Thoughts of Guilt: Chapter 31: Three Faced Triple Crosser

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I was able to fit what I wanted into this chapter, so that will be in Chapter 32 on Thursday.  And fyi, I'll be posting now on Thursdays.  Also, I am very close to ending this story, so stay tunned!


I hope you guys enjoy this chapter.  It doesn't have much in it, but there is one critical clue to the whole story in this chapter.  Comment after reading my chapter if you think you know what it is.


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Thoughts of Guilt


Chapter 31


Three Faced Triple Crosser


          Completely fazed by what happened, I did not know where we were going.  I felt like all my energy was sucked out from me when I saw Asvord fall.  Now, I kept staring ahead, not looking at anything in particular.  Spiker took over and continued flying to fall in behind Anora as we went off to regroup with the others.  With both dragons not at a hundred percent, weary from the battle they just fought, the trip back to the other two groups took twice as long.

          By the time Annabeth and I got back to the small islands, the sun had already set, it was dark, the wind had gone way down, and the moon was still in its early stages; so there was only sliver of the moon left which did not give off much light.  Also, no fire had been kindled on the island.  Hiccup or someone probably suggested against that because the fire would give away their position as we are not that far away from The Golden Isles that a fire could be spotted from far away distances at night.  When Spiker landed, I did get off her as I did not want to get off my sister’s dragon.

          Elsa, along with everybody, came over to greet Annabeth and me.  Elsa was the first to ask the question, “Why are you on Spiker, Jarl?  Where’s Asvord?”

          Finally finding the energy to slide off Asvord’s saddle and onto the beach below, I turned and just looked at my little sister.

          She looked me back in the eye as Cazi asked, “Where is, Jarl?  Wait… She isn’t…” Cazi did not finish as it went without saying.

          Elsa had tears start to stroke down her cheeks; she then ran to me and grabbed me.  Elsa squeezed as tight as she could and sobbed in my shoulder.  I too cried as I embraced my sister and closed my eyes.  I removed my helmet to pay respects; the rest of my friends did the same with their helmets, the ones that had helmets on.  Everybody bowed their heads in the moment of silence.  The only thing that could be heard was the sobs of Elsa.

          Holding my little sister for several minutes while she cried, I knew I had to regroup everybody because we still need to stop Trevor and any plan he has for the Shadow Dragons or those interesting weapons I saw, Hyrith must know something about.

          Once Elsa was able to cry for a few minutes, I gently took her arms off of mine, bent down, and looked at my little sister.  I grabbed her head and used my thumbs to why away my tears.

          I then softly said, “Now Asvord wouldn’t want us to cry or mourn over her… or at least for very long.  She would say that we should cry but shouldn’t over do it.”

          Elsa gave a small chuckled as I continued and then stood up to address my friends, “Yes, Asvord did not make it back with us.  I knew this mission was going to be tough, I don’t think I knew the magnitude of how dangerous it was going to be.  That being said, if any of you want to return to Berk, now would be the time.  I would not blame any of you if you left now.  I still must go back because I have some unfinished business with Trevor.”

          No one moved hardly a muscle to get on their dragons.  After a few seconds had gone by, Hiccup looked at everyone to see their faces and then walked over to Elsa and me to speak, “I know I will be speaking for everyone here:  We are not leaving until we complete the task at hand.  Rescue Ohmarr’s family, discover and stop Trevor’s plans, and avenge your sister’s death by bringing whoever is responsible to justice.  I may be going into a lion’s den, but it is not the first time.  I may be going up against a foe with a power I hardly understand.  I may have just seen a dragon I have never seen before and would very much like to study it.  But none of that matters right now.  You need our help Jarl, and that’s all there is to it.  We will not leave you in your time of need!”  Hiccup then turned around to ask everyone else, “So who’s with me?!”

          Dragon and viking alike cheered, roared, and hollered.

          After it quieted down, I smiled and said, “I was praying you’d say that.”

          Hiccup then asked, “By the way, where’s Ohmarr?”

          A little surprised by that, I returned, “Didn’t he get back here already?”

          Hiccup shook his head.

          “Wait just a second,” Tuffnut said.  “When Ohmarr chose to double cross Trevor and then now has Ohmarr double crossed us?  What?  Is he now a double crossed criss-crosser?  That no good two faced yak.  If he has double crossed Trevor and now us, do you think he might double cross Trevor again because he may have been caught?  Would he then become a three faced triple crosser?”

