Thoughts of Guilt: Chapter 21: The Hearing

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Sorry this came so late and I delayed.  Last Wednesday was just an overall bad day.  Then compound that with writers block once I got feeling better on Thursday and Friday.  I spent a little extra time on this because I've delayed so long, so this chapter will be my longest yet.  I will also plan on posting Chapter 22 this week, probably on Wednesday if not on Thursday.


Thoughs of Guilt will have a little bit of everything a mystery could have.  You'll see the different side a mystery could be starting in this chapter and into the next.  By the end of the chapter you'll see what I mean.  This will be my first time doing this, so I wanted to try something new when writing.  The story hasn't changed, it is just the way in which I tell the story from Jarl's vantage point will change.  A hint at this change is in the title of this chapter.


I hope you guys enjoy the chapter.


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Thoughts of Guilt


Chapter 21



The Hearing



          “What?!” I replied with a surprised, angry tone.


          Asvord answered, “I know.  I had the same reaction too.  How could a dead man hurt our mother?  Come on I’ll take you home.”


          Asvord must have seen the look on my face as it was worried with a dash of anger probably as well.  The rest of my friends wished me well, then with Hiccup called off the rest of the search party and went home.  Cazi and Annabeth asked if they could tag along and I said I did not mind.


          We ran back to my house.  Our dragons had run back with us, but stayed outside of course when we entered the house.  Asvord led us back to mother’s room.  From the light of the lamps lit, I saw her lying on her bed with a bandage around her forehead with a couple of bruises on her left cheek and right temple.  Gothi was also there keeping watch in case my mother needed something.


          “Will she be alright?” I asked.


          Gothi nodded her head.


          “Can I speak with her?” I questioned.


          Gothi motioned for a little bit.


          I took my helmet off and laid it on the nightstand next to the bed. I then bent down next to the bed to speak with my mother.  She seemed to be stirring as we had walked in and when I had bent down, she had her eyes open.


          I softly spoke, “How are you doing?”


          “Fine,” she replied in her own soft tone and then cupped her right hand on my left cheek.  “I’ve been so worried about you.  Are you okay?  Ann, Caz, and you are all so dirty, where have you been?”


          “We’re good and it’s a long story,” I answered as a tear strolled down my right cheek as I grabbed her hand with my left hand.  “I’m more worried about you right now.  How’d it happen?”


          Mother gave a disgusted sigh, “No one believes me.  Frankly, I’m not sure if I believe it myself.”


          “Elsa said that Vlarrin did this to you,” I stated.


          “Yes,” responded mother.  “I had just been on a short flight with Fintan and had landed in the forest to walk the rest of the way home.  I needed to get out and think things through.  I was just a few yards away from the main path back to the village when out of nowhere a net had launch in front of me and took out Fintan.  The force of the launcher and the net took Fintan by surprise.  He was slammed against a nearby boulder and was then dazed.  Even one of the round stones that weigh down the net clipped me on my forehead on the right side.  I fell backwards, shook my head, gathered myself, got up, and whirled around to see Vlarrin standing there.  I was obviously caught off guard; even more so when he started to fight me.  I held my own like I usually do.  Blocking some attacks, jabs, and crosses and then dishing out my own swats, stabs, and kicks.  I landed some good ones on him.  But when he suddenly stopped and ‘acted’ like I had him, I was struck on the back of the head and slumped to the ground.  That was the last thing I remember until Elsa and Asvord found me.”


          Asvord picked up the story, “Elsa and I had gone out on a flight of our own for a few hours.  Then while on that flight came across mother.  As we flew over the forest, we saw below a figure sprawled out on the ground.  We then heard a scream form a Monstrous Nightmare below.  But not just any scream as it was from Fintan.  We rushed to our mother’s side and heard her mumbled, ‘Vlarrin did this,’ before passing out.”


          Elsa finished the story, “We got mother back to the house.  Asvord immediately administrated aid to her while I flew to get Gothi.  I brought Gothi to the house and Gothi went to work.  She did what she could to help, but then said that mother needed to rest.  Then when it got late and you, Jarl, had not come home yet.  We kept from mother at first, but then told her when she asked once it got dark.  Then we got with Stoick and Hiccup with the Academy Riders to go out in a search party to look for you, Cazi, and Annabeth.  Olson’s also helped in the search along with a few of our friends.  We went out in rotations.  But since you guys came back on your own, I guess we kept looking in all the wrong places.”


