Tale of Mahelsonei: How to Scare a Dragon (Harvest Haunt Special!)

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E-e-ev'rybody-yy-y! Welcome to Mahelsonei Sonjen's special two-part tale of the Harvest Haunt!

Here is part one of the Halloween special that I promised a while back. This takes place directly after the Rescue Chapters in Tale of Mahelsonei. Satisfied with their successful rescue of the Sonjen family from the prisons on Berserker Island, Hiccup and the riders prepare for one of Berk's biggest holidays; the Harvest Haunt! But something evil is afoot, and out to do more than just spoil the festivities!

And, please welcome special guest Nina Haddock (dragonlover43) and Darrien!

Part one, coming your way. On with the show!


Tale of Mahelsonei: How to Scare a Dragon, part 1


     Wrathfang’s eyes flipped open, startled by the scraping sound as something heavy was dragged across the floor of the Great Hall. He peered out from underneath the table, his mommy asleep above him. A massive, orange orb on a wagon was being dragged across the floor. He could only see two feet behind the contraption. Well, one foot and a wooden peg.

     He uncurled himself and followed the wheelbarrow and Gobber to the center of the room. Gobber set down the wheelbarrow carrying the massive pumpkin with a heavy-sounding thoom. Gobber pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped his forehead. That pumpkin was heavy.

     He exhaled heavily, panting. “Phwew!” Wrathfang hummed, looking for attention, and Gobber’s eyes snapped to the Babytooth Skrill. “Well, top o’ the mornin’ to you too. Bet you’re wonderin’ what this pain in the back is for, eh?” He jerked a thumb at the pumpkin, easily large enough for Erick, Mahelsonei's abnormally petite little brother, to curl up and sleep in. Wrathfang scrowled. He was curious to know what these humans were doing. Now, more people were coming in with more pumpkins, and orange-and-black streamers.

     It was now that Erick woke up. He slept on the table across from Mahelsonei. His big sister was a heavy sleeper. Erick saw the Hooligans, his former enemies, carting in pumpkins and banners and all manner of decorations. His curiosity piqued. He proceeded to bother the nearest Viking, a young lady, barefoot, followed by a snow-white Nadder. She was carrying a pumpkin almost half her size, the Nadder pulled a cart full of apples, autumn berries, and all manner of trappings in purple, orange, green and black. Erick tugged on Nina’s sleeve. “What’s going on?”


     She startled when she saw the tiny boy. She knew him instantly as the kid that the Berserker girl and the riders had rescued from Berserker Island. His big green eyes and orange red-hair were oddly endearing to her. She craned her neck around the pumpkin. “It’s Harvest Haunt. It’s when we prepare all of our crops and food for the winter, and when all the spirits of the dead come and visit our homes.”

     Harvest Haunt? They didn’t have that on Berserker Island. “Spirits of the dead? You mean g-ghosts?” He stuttered.


     Nina set down the massive pumpkin, and growled something at the white Nadder. He stopped and moved the cart out of the way of the foot traffic to and from the massive doors of the Great Hall. She sat down on the pumpkin, cross-legged. “I certainly do. Every year after the last vegetables and fruits of the summer are harvested, the spirits of warriors past come to take their share of the food, and sometimes to attack their descendants. To keep them from attacking us, we hide our food after it’s been preserved for the winter, and we wear masks to keep them from knowing who is who. To keep the ghosts out of our houses, we carve out pumpkins and put lights inside them. We also bring some food offerings to our ancestors burial places so that they don’t come near the village.” Erick breathed. “Whoa… all the warriors?”

     Nina nodded. “Every one since the beginning of time. And, every year, an imp called ‘the Trickster’ comes to try and disrupt the harvest by playing pranks on us.” She uncrossed her legs and got off the pumpkin, murmuring something that sounded vaguely dragon-ish to the white Nadder. “Say, Erick, would you mind helping Darrien and me get the food to the Great Hall?” Erick grinned, “Sure!” He picked up a small pumpkin from off the cart and carried it with Nina to the center of the Great Hall.


     Sunny woke up a few minutes later, leaving immediately for the Academy. Grandma and Bjorn stayed at the Great Hall, helping with the Harvest. Girl and baby dragon strolled into the academy and saw everyone there. But, strangely, no one was flying. They were all painting on pieces of wood. The twins were wrestling on the ground, arguing. She approached Fishlegs, who was fitting a large mask the size of a shield to Meatlug’s face. “Don’t worry, Meatlug. The ghosts won’t be getting to you this year. This mask is going to be even better!” He continued smearing more orange and green on the mask. Meatlug just looked at her rider tenderly and dropped off into a nap, snoring quietly.

     “Ghosts? What ghosts?” Sunny asked. Fishlegs looked up. “Oh, right, you’ve never celebrated the Harvest Haunt!” He immediately launched into his description of the Harvest Haunt festivities.

     “… and then, we leave the food at the graves and we throw a huge feast back at the Great Hall. After the food is stored, everybody takes off their masks and burns them in the firepit to symbolize the—”

     Snotlout mimicked Fishlegs, “Marnamarna mwi-mwi, whatever! I just want me and Hookfang’s masks to look so terrifyingly awesome that the Trickster will just run back to the hills screaming for mommy!”

