Thoughts of Guilt: Chapter 27: Planning Plans

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Working around Christmas schedules and sleeping... finally I got Chapter 27 done.


I hope you guys like it.  I was planning on getting the battle at least started in this chapter.  But the things I wanted to set up took enough space that I got the end of this chapter right before the start of the battle.


(Today doesn't seem like Saturday, but I will work on Chapter 28 tonight.  I'll be able to get a lot done on it, just won't be able to post 28 until tomorrow.)


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Thoughts of Guilt


Chapter 27


Planning Plans


          Everybody started looking at me as if I had just showed up because I had been quiet, “Okay, this is what I think.  We will split up into three groups of nine, eight, and eight.  I’ll take my group in first as a scout party with the intention of locating Ohmarr’s parents, rescuing them, seeing what we can find out about Trevor’s plans, and regroup with the other two groups.  Once we regroup, we’ll stay until dark, get some rest, and then go back at dawn.  If Ohmarr and his parents want to go back at that time they can.  Then we will use two of the three groups to attack again.  But this time I’m sure they’ll be expecting us, so that is why the third group will wait a few minutes between the first two groups going and leaving for The Golden Isles.  I’ll have Hyrith in my group for the scouting/rescue missing, but when we regroup I would like Hyrith to go with the third group as they will come up from behind and hopefully thwart from behind the main plan Trevor has.  Hyrith will know what Trevor is doing when he goes with us, so he will know where to come in at from behind as he knows The Golden Isles like the back of his hand.  Then when Trevor and his men find out they have been outflanked, we’ll push on from the front with the two groups and meet in the middle.  If all goes according to my plan, we should be back with at least a half a day if not a whole day to spare.”

          “Sounds like a great plan, Jarl,” said Hiccup.  “Shouldn’t we leave as soon as we can?”

          “Yes I think we should,” I replied.

          Ohmarr stopped my first before we got up to mention, “We probably shouldn’t go out of here all at once or even leave Berk all at once; could draw too much attention.  I’ve had the feeling I’m being watched for a while now and especially earlier today.”

          “So are you saying there are spies in Berk?” questioned Hiccup.

          “Yes,” replied Ohmarr without hesitating.  “But somehow they have a very quick way of alerting their superiors.  The only thing I can figure that could be that fast is dragon couriers; as they get responses in hours if something is up.”

          “Okay,” I replied.  “We’ll go out in our groups, go back to our houses, get packed, and then meet on one of the rock formations in the Berk’s west harbor.  Meet there at the latest a half hour.  Pack enough supplies for a three day trip.”

          Now we split up into our separate groups.  I handed picked my group, which includes in addition to myself: Annabeth, Cazi, Hyrith, Asvord, Elsa, Meen, Garth, and Explod.  The second group had: Hiccup, Hattori, Astrid, Ashley, Fishlegs, Snotlout, Ruffnut, and Tuffnut.  The third group were the rest of my friends: Tory, Sapphire, Navaro, Thoreous, Jack, Repteil, Faith, Cullan, and Pat; then of course Hyrith would lead this group after the first group got back.

          We exited Ohmarr’s house in our groups, roughly about five minutes apart.  Going to our respective homes, we packed for our trip.  When my sisters and I got to our house, Dagmar was of course still there.  We went into to see mother as she was awake eating some food for lunch.  After filling Dagmar and my mother in on the general idea, Dagmar agreed that she would stay with mother while we were away.  Dagmar replied that she was sorry that she could not go.  Mother expressed her concern, as a mother should, but she assured Asvord, Elsa, and I that we were doing the right thing and she was proud of us; she too wanted to come but had not regained all of her strength and was extremely sore.

          Dagmar walked out of the room with us; however, Dagmar pulled me and my sister aside near the entryway to the kitchen to tell us something out of earshot of mother.

          “Jarl,” Dagmar began, who seemed a little worried.  “Gothi guaranteed me that Svana is perfectly fine.  Her injuries from the fight/ambush were not extensive.  Yet, you can see for yourself.  She seems quite weak and not like someone who has been checked out to be fine from her injuries.  Gothi told me right before she left for the trial that Svana should be getting stronger by now.  But she isn’t.”

          Elsa guessed what Dagmar was trying to get at, “Are you saying that something else is causing her to be weak?”

          “Yes,” Dagmar replied.  “I don’t know what it is or how it can be, but she should be getting stronger not weaker.  I’ve seen cases similar to this and those people had been poisoned.”

          At the word of “poisoned”, my sisters and I immediately looked at each other and thought about what Ohmarr said about the “watered down” version of a poison.  Did mother somehow get poisoned after being knocked out by whoever ambushed her?  If true, was there any chemical agent that was added to the original poison to not immediately kill the person but work on them slowly?

          Dagmar continued then finished, “Your mother looks pale as well.  Gothi told… well wrote and used some sign language… me that mother had no broken bones, just some bumps and some bruises.  Gothi had never seen a person who should be just sore seem so sick, like something is eating at her from the inside.  I knew I had to tell you three to let you know as you are going out to try to find who did this and find who is framing your father.  Since your mother kept saying, ‘Vlarrin,’ while semi-conscience, there has to be a connection somewhere between her current state and what happened to Vlarrin.”