          I then felt a jab if the right side from a staff.  I looked at Gothi and she gave me a look, “Okay boy, time to go.”


          “We should let you rest,” I said standing up.


          “Alright,” mother replied.  “See you later, mother, goodnight.”


          “Goodnight my children,” she said as she looked at us.  “Oh and too you too Cazi and Annabeth; glad you two are fine also.”


          Cazi and Annabeth acknowledged with a wave.


          We all quietly, including Gothi, exited mother’s room.  I was about ready to stop in the living room when Gothi jabbed me again with her staff.  She wanted us to go out of the house.  When we were outside, Stoick, Hiccup, and Gobber were walking this way.


          I stopped again outside the door, but Gothi jabbed me again.


          “What is with you?” I asked.


          Gothi pointed to Gobber to come over into the light from the living room window.  Gothi started to scribble in the dirt with her staff.  A couple minutes later she was done, stepped back, and let Gobber interrupt.


          “My yak woman,” Gobber declared.  “Your hand writing’s getting worse and worse.”

          Gothi bopped Gobber on the head with her staff.  She was not done as she stepped back to draw something else; and then stepped to the side to allow Gobber to now interrupt.


          “Oh,” said Gobber.  “That would make more sense now.”


          Stoick inquired, “What is it, Gobber?”


          “You know how you wanted Hawk to bring Vlarrin up to Gothi to have the last check for the official cause of death?” questioned Gobber.


          “Yes, get to the point,” Stoick replied.


          Gobber answered, “Hawk never showed up.  In fact, when he did not show up, she sent someone after him.  Fishlegs had gone up to Gothi’s hut for some remedy’s to help Meatlug and a stomach bug, so Gothi asked him to investigate why Hawk had not come yet.  Fishlegs came back to report that Hawk was not at the McBaugston’s house and the body was not on the premises.


          Stoick sighed frustrated, “Just when things couldn’t get complicated, it does.”


          “How do you mean?” asked Cazi.


          Stoick answered, “Word got out about the arrest of Sigvald and the killing of Vlarrin McBaugston.  The elders came to me and told me that the village has started rumors about the crime.  Some true and some not.  But one thing was for sure-…”


          I responded to the statement before it was said, “You are going to have a hearing tomorrow.”


          Stoick looked surprised I knew, but not at the same time as it was going to happen sooner or later; just so happens it is going to be sooner.


          “The hearing will take place right after breakfast.  I pressured into putting a trial together to charge Sigvald in the killing.  For some reason Hawk was nearby and over heard; he basically said that if I don’t call a hearing, that he will take matter into his own hands.  I couldn’t let that happen and no one threatens me, so I told the elders of the tribe to make the arrangements to hold the hearing in The Great Hall,” said Stoick.  He then grabbed my left shoulder with his right hand.  “I suggest you get a defense ready.”


          Stoick patted my shoulder and then added before walking away, “I’ve also asked a few of my men to stand guard over your home as whoever attacked Svana might come back.  I’ll come back with them here in a few minutes.”


          Hiccup stayed behind for a minute and said, “I’ll help in any way I can.  If you need anything, me and the Academy is at your disposal.”


          “Thanks, Hiccup,” I replied.  “We might need it.”


          After that Hiccup left and then Gothi scribbled a little bit more in the dirt.  Gobber translated for us that my mother just needs more rest.  Gothi wrote that she will be back in the morning to check.  Once she had relayed that, Gothi left with Gobber.


          “So what is your defense going to be?” questioned Annabeth.


          “My father didn’t do it,” I replied.


          Cazi then quipped, “Wow, you’re probably going to ‘win’ a lot of people with that argument.”


          “I wasn’t finished,” I stated.  “Whoever they choose to prosecute will probably try to discredit my dad’s character as he has been acting strange lately, making public scenes and threats, and try to use part of my testimony against me.”