          Ruffnut then shook her head, “Woah, I’m seeing stars just hearing how you said that.”

          “Ooo!” Tuffnut said.  “I love seeing stars.”

          Ruffnut then punched him in the face.  Tuffnut then answered, “The sky is beautiful tonight.  All the stars…”

          “Uh, you idiot,” replied Snotlout.  “It’s cloudy.”

          “It is?” Tuffnut said.  “Well it is a beautiful, starry, cloudy night.”

          We all pretty much rolled our eyes.

          Cazi then asked, “So what’s the plan?”

          I had already been thinking on a plan, so it only took a minute more before I said with a tone of determination, “Go back to The Golden Isles, find and rescue Ohmarr’s family whether or not they want to be rescued or not, and find who is responsible for my Asvord’s death.”

          “Sounds a little cut and dry,” Hiccup replied.  “Kind of like a plan my father would do,” Hiccup then imitated father’s voice, “Find the nest and take it.”

          I chuckled, “Yeah, I guess there is a little bit more to the plan than that.  But that’s where Hyrith comes in.”

          I gave Hyrith the look, “You have to tell it now.”

          Hyrith sighed deeply as if he did not want to have to come to tell us, “I might as well tell you now, so you all know what we are up against.”

          Everyone was still gathered around, but paid more attention to Hyrith.  Even the twins paid attention more… or more than they usually do.

          Hyrith began, “As most of you well know, I’ve been away from Berk for a long time.  Many of you probably wondered why I just now decided to come back and stay.  The story that I told the one night at the feast was only half the story.”

          “Half the story?” questioned Ashley.  “There’s more?”

          “Yes there is,” Hyrith answered.  “There is more.  Those of who were with the first group when we tried to rescue Ohmarr’s parents but they were not there, did you noticed those odd looking weapons on the other side of that room?”

          Those who were in the group nodded their heads.

          It seemed like those who had stayed behind were about to ask what happened to Ohmarr’s parents, so I quickly surmised what had happened then Hyrith went on with what he was going to say, “Well those weapons that look like regular weapons only with fancy and odd looking embellishments hold immense power.  In the wrong hands, these weapons obviously spell trouble, major trouble.  If it wasn’t bad enough that Trevor has possession of these weapons, there is another evil that as far as I know and have found out, Trevor is very close to releasing it.”

          “The Shadow Dragon?” Hiccup asked.

          Hyrith shrugged, “I’m not sure, and I don’t like that.  A Shadow Dragon could or could not even be considered a dragon, as it lives up to its name.  It is literally a shadow.  Shadow Dragons are very powerful, ruthless, and cunning.  If anyone is able to control these dragons, they would be near impossible to stop.  But I’m not sure if the Legend of The Golden Isles is talking about a Shadow Dragon or a Shade Dragon.  A Shade Dragon or better described a Shade Fury.”

          “Fury?!” Hiccup declared.  “Is this the dragon that has a connection to Toothless?”

          Toothless was intrigued by when Hyrith said, “Shade Fury” especially when the word “Fury” was mentioned, and got closer to Hiccup to listen.  It is uncanny how dragons seem to understand what someone is saying and what is going on.

          “I can’t say for certain if there is a resemblance or a connection to say another Night Fury,” Hyrith stated.  “But Shade Furies have very similar structure and habits of a Night Fury, yet Shade Furies are even rarer than Night Furies and Shade Furies are not necessarily a ‘Night Fury’ type dragon.  Shade Furies is an actually dragon, unlike a Shadow Dragon.  Shade Furies are dragons that are powerful if not more than a Night Fury.  But yet, most of the dragons in the books I have read on The Isles have a similar shape to that of a Night Fury.  If the either dragon is the dragon the Legend speaks of if the treasure of The Golden Isles is taken, then both dragons are bad news if Trevor is able to control them.  Even then if he is not able to control them, both dragons have a mind of their own and may get loose and wreck havoc on the whole archipelago and beyond.  I hope it is just a Shade Fury, but even those are hard to handle.  But what we need to be able to do is to stop Trevor before he even learns how to break the seal.  Another thing to note, that one dragon I kept running into was Anora.  Also, Anora probably plays a key part in this that we just don’t know of.”

          “So what is the gameplan?” asked Hiccup, wanted my opinion.

          “Well, it is pretty simple,” I repeated.  “We don’t know much of anything really.  We’ll have to rely on Hyrith and his expertise for us to get around The Golden Isles to see where Ohmarr’s parents are and where the treasure is.”

