Things to do on SoD when You are Bored

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So I've seen a couple of people bring up this topic but i wanted to bring it up again to help some people out.

After you have finished all the quests, dragon tactic levels, flight club levels etc. SoD can seem kind of boring, especially for those who aren't members, or can't buy gems and are stuck with the same dragons and are unable to raise another one. 

I'll write down some suggestions of what you can do, and if you have anything YOU like to do (besides doing the obvious activities such as fireball frenzy, dragon tactics, etc) when you are bored write down your suggestions as well.


Things to do:

- You can play hide and seek with your friends

- Roleplay (this can be hard sometimes due to the chat ban)

- Explore the islands (this can sometimes be boring as well but sometimes i like to try and find new places to hangout with friends)

- Try to get ontop of things without using a dragon (for example, trying to get onto the roof of the club house on 'The Edge')

- Making up your own 'quests' (for example, sometimes I like to go to, lets say, the ship graveyard, from there I pretend to sneak around and steal a dragon egg and then i go on my own little adventure)

- I like makingup my own obstacle courses that i can fly around, for example: (i might post another topic on different flying courses)


And yeah, that's it, hope this was somewhat helpful.


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Try to run around tight turns with a speed stinger without stopping or crashing into walls. 

(Speed stingers are actually great play with when bored dragons because they just feel very different from other dragons to ride around)

Try that same climbing thing.....just with a speed stinger.



In the past I use to make screenshot comics. You take screenshots and make comics out of them. I sort of stopped as things in the game changed up enough to make staying on the same storyline a little weird and my main viking got the flightsuit glitch which I think looks good on her but that would make continuity errors for any storys that take place before others and I sort of just got burnout because they were actually sort of labor intensive despite just being pictures with words underneath them and then tinypic went down so I can't post pictures anymore anyway and all my old ones are gone from the forum but anyway.....screenshot comics are fun for a while. I suggest those who make their dragons and vikings characters, can take then post screenshots and enjoy writing to try it. I also suggest using dragoneese because it gives you more dialog options. A lot of people don't like dragoneese in the movie, show and game universes but only allowing dialog between vikings makes it much h.arder then if the viking and dragon can banter with each other. Espessully since you can't have two of your vikings in the same shot without editing the screenshots further.

I never got bothered for my use if it in my comics too so I think people understand.

Try and see how well you can make your dragons emote by catching the photo at just the right moment.




Smokebreaths. Just....smokebreaths. If you have one their smoke trails can be rather amusing for a bored mind. They're a little glitchy now adays but still fun if you can get them going. You can almost sort of make a game out of trying to make shapes before the lines vanish because of them glitching out of existence when the dragon slows down.



Ambering everything with a d.eathsong.



Finding glitch caves. The old favrot. Some are still around. Find them. Play in them. Espessully funny with a whispering d.eath as you can burst from the ground in some of them.



Go to the whispering d.eath tunnel on a dragon known for glowing and pretend your dragon is what's lighting up the tunnel for you while you run around. I like doing this with a fireworm queen as my fireworm queen is default color with the glow skin.



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 Flint the over curious gluespit.

Adopted from chameishida.


Chelsy, the least frightening indominus rex there ever was. Color shifting joke charicter extrodinare. Art by TosiLohi.

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I Love These Tips, and Have Used Them a Lot!

Awesome tips! ^-^ I actually use these a lot, especially #4. I've gotten on top of so many high things without flying up with a dragon!


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Oh boy! I do the last one all the time and I actually love it.


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Glad that I'm not the only one who does these things XD

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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

Step one. Get a titan gronkle. Step two. Start flying in an up and down manner. Titan gronkles get crazy speed as they dive and it doesn't wear off as quickly as a lot of other dragons. Going up and down can lead to a slow growth of speed until you're flying way faster then was probably intended. I do not think this works in thunder run so it's not game breaking or anything. Just a fun little thing that can be done with a titan gronkle. Basically, you'll reach Toothless speeds on a titan gronkle doing this in the regular game (again, not in thunder run as far as I know. This isn't a cheat strategy).

It's more fun then it has any right to be really. 


A friend of mine said ether the quaken or the erruptodon also has this ability. I don't remember which though. Probably the quaken since I don't have that.

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Aiming for speed and efficiency

There is another way you can fly unusually fast with any dragon:

First, make sure your dragon has at least 90% hapiness. While flying, alternate rapidly between gliding with a flight suit and riding (by pressing E and R). You will get a burst of acceleration each time. This will interrupt your ability to turn, and when you continue flying smoothly your turns will be much wider. It's exhilirating to fly over a whole island in just a few seconds! I suggest trying it at New Berk, Hobblegrunt Island, Glacier Island or another large area to make the most of it.


I also like to challenge myself to do a speedrun of Loki's Maze. Starting a timer when the entrance doors slide open, I try to run through the whole maze without respawning once. I collect the prize near the end and stop the clock once I reach the exit. The quickest I have managed to do it is 4 min 13 sec. See if you can beat my time!


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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

I might have to try that flightsuit one. I didn't know that was a thing.

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Wow, Great Tips!

Gorge_Sparkflare wrote:

There is another way you can fly unusually fast with any dragon:

I also like to challenge myself to do a speedrun of Loki's Maze.


Wow, great tips! :D I'll definitely have to try these out. ^-^

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Flight suit for boat raids?

>There is another way you can fly unusually fast with any dragon


I wonder if this would be helpful for boat raids... As long as you don't crash into everything and let speeding up take priority over actually shotting the boat, you might be able to get to those fireball refreshers faster than usual.


EDIT: Gosh dangit now I'm addicted to flying circles around the base of islands at supersonic speeds! Whenever I fly around at regular speed anymore I'm like, "Go faster..."


I kinda wanna challenge my friends to races around the islands and use this trick on them now.


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