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I don't really know what you did in that twelve hours.

You say you made loading faster? It seems that passed over me. My game loaded quite fast before, but it now takes AGES of time to load the game (and that's not my internet connection, cause everything else is working just fine). 

You say you improved gameplay optimization? Well, all optimization I see is only that my game became awfully laggy. After loading I see the screen like it's all loaded (I mean, me, my dragon, chat, etc) and nothing moves for five minutes. No matter what buttons I press, even the mouse not moving. And after something starts to answer my commands, it moves in parts, you know, like some frames from the animation are missing.

You say you minimized server errors. Yeah, that's the true reason of why my game crashes down every half an hour. Sure. Minimized errors.

And the final thing is that crazy chat that messes everything up, when all words i type are said by someone else and I say things I never typed even if I don"t type anything at all.

All I want to say is "thank you" for the "ultimate optimization", "improved loading time" and "minimizad errors". I see the result.

I know, I really understand that it is not easy to run a game. I tried once, and left it after an hour of trying. But what was that for - to do such a long maintenance if it shows right the opposite result? I was ready to wait all the time needed, but only if I see the result. And all I see is now there are much more problems than was before.

Sorry if I sound a bit rude, but I'm really disappointed, because now I have no pleasure to play the game cause I spend too much time on loading and lagging.



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Good News !

Good News ! The SoD - team are now working on it , so this won´t appear in the future again .



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I really hope so...

I really hope so...

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We appreciate the honest

We appreciate the honest feedback, GabrielRahl. As our team continuously works to improve the game, suggestions and opinions from our users are extremely useful to us.

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Keep Calm And Hakuna Matata!


Totally agree!

I knew it isn't a big update, but it's even less what I expected.

I never had server errors, now I can't even play the game in multiplayer.

My game always loaded fast, now it takes almost 10 minutes...

And the ONLY thing they added, was that new logo, and today, they deleted it too.

So yeah, Thanks!



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