Thawfest Daily Quests / Ship battles

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The daily quests for Thawfest aren't working! I clikc the board but nothing happens. Also, when I did a ship battle, the ship's health neber went down despite everyone blasting it.



Computer: PC

Operating System: Windows 10

Web Browser: Microsoft Edge

What were you doing when the bug occurred?: I clicked the quest board and nothing happened. I shot the ship and its health didn't lower.

When did the error happen?: 5/19/20

Screenshot(s): N/A

Graphics Card: N/A



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I came here to say something similar! I can't do today's quests 'cause the board won't open. I'm gonna lose today's reward and will have to start over. -_-


But, you know, the ship's energy thing is something that has been going on for a while. Even before the event. It's annoying and they won't fix it already.


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Also having some problems;

Many SOD players are having same problems.


Battle events and Racing are consistent daily problems for players.


Yes, players are also having problems with both the Daily Logon and Daily Quests Rewards. For some players the problems are sporadic, but for others the problems are continuous. 

I have sporadic problems, like today and two days ago; I did not received the Daily Login reward. And, although I was able to play and complete the Daily Quests with my Main account viking, MiserableBergstrom, I did not receive the Daily Quest reward. On my Second account viking, ScrapsBergstrom, I could not even play the Daily Quests, and I certainly cannot receive a reward if I cannot play.


Thawfest problems are all across the game and problems are occuring on many devices. I play on a PC Desktop with Windows 10 OS, using the browser Google Chrome, but other players using different devices are having the same or similar problems as I and other players are expericing. I hope everyone will continue reporting their problems, either here, as a group thread, OR separately as a personal Bug Report.