Thawfest update: some things are not working for me

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Hello fellow Berkians,

once again, nice of me to show up only when I'm having a problem, am I right?


Anyway, like the title of this thread mentions, some newest additions are currently not working for me. The Thawfest Dragon Tactics levels are simply not there, and the Daily Quests are broken. By broken I mean that the Quest Board is there, but when I click on it nothing happens, and in addition to that, the quest arrow that should be pointing at the quest board whenever a new quest is available is also missing.


Yesterday, when I fist got the update, I thought this was the common "reset day"

situation, but when I logged in today I found the situation unchanged. I thought the time for the quest board to refresh wasn't over yet, but when I tested it out with the Thawfest Maze I got my reward with no problems, so I don't think that's where the problem lies.

I also seem unable to enter Thunder Run Racing, as every time I try I get an everlasting loading screen, often resulting in the "server call timed out" message with the consequent logging out.


I tried reinstalling my game a couple times but that soultion didn't help the situation: is anyone else experiencing my same issues?




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Same thing here

I am doing a quest for Thawfest, the one on Hobblegrunt Island. There are blue flowers i need to collect, but one seems to be glitched and is not showing up. The arrow seems to be pointing to the inside of the mountain.

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FandomTrash, I had same quest problem,

FandomTrash, I had same quest problem with several missing blue flowers and the crazy arrow pointing down into the mountain. I reported it as a Bug.  See my post,

I hope this helps. 


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Hillevij, I've not had the problems

Hillevij, I've not had the problems you've mention with the Daily Quest board. I have not completed the Maze, yet; nor had time for Dragon Tactics, yet. Will let you know if I have problems. 


I did have a problem with one of the Quests: Ruffnut's A Unique Lei. I posted a Bug Report and how I managed to complete the Quest, see here,



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:D :D

Hello! :) Concerning the Dragon Tactic levels, there aren't supposed to be any Thawfest-themed ones. You can get medals if you play the first Dragon Tactics set; it's called "The Training Course". :)


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On the thawfest tactic

On the thawfest tactic levels, there aren't any new ones. The Training and Icestorm lvls give medals.






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Thumbtack, bring back that subject!

Alright, thanks for the clarification!


I feel incredibly dumb rn :' )

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Saving people hunting things family business

I have the exact same problem with Hobbelgrunt Island. Cant get the purple flower in the mountain. I am able to do the flight suit and go in TRR if it doesn't close on me.
On laptop I always get "Server timed out." When I click on the stables where the play button is. I reinstalled the game and nothing. Today is by far the worst day for me. Also in real life too so I'm not exaggerating. I hope they'll fix this soon because I really want that flight suit!!!



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You are not the only one. I

You are not the only one.

I have similar problems in the game and they are repeating what happened during the dreadfall and snoggletog events.

1.I don't recevive daily rewards

2.I don't recevive rewards for doing daily quests.

3.Battle events are glitched

4.Few racing tracks are glitched 


On top of all that there are no gem reward quests in the stables and the twafest sheep

cost 300 gems each.





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Update, no relevant updates

Five days later, the situation is still unchanged.
What's most odd is that on my second Viking (on the same account) everything works just fine.
I hate being insisting but I haven't been able to participate in events since a week before the snoggletog event ended,for the same aforementioned issue, and forgive my outburst but that's simply unfair. I am fairly disappointed in the lack of support we've been receiving lately.

It'd be really appreciated if I could get at least a feedback from the admins about why am I unable to take part in the event with my main Viking.

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I'm having the same issue

I'm having the same issue only worse none of the thawfest events are working for me. I can't get into the maze there is no daily quests and I have no icon on my screen to show the event is even happening it's really annoying that I can't even see the event. :(

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Same here

I've finished the quest 'Let the Games Begin!' and did the opening ceremony on Berk. Now nothing related to Thawfest is working for me. I can't get into the Thawfest Maze, the Thawfest Quest Board won't work, and no Thawfest outside the board won't work. I hope this gets fixed soon.