Thoughts of Guilt: Chapter 26: Mystical Fears

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Finally got this chapter done.  I have Chapter 27 all planned out and and the first part or half of 28 planned too.  I'm planning on doing a chapter right now, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


There is a lot you find out in this chapter, with the action and even a battle coming in Chapter 27.  So stay tunned for that.


I hope you guys like this chapter and comment what you think of the things you find out in this chapter.


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Thoughts of Guilt


Chapter 26


Mystical Fears


          Even though we were going separate ways, my friends and I both took the main ramp back up to the top of the village.  When we got to Snotlout’s house, Snotlout stopped by to get a change of clothes.  While Snotlout was changing I kept going straight and took the ramp down and to the left; this is the ramp that goes over the waterfall.  My friends would take the ramp that went up and to the right to get to Ohmarr’s house on the east side of the village.

          As soon as I rounded the bend to the left, I saw the Thorvald’s house.  They have not lived here for very long because after I solved my first mystery, they sailed the seas for a time before coming back to Berk to settle down.  Annett says she likes enough room to stretch out her legs.  Her brothers say it is true; they have always had space to move around since they were kids and need to feel like they have some elbow room.  The location down here is also quieter as the sounds of the village pass over head while you can really just hear the waterfall moving past.

          I approached the house and noticed something peculiar.  The door is cracked open.

          “Why can’t I have one day without something unusual happen?” I told myself.

          I knocked on the door anyway and entered, “Hello, anybody home?” I said aloud.

          I then heard some noise in the bedroom.  I knew it could not be good, so I picked up the wooden plank that would be used to secure the door during a storm.  I eased my way over to the right through the living room, past a big bench in front of the fireplace to my right, and then to the bedroom door.  I opened the bedroom door slowly and entered.  I was welcomed by a blow to the head.  It did not knock me out as it was just a glancing blow, but it for sure took me by surprise.

          “That’s what you get for entering a room you knew someone was in, stupid,” I told myself.

          “Oh I’m so sorry, Jarl,” said a familiar voice.  When the person came over to help me up, I looked up and saw that it was Annett.  “I’m glad I pulled back when I saw it was you.”

          “Who were you expecting?” I asked, rubbing the back of my head.  “Loki?”

          Annett looked a mess and fearful, but cracked a smile from my remark.  I asked Annett what had happened and she replied as she sat on her bed, “Some… thing… came into the house when I heard a knock at the door.  When I opened the door, no one was there.  So I turned as I closed the door and went back to my bedroom.  As soon as I entered the room, something came over my eyes.  I felt as if I were blind and felt a rush come over me as if I were afraid.  I then felt hands try to grab me from around the neck.  Regardless of me not being able to see, I was still able to fight my way out of it… as long as I was able to feel whoever it was that tried to kill me.  I was able to land some pretty good punches as we tossed and rolled throughout my bedroom.”

          At that moment, I looked around to the room.  The bedroom did in fact look like a fight had occurred as the room was a total wreck and mess.

          “Not until he had blocked my next punch and then punched me did he… it… get away,” Annett continued.  “I stumbled back over my bed.  As soon as I landed on the other side of my bed on the floor, the blindness went away and then I felt relieved… for some reason.  The moment I got up, I felt a rush of wind come in through the window at the same time I heard another knock at the door.”

          I then stated while looking down, thinking, and trying to understand what Annett just told me, “That must have been me knocking at the door.”

          “Did you feel a rush of wind?” asked Annett.

          “Yes, but,” I quickly said.  “It has been windy all day, so I couldn’t tell a rush of wind from a rush from… it.”

          For a brief moment, Annett looked like I saw or at least felt the rush of wind; but she then agreed that I could not really tell because it has been a blustery day.

          “Can you remember anything else?” I inquired.

          Annett thought for a moment and replied, “Yes there was.  Right before I felt very afraid, I heard a voice ask me where Vemund Steinson is.  But I answered and told whatever that was that I do not know anybody by that name; which is true because Vemund uses his real last name now, not his alias.”