          “But you can introduce another character into the mix that would have motive,” Cazi rebutted.  “That guy that Vlarrin talked to in ship.  That whole story about the dragon getting lose and Vlarrin losing the dragon could give whoever that guy was or is, as motive to knock off Vlarrin.”


          Annabeth added, “Then those crates that were marked in the ship, you said that they looked exactly like the ones on The Golden Isles.”


          “Yeah,” I replied.  “Then with the new development of my mother being ‘caught off guard’, as she rarely is beaten at a fight, will sure spice things up.”


          Asvord then said, “I’ve been studying up on the laws of Berk, we might have a few tricks up our sleeves if we would need to use them; if for no less to delay the hearing more so you and our friends would have time to find out who really did this.”


          “Sounds like a game plan,” I said.


          I bid Cazi and Annabeth, “Goodnight,” even though there were probably only a few hours left until daylight, I still felt tired enough to get some more rest.


          Before going back in, I took Fredrick and bed him down for the night.  My sisters followed me over.  In the stable, I did notice that Fintan did look a lot restful than he normally does when he sleeps.  He would usually toss a little bit throughout the night, but he seemed almost as still as a log sleeping.


          I re-entered the house with my sisters and while I walked up stairs to the wash room to wash my hair and my face, my sisters went back to see my mother.  I did not realize how much dirt was actually in my hair and on my face.  By the time I was done, the wash bowl was a very cloudy, brown color.  I then changed my clothes to gray outfit that matched my golden outfit.  Once that was done, I walked back down stairs.  I reached the living room window to see that Spitelout and a couple other vikings had come back to our house.  I waved to Spitelout from the window and he acknowledged with a wave in return.  Spitelout took the front while the other three vikings took posts around the rest of the house.


          A minute later, my sisters came back from my mother’s room and said that she was asleep now.  There was a knock at the door and I opened it.  It was Dagmar Onundrson, mother’s niece.


          “When I had heard you, Cazi, and Annabeth had returned, I came over as soon as I could,” told Dagmar.  “I thought since Gothi probably couldn’t stay the night, I could help out.”


          “That would be great,” I replied.


          After briefly telling Dagmar where I had been, but without the important details, my sisters and I bid Dagmar, “Goodnight.”


          My sisters said they had been up for several hours and could use rest right about now.  I asked if one of us should stay with her at night, but then Asvord reminded me when our mother sleeps at night… she sleeps and does not wake up until morning.  So we all went up stairs and got into bed.  I thought I would have trouble getting to sleep, but it seemed like as soon as my head hit my pillow I was out; that or the impact of my head “hitting” the pillow literally “knocked me out”.


          I woke up when the first rays of sunlight came into the room.  Though, when I got fully awake I realized something else: There was a great wind blowing and beating against the house; that is probably what woke me up.  The wind had to be blowing… or rather gusting close to forty knots.  Asvord and Elsa woke up at nearly the exact same time.  We all agreed since the hearing was going to take place right after breakfast we should all eat at The Great Hall.  The girls had to put on some “better” clothes.


          “What’s wrong with the ones you have on now?” I asked.


          Asvord sighed, “Boy, I don’t wear this to an important event.”


          “They won’t care what you look like,” I said.


          Elsa inputted, “Well, you don’t know what it is like being a girl.”


          “I’m glad I don’t,” I replied.  “You two change your outfits like three times a day.  I didn’t even know you had so many.  All I got is my golden outfit, my gray outfit, and my racing gear with a few extra tunics and also my winter stuff.”


          “Sounds to me like you have a lot,” Asvord quipped while she and Elsa were still trying to pick out something.


          “Not has much as you two have,” I said.  “Even without your winter things.”


          Elsa was the first to pick an outfit and went to go change in the wash room.  Once Elsa came back out, Asvord had picked an outfit and went to go change in the wash room.


          “Now for our hair,” Asvord said as she exited.


          “Your hair?” I questioned.  “Just brush it a few times and let’s go.  I’m all ready.  I’ve been ready since like five minutes ago.  All I have to do is grab my helmet.”


          “Just simmer down,” Elsa assured.  “It will only take a couple minutes.”


          Five minutes later… We were now ready to go.


          We walked down stairs to find Dagmar coming out of mother’s room.  She said mother was doing fine, but was still asleep.  She would contact us if need be and will stay with mother during the hearing.


