Those tired of losing to Toothless will be satisfied by this.

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Okay, so here I was, racing in one of the newer race tracks, then all of a sudden, this happened...

Might have been lag, but hey, I did get 1st place at the end of that race!


To all those who has lost by a Toothless rider, you have been avenged... by a person on a Gronckle no less.


I am a Hiccup and I am proud

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I'm dying :'D  This is

I'm dying :'D 

This is amazing 


Thank you for your service, o' mighty protector 





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le bloop

This is freaking great. Don't stop avenging us please XD 


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You are like the Earoptodon, the great protecter. When I started my account I was in the second grade so I wasn't that bright so I picked a Gronckle and since I started before the big update I didn't even eat get a cool dragon beforehand! I rarely when races now or at least I used to before my Whispering Death was an adult. We can not thank you enough O great one.


So... yeah- XD 
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I used to often get first place with a Skrill. The only toothless I really get mad at is the NPC one in Flight Club. I just feel the urge to beat them to the end!!


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I use a scuttleclaw Titan

I use a scuttleclaw Titan against Npc toothless in flight club. He doesn't stand a chance against my scuttleclaw titan! We breeze past him leaving him in the dust.

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so cute XD


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Aw, This is So Sad

Ah, poor Toothless rider. Nothing like losing a race because there was a lag. The worst luck you can get in a race. My heart goes out to them. :( Hope they at least got second.


I would love to join in on the "I feel avenged!" joke comments if you won in a fair race, but this is just capturing a moment of the game failing a player again. Rather than being satisfied like your title implied, I'm just glad we can't really see the name of the poor person who's embarrassing moment is being broadcasted on the forum.


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Oh, I think it's okay. Even the best of us have lost races because of something like lag, getting called by parents, or just hitting walls. It was very clearly intended as a non-mean-spirited joke, and we can all see it wasn't their fault. :)


It's nice to have someone like you on the forums looking out for others. :)

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Oh, It's Not Mean

I know it wasn't meant in any mean-spirited light. It's just that the gif didn't deliver on the title of the thread. I didn't find it satisfying or funny; my reaction upon seeing that was, "Aw, that sucks. I hate when that happens." And then my second thought was, "If that was me on that Toothless, I'd be kind of embarrassed seeing it posted." I'm...honestly not sure where the humor is, really. But I don't think it was ever meant to be mean-spirited or make fun of anyone. Still glad it was anonymous to the other player, though.

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What you didn't see...

The Toothless recovered as soon as the gif zoomed in. I was neck on neck with them, but I still managed to get first.


And there is no such thing as a fair race between a Toothless and a Gronckle.

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A Hollow Victory and No Leg For a Joke

How does that make what happened any better? They lost the race because of a server error, not because of their own mistake or of another player's superior racing. Even if they recovered, it lost them the race. I don't know, when I see that happen, I just feel that player's disappointment, you know? And whenever I win a race because of a lag on another player, I feel like I won illegitimately. It's just not a victory. The impressive part was you being neck-and-neck with the Toothless on a Gronckle, and that deserves all the bragging rights! A gif of that would have made this thread awesome! But a gif of a hollow victory is just...hollow.


The only time this sort of lag is really satisfying is when the other player had it coming, like they were shooting at you or using a bunch of speed boosts back-to-back or something. Then it just feels like sweet karma. XD But based on what you're saying, that wasn't really the case here. This player didn't even use a shield on you if you were neck-and-neck. They just had bad luck. But the implication here seems to be "Ha ha, they had it coming because they were riding a Toothless!" How does paying a membership, supporting the game, and then being smart enough to race the fastest dragon in your arsenal make them worthy of bad karma? The misfortune of someone else is only funny when it feels like they had it coming to them. Nothing they did sounds like it deserves such karma. And how is beating a Toothless with a Gronckle impressive when it was due to a server error? Why is this supposed to be some sort of vengeance when you didn't even beat them on pure skill? It's more like the computer's vengeance than yours, isn't it?


