Thoughts of Guilt: Chapter 34: Mysterious Connections

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Hope you guys enjoy this chapter!


It doesn't move to far in the story, but it mentions several key facts, answers some old questions, and asks some new ones.


Each chapter is building for the finale, which is within the next 10 chapters or less!


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With the subjects wise this one is. Heed them do you not have to

Thoughts of Guilt


Chapter 34


Mysterious Connections


          Ohmarr led Asvord and I down the hallway to a door.  Asvord, playing the part of a mysterious viking girl, is laying it on a little too thick if you ask me; she rough housed me quite a bit.  I get you would have to make it look realistic so it does not look like she is going easy on me.  I think Asvord is actually enjoying shoving me around, to a certain extent, as she will not get in trouble for doing so.  Not often does a sister get to “beat up” on their brother and not have him fight back as well as not getting into trouble from your parents; although, the Twins do this all the time and mostly get away with it, but that is normal for them.  The day the Twins stop acting like that is the day we should start worrying.  I probably could but that would just mess up her plan, plus she would just shove me even harder.  Even if she did enjoy doing it, I know she did not want to have to shove me to the point of injuring me.

          The hallway is actually a cave tunnel with wood planks for walls and big supporting beams every ten feet or so.  The ceiling of the tunnel was the cave itself.  Guessing by the rock and the reason for the planks on the walls is we are close to the surface of the ground.  I only had enough time to glance at the walls as we were nearing the end of the fifty some foot hallway but the planks are probably used to keep the dirt and ground from falling in.  Taking into consideration the texture of the ceiling of it not being clearly rock but dirt and rock with possibly clay mixed together would be the cause for using wood planks for walls along with the supporting beams to stop cave-ins.  Also, on the beams were torches lit to supply light to the hallway.

          Ohmarr knocked on the door first and then grabbed the handle and push it in for Asvord and me.  I was about to take my first step after stopping as he opened the door… when Asvord actually shoved me in.  This I was not expecting and fell to the floor.  It felt like Asvord used her foot to shove me in.

          I thought to myself as I looked briefly at my sister, who by her eyes looked apologetic, “I know you are going for realism, which I agree with to keep your cover so no one knows you know me; let alone me being your brother.  But come on now.”

          “Glad you could join us,” came Truvor’s voice to my left.

          I looked to see him sitting behind a desk.  There was a stool in front of the desk.  In addition, there were torches on both sides of the door and a lamp on the desk which offered enough light to brighten the room for me to clearly see Truvor’s face.   As I walked over to the desk I noticed another girl at Truvor’s right side, who looked nearly identically dressed to that of Asvord.  Then flashing a couple of brief looks at the desk I saw a very large map.  I took notice to the map being a detailed and in-depth map of The Golden Isles.  It had everything on it from the main Village Ruins to details of every road and path as well as every river, stream, or creek which included a tag that indicated the underground creek that the first group took when we initially attempted to rescue Ohmarr’s “parents” to what even looked like labels for every campsite and farm on The Isles which even included Hyrith’s campsites and “sightings” I guess.  Though one thing was strange, no where could I see a marking or tag that showed where Hyrith’s other dragon, Moonstone, is located.

          Truvor offered me to have a seat.

          “I think I’ll stand,” I answered.

          “I want to ask you some questions,” Truvor stated as he leaned back in his chair.

          “You usually ask questions and give answers, thanks for reminding me of that,” I said sarcastically.

          Truvor chuckled, “That’s what I like about you Jarl, always making light of everything, even in the worst of situations.”

          “Oh another ‘brilliant’ observation, Truvor; this is a bad situation and I’m making ‘light’ of it,” I continued with my sarcasm.  Truvor did not chuckle this time and seemed a little annoyed.

          Truvor then replied in a more monotone voice, “Very funny.”

          I again said, “Yet another good observation.  Usually when someone states a joke it is considerate to laugh or at least acknowledge that it was funny.”

          That really got Truvor mad and getting down to business, “That’s enough.  Now tell me what you know about the Shadow Dragon.”