          I had not really noticed that until now and agreed, “The symptoms you mentioned sound just like what I saw how Vlarrin looked when I first searched the crime scene.  If in fact mother was poisoned and we don’t know how and by what, we must act quickly to see if there is an antidote.  For if mother still isn’t getting any stronger, I think it will become clearer within the next couple of days if she was in fact poisoned.  Thank you for informing us.  We will be sure to keep an eye out and search for anything that could help mother.”

          With that, my sisters and I went up stairs to pack our things.  Dagmar said she would pack some food for us and enough for a few others to bring along with us.  My sisters packed their saddlebags full of useful things they would use on long flights, camping and hunting trips, and even battle.  Asvord was getting very well acquainted with the sword as a weapon.  Asvord and I would spar, but since father got home and taught both of us some better techniques, Asvord seemed to have advanced quicker than I did.  But maybe that is because I would prefer a bow and arrow over a sword.  Although, I knew any kind of close combat weapon would be of very good use; because if I was not able to stop them with my arrows before they got to me, I could take them on my sword.  Even then, I would really prefer actual fist fighting.  That is where my mother has come in.  Where Asvord excelled in sword fighting, I took off in hand-to-hand with my mother.  She taught me a few things she learned and how she fights as it is a little unusual because it is not just fist fighting, it is using your whole body; basically anything to get the upper hand during a fight.  Both of our parents taught us combos we could use with swords and hand-to-hand.  I even incorporated some of my combos with my flair with a bow.

          Elsa on the other hand is a different story.  She did not really like the sword or the bow as a weapon.  It took her a while before she found a weapon that she thought was suited to her skills.  Sure she can handle a sword and a bow, but what she is specifically good at… is the whip.  That was sort of a surprise, as neither my father nor my mother was good at using a whip.  But Dagmar is.  Elsa does not like close combat either, so even with her dragon, she is the long range dragon support; but can go in close with her yak whip to take out the enemy from a side angle while I have them pinned down with my bow and Asvord has them occupied with her sword.  Dagmar also taught Elsa well how to disarm people with anything they have in their hands; it does not necessarily have to be a weapon.

          Among my things I am packing in my saddlebags is: some good, strong rope; several bolas, with larger yet lighter rocks; a knife; two eyepieces; a journal with a coal pen; and some assorted snacks.

          Once my sisters had packed their saddlebags, we headed down to the stable to saddle our dragons.  Oh, and we also put on our helmets.  Nearly forgot them.  I carried down with me: Two loaded full quivers of arrows with a third already put over my head on my right shoulder and two extra bows.  I also carried with under my left arm with one of the quivers, a rolled up blanket.  When we got to the stable and had saddle our dragons, I attached the blanket to the saddlebag’s strap that crossed over the top of Fredrick’s back.  Regardless of this saddle being my racing saddle, I had attachments I could put on where I could secure my two extra bows and quivers to the extra saddle.  Right in front of the blanket was a place where I could attach my sword and sheath.  I had also then attached my four smaller bolas to my belt and also slid my knife in its small holder on my belt.  My sisters attached and packed their saddles with similar things, but suited to what they deemed necessary for themselves for the trip.  But we all agreed that you never know when you would need rope to at least tie up some prisoners; so we packed a long rope in each saddlebag which would make that six ropes total.

          We led our dragons out of the stable and told Dagmar, “So long,” as well as going in one more time to say that to our mother.  I like saying, “So long,” or something similar as saying, “Goodbye,” might send the wrong message, if you know what I am saying.

          After saying, “So long,” to our mother and going outside, Asvord, Elsa, and I mounted our dragons and headed out to meet with the crew for the mission.  All of my sisters and mine’s packing took all of about twenty minutes.

          By the time Asvord, Elsa, and I got to the rock formation, everyone else was there.  A few were flying in as we were though.  We could not all fit on one formation, so whoever got there first picked one that had a few in close proximity to the main one for the whole lot of us to be close enough we could hear if someone spoke; which I ended up doing as soon as everyone was there.  I told everyone that groups two and three should go nearly all the way to The Golden Isles but stop right before they get there.

          I addressed Hiccup, “Do you know of any Islands big enough you guys could land on and wait until we came back?”

          Hiccup thought for a moment, “There are a few small calderas we could camp on.  Though they would be at least a half hours ride from The Isles.”

          Hiccup unfolded a map that he has been working on since starting it recently of all the islands in the surrounding areas.  Hiccup pointed out where the calderas were, so I could pin point where to meet him at; they were to the northeast of where we would be heading.  The calderas were small enough he said they were not worth putting on the map as they would only be good enough as just a temporary campsite.

          “That would be fine,” I stated.  “Meet you guys there.  If we are not there back by a couple of hours after dark, come after us.”

          Hiccup nodded as I signaled to my group to take off, and then Hiccup signaled to the other two groups to take and start flying in the direction of the calderas.

          I took the point because there was one stop before getting to The Golden Isles I wanted to make.

