Thawfest "Wraith Invaders" Daily

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Hello, this is a slight bug on a Thawfest Daily


Computer: Surface Pro


Operating System: Windows


Web Browser: Google Chrome


What were you doing when the bug occurred?: I was playing the game doing a Thawfest Daily names "Wraith Invaders" and I completed 3 out of 4 and the 4th one is having the quest arrow point into the ledge below the telescope. There's nothing to target and I cannot cancel the quest


When did the error happen?: I tried complting the quest yesterday on 5/18/2020 but I'm still stuck being unable to complete it.


Graphics Card: Intel

quest log2.3 MB


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There's a fire pit right near

It sometimes happens, quest arrows can get wonky sometimes.



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Thanks for the reply

I know, but I hope this will get fixed. I don't like to have quests that I cannot complete and also having them get stuck in the quest log.

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Try doing this . . .

Try doing this . . .


I had the same problem, the first time I did this quest, The arrows just drove me crazy, so I decided to ignore all the directional arrows. I give up, but then, later I came back to look at all the frozen ice.


I finally realized that many sections of ice were located near firepits, and I had never, ever, seen this many firepits in the Greenhouse area. The only true firepit at the Greenhouse sits in front of the Job Board. So, I figured, maybe I should be shooting at or near firepits located ... duh ... in the ice. 


I finally located my missing Ice/firepit area; It was outside at the very back of the greenhouse. I hope this helps.


This is a fine Snotlout mini quest, but I think the shooting sequence was not well designed.