     “Trickster? Snotlout, the masks are to convince our dead ancestors that we aren’t their descendants so that we don’t get attacked.” Astrid painted another stripe on her mask. Astrid put the paintbrush back in the pot and held up her mask. It was a beautifully painted blue-and-orange butterfly, the wings positioned over the eyes. “How’s this look?”

     Tuffnut just snickered. “Oh, yeah. Like that’s supposed to scare off your dead great-grandpa.” Astrid raised an eyebrow. “Well, can you do any better? You can barely hold a paintbrush.”

     “Oh really?” Ruffnut elbowed her brother and they chuckled darkly. He turned around. “Well, feast your eyes on THIS!” He whirled around! His face was gone, replaced by a ghoulish, black and yellow skull. Stormfly’s tail spines flicked up from her tail with a snick. Wrathfang’s spines raised on his back like the fur on a startled alley cat. Fishlegs yelped! Snotlout jumped, biting his lip. Skeleton ate his face!! Aaaaggh!! Oh, wait. His heart rate ticked down a notch when the shock wore off. He rolled his eyes. “Whatever. Me and Hookfang are gonna be scarier once our masks are done.”

     Ruffnut and Tuffnut chuckled dumbly, “You should’ve seen your faces!” Tuffnut crowed!


     A day passed, and night fell. Battle torches lit the town square and everyone in the village was masked in strange, frightening masks. Some were frightening, others beautiful. Most of the village simply wore plain wooden boards with eyeslits, held to their faces by shoelaces. All the riders sat together at the end of one table as they watched the grownups dance to haunting and beautiful music, played by masked musicians. Gobber played the melody on his panpipes, a masked man on the drums, while Grandma Sonjen plucked a beautiful harmony with a simple harp. A woman in a purple and white mask sang about Odin, their ancestors, Hel and Valhalla, and the easing of the souls of the dead. Hiccup sipped at his mug of apple cider, tipping up his mask to get at the delicious, sweet beverage. His mask was painted to look like a Night Fury’s face, to Toothless’ delight. “Great party, right gang?” Snotlout shrugged, the red and yellow stripes on his mask blurring into an orange-color in the firelight. “Eh, I’ve seen better.” He reclined in his stool.

     Suddenly, the torches snuffed out, leaving the dancing Vikings in darkness. The bonfire crackled alone. The flames died down, but then whooshed to an iridescent, eery green! People and dragons alike prepared for attack by an unseen enemy. Hiccup’s shield was already to hand, Astrid’s axe gripped tight. Every rider held their favored weapon carefully, all dragons taking a defensive stance, not more than arm’s length from their riders. A low cackle split the night air.

“Foolish mortals, feral dragons, gathered here by me.

Stupid Vikings, wild monsters, disperse or cursed ye be!”

     Stoick hefted his mace. “Enough of this! Show yourself!” He barked. He only received an evil laugh in response. The sound seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere. Toothless tried to get a bead on the source of the sound, but even his keen Night Fury hearing couldn’t pinpoint it. He moaned quietly, feeling confused and disoriented. The intruder spoke again.

Chief so proud, chief so strong, cowers like a child now.

Chief so humble, chief so weak, shall before me bow!

     “This is your last warning, whoever you are. Leave or you’ll not live to regret coming here!”

     Stoick was only answered by more evil laughing. The battle torches lit again, untouched by dragon or human. The bonfire turned an ordinary orange again. People murmured, fearful.

     “Curse? What did he mean ‘curse’?” Astrid lowered her axe.

     Hiccup shook his head. “I don’t know. But we’re getting to the bottom of this.”


Guess who's ba-ack! ~♫



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Basically, Hiccup is a viking Tarzan, raised by dragons. After a dragon raid, a peculiar machine shoots down a strange and dangerous dragon. And an even more strange and dangerous boy. Nothing short of spectacular, this book tugs at your heart strings and will pull you in like none other. Fabulous! It made me laugh, cry, and worry myself sick.

* * * (1/2) stars

(My tag line does NOT come from this author, it comes from my drama teacher.)


How to Train Your Dragon: A Guide
A humorously written handbook on the care and control of dragons



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Shouldn't be hard to find. They're here on the forum!

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Oooo... Minor nitpick though:

Oooo... Minor nitpick though: Nina wouldn't be socializing much. She's still a bit of a recluse, prefering the company of her dragons over the company of humans. She wouldn't be the kind a kid would approach, Berserker or not.


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Tale of Mahelsonei: How to Scare a Dragon (Havest Haunt Special)

Good afternoon, again. I've recently been in conference with the Miss Dragonlover43, and she's helped work out some of the bugs in the story (and add them. XD ) One of the changes is that this has gone from a two-part tale to a three-act shindig.

So! We recently attended the party of the opening night of Harvest Haunt! It would have been called a good opener to the Harvest Haunt festivities, but it was spoiled by the Trickster (dundun-dun!). Leaving behind an ominous-sounding threat, Hiccup and his riders look to find out what exactly it is the Trickster is planning... and put a stop to it. In this chapter we encounter the possible cause of the Trickster's green fire, a very bored Snotlout, and the most evil spawn from Helhiem that all of us have had to smash with a sneaker at least once.