          This last detail reminded me of the fact that Vemund had said, right before I went after Hawk, that the second man the way he was described sounded like someone Vemund had either seen or worked with while Vemund was still doing crimes here and there.  There has to be a connection.

          Now knowing that her brothers are not here, which is why I came over, I asked Annett a similar question I would have asked if Vemund was here, “Remember earlier today when Vemund came to the trial and said he was pretty sure he knew the man that was with Vlarrin?” Annett nodded.  “Well, I was going to ask Vemund but maybe you could answer this for me as well:  Does Veumnd know anything more about the man he believes he knows from what I described in my testimony?”

          Annett started thinking right away, but as she did she said, “Once we started sailing the seas for a bit, Vemund revealed all that he did while he was… doing the bad things that he did.  But from what he told me and Adam, he could call him a ‘Gentlemen’s thief’… to a certain point of course.  Even in his all his acts as a thief or any other position, he always lived by his own code.  He drew lines that he never crossed.  Basically, he was a literal ‘good, bad thief’.  He was doing bad; but while doing bad he always tried to do good where he could, so in a since he was good at being bad.”

          Annett looked at me as though she lost me, but I understand confusing sentences quite well.  I told her to go on.

          Annett continued, “But it always ate at him that what he was doing was wrong; however, he kept ignore that fact that it was just wrong.  Not until he met GR did he start to cross some of those lines he had laid.  Then when Adam got into the fold, he knew he had to get out; but being in as deep as he was, it would be so difficult to get out.  Then you know the rest of the story.  Though while he was retelling all of his dealings, to finally answer your question, he did mention one dealing with the guy you described that was with Vlarrin.”

          I questioned, “What was the deal about?”

          “The guy’s name is Trevor Oswaldson and worked with Vemund when GR was away on some trip,” replied Annett.  “The deal was about some mythical weapons.”

          “If they are mythical, why would Trevor go after them?” I said.

          Annett then finished, “Well, there were legends that Trevor kept hearing and investigating.  Trevor and Vemund worked together to find the weapons, but were gone from the place the both of them thought they would be.  No trace of them could be found, except for four pedestals that were for each one.  After that, Trevor left suddenly; and then a day or two later GR came back.”

          I thanked Annett for the information and asked if she would be alright.  Though I did question where her brothers were as Annett was seeing me to the door.  She stated, “They had gone with the search party to find Hawk and then to The Great Hall for a meeting with the Elders of the Tribe to discuss what I just told you.”

          I had cracked the front door open as I thought about what she just said, my secret with Hyrith, and the events that have occurred in the past couple of days…

          “What was that?” I jumped as something moved the door open a little bit more.

          “Oh it is just Pebbles,” responded Annett.

          I then added, “Who has something in his mouth.”

          Pebbles dropped the object on the floor and started playing with it by batting it around a couple of times.  Annett bent down to pick it up, “Stop it Pebbles, let me see that.”

          The moment she picked up the small, round object, her eyes looked very fearful.  She dropped it and started to tremble.

          “Are you okay, Annett?” I asked as I helped her to a nearby chair.  I then picked up the object and examined it.

          “What… what is it?” Annett struggled to ask.

          “Looks like the pommel off a sword,” I answered.  “On the one side it seems to have a Sharp Class symbol on it.”

          “P-Pommel,” Annett still said trembling.  “The b-bottom part of the hilt off of a s-sword?”

          “Yeah,” I said, now turning my attention to Annett.  “Why did you all of sudden become fearful of something?”

          “I… I don’t know,” she said.  “It wasn’t until…”

          She trailed off as she looked at the pommel.  She grabbed it and started to tremble more.  Then she dropped it back in my hand, and looked as if she was relieved of something.

          Annett suggested, “I had the same feeling now as when I was blinded by whatever that thing was.  Do you think there is some connection between me feeling afraid of nothing and the pommel?”

          “Like you had some sort of reaction?” I constructed from the evidence given.

          Annett nodded, “But this time it was not as strong, I just wasn’t expecting it when I picked it up.  The site affect of being exposed to what I was exposed to must be temporary as it must wear off after a while.”