          My sisters and I then bid Dagmar, “So long,” and then exited the house.  The moment we opened the door, we were nearly knocked off our feet from the force of the wind.  It is kind of weird.  The sky was perfectly clear, yet the wind was gusting quite a lot.


          I then teased the girls, “Well so much for fixing your hair.”


          They both sarcastically laughed.  Asvord laughed at what I said, but while shaking her head at me she clinched her right fist and raised it as if she was about to jab me.  However, as quickly as she raised her fist, she lowered it.  We found Spitelout and the rest of the vikings were still there.  I told them to go on and get some rest or come to The Great Hall because of the hearing.  They wondered if they should stay just in case.  I assured them that that would not be necessary as Dagmar was in with mother and was very capable in protecting her.  Spitelout was at first okay with that, but then realized if it was a “slap in the face” saying Dagmar was equal to him and three other vikings or consideration of him and the other three men as they had been up for a few hours.  Spitelout then just shrugged it off and he and the men departed ways, I assume to their homes to get some breakfast.


          My sisters and I did not feel the need to take our dragons; however, we did go to check on them and feed them.  After that we made our way to The Great Hall.  Just walking in this wind is a challenge.  A couple of times, each of us nearly fell to the ground.  The wind was coming from the west going directly east.  Going up The Great Hall’s steps was also a challenge of not taking the faster way down back to the bottom.  Once we entered, already a crowd was gathering.  There was a constant murmur of vikings talking.  We had a feeling what they were talking about; but other than that, everything that was said was inaudible.  We went over to the kitchen area in the open hall to grab something to eat.  We just ate a little yak stew.  It is not the best, for one thing Gobber fixes, but it is not bad.


          Once we were done we could see that Stoick was nearly done setting up for the hearing.  I could see practically all my friends were here to watch; I could even see The Thorvald Trio in the crowd: Adam, Annett, and Vemund.


          Stoick had set up the hearing similar to how he used to call meetings a couple years ago about hunting down the dragons.  But this time, all the head elders had seats up front facing the crowd.  To the right of the great fire pit, facing the elders’ seats was the prosecutor’s side.  On the left was the defendant’s side; both had two chairs with a table in front of them.  The rest of the audience would either have to stand or find available seating, which there was not much.  You would think there was another feast going on how big the crowd was.


          My sisters and I got up from our seats and moved our way through the crowd to the front to see.  The elders were already taking their seats.  Gobber from the left brought the accused in.  I thought for sure they would have his hands bound, but they did not.  I guess they trusted my father at least that far.  Hiccup was at a small desk a yard or two in front of the Chief’s chair; the desk was right in front of the fire pit.  It looked to me that Hiccup is going to take the notes of the proceedings.  Hiccup would be the right choice as he is one of the best writers in Berk, even better than some of our scribes.  From the right, the prosecutor entered.  I will give you one wild guess who this is.  Who is the one person which practically hates what Berk has become?


          Yep you guessed it…. Mildew!  He walked to his table, with some law books and set them down on his table.


          “Oh great,” I sighed.  “Look who’s the prosecutor.”


          “Why would they pick him to be the prosecutor?” asked Elsa.  “I didn’t even know he knew anything about law.”


          Asvord answered, “Maybe because he is the only one that would agree to do it.  But they would have to go out to his house because now he lives on the outskirts of the village, away from everybody; though Mildew kind of fits the bill of a prosecutor.  He’s the only one that has ‘debated’ practically everything that Berk has ever done.”


          “But aren’t Prosecutors supposed to represent the people?”  I questioned.


          “Yes, but in other lands,” Asvord replied.  “If you had listened during our history classes you’d remember.  Berk is one of the few lands in the immediate area to have everything done by committee.  Aka, the elders with Stoick, being chief, will have the final say in any matter.”


          Stoick began to quiet the crowd.  The murmuring quickly stopped.  It became so quiet you could hear the wind howling outside and beating against the


          “Alright,” Stoick began.  “I think we all know why we are here, so let’s just get on with it.  This is only a hearing.  The Council and I will hear evidence from both sides, starting with the prosecutor.  Both sides are instructed that this is only a hearing.  This hearing will only determine if a crime has been committed and if there is enough evidence to charge the accused with the crime.  Both sides of the case can ask questions of the witnesses and call their own witnesses, but the prosecutor will start with his case first.  Followed by the defendant’s case.  Is the prosecutor ready?”