I don't know, I just don't see how this delivers on your thread's title or anything you said in your initial post. There's no satisfaction of a pure win, and there's no joke unless we're laughing at someone for being unfortunate. Based on your title, I was kind of expecting to see someone having beat a Toothless with a slow dragon in a clean race, which is always fun to see. I saw someone beat a Toothless with a Sliquifier just by taking better shortcuts, and that was immensely satisfying! XD


And this whole "no fair race between a Toothless and a Gronckle"...okay, this is the first thing you've said that actually irked me. If that's your attitude, maybe this thread is mean-spirited and you are laughing at this player because you think riding a Toothless means the person deserved to run into a wall, I don't know. It's on the player to pick the dragon they ride in a race, and if we pick dragons we know will be out-classed in every way, that's on us. A fair race is where there's a nice, clean round where everyone is obeying the rules, no one is attacking anyone with fire to obscure sight, the server doesn't fail, and everyone is racing with the dragon they chose to race, for whatever reason. I promise you there are many Gronckle vs. Toothless races that match that description, and I've seen Gronckle riders beat Toothless riders in such races, usually due to rider experience levels. That's a victory worth celebrating and a sign of inspiration that you can overcome the Toothlesses with your mad skills! I'd love to jokingly call such a racer "the Great Protector." XD But a victory from a server failure or glitch doesn't have that inspiration; it just captures one poor racer's lousy luck.

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A lot of typing, but not a lot of reading.

Clearly you haven't read that much into the post. This was a visual glitch where the race was still going, Toothless was moving, but because either my internet is slow, or theirs. After the Gif, I was back in second again because of the visual lag, then first, then second. I was neck-on-neck with them in the beginning, and towards the end of the race. And I did end up winning.


And actually, I am supporting the game. In fact, I just bought a few gems for the 100th time. On my other account (not banned, I just haven't been on him) He actually was a member back in 2014. That being said, I do have Toothless since I do so often use the Trial, but I don't really use it.

I said "unfair fight" because I was mentioning about Toothless and the Gronckle's speed. If you are a good flyer, you'll get 10 speed. With the Gronckle, you get 4.2.


Furthermore, this post was meant to taken as humorus and lightly. After all, this isn't a serious forum. You may be wanted to prove a point, but with all that typing, you end up wasting time you could've spent wisely elsewhere. Let's be real here; what do you have to gain? You already have the "Surpreme" title just like I do.

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I Kinda Said My Piece, But Since You Asked Why...

You felt the need to try to explain like I didn't understand earlier, so I felt the need to explain further why the joke wasn't really successful based on what it hinges on. I read what you said, but based on the gif, it still looks like the person have a lag, and that just kinda sucks no matter what you're riding. Also, I'm just naturally verbose; all of my posts are that way, whether they're light-hearted or otherwise. Sorry about that, I know I'm wordy. XD But next time, a gif where the win seems earned would drive this joke home. ;)


I know you meant Toothless and the Gronckle have different speeds, but you seemed to imply this somehow justified a win by other means being fair. My point was, in terms of the game, that does not make an unfair race, and the joke really only works on a fair win, you know?


I'm supporting the game by buying gems, too, but we must admit that members do more to support the game, and more consistently, with their memberships...unless we're buying thousands of gems at a time multiple times a year (which I know I'm not). That's cool that you have a Toothless, though. I'd love to afford a membership so I could have one...if only just to ride Toothless becuase, you know, Toothless. Probably wouldn't race him, though; people get bitter about it and I do well enough on my Flame Whipper and Snow Wraiths that I rarely have a problem.

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A sub-what? Sub-sandwich? Sub-Way? I'm hungry :)

I think it's okay to post this because it's innocent and not torturous. I'm finding this funny because I can never win against an alpha Toothless even with my fastest dragons on the best racing armor including my night terror, snow wraith, windwalker, or sand wraith and only imagine the fastest dragon cannonwise to the slowest dragon as if Meatlug won against Toothless. Kinda reminds me of the story of the rabbit and the turtle a bit.

I don't think it's actually lag, I think it is just a steering problem because I raced with a Toothless and I find the controls very sensitive and I easily crash. So yah, these things happen to me often in races and I do feel a bit aggravated at first, but when I look back at it I'm like "Ah, I remember that" and laugh. Everyone makes mistakes including the best of racers.

Last thing, it could be any alpha toothless rider actually because he never stated any names. So I'm not so sure if the player might find this thread and claim that it him/her. And second place isn't that bad either, you just get half the trophies (even though there are some people who take that very seriously).


I'm kind of aiding the joke, pretty much because I lose pretty much every race with an alpha toothless. Third place if there are two.


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