Thawfest Release Notes

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As the last of the snow melts from the roofs and streets of Berk, Vikings from all walks of life are gearing up to celebrate another year of peace between Dragons and their Trainers. Tuck away the snow shovels and break out the sweatbands because Thawfest has arrived!

Thawfest Event:

  • New Hybrid Dragon - Zipplewraith and Zipplewraith Titan

  • Help Snotlout prepare for the biggest parade yet in a new Thawfest story quest.

  • The Thawfest Maze is returning with improvements made to the Tidal and Stoker Class chambers.

  • 8 returning Daily Quests.

  • 5 new Stable Quests.

  • 5 new Thawfest Skins for the Skrillnapper, Chimeragon, Cavern Crasher, Dreadstrider, and Hushboggle.

  • 6 New Thawfest saddles for the Hushboggle, Ridgesnipper, Seastormer, Slitherwing, Chimeragon, and Cavern Crasher.

  • Zipplewraith Epic and Legendary Battle Axes.

  • A new farm animal has come to campus, the Brown Owl.

  • Acquire Thawfest-themed kites to soar on your Farm.

  • Collect Medals to obtain exclusive event rewards!


  • Both the Zipplewraith and its Titan form will be available to play in Dragon Tactics along with 2 new Dragon tactics levels.

  • The Sweet Death Devilish Dervish, Mudraker, and Shovelhelm are available in Dragon Tactics.

  • Sound and Music sliders have been included in settings.

  • Improvements have been made to our password management and security, making it easier to create stronger passwords for your Viking account.

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About Owls

Hi Brynjolf and thanks for the update!


A few questions:

Will Thawfest Owls be available in-store? I've gotten one using the thawfest chest (and via the rewards) But I would like much more and the chests are too few and far between.

Edit note: I purchased over 100 Thawfest crates and recieved only one owl... but it sounds like I simply have exceptionally bad luck. Vintages just informed me that they recieved multiple owls after purchasing only 16 crates


Also you mention skins. Do you mean the paints, also found in the Thawfest chests? I love it when the team makes new skins but I'm not interested in the paints




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To Answer Your Questions!

Hi LissaFish!


I wanted to fly on in here to answer your questions.


For the Brown Thawfest Owl, you will only be able to get this through the Main Reward Line and through the Thawfest Mystery Item Chests. As it is right now, there are not any plans (at least that I am aware of) to have it sold in the store. Between you and me though, and anyone else since this is a public forum haha, we have made sure to note not only the community demand last Snoggletog for the Owl, but also the reception/reaction of getting the Owl this Thawfest.


As for the Skins mentioned by Brynjolf, these are in fact Thawfest Paints. If you would like to see a full breakdown of all the items in this years chests, you can find those items listed here under Thawfest Chests. In the Thawfest Mystery Item Chest, we do have the Nature Skins for the Snaptrapper, Ridgesnipper, Dramillion, Hobblegrunt, and the Sweet Death.


If you have any other questions or need further clarification, feel free to ask!


I hope you are enjoying Thawfest so far :)






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Thanks for clarifying on the owls! I was wanting some more to help with my medal earning and was hoping that they'd be put in the store so I could save some gems. lol. Since that's not the case I just might have to buy me a few mystery chests. Would love to see the owl in the store next year though. *wink wink* *nudge nudge* XD


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Thanks SunnySage for answering my questions! Disappointed I won't be able to get the thawfest owl in-store but understand. Will have to keep buying Thawfest chests whenever I can, haha

I am very much enjoying Thawfest... and, thanks to my wild search for owls have an army of Thawfest chickens rapidly leading me to victory xD It was a nice touch to get two chickens for every box! Thats very fair, thanks ^^

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Thank you! Was hoping for new hideout furniture/a new room to be released onto the store, but the event looks great, and I love the island adjustments! Seems like another exciting month!


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Things I would love to see from SoD:

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- More expansion packs! I would gladly pay gems if it means I could do more quests and get cool dragons.


I hope the devs see this!




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TBH I have never done a

TBH I have never done a thawfest event and am looking forward to it, thx fro reminding me


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Love your pfp! Yay Wings of

Love your pfp! Yay Wings of Fire!


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