``Tap on Bing and lead him to the Mudraker´´

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I have an issue where Bing won't follow me to the Mudraker in the ''Poor Archeologist'' quest. I can click on him but he refuses to move. He just turns around and stares the direction my viking stands in.

I play on a asus laptop with windows 10. Dunno the web browser used but I've downloaded and redownloaded it on the laptop. I've tried logging out and back in several time, quit and restarted both game and laptop with no progress. This bug has been bugging me(pun inteded) for only a few hours but before that the missing Bing in the Ship Graveyard glitch persisted for about two days before solving itself upon restarting the game for the 11th time this morning. 


Also, Johann is missing from the '''Johann's secret mission'' where he's supposed to be found in school. Were he supposed to be found where the waterfall now is? xD

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This happened for me too, luckily you can proceed in the expansion without that quest ( if the archeologist doesn’t want you to give you a quest it might be because of that, but just go on icestorm island and you can proceed )


Johann is for me nowhere to be found....that could be a problem....


ps: have you seen the speed Astrid has in the “carry the box with Astrid” quest? I had to make ninja moves to get that one done



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Thanks! I'll check out Icestorm Island next time I log on.
I think I've done that quest with Astrid but she wasn't going ultra fast xD Glad you made it! :D

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I have a friend with this problem, he came to ask for my help


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Bing wants to follow

Dunno what happened but Bing wants to follow all of a sudden. Bless the admins, creators, bug fixers and all in between and what not! The mission is done!:D