Thawfest prizes from medals

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So I hit over 1k medals tonight.  Asked for reward and it wasn't in backpack not in farm.  It was in fact nowhere


Can someone tell me where is the prize for 1k medals to be found?

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Forgot what the 1k prize was...? :/ If it's equipment then it's going to be in your weapons/armor slot on "My Avatar." 


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What is the 1k metal prize? If it's a farm item, you can check it while your in your farm on structures. If it's an accessory (clothing), check your viking costumization thing in your journal where you change your vikings clothes, etc. If it's a weapon or armor, you can do the same thing, or check with the local blacksmith by clicking an anvil in the forge in either Berk or New Berk. If it's not showing up at all, try closing the game and reopening. The game will realize that you got a prize and will normally fix the missing prize issue. If it doesn't, I would try clearing the Unity cache, which automatically fixes various bugs and preformance issues.


This is the only advice I can offer. I don't know what the prizes are, 'cause I didn't get the update.


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The 1k Prize is a Hideout Decoration, you should find it by entering the Hideout -> click on the Hammer and Broom icon on the right -> Wall Hanging category.


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