There Are Too Many Issues With Dreadfall!!!!

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Joined: 06/04/2018
I missed Dreadfall last year, so I was SUPER excited to participate for the first time this year! However, it seems to just be bug after bug and it's causing me so much stress it's severely and negatively affecting my mental health.
A few days ago, my player level dropped from 49 to 10 and still hasn't fixed itself. My progress isn't synching, so my dailies are messed up and totally reset. The first time I completed the maze, despite grabbing the chest, I was not awarded any algae (though it has worked every other time.). I have lost FAR more gems that I've spent, about 200 have simply gone missing. It's all too much!!
If it keeps getting worse I might have to stop playing the game's being all too rough on me. And I was planning on getting a membership, too...I really like this game, but we NEED an update to fix all of this!!
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Im not happy at all about not

Im not happy at all about not being able to earn gems.  I wont play if they take out gem earning stable missions.  I pay for membership I dont want to have to pay for gems also.