          “Must be,” I agreed.

          I wanted to stay until her brother got back, but Annett assured me she would be alright.  I petted Pebbles as he brought back significant clue.  Pebbles meowed like he knew it was an important clue.  Then he rubbed on my leg, jumped up and grabbed it, and then went over to Annett.  He has a tendency to do that, especially for no good reason.

          I bid Annett, “So long”, and went on my way to Ohmarr’s.  I did run into the Thorvald brothers and told them what happened to their sister.  They thanked me for helping her, even though I paid a small price.  My head did not really hurt any more, but I could still feel the bruise on the back of my head.  Adam and Vemund hurried on their way to go check on their sister.

          On my way to Ohmarr’s, I kept tossing the pommel piece in the air.  Why did I not have a reaction?  Is it only for those who are exposed to the source of the power?  Why does this piece not have this power?  Does the power come from the sword itself or from the user?

          By the time I had asked these questions, I found myself at Ohmarr’s house.  Outside was Ace, Ohmarr’s dragon.

          “So my hunch was right,” I said to myself as I looked at the dragon.

          I also saw the dragons of those who went after the Changewings to make sure they got to their island.

          I put the pommel piece in my pants pocket as I then entered his house.  I found all of my friends, and I mean every one of my friends including the Academy Riders, along with my two sisters standing or sitting around the fireplace.  Ashley said those who were with her were able to come back somewhat soon after they started so they could get back to Berk as soon as possible.  All my friends were all grouped around an Ohmarr who looked like he was about ready to say what is on his mind.

          “Thank you for coming, Jarl,” Ohmarr replied.  “Thank you for all coming.”

          “I just came to see what you had to say,” said Cullan Quinn.  “I’m not sure if we should trust you anyway, even if you are telling the truth.”

          “I don’t blame you,” said Ohmarr, as I walked in and found a seat between Hiccup and Annabeth.  “I wouldn’t trust myself if I were in your place.”

          Navaro then said, “Let’s give a chance first to say what he wants to say.”

          “Yeah let’s give him a chance,” replied Snotlout, trying to sound noble.

          “Once we give him a chance,” said Tuffnut, then Ruffnut finished.  “Then we’ll knock him out because he lied to us.”

          Hiccup told Ohmarr to ignore them and then stated, “Ohmarr was about to begin as he came in.”

          Ohmarr began, “Well, I have been hiding something; though more or less forced to hide it.”

          He went on to say that Vlarrin is not actually his father, but his step-father.  Ohmarr was forced to stay quiet as he was a witness to a meeting with Vlarrin and Trevor.  Ohmarr said that he only heard the first bit of the conversation and said that they were talking about “weapons”, “treasures”, and “legends”.  That’s all he could really make out as they were talking in a low tone.

          “They forced me to throw anyone who would get close to me off the track,” stated Ohmarr.

          I then responded, “That is why you were basically a jerk to everyone.  But this isn’t something that just started is it?  Because you have been like this for several months, not long after The Mysterious Frozen Fire Mystery was solved, to a point, and right before the preparations for the racing tournament.”

          Ohmarr replied, “That is correct.  Vlarrin told me that he didn’t like how Trevor was handling things and tried to keep me safe as best as he could, as he and my father are best friends.  Vlarrin wanted me to cooperate so that he could get my family back to me and then share in the riches of the treasures that Trevor kept talking about.”

          Annabeth then interjected, “Sounds like he has a very cross-eyed point a view to what is important.”

          “I know,” said Ohmarr.  “My mother only married him because my actually father left us, or so I’m told.”

          “So why did you stay quiet for so long?” asked Cazi.  “Why come to us now?”

          “Trevor and Vlarrin are getting very close to the treasure on The Golden Isles,” Ohmarr answered.

          Hyrith was leaning on a nearby wall, but when he heard that stepped forward to ask, “Treasure?  I don’t know of any treasure on The Golden Isles.”

          “I wouldn’t know either,” replied Ohmarr.  “That is just the term they used.  They also said that they found something else that could be sold for quite a lot, but I don’t know what that was.”