          “What are we doing here?” I asked as I gestured to the room with both hands.  “Why bring me in here?  Why ask me about the Shadow Dragon?  I think you just want to find out what I know.  You obviously know more about The Legend then I certainly do.  Why else would we be in this cave with your men use picks as mining something in the caverns.  You are looking for something other than the Shadow Dragon.  Sure, you wouldn’t be upset if you find it and use it to your own good, or bad in this matter; though that depends on which side of the fence you stand on.  You’ve already found those not-so-mystical-anymore-because-we-know-they-exist weapons you probably love using… shoulders still sore from my finding out what the glove can do…,” I rubbed my shoulders, and then started to lean on the desk and stare at Truvor.  “But oh those things are all well and good as you probably have buyers for the treasures, someone who could use a ‘War machine’ dragon, and the weapons you might keep for yourself, but I think there is something else you want.  Me.”

          Truvor just laughed, “You’re very perceptive, Jarl; maybe too much for your own good.”  Truvor got up and slowly started made his way around the desk to me until he got right behind me.  “You are right.  All those things are good, but something else was the most important to me.  You are probably well aware of why, but I’ll tell you anyway.”

          I turned to face him as he got behind me.  A sense of fright and anxiety started to come over me when he got in front of me, especially when he drew his dagger, from behind his back, that had the embellishments on it as well as his his scary change of tone.  Truvor started looking at his dagger and rubbing his hand on the blade as he said, “Some might call it… Retribution… Malevolence… Rancor… Animosity...  But,” Truvor paused.  “One word sums it up so beautifully than any other one… Revenge.”

          The moment Truvor finished, he raised his right hand with the dagger.  I closed my eyes as he swung down with the dagger pointed straight down with the bladed digging into the desk.  I flinched ever so slightly.  I usually would not flinch, but with Truvor in this terrifying state; this is probably the most scared I have been in a very long time.  Truvor is making his point clear to me.  I opened my eyes and looked up at Truvor without moving my head, I just used my eyes.

          Truvor added, “And what’s better then to spend it with family.”

          Truvor had so much rage in his eyes while we stared at each other for several seconds.  No one said a word… until Truvor blinked.

          “Ha, you blinked,” I said pointing at him.  “I win.”

          Truvor just chuckled and said, “What, am I amusing to you?”

          “You laughed, didn’t you?” I replied.

          “That was more of a chuckle,” Truvor clarified.

          I then folded my arms as I said, “Oh, your shoes are untied.”

          The moment Truvor looked down I tackled him to the floor.  I landed one good right cross to the face and then swung back to swing forward, but I stopped.  Before I could throw my punch, I felt a dagger to the back of my neck and then a hand on my left shoulder.  The cold metal of the dagger’s blade against my neck sent shivers down my spine, even if the one holding the dagger is my sister.

          Truvor had been caught off guard and shook his head to clear is mind.  The other mysterious girl spoke, “Get.  Off.  Of.  Him.”

          “Bah,” I said as I got up off of Truvor.  “You’re not worth having sore knuckles over.  Besides, a punch isn’t good enough for you.”

          As I stood up, Asvord still had the dagger but now in front of my neck; she still had a grip of my left shoulder.

          Truvor looked completely different as I could tell by his eyes that it is like my punch got him out of a “trance” of some kind.

          The other girl then suggested, “Truvor.  The boy obviously won’t talk to you, so why not let us have a crack at him.”

          “How would you do better than I?” asked Truvor, as he wiped the dust off of his clothes.

          “The boy is too smart to fall for anything from you, as he knows you want him alive,” the girl stated.  “However… the boy doesn’t know what I’m capable of.”

          The girl reached behind her back and grabbed some sort of weapon.  As Truvor was thinking, there was a knock on the door when immediately following the door opened.

          It is Vlarrin!

          “Sir,” Vlarrin addressed Truvor.  “I think we have found it.  We need you to take a look at it to confirm it is what we have been looking for, for a long time.”

          Truvor said he would come and the mysterious girl said she would be fine.  The girl added, “Ohmarr won’t need to stay as he is just a distraction.”

          Vlarrin agreed, “We can’t reach the e… artifact from where we are at.  One of the geologists said that if we dig any further, the cave could collapse on the artifact.  We are too close to the end to chance it.  Ohmarr can help reach it with his young, small frame.”

          Truvor thought for a moment, tapping his chin, “Alright, we’ll come.”  Truvor then directed at me, “Looks like you’ll be in my associate’s charge now.”

