Thoughts of Guilt: Chapter 30: Love Hurts Sometimes

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This is probably the best chapter I have ever written.  Also the longest too.


I hope you guys enjoy this chapter.  Tell me how you like it too.  :)


Also Happy New Year!


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Happy, do I wish you this New Year! XD :P

Thoughts of Guilt


Chapter 30


Love Hurts Sometimes


          I maneuvered Fredrick over to Annabeth’s position. En route, I saw Cazi hop on Electic as he flew by while at the same time her Skrill shocked the group of soldiers beneath her; Cazi had an insulated saddle so she was unscathed by the electric shock.  Cazi as well as Hyrith were flying back in the direction of the rest of the group.  Explod and his Zippleback kept lying down cover fire… well, gas to be sure they had an opening for escape.  Garth and Riptide could be seen taking out any soldiers, which were chasing the others who were escaping, with pinpoint accurate blasts of water at any of the soldiers.  Meen had come over just now from the forest as well cutting off the enemy’s reinforcements from the hall and from the northwest.  Meen had found her dragon and had gotten on her to use Spined’s Nadder spikes to halt the surge of the reinforcements.  Asvord and Elsa, on their respective dragons, could also be seen taking out a few previously camouflaged catapults.  Star Scream and Sun Rose were helping Sparklebolt cover for those who were doing the cover fire.  No one knew Annabeth had gone after Anora, except for me.

          I turned my attention back to Annabeth and saw she was running towards the vikings carting off her beloved dragon.  There were ten or so guards or soldiers around the large cart which had the Razorwhip on it.  Seven guards dispatched from their posts to go after Annabeth.  Even though outnumbered, Annabeth skillfully took on anybody that stood in her way between her and her old friend.  However, even with her skills trained in the art of Dueling Blades, I knew she could not hold out for much longer; the numbers would eventually work against her.

          “Fredrick!” I bent down close to my dragon for him to be able to hear me.  “Go back and get Asvord!”

          He acknowledged with a nod.  Fredrick flew lower to the ground, then I got my feet out of the strips, and launched off Fredrick.  As I came in contact with the ground, I recovered with a somersault roll and continued to run in Annabeth’s direction.

          I am still about twenty yards from her position.  The cart with Anora is another twenty yards in front of her.  The soldiers slowed Annabeth’s progress to her dragon.  Annabeth had already subdued three vikings, as I raced passed their bodies on the ground, I still could see her taking on the other four.  I noticed the viking’s armor was very thick.  The armor looked twice as big as their actual bodies and further noticed that the armor was some type of animal skin.  This would mean that my arrows could not penetrate through the armor enough to possibly critically injury them.  So I did not have to shoot them in the knees to incapacitate them, all I had to do is put enough force behind my

          After punching one soldier in the face with the pommel part of her sword, she blocked two other soldiers’ parries with both her swords in to her right and left.  She round house kicked with her right leg when a third viking’s rushed with a knife in front of her.  Her foot landed on the guy’s hands, making him drop his weapon, stagger forward, and fall to the ground.  The second viking she had blocked then swung from the right to the left simultaneously as the first viking went the opposite way the second viking did.  Annabeth dropped the ground and rolled forward as both vikings’ swords clanged with each other’s.  She stood up, gave a little twirl with both her swords in a complete circle from back to the front and did a complete spin with her body back towards the vikings.  Annabeth swung down then up with her swords and then she struck the vikings swords, catching them off guard with such a move, and disarming them of their weapons.  Their swords went flying up and away from them.

          I wondered where the fourth soldier had gone.  He had been hiding behind a rock, when I thought he had retreated.  Annabeth had defeated the two vikings and they surrendered.  However, the fourth viking came from his hiding spot near Annabeth and started swinging to strike her down.

          I did not have time enough to yell or draw my bow, so I reached for one of the four bolas on my belt.  I was now less than ten yards from them as I quickly wound up and threw the bola at the fourth viking’s sword at the same time warning Annabeth, “Behind you!”

          She whirled around to see my bola hitting the guy’s sword.  The sword flew off towards the left, barely missing Annabeth’s head.  But in doing this, one of the other two vikings grabbed Annabeth with both arms.  He started to drag her off, but Annabeth kept struggling to get free.  I could not help her at the moment as I had to take care of this guy I just disarmed.  He came running at me.  I waited until the last possible moment when I did preformed a cartwheel into a handstand and then led with my feet forward with my front facing down as I flipped.  I timed it so that when my feet led forward, the viking’s face had a “real close encounter” with my feet.

