Thawfest Does Not Work - and other bugs

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Hi there!

After a long hiatus, I have returned to this game. I found the first Thawfest quest from Snotlout, and completed it. The Thawfest Board appeared in New Berk after. Now comes the problem: it does absolutely nothing if I click on it.


Next to that, I cannot enter the Thawfest Maze. The portal does not recognize me, I just walk straight through it. 


Lastly, every single mini game gets stuck in an endless loading screen once I have completed a game. This prevents me from receiving any awards, points or other things that I have won. 


All these bugs really make the game a lot less enjoyable... Is there something I am doing wrong? Is there a big update that I missed? 


I'd love to hear from anyone if they know how to solve these problems.


Thank you for reading,




[alsooo what is up with the chat, I can't say a single word without getting a one day ban. I never thought of myself as a person with such bad profanity, tbh]






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Thumbtack, bring back that subject!

I'm also having the daily quests board broken -ever since the snoggletog event was only a week away from ending. It's already bad enough not getting good expansion packs like we used to anymore, and not being able to take part in special events too is enough of a good reason to make me consider leaving the game for good. I try to keep complaints at the minimum because there's much worse in life than a bugged game, but at the same time this issue has been going on for days (months,in my case) and I'm highkey disappointed in the lack of support we've been getting. Even a "sorry, we are aware of the issue but we're not able to fix it" would be a better response than no feedback at all.




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No subject

Hey, thanks for your reply.

I absolutely agree with you. Though personally, if the answer is "can't fix it", I'd probably stop playing again. It's just no fun at all this way, imo.


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Same with me

I've also finished the quest with Snotlout and the opening ceremony but nothing involving Thawfest has been working since then. I really wanted to get the new dragons for this event but this is becoming disappointing, especially if this can't be fixed.