          Hiccup wondered, “How come you were now able to learn all this?”

          Ohmarr kind of chuckled, “Well after they knew I knew and knew I had to stay quiet or else, they weren’t so secretive around me.  That’s one reason I practiced racing so much as I did and took my frustration out in the races… and some of you guys.”

          Cazi then inquired further, “Is there anything else you can tell us?”

          “Yes,” Ohmarr said.  “They must have been in such a hurry that they forgot about me as they just grabbed my dragon and took off.  I didn’t much a say in the matter; though Hawk told me before he left where to find my dragon when they were done.  That is where I went just a little bit ago: To get my dragon.”

          I then asked the question I have been thinking about since he told us he wanted to tell us something, “So how is Vlarrin alive?”

          Ohmarr stated, “They faked his death.  There is this one poisonous liquid that they use from time to time on their weapons to coat them with.  If mixed with the right chemicals and other potions, this liquid can become “watered down” enough that if taken internally can give the illusion of death.  This “watered down” version makes the person uncoinsence, pale in the face with hardly any color, and their breathing very shallow to the point there is basically no way of telling if they are alive or not.”

          Cazi then deduced, “So that is why Hawk didn’t want to bring Vlarrin’s body to Gothi.  Hawk didn’t want to take the chance of Gothi finding out.”

          Annabeth added, “Then as an extra precaution to buy more time for their escape, Hawk hypnotized Gothi to testify that Hawk had gone to her.  Vlarrin could have been the one that the other two men were helping walk.  Vlarrin could have not been back to full strength yet.”

          Garth then added his input, “So with all this based on Ohmarr’s word, does this mean that Jarl’s dad is innocent?  I don’t know if we should tell Stoick or anyone else for that matter, reason being is something might go wrong and something bad might happen to Ohmarr’s mother and father.”

          Thor then pointed out, “Even with all this we know why should we trust Ohmmar?  No offense.  We could be walking right into a trap.  Even if we do trust Ohmarr, Hawk, Vlarrin, and or Trevor may have dropped clues and hints on purpose so that when they left and “forgot” about Ohmarr they could set up a trap for whoever he went to for help.”

          Ashley agreed, “Thor and Garth both make a good point.  None of us should let any of this information go out of this room.”

          “Got that Thorstons?” Astrid said eyeing them.

          Tuffnut replied, “Yes we will keep it a secret….. Keep what a secret?”

          “Ugg,” sighed Ruffnut.  “Haven’t you been listening to anything that has been said just now, stupid?”

          “Yes?... No?... Maybe?...  I don’t like multiple choice questions,” answered Tuffnut as he folded his arms.

          Ruffnut nodded her head, “Me and stupid here will keep the secret.”

          Ashley continued, “We need to go rescue Ohmarr’s family, as well as stop any nefarious plans that Vlarrin or Hawk or Trevor may have, and then get back in time to clear Sigvald’s name.  We need to do all this within three days.”

          Snotlout boasted, “Three days?  Pfft.  Easy peasy.”

          Hyrith then brought him back out of the clouds, “You say that now.  Just wait until we get to The Golden Isles.  Once there and we face our enemy, I think you’ll have second thoughts.”

          Hattori then stated, “That’s another thing.  We all got to be on board with this.  We must know that we have each other’s back if something goes wrong or not according to plan.  If there is anybody that doesn’t want to go, they should speak or leave now.”

          No one said a word.  I had been staring at the floor this entire time thinking.

          “Alright then,” Hiccup said.  “Looks like everyone is on board.  We know there are three main things we need to do.  Now we must plan.  Plan a rescue, an attack-ambush, and plan an escape route.”

          Asvord then questioned, “Would you and the Academy Riders have to stay to protect Berk?”

          Hiccup answered, “I got word from Stoick and Gobber said he said, ‘We’ve been protecting Berk for ages without dragons.  A few days more without dragons won’t be any different.’  So we can go.”

          Tory then asked, “So who has a plan?”                                                 

          There was silence for a moment, but then I broke it saying, “I have it.  I have a plan.”

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