          As I preformed this move, I said, “Now taste the smell of, da-feet!”

          When my feet hit the guy in the face, he immediately staggered back as I fell on top of him.  After rolling over top of the guy a couple of times and then he came to rest on top of me.  The guy was out cold, but felt like he weighed a ton.

          “You need to lay off the yak burgers,” I retorted as I pushed him off of me.

          I struggled back to my feet as I went too quickly and kept slipping on the still wet ground from the previous day’s rain storm.  Plus, being still wet from the waist down did not help either.

          There was a slight rise of a hill I ran across.  When I could see over the top of the rise, I saw Annabeth continue to struggle getting away from the one viking.  I saw the other one coming up from behind to help in securing Annabeth.  I ran after to help her out… but the next moment saw that she did not need my help.  When the first viking stopped because Annabeth was struggling so much to get free, the second viking came over in front to help… and he probably wish he had not; because Annabeth pulled up on the second viking’s arms who was holding her, lifted up her legs and kicked the first viking in the chest, knocking him over, and he then tumbled down the hill several times.

          I stopped short of the second viking about five yards as Annabeth got her arms free, grabbed the second vikings right arm, and then flipped a two-times-her-size viking over her head and the viking landed flat on his back, completely dazed and nearly motionless on the ground.

          Annabeth, breathing heavily, just stared at the guy lying on the ground for a few second before I said, breaking the silence except for the sounds of the still battle going on behind us, “Remind me why I came over to help, because I completely forgot.”

          Annabeth was slightly startled by my voice as she looked ready to attack me, but did not as she recognized it was me.

          Annabeth smiled, “Thanks, but what I just did was more will than strength.”

          I then started to run, “Well the, why don’t we go get your dragon while you are still in ‘beast-mode’.”

          Annabeth laughed as she ran with me.  We were running down a path that turned to the left, right next to an inland huge cove that had several rock formation scattered throughout the cove standing high above a lake level below, as the path started to go across a natural bridge across the cove in a north by northeastern direction.  We were also in the dark shadow of main mountain peak of The Golden Isles.  The mountain encircled this part of the massive cove.  This part of The Golden Isles must have been a volcano at one point.

          We looked ahead and saw there were four other guards left who were leading yaks on to take Anora somewhere.  Before I could tell Annabeth we needed a plan of action, she rushed ahead to take out the guards.  I then said as I trailed behind her, “Or we could take the ‘Get away from my dragon, or pay!’ approach.  That is another way.”

          Annabeth drew her blades and started to dual the guards.  Again I questioned why I had come as she took on another group of guards by herself.  Annabeth stopped their forward momentum by occupying the guards.  I quickly thought of something.  I ran forward and cut the ropes and harnesses that the yaks were connected to.  Once I did that, I stampeded the yaks back in the opposite direction.  Without the yaks, the cart that had Anora on it was not going anywhere.  I jumped on the cart and checked Anora.  She was tied down to the cart, but was not moving.  I checked her breathing and it was very shallow.  I cut the ropes that secured her and went to Anora’s head and started to gently slap it a couple of times.

          “They must have used some drug to ‘knock’ her out,” I deducted from Anora’s near motionless body, though was starting to stir as I slapped her head.

          “Come on, Anora,” I stated.  “We need you to wake up.”

          Annabeth then called back, “Feel free to join in any time.”

          I turned around to see that she was starting to have her hands full with the four guards.

          “What is this?” I quipped as I turned to look at Annabeth.  “Is ‘beast-mode’ wearing off; and so soon too?”

          “Oh stop it,” she interrupted herself as she block one viking’s attack with a backwards, underhand block with her left blade while she pushed off a parry of another viking’s attack with her right.  “And help me.”

          “Alright, alright, I’m coming,” I said jumping off the cart and drawing my sword.  “Hey bub?” I said to one of the viking Annabeth had just punched after fending off the other two.  “Pick on someone… that is slightly bigger than Annabeth… and closer to your size.”

          The guy just roared and charged at me.  I held my sword in my right hand as the viking rushed at me with his sword raised above his head.

          I then replied as he came at me, “What?  No comeback line?  No witty remark?”

          He then said, “I’ll give you something to shut your mouth with!”

