Thieves and Scorpions- 7 Spot WoF SandWing Hybrid RP | Reworked and Rebooted

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A few months after the false prophecy has been fulfilled, Sunny, daughter of Queen Thorn of the SandWings, goes missing. Queen Thorn is desperate to get her daughter back. Don't you think they've been separated enough already, you say. But, for drama and RP reasons, Sunny will just have to endure being a ransomed SandWing princess for now. 

You are 1 of 7 SandWing hybrids chosen for the search and rescue team that will go after Sunny, and well, search for her and rescue her. But, unlike my last failed RP, Queen Thorn knows the team detailed to bring her daughter back are hybrids. She feels more comfortable sending someone(s) that have maybe a few things in common with her daughter, no offense to Sunny. 

The seven brave SandWing hybrids set out across the desert, heading to the place Sunny was last seen: The Scorpion Den. 

But trouble always find a way to worm into things and make things absolutely rotten. There are two members of the team that are--ironically--inseparable: the SandWing and the IceWing hybrid. I will let you play out what happens to the two of them, whoever takes their spots, so this will be interesting. But in the end I'd prefer it if you make it all work out. 

They eventually find Sunny after a series of unfortunate events and false trails and find out who has dared ransom the SandWing heir: a SkyWing named Zephyr (Zephyr's a guy, btw). The S&R team eventually find out Zephyr ransomed the SandWing princess for fun, as a serious prank to the throne. 

The Team must bring back Zephyr as well as Sunny, because it's clear to all who've seen the maniacal SkyWing that something is clearly wrong if he ransomed the SandWing Princess for no personal or political reason. 



Full SandWing – happy, surviving and normal hardcore SandWing who had lived in the Scorpion Den with Thorn before she was Queen


RainWing/SandWing - would be lazy for a SandWing and can shift scale color to sandy hues. He/she would not, however, spit venom, but their scorpion barbs hold deadlier poison


NightWing/SandWing - would have darker scales, logical, commanding, have a more compact build as a fullbred NightWint would, 


IceWing/SandWing - would be stronger, slightly serrated claws and barb, breathe ice if temperature is cold enough, have lighter colored scales 


SeaWing/SandWing - would have a wider tail (still with scorpion barb on it), absolutely despise her/his kingdom because it's so dry, unnoticeable gills, likes swimming more than most SandWings (obviously), 


MudWing/SandWing - he/she has a thicker build, innocence (sometimes), stouter snout, stronger, scorching hot fire, 


SkyWing/SandWing - would have a leaner build, bigger wings than standard wingspan, snottier attitude, 


Team Roles:

Hunter: SkyWing

Scout: RainWing and SandWing

Tracker: SeaWing and SandWing

2nd Leader: IceWing

1st Leader: MudWing

Strategist: NightWing





  1. No OP hybrids
  2. There will be no animus, mindreading or prophecy dragons in this RP
  3. 1 per person, unless we need to fill a spot
  4. Put "Eye of Onyx" as your subject if you've read all the rules
  5. Spots will be held for 3 days
  6. Absolutely no romance with same gender (i.e. girls w/ girls), but romance at and under PG 13 will be allowed. 
  7. No gore or violence above PG 13
  8. No explicit speech, no crude/unsocial behavior
  9. Have fun! 





Hybrid Type: 



S&R Team Role (scout, hunter, leader, etc.): 

Connection to SandWing army before s/he join team (captain, foot soldier, guard, etc.): 



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Did I forget to mention I

Did I forget to mention I won't be RPing? I'm just hosting this one. 

The Team Roles are already assigned with the hybrids! Actually, ditch the idea. I did that to give an idea on what roles members would need to play. You can decide your own team role as long as it contributes to the team. 

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Name: Oasis

Gender: Female

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Personality: she loves to train and protect everyone she is strong and brave yet can be bossy at times

Background: she was born in the Seawing kingdom but was kidnaped when she was a baby by a Skywing and was lost in the Sandwing kingdom she doesn't know how to swim since she lives in the desert

S&R Team Role (scout, hunter, leader, etc.): leader

Connection to SandWing army before s/he join team (captain, foot soldier, guard, etc.): captain

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Please save Night/Sand!



Name: Buzzard

Gender: Female  

Age:  9

Hybrid Type: Nightwing

Personality: Buzzard is very logical. There MUST be a very well thought out plan before rushing into a battle. Everything must be perfect. She's very smart and knows the best way to plan, which is why she plans battles and attacks for Thorn. She is also very trustworthy. She also likes to know everything, so she tries to get her hands on every scroll possible. Though she tries to be trustworthy, if someone captured her and tortured her for answers, something would slip. Also she seems to talk before she can think, cause her stutter if she says something she doesn't want out there.

Background:  Was hatched in the kingdom of the sand but didn't let other dragons bully her because of her scales. She used her smarts to throw but snappy comments back at them or she will outsmart them. Either way, she is thriving in the desert.

S&R Team Role (scout, hunter, leader, etc.): 


Connection to SandWing army before s/he join team (captain, foot soldier, guard, etc.): 

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save rain/sand please!


Name: Dew

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