          Vlarrin opened the door wider as Ohmarr walked out followed by Truvor, who said, “Jarl,” and nodded his head once in parting.

          Vlarrin nearly looked distraught and remorseful when he closed the door with a passing glance at me.

          For a brief moment I felt safe, but then I remembered the girl.

          I thought to myself, “If this girl meant business, does she actually mean to get some information out of me?  Will Asvord have to break her cover to come between me and the girl?”

          As I thought the girl slowly started walking over to me, Asvord kept a hold of me as well as keeping the dagger fairly close to my neck.  I actually started to get nervous and anxious as Asvord kept a hold of me and is not stopping who.

          I did not care much about Asvord’s cover any more as I said, “Okay.  If you are up to it, feel free to protect me; anytime now, come on.”

          My pulse is quickening as my breathing is also heightening.  I started to grab at my sister’s hands as she pulled me back up against the wall, but my efforts are not doing any good.  Asvord is not responding.

          The mysterious girl stopped not more than a foot in front of me.  The weapon the mysterious girl had in her had seemed something like an axe.  I then struggled to speak as my breathing was getting very quick, “Okay, I’m going to go out on a limb here,” I gulped as I swallowed what felt like a whole apple.  “You really do want to get information out of me.”

          “Yes,” the girl replied.

          I started grab more at my sister’s arms around me to try and peel her off me, but to no avail.

          The girl asked me, “What is your name?”

          I had started to push back on my legs, but when she asked that question I stopped everything that I was doing.

          “Jarl,” I said very unsure of what is going to happen next.

          The girl jerked her weapon in her grasp and another axe blade retracted down from other side of the handle.  Before I could do anything else, the girl raised her weapon in her right hand and swung the axe-spear thing… into the wall.  The girl then took her right hand from her stuck weapon and used her hand to lower her mask that was over her face as well as her hood.

          She smiled and said, “Hi.  I’m Heather.”

          The moment she said that, Asvord released me and rushed to the door.

          A moment had passed and then it dawns on me, “Wait… Are you the Heather?  Heather-Heather and not some viking girl who goes by that name.  Who has similar black hair… and… and..… the same..… green…..… eyes.  It is you!”

          Heather laughed, “Yes it is me, Jarl.”

          Asvord came back and said, “The coast is clear.  They were already to the end of the hallway by the time I had cracked the door.”

          “Okay,” I said, taking a breath.  “How are you still alive, Asvord?”

          “I guess you are owed an explanation,” Asvord said as she began.  “After you had grabbed my hand and… and tried to save me,” Asvord smiled but seemingly started to cry but shook her head as girls do to get the hair out of their face.  “I let go.”

          I looked at Asvord, “Thanks for the recap.  I already know that part of the story.”

          “I would usually punch right about now,” Asvord smiled.  “But I missed your sarcasm.”  Asvord paused as I smiled back.  She then continued, “However, this is a one-time deal.  Next time you’re gonna get a jab to the side.  Anywho… Once I started to fall, I thought for sure I was a gonner, especially when the boulders above closed in over top of me as I fell.  I had closed my eyes to prepare for the landing and or a boulder hit me.  My heart nearly came out of my chest when something had grabbed me and curled around me to protect me.  It was a dragon, Jarl,” Asvord grabbed my right shoulder.  “But not just any dragon, when I came to it was Razorwhip.”

          Asvord progressed with the account, “When I came too, I had seen a girl hovering over me taking care of me.  I had sustained an injury to my upper right side, near my back, around the same area that Dagmar accidentally injured before.  It’s still a sore,” Asvord as she loosened up right arm.  “Jarl.  Heather saved my life.”

          I thanked Heather dearly for it, but then teased Asvord a little, “Well if you wouldn’t have let go of my arm, I would have saved you and you would be thanking me right now.”

          That remark was rewarded with a jab to the gut, “Told you I was going to do it the next time.”