          Annabeth and Cazi were already next to me with Asvord and Elsa right behind me.  Hyrith, Meen, Garth, Ohmarr, and Explod flew up around me so they could hear what I was about to say, “We are going back to the one island to pick up Annabeth’s old friend.”

          Annabeth recapped about Anora just so everyone knew who and what kind of dragon Anora was.  Though Annabeth still expressed her concern for the rest of Berk to get accustomed to how new a dragon a Razorwhip really is.  Some might see a Razorwhip as dangerous dragon; and seeing how protective and sensitive Anora is already, Annabeth wanted everyone to be clear that she still wants to wait before bring Anora back to Berk.  Everyone agreed with her that Berk might do that, but we all said that you will have to bring her back to Berk sooner or later.  Annabeth want later for the time being.  I wanted to be sure to stop by the one island first to pick up Anora as well as Sirena before heading all the way to The Isles.

          Everyone’s dragons were ready for the mission and days ahead of us.  It is me and Fredrick, Asvord and Spiker, Elsa and Meatballs, Annabeth and Star Scream, Cazi was flying Sparklebolt but Electic had come too, Meen and Spined, Hyrith and Sun Rose, Garth and Riptide, Ohmarr and Ace, and finally Explod with Hazor and Sparko.  The dragons were as follows, respectively: Thunderdrum, Deadly Nadder, Gronckle, Stormcutter, Skrills, Deadly Nadder, Deadly Nadder, Tide Glider, and Hideous Zippleback.

          Eventually getting to the island where Anora and Sirena were at, a little over an hour had passed.  We landed on the northeast shore and let Annabeth go on her own to get her dragon.  Once twenty minutes had gone by, Annabeth came back… but without Anora or Sirena.

          “Where’s your dragons?” I asked Annabeth as we all got off our dragons to meet Annabeth.

          Annabeth looked very concerned and at the same time mad.  I heard something Annabeth said under her breath right before she got to us, “I just got her back, I can’t lose her now.”

          I had a feeling Annabeth did not hear me, so I repeated the question.  Annabeth responded, “I… I… can’t find them… anywhere.”

          “What?” I said, not understanding.  “We left them here, you know we did.”

          “I looked the last place we saw them,” Annabeth said.  “And they were not there.”

          “Okay,” I then said, still trying to understand.  “This is a fairly large island, so why don’t we split up and search everywhere we can and meet back here.”

          Everybody agreed and started to search the island.  We spread out and searched the island.  Having nine riders and dragons searching, we were able to search the whole island in fewer than eight minutes.  We found nothing.

          “No…  No.  No, no, no, no… NO!” Annabeth repeated, as she started pacing once we got back to the spot where we landed in the first place.  We all encompassed Annabeth as she paced, “This can’t be happening.  This cannot be happening.”

          Cazi was about to put a hand on one of Annabeth’s shoulders as she paced by, but I shook my head.  We could hear mumblings from Annabeth, all inaudible to be heard.  I could guess that some of what she was saying was like she had just got them back and would blame herself for leaving them alone.

          Asvord then asked, “Where could the dragons have gone?”

          All of us could start to hear Annabeth crying.  Nonetheless, seems like as soon as we heard it, she caught a hold of herself even though a couple streaks of tears could be seen on Annabeth’s cheeks.  But a little surprising to me is she got back on Star Scream.

          We all just stared at her as if she had gone loco.  Yet, I was starting to think the exact opposite.

          “Well,” Annabeth finally said.  “What are you guys waiting on?”

          Cazi took a step forward to ask sincerely of Annabeth, “Ann, are you alright?”

          Annabeth looked like she was trying to bolster up some courage as she tilted her head slightly up towards the sky, “No… But we have more important things to do.”

          I smiled at Annabeth.  She really has changed for the better.  I then replied, “Thank you, Annabeth.  You know what I want to do, but this probably means as much to Ohmarr as it does to me.”

          Annabeth acknowledged with a nod to both Ohmarr and myself, “I know now that there are sometimes more important things to put before the things you want.  No matter how you look at things, you need to look at others needs before your own.  As much as I want to go look for my dragons now, I know I found Anora once after all this time.  I can surely find her again.”  Annabeth paused for a moment, “Okay, enough with da moment of my inspiring speech encourage you all.”

          We all laughed, as it was kind of a moment.

          “Oh,” Annabeth trying to smile and laugh too.  “Did I ruin it?”

          I shook my head, “Eh, not really.  It probably would have gotten maybe a little awkward if you hadn’t done something.”

          “If you hadn’t, I would have,” replied Cazi to Annabeth.

          We all remounted our dragons as Hyrith led the way now to The Golden Isles.  I waited to bring up the rear as Annabeth had waited to leave as well.

          I guided Fredrick over to Star Scream and asked Annabeth, “There is another reason why you want to keep going with the plan.”

          Annabeth glanced down then looked at me, “Yes.  I have a gut feeling, Jarl, that… Trevor has Anora.  With all that has happened and all the clues that we have found… it suggests that Anora is a major part of Trevor’s plans.”

          I agreed as we both flew off to catch back up with the others.

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