          Astrid then asked, “I thought you said that you had seen crates of gold and jewels in Vlarrin’s ship and then the other time you had come to The Golden Isles?  Wouldn’t this be part of the treasure?”

          “I don’t think so,” Hyrith shook his head.  “If it were, Trevor should have been well on his way to where he wants to go with the treasure or whatever the Legend speaks of would have been released by now and I can tell you this we would have seen it by now.  So I don’t think it is out yet.”

          Hattori then asked a good question, “Should we go back now or wait a few hours?  If we go back now, over half of our dragons have just got done with a battle and will be weary after the trip back.  Trevor is expecting us either way, but if we wait and go in a few hours by the cover of night, Trevor would most likely have strengthened his defenses and even with dragons fully rested, we wouldn’t stand much of a chance.”

          “We kind of have our backs up against a wall, don’t we?” Hiccup stated as he but his left hand to his chin and continued to think.  Then it looked like he came up with something, “We could stick to the original plan for the second day, just change a few things around.  What we could do is create a diversion while a small team of four or five people to infiltrate Trevor’s defenses on foot and search for where this ‘seal’ might be and figure out how to keep it sealed.  Then have a second small team of another four or five go in search for Ohmarr’s parents while the rest of us keep Trevor’s men occupied.  Instead of splitting the groups evenly, two smaller groups would infiltrate The Isles for their respective missions while the rest of us keep Trevor’s men occupied.”

          “Sounds like a plan,” Astrid said, as she had her axe in her hand and gave it a flip.

          “So when do we leave?” asked Sapphire.

          I thought for a moment and then said, “I think we should let our dragons get a few hours of rest and then go.  If we leave while it is dark, we will be more likely to sneak in and land then if we were by day.”

          Everyone thought that was fine and spread out among the small islands.  Before leaving though, Annabeth came up to me and asked, “What are you doing to do if you find the person responsible for Asvord’s death?”

          I had not thought of that, “I don’t know.  We’ll find out I guess.”

          We all took a little space to ourselves and bed down for the night.  We could probably get at least five hours of sleep and still be able to leave when it is dark.

          Elsa and I stayed where we were and sat together.  I got out some yak jerky with two apples for us to eat along with our canteen of water.  I knew the both of us would not be very hungry, considering, but we still had to eat something.

          “Jarl,” Elsa said in a soft tone while she ate her apple.  “Asvord just can’t be gone.  It doesn’t feel like she’s gone.”

          I sighed, “I want to believe that so much, but I saw it for myself.”

          “How exactly did it happen?” Elsa asked.

          My eyes started to tear up, but I mustered up some strength and held them back as I told Elsa how it happened.  Then she surprised me by saying, “Well, you did everything you could, brother.  Asvord would have done the same for either of us.  That just showed how much she did love us.”

          Elsa went on to say that she wanted me to do what I thought was right in making whoever is responsible the death of our sister pay.  I did not know what I was going to do.  My emotions tell me one thing, while my heart tells me another.  I should make the person responsible pay, but that is not for me to decide.  Or is it?

          The two of us sat next to each other in between both our dragons, with Fredrick on my right and Meatballs on Elsa’s left.  Elsa laid her head on my lap, after she was done eating, and fell asleep.  I actually could not fall asleep because the sound of Asvord’s voice kept echoing in my head and the sight of her falling down.

          I must have eventually fallen asleep because I was awakened by Elsa who said the others were getting ready to leave.  It was still dark out.  I also noticed there were some very low hanging stratocumulus clouds over head.  I then called everybody to group to go over the plan again.

          It was decided upon who would go in what group.  My group who would go after Trevor would be a group of five: Myself, Annabeth, Cazi, Hyrith, and Hattori.  Annabeth and Cazi insisted that they come with me.  They felt that they had to repay Trevor back for something; especially Annabeth as she felt that if it had not been for her going after her dragon, Asvord would still be here.  I assured Annabeth that she did the right thing because we all would have done that for our dragons.

          The second group that would go and try to find Ohmarr’s parents were: Ashley, Meen, Cullan, Garth, and Explod.  The rest were under the direction of Hiccup.  Hiccup thought it would be best that the Academy Riders be the one to create the diversion as they had two members that are masters at doing that sort of thing.  Also, the Academy Riders also had the tactical experience in air combat to use maneuvers and expertise to keep them occupied while at the same time not defeated them to give the two smaller groups the time to complete their mission.