          At the sign I saw him swoop down with his sword, I swiftly pivoted on my left foot and moved out of the way; and then stuck out my left foot, making him trip over it and fall head first into the cart.  He hit his head and rolled over groaning in pain.

          I then replied to him as he seemed to be going unconscious, “I’m waiting.”

          Without waiting for an answer, I turned around to see Annabeth had lost one of her swords, as it was lying on the ground, and was still locked in combat with a pointy helmet viking; but another viking who had been on the ground started to get up and reach for Annabeth’s sword.

          “I gotta find a name for these guys; these guys don’t deserve to be called vikings,” I said to myself and then aloud, “Hey, Arrowhead?!”

          I laid my sword down near his hand as he had grabbed Annabeth’s sword.

          I stated, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

          “I couldn’t agree more,” said a voice from the side at the same time an arrow had been shot and stuck in the ground next to my left foot.  “Now put up your weapons.”

          Just as I saw the small squad of vikings, with arrows pointed at me, come over, Annabeth and just pinned the final guard’s sword and punched him in the gut.

          The guard keeled over as another Arrowhead, as I will call them from now on, shot an arrow at Annabeth’s feet to get her attention, “That includes you missy.”

          She unwillingly complied, but said, “Don’t call me ‘missy’.”

          The viking that tried to pick up Annabeth’s sword got up and punched me in the jaw.  I staggered back and tried to retaliate.

          “Ah,” said the same Arrowhead.  “Don’t try it.”

          As I rubbed my jaw, Annabeth had come over to pick up her sword but the one Arrowhead told her not to pick it up.  I had already returned my sword to its sheath a few minutes prior.

          After eyeing the Arrowhead who punched me, I turned my attention to the Arrowheads coming towards us.  There was one guy that came from behind the ones who had arrows drawn on their bows, who seemed to be the captain of the group.

          Anora started to stand up on the cart and shake her head as she was groggy.

          The captain then ordered, “Shoot that dragon to knock it out, again.”

          One of the Arrowheads, who did not have a bow, drew some sort of tube and was about to blow through it as Annabeth spoke up, “No, wait!”

          Annabeth rushed over to her dragon, as Anora had stepped off the cart still unaware of what was going on, “Don’t hurt her.  I’ll keep her calm.”

          “Okay,” the captain replied, putting his hand on his comrade’s arms lowering them to stop him from shooting.  “Will you two go quietly or not?”

          Just as he said that, I heard a familiar call behind me.  It was quieter here, as we were away from the main battle, so I could clearly make out the call.  It was my family’s warning call we would use.  The call sounded like Asvord’s voice.  The Arrowheads paid no heed to the call as they just thought it was another bird chirping or something.  They obviously do not know how to use dragon calls, as my family’s warning call is a Thunderdrum call with an added note or two at the end to indicate what type of call it is.  The note at the end of the call was an indicator to me that Asvord was here and was going to help.

          By now, Anora was fully awake yet still weak and groggy from the drug they used on her.

          The captain tossed some rope to the Arrowhead who had punched me, and ordered him to tie us up.

          I then quipped back at him, “Why would you want to tie me up and the ‘Punchy’ here?”

          “No!” said the captain, irritated.  “You and missy.”

          “I said: Don’t call me ‘missy’!” demanded Annabeth as Punchy yanked her arms behind her back and started to tie her hands together.

          “To bad, I’m gonna call you what I like,” replied the captain.  “Make sure they are tight and secure.”

          As he said that, Annabeth cried out, “Ouch!” as Punchy did tie her hands… actually too tight.  Anora tried to protect her rider, but was still too weak to do so as Punchy pushed Anora aside.

          Annabeth then remarked to me, “So how are we getting out of this one, mister?!”

          “Don’t worry,” I assured her.  “Backup is coming.”

          “Taking into consideration that no one knows I went this way, except for you, somehow doesn’t help the fact that… I’m being tied up at the moment!” Annabeth said getting mad as her emotions for her dragon were bleeding into her actions and speech.

          “Backup?  Pfft, your so called friends have high tailed it out of here on their dragons by now,” declared the captain.

          “Say, um, a… Captain Arrowhead?” I said, actually stalling for time.

          I was interrupted by him saying, “Stop calling me that!”

          I continued, “If you can call her ‘Missy’ I think I can call you by something… Anyway… Don’t you think it would be better to not have her untied so she could keep the Razorwhip under control?”