          Heather continued the story, “If it isn’t evident, I’m involved with Truvor and his exploits on The Golden Isles.  And I’m obviously not working for him but trying to stop him.  I had been requested by Truvor himself to come and help as he knew he was dealing with dragon riders and wanted another one on his side.  I declined at first as I knew what ‘dragon riders’ he was talking about, for it was too soon for me to discovered yet, but once I heard about how close he was to unlocking the secrets of The Golden Isles, I knew I had to go.  I had arrived when I saw dragon riders retreating.  I had come in from the north and on the other side of the large cove and saw the Whispering Death come out of the ground and start the avalanche.  I then saw two people near the edge and then saw one go over the side.  I knew I had to take action, even if it meant revealing who I was.  Windshear was able to quickly cross the cove and catch your sister from her fall right before the boulders crashed in behind us.  I had studied a map of The Golden Isles before I left and knew there was a tunnel on that side of the cove and flew through it to safety.”

          Heather then concluded the story, “I brought Asvord back to the northern shores were I set up a camp and helped your sister.  She came to and told me why you guys were here.  Then seeing how we have the same goal:  Stop Truvor, I enlisted Asvord as my ‘sidekick’ more or less to stop Truvor from the inside.  I gave Asvord and second change of clothes I had so she would look more like me.  I had a mask I kept with me, but a mask isn’t my style.  I gave it to Asvord and it fits her like a glove, though a mask in this case.  Asvord said she knew that you would come back to finish the mission.  So, I told her she would need a dragon to come with me, if this was going to work.  Asvord said she knew where to find one.”

          Asvord added, “I knew Hyrith said that Moonstone, his other Deadly Nadder, is on The Golden Isles.  So with Heather’s help I was able to use Moonstone as ‘my’ dragon.  We reported back to Truvor when you had come back to finish the mission.  Truvor said he didn’t want our help as he was expecting you the whole time and banked on outnumbering you.  Asvord and I both agreed that Truvor could not end the missions right when you came back.  We convinced him that you had critical intel which would help Truvor complete his mission.  We convinced him to capture you and your friends alive.”

          I started thinking, but as I was thinking I thanked Heather for saving my sister.

          “How can I every repay you?” I said.  “I owe you.”

          Heather nodded her head, “No repayment necessary, but I might hold you to a favor to use later down the road.”

          “Done,” I answered.

          “I know we barely know each other, Jarl, as we only met briefly a couple of times on Berk,” Heather spoke.  “And you have no way to know if you can trust me, but I need your help.  We all need your help if we all are to stop Truvor and his plans.”

          I stated, “Just based on the fact that you saved my sister from certain death is good enough for me to trust you, even if I don’t know your whole story.  What does Truvor want to do?”

          Heather got glum for a second, “Jarl.  He wants to hatch a dragon egg in The Shadow to create a Shadow Dragon!  He claims that that isn’t why he came that the treasure is why he came.  But with the connections I know, they want Truvor to hatch that dragon and bring it to them to use as a weapon to terrorize the archipelago and anything else they deem useful to their plans.”

          “By using Annabeth’s Deathsong’s amber,” declared Heather.  “We need that dragon to ‘freeze’ the egg while it hatches.”

          So we actually have to go through with actually hatching the egg? Asvord asked.

          Heather nodded her head, As far as I know, that is the only way to stop a Shadow Dragon.

           There might be another way, I stated, while thinking of Hyrith's secret that we have held.

          “There is someone coming back! announced Asvord as she heard something in the hallway.

          “Jarl, Heather declared.  “Get on the ground like we have been questioning you and beating you up."

          “But you haven't even laid a finger on me yet," I replied.

          “Sorry Jarl, they're almost here, stated Asvord... as she punched me squarely in the jaw.

          I thought, as I rubbed my jaw, “They're just ganging up on me.  This realistic stuff is taking a toll, I chuckled.  How did Heather know about Sirena?  I don’t know.  Seems Heather gets around more than I give her credit for.  But how in the world would she know Annabeth’s name?  Annabeth came to Berk well after Heather left.  Strange.  But I shouldn’t question it right now as we have more pressing matters at the moment.”

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Subject do I need why Hmm? Above them can be a Jedi Master No?

If you are just now seeing this post and have read the chapter already, read the last small section again as I wasn't done doing a last second editing as I accidentally pressed a button that posted my chapter.

Sorry about that.

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I had a mild case of Writer's

I had a mild case of Writer's Block, so I didn't get as much work today on the chapter as I wanted too.  However, the Writer's Block has ceased; but it is getting late, so I will post the chapter tomorrow.  I have the chapter 5/8 written, so it won't take but a couple of hours to complete.

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