          I thought it best that Elsa stay with the larger group.  I personally asked Hiccup to keep an eye on her.  He said that he would.

          “One more thing before we go,” I said before we broke the “huddle”.  “I never said exactly what happened to Asvord.  An orange Whispering Death cause part of the mountain, that The Golden Isles’ Hall is built into, to collapse underneath itself while Spiker rescued Annabeth and I from being captured.  That orange Whispering Death looked an awful lot like Truvor Onundrson’s dragon, the same dragon we saw at Icestorm Island and a couple of us when we saw it when Kark Asmolfr was kidnapped.”

          Ashley then spoke up, “Hold on.  Are you saying that Truvor is still alive?”

          “Well he did escape, remember?” I reminded.

          “I know, but I thought he would have gotten far away from Berk as possible,” added Ashley.

          Hyrith then interrupted, “Sorry to break this up, but we need to get moving.  It will be sunlight in a few hours, and we need at last half of that for the trip back; if we still want to get there before it is sunlight.  We’ll use the same path we took the previous time.  Be warned because the tunnel we’ll fly through is even more treacherous at night.”

          “Oh so now you warn us,” I quipped, trying to lighten the mood a little.

          Hyrith just chuckled and asked that those who did fly through the tunnel the other day to be in the front and everyone else follow in behind.

          With that, we all repacked what little we unpacked, mounted our dragons, and took off.  We used a similar formation to the one yesterday, as we had nearly twice as many dragons, in hopes to make up a little time to The Golden Isles.

          Flying in the dark was different, but your eyes get used to it after a while.  Nothing was said on the trip there.  We again kept low to the sea, but not as low as the day before because the waves were churning a little bit more than usual.

          We started to see a faint light on the horizon.  None of us knew what to make of it.  But as we kept getting closer to it, it seemed to keep doubling in size every minute.  We later realized it was The Golden Isles.

          Hiccup then said what was on everybody’s mind, “The Isles are lit up brighter than a den of Fireworms.”

          Practically the whole of The Golden Isles had campfires, bonfires, and similar fire-stacks like the ones back on Berk were also lit up.  Trevor was for expecting us and guess right that we would come by the cover of night.  The light given off by all the fires is enough that we had only one way to come in at and that was from behind, about the same place where we came in at before.  Only this time we had to take the long way by going through a “connecting” tunnel, as Hyrith put it, to the other tunnel we original entered the day before.  The Golden Isles were probably as much as five times larger than the Isle of Berk.  The landscape of The Golden Isles is similar to that of Berk with a large land mass with a small part of the land mass sticking out into the sea.  This small, relative to the rest of The Isles, piece of land is what The Golden Isles’ village sits on; though this village is several times higher than that of Berk.

          We flew in from nearly a straight easterly direction and went through a tunnel that was not as high, but was wider.  Hyrith motioned before we entered that we break formation.  Then after a few minutes of bobbing and weaving our way through, those who went yesterday noticed that we were now in the other tunnel we went through.  After another few minutes had gone by, we found ourselves landing on the beach in the one small cove-natural dock place as we used yesterday.

          This all seemed a bit too easy, as you would think that Trevor would have kept his eyes on these tunnels, though he may not know about them.  Then again, he should as he seems to know the same if not more than Hyrith does.

          After landing, we dismounted momentarily to check and prepare our weapons and get into our groups.  We then flew straight up and then into the forest, just as before.  Once we got to the edge of the forest, we waited for our opportunity to go in our individual groups.  The Golden Isles are crawling with Trevor’s goons.  Our dragons kept growling for some reasons, but I figured it was just because there were so many soldiers of Trevor’s around.

          I then whispered, “Man, I knew they would be expecting us, but I didn’t think Trevor would go all out for us.  I’m kind of flattered.”

          “Oh you won’t be once Trevor is through with you!” came a voice from above.

          I then realized who that was.  It was Ohmarr!  Ohmarr was on a dragon and flew around to our front.

          “Guys, it’s a trap!” I said.

          Cazi then added, “Yah think?”

          Hiccup then blurted out as Toothless took a pot shot at Ohmarr on… the orange Whispering Death, “Separate and start the plan now!”

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Here's my theory

I don't think Asvord really died, I think she is going to come back near the end, like Hyrith did in the Alpha and Shadow. I can only imagine what Jarl's mom would do if Asvord actually died.



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Nice theory.

There is another clue in the chapter that you would have too connect to two different things.

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Something came up and I won't

Something came up and I won't be able to get the chapter posted tonight.

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