          Punchy had stopped before he started to tie Annabeth’s ankles together while Captain Arrowhead thought it over.

          “No,” the Captain remarked.  “We’ve taken care of that dragon for quite some time now; we don’t need some good for nothing Berkian girl to control it.”

          “Why you!” Annabeth uttered as she tried to rush over to the Captain, but Punchy stood up to grab her arms.  She struggled for a few seconds, but saw me ever so slightly shake my head, she stopped, “For your information, I am not a Berkian.”

          “Oh wow,” he replied.  “I don’t care if you’re the daughter of Odin and he’s the son of Thor, you are both coming with us.  T.O.’s is going to very glad to see you guys, especially the ‘Brown Arrow’ over here,” he remarked pointing at me.

          I then answered, “That actually sounds like a good hero name to have.  Though, ‘brown’ might have to be changed as it doesn’t have the right ring to it.  Do you think the color green would work?”

          “That’s enough!” demanded Captain Arrowhead.  “Why are you stalling?”

          “Like I said,” I replied.  “For backup.”

          “Well, I said your backup is no-…,” Captain Arrowhead was cut off by a dragon shriek that was getting louder and louder.

          I looked up into the sky and pointed, “That… is what I’m waiting for.”

          We all looked up and could see a dive-bombing dragon getting ready to fire.  It was Asvord on Spiker!

          All of the Arrowheads started to scatter as Annabeth flipped her sword, which was still on the ground, put to me.  I caught it and quickly cut through the rope that was binding her hands.  The moment I got through the rope, Spiker shot a fire blast at the ground in front of us.  The explosion was so extreme that even Annabeth and I fell to the ground.  The other Arrowheads who Annabeth had taken care of, had been aroused and started retreating as well.  Spiker streaked past the edge of the cliff and down into the huge cove to our right.

          I handed Annabeth’s sword back to her and she returned it to its scabbard.  Asvord circled back around and landed Spiker right in front of us.

          She jumped off her dragon and immediately asked, “Are you two alright?”

          “Yes,” Annabeth said, as she rubbed her wrists.

          “Yes, I am too,” I repeated, though rubbing my jaw as it is sore when I talked.

          Asvord stated, “I got the general idea that Jarl was in trouble when Fredrick came to get me.  Fredrick was going to follow me, but on my way here, was nearly taken out by a flying rock from a catapult.  Spiker was ahead of me and fire-pricked Fredrick to get his attention.  Spiker relayed to something along the lines of, ‘Me and Asvord will get Jarl.  Jarl would want you to get to safety.’.”

          “Where are the others?” I asked.

          “Well on their way away from The Golden Isles,” Asvord answered.  “We probably should as we-…”

          Asvord was disrupted by a familiar sound.

          “That’s…” Annabeth trailed off.

          “Sirena!” I finished for Annabeth.  “That sounds exactly the same as the siren right before-…”

          I was cut off by the ground starting to shake and beneath us.

          “…something bad happened,” I concluded, trying to keep my balance.

          Annabeth mounted her Razorwhip and was able to manage to get Anora in the air, though struggled in doing so as Anora was still not a hundred percent yet.  Asvord hopped back up on Spiker and started her to hover.  The ground now is really starting to shake as Asvord reached down with her left hand for me.  But as tried reaching up for her hand… the ground between us exploded!

          A section of the ground flew up in my face, knocking me and tossing me backwards about five yards.  For the first couple seconds shielding my eyes from the debris, I looked up and… and saw….

          “It can’t be!” I announced

          I saw coming up out of the ground… an orange Whispering Death!

          “JARL!” I heard Asvord scream.

          Gathering my feet, I ran forward while at the same time dodging the falling boulders of rock and dirt.  Once I got around the crater in the earth, I saw Asvord go over the side of the cliff as she had fallen off Spiker and onto the ground; however, the ground she landed on broke away from the part I was on.  I saw Spiker, as I ran to the edge of the cliff, off to the left curled up on her back.  She must have been hit in the head when the orange Whispering Death broke through the ground.

          “Asvord!” I yelled back, as I got to my stomach and looked over the edge.

          The ground she is on was slowly falling beneath her.

          “Jump for my hands!” I declared.

          As soon as Asvord had seen me come to the edge, she already came after me.  The ground I was on was still shaking tremendously and continued to be more violent.  Asvord jumped for hands at the same time the rest of the ground broke further away from the side of the mountain.