          Mildew stood up and said, “Ready,” then sat back down.


          Stoick then continued, “Since the defendant has yet to choose a representative, would anyone present like to be recognized as the accused representative?”


          At first no one said a word but then I said, “I will,” yet I heard an echo.  I turned to Asvord, who is on my right, and she looked at me.


          Stoick then asked, “Well which one will it be?”


          I was about ready to walk forward and take it on, but Asvord pulled me back and whispered in my right ear, “I know you want to do this for our father, but you don’t know the least little thing about law.”


          I then whispered in reply in her left ear, “Well, neither does Mildew.”


          She then came back to my ear, “Which I will bring up.  When you were gone, I had been studying some on Berk’s laws.  I said that to you earlier.  Plus, you being the detective in all, you need to be able to find things and do things for me while I’m in the proceedings.  Besides, I think it would be more fitting that the first born, oldest child of the accused would be one of the ones that could be picked to represent the accused.”


          I replied, “Alright,” and stepped back.


          Asvord confidentially replied, “I would like to offer my services to be the accused representative.”


          Stoick nodded and then questioned, “Are you sure you want to do this Asvord?”


          “Yes,” she replied in the same tone as before.


          Before Stoick could say another word, Mildew bolt up and said, “I object!”


          Someone from the crowd said, “What?  Already?  Sit down, Mildew!”


          Some more from the crowd said similar remarks.


          “Order!  Let me have order!” commanded Stoick as he beat his right first on his arm rest.  “I will have no outbursts like this in the future.  Mildew was the only one that wanted this, so we are stuck with him.”


          Everyone laughed at that.


          “Now see here-…” Mildew started but was cut off by Stoick.  “You objected.  What about?”


          “Bah,” Mildew replied.  “I object that Asvord Mollerson be allowed as volunteer representative of the accused.  She is related to the accused for one thing.”


          “What do you have to say for yourself, Asvord?” questioned Stoick.


          Asvord answered, “I submit to you Great Chief that the same could be said for Mildew.  He is unqualified to do his job, so am I.  However, on Berk’s laws for defending a family member when challenged to a duel from a secondary party, if the challenged is injured somehow and cannot perform as an equal match for the challenger, a family member related to the challenged can take the place of the challenged in the duel.  Any family member has a right to defend the challenged if they feel the challenged is not up to the duel.  Cannot the same be said for hearing and trial proceedings?  Does a family member not have the right at defending another member of the family if the circumstances are that the accused of a hearing or trial did not ask and find a representative on their own?  I submit to you that I have every right to be the representative of the accused.  I am the first born of the accused and thus being of sound mind volunteer as the accused representative; and I have every right to be considered for the position.”


          Stoick thought for a moment, conversed with the elders, and then said, “She makes a good point and is accurate with the law on dueling…. Mildew…. Objection overruled.  Since neither of you two are well versed in Berk’s laws, the sides will be even.”  Stoick then turned his attention to my father, “Sigvald?”


          “Yes?” my father stated while standing up.


          “Do you accept the offer of representation of Asvord Mollerson?” Stoick asked.


          “Yes,” he answered with a smile towards Asvord.


          Stoick then stood up, “Let the record show that Asvord Mollerson is the representative of the accused, Sigvald Mollerson.  You may take your seat next to your father, Asvord.”


          Asvord walked over and stood next to her father.  I looked like she wanted to hug him, but did not; though she did smile at him.


          Stoick than asked, “Asvord.  Will you need time to converse with your client?”


          Asvord replied, “No, I will not, Your Honor; as I was present when the accused was interrogated at the scene of the crime.”


          “Alright,” Stoick said.  “Are both sides ready?”


          Mildew replied, “Ready.”


          Asvord replied, “The defense is ready, Your Honor.”


          “Let the Hearing commence,” Stoick said and then sat down.  “Mollerson verses the people of Berk.  The council and I will now hear opening remarks from both sides.”

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