Vlarrin himself because if the body that a defendant is accused of murdering… walks in himself to say that he was not murder, that evidence speaks for himself.

          After lying on the ground for a minute to letting my eyes adjust from being underground to now above ground, I now felt a puff of wind on my head.  I opened my left eye and then my right eye as I saw Firestorm breathing on me!

          “Oh.  Snap.” I spoke out loud.

          Firestorm opened his mouth and was ready to fire on me, but before I could roll out of the way… something hit Firestorm in the head from the side.  I rolled to my left, got up, and saw Sirena firing again on Firestorm.  I looked back at Firestorm to see large blobs of amber-orange blotches of solid material all along his body.  With that last blast from Sirena, Firestorm had enough and flew away.

          “Well that was easy,” I said to Sirena.  “Now I won’t have to go looking for you.  I had a feeling you were on The Golden Isles, but I didn’t know you’d find me first.”

          I held my hand out to Sirena.  She sniffed it and rubbed her head on it.  Then she started rubbing on me like a Terrible Terror with a new found friend.

          “You were some unexpected help, but I’ll take it,” I replied looking at Sirena while I petted her.  I then looked to see where I am at, “Now, to go find that help Asvord had talked about… Time to go find Moonstone.”

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I am a Mage of Fairy Tail, I do not need a subject

I see the Frozen reference



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XD   Did you like that?



Did you like that?

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Just got finished reading

Just got finished reading nice chapter bro! XD





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Subject do I need why Hmm? Above them can be a Jedi Master, No?

To answer your question from your pm:  Yes someone did get out, no they didn't all get out.

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Who got out me?

Who got out me?

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With the subjects wise this one is. Heed them do you not have to

Jarl got out and found Sirena.  Or rather Sirena found him.  Then Jarl will go try to find Moonstone.


Btw, if you were wondering, you are going to be featured in a way more in the next chapter.  Jarl will have to go find Moonstone first though, so you'll come in a little further into the chapter.  Since Anora was said by Ohmarr to be a Shadow Dragon and Anora's charm necklace has been a key part and also Truvor trying to exploit Anora's poisonous tears for his own gain, Annabeth is a key factor in the final stretch of my story.

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I am a Mage of Fairy Tail, I do not need a subject

So when does everyone else come in?

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Master Jedi am I, nor do I need not a subject. Who am I?

Slightly after Annabeth comes back in.  After the scene with Annabeth... I'll just say, action will enuse with a dash of chaos.

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I am a Mage of Fairy Tail, I do not need a subject


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Star Wars, do I enjoy. Evident, is this not? XD