          “I got you!” I yelled as I grabbed both of my sister’s arms at the same time Annabeth cried out, “I’m coming!”

          But as soon as I started to pull up my sister, the ground I was on jerked down as it cracked away from the mountain.  The jerk made Asvord let go of my left arm and now only had a hold of my right hand.  The Whispering Death had returned and blasted the side of the mountain overhead.

          The Whispering Death has started an avalanche!

          The Whispering Death then saw Anora and Annabeth, so Annabeth had to deal with it and could not help me.

          “Come on!” I kept repeating trying to pull Asvord up.

          Both with tears in our eyes, Asvord told me, “You can’t pull me up and save yourself too.”

          “NO!” I asserted.  “I can get us both up!”

          “JARL!” Asvord cried out.  “I’m slipping.”

          I tried using my left hand to keep a hold of my sister’s left arm; however, I could feel my own self sliding forward as well as the ground beneath me continue to break off and slide downwards.

          “NO!  Come on, I’m not going to lose you!” I yelled.

          “JARL!” screamed Asvord.  “LOOK OUT, ABOVE YOU!”

          I turned my head to see a massive boulder sliding down towards us.

          “Jarl, let go!” Asvord demanded.

          “NO,” I yelled again.  “I won’t let you go!”

          “I’m sorry Jarl!” she cried.

          Asvord started letting go of my hand and let her hand slip through mine.

          “No!  NO!” I cried out as my sister fell through my grasp.

          I saw her fall as more debris and rubble covered my view.

          Asvord screamed as she wailed out, “Jarl!  JARL!  I love yo-…”

          Her voice stopped!

          “ASVORD!” I blared out.

          For a split second I stared into the falling debris, but then remembered the falling boulder above.  I looked up and it was nearly on top of me.  I quickly rolled out of the way.  I nearly was crushed by the boulder but had escaped its impact with the ground by just a few inches.

          The impact of the boulder with the ground caused a massive section of the ground I still was on to fall as well; this included the ground that Spiker was on!
          Spiker had just now started waking up and got to her feet.  I ran to her and jumped on Asvord’s saddle.  When I did that, the ground under us completely broke away from the mountain and Spiker and I fell down with it.

          “Come on Spiker,” I yelled at her.  “Wake up!”

          We continued to fall with the debris and boulders to the fast approaching lake below.  The rushing wind and the resounding noise of the avalanche must have awoken Spiker as she spread her wings out at the last possible moment before we would have crashed into the water.  Now that Spiker was awake, I guided her through the several towering rock formations in front of us.  Once I had a shot, I pulled back on the edge of Spiker’s saddle and squeezed with both my legs which meant for her to fly up.  Once I got my bearings, I saw that the side of the small pathway to the natural bridge had completely collapsed under itself and was now resting at the bottom near the edge of the lake.

          I flew back to inspect the place where I saw Asvord fall through.  I could not find any way of getting through to start looking for her.  I turned Spiker around to my left and then saw Annabeth and Anora fighting it out with Whispering Death.

          With determination that was a few ticks less than revenge, I urged Spiker to go after the Whispering Death.  Anora and Annabeth were trying to escape, but Anora still was at full strength yet.  Even though Spiker was not either, she still had the firepower to make up for it.

          “Spiker!” I commanded.  “Shoot that Whisper down!”

          Spiker was already two steps ahead of me as she had seen the Whisper at the same time I did and took off after it.  She quickly made up the distance and gave a shot to the Whisper square in the side.  Spiker nearly turned on a dime, in which I nearly fell off for I was not used to a Deadly Nadder’s turning rate and speed, back towards the Whisper and gave another shot this side.  This stopped it from going after Anora.  I could feel Spiker then turning back around and going in for another shot.

          “Spiker is doing in for the kill,” I thought.

          As much as I wanted to do that, I knew Spiker could not last more than a few minutes in a fight with any dragon; let alone a Whispering Death.

          “No, Spiker!” I pulled back on her neck this time.  “No!  You can’t do it.  The Whisper is dazed now and we can’t take it on right now.”

          Fighting back against my commands, Spiker eventually gave into me to fly in retreat.  I looked back to see that the orange Whispering Death looked at me then back to The Isles and then back at me.  The Whisper turned around and flew back.

          Knowing I was safe now, I had the first moment to think of what just happened.

          “ASVORD!” I yelled out as I put my head in my hands to cry.

          I never really thought how far someone would go for love.

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