Now, Part two of How to Scare a Dragon. Need I say it?

Yeah, I guess. ON WITH THE SHOW!!

<^>  <^>  <^>  <^>  <^>  <^>  <^>  <^>  <^>  <^>  <^>  <^>  <^>  <^>  <^>  <^>  <^>  <^>  <^>

Tale of Mahelsonei: How to Scare a Dragon, Part II


     "What are we doing here, again?" Tuffnut leaned against Barf and Belch's foot.

     "Looking for clues." Astrid answered impatiently, crouching underneath a table. The tables were still set up in the town square, surrounding the remains of the bonfire that had been burning last night.

     "Uh... to what? Why Ruffnut's skull is so thick?" He banged a rock on Ruff's helmet. She answered with an elbow jab squarely to his face.

     "We're looking for answers to who, or what, the Trickster is. And hopefully, what he's planning to do to Berk." Hiccup picked his way through the littered ground. Spilled mugs of mead and squashed pumpkin pies made the area smell utterly putrid. Flies buzzed over the whole scene.

     Hookfang swatted at the bugs with his tail. Ugh, why wouldn't they just leave him alone? A fly landed on his snout. Frustration turned to anger and disgust. He burst his snout into flames, turning the insect into a tiny cinder. Two more landed on his horns. This turned into an infuriating game of Burn the Fly.

     Hiccup's metallic foot stepped in something that made a sick squilch. He lifted his foot out of a large-ish puddle. It was covered in a translucent yellow slime about the consistency of Toothless' spit. "Oh, ew!" he jumped back, flicking the gunk off of his metal leg. It splatted everywhere! Including on Hookfang's tail as he crisped another bug.

     The slime splashed on the Nightmare's tail and instantly burst into an iridescent, creepy green-blue flame! Snotlout jumped, crying out! "Hookfang!" The Nightmare seemed only mildly concerned, if not fascinated by the strangely colored flames. "The Trickster's curse! He turned Hookfang green!"

     Tuffnut and Ruffnut got in a closer look. "Wait, if we touch it, will we turn green?" Tuff leaned in close to Hookfang's tail. The dragon, annoyed by the blond numbskull, flicked his tail and knocked Tuffnut over.

     Tuff sat up, his eyes rolling up to the top of his helmet. A single green flame burned on his helmet. "Awesome!" Ruffnut chortled. "Your helmet's on fire!" "It is? Cool!"

     Hiccup eyed the gel on the ground. He wiped a small amount off his metal leg and sniffed it, rubbing it between his fingers. He quickly wiped it off on the dirt. "Wood alcohol." He said. "It's been mixed with some kind of powder, made into a gel." He touched the dirt again, this time noticing thin lines of the slime had been painted on the ground. "Toothless?" He pointed at it, and Toothless spat out a tiny plasma blast. The dirt sprang into flames, letters made of green fire burning the dirt.


     "Well, someone's proud of their work." Hiccup mused. Astrid stood next to him, eyeing the green flames as they began to hidedown. "Who could have done this?" She asked no one in particular. "The twins?"

     "No," Hiccup rubbed his jaw. "A trick like this takes knowledge and skill, something way outside the range of the twins." He jerked a thumb over at Ruffnut and Tuffnut, who were trying to pass their hand through the flame on Tuff's helmet without burning themselves. "We need more information."

     Fishlegs sat down by the table, thinking hard. He was trying to remember something, something important about green fire... He snapped his fingers. "Borax!" He shouted. Sunny blinked. "Come again?"

     Fishlegs stood up. "Borax. It's a naturally occuring substance found in steam from volcanic vents! Fire jugglers mix it with wood alcohol to make flames turn green!"

     "Nice work, Fishlegs." Hiccup said approvingly. "Snotlout, Fishlegs, Mahelsonei, I need you to go back up to the Great Hall and help with the food. If the Trickster is going to strike again, odds are it'll be there. Astrid, the Twins, and I will check around to see if anyone has access to these materials. We'll meet back here at sunset."

     They left the town square, their dragons leaving with them. Flies continued to swarm over the garbage from the broken festival night.


     "This. Is. Bo-o-oring!" Snotlout lugged another box of apples to the table, where several women were peeling them to turn it into applesauce. "And dumb. Why do we have to do this every year anyway?" He lifted his mask and wiped the sweat off his brow with his wrist wraps.

     "Well, unless you want to be starving on Snoggletog," Sunny shaved off another piece of apple skin with her paring knife. "I suggest you keep working until you find it interesting." Her mask, painted in the colors of her Skrill, hid her distaste.

     "Well, it's NOT going to get interesting because I'm outta here." He turned around, not bothering to pull down his mask. "C'mon Hookfang. Let's go find something manly to do." The dragon flicked his head and eyed Snotlout. He puffed some smoke at him, discontent, but followed anyway. Pssh, stupid Hiccup. He said to himself. The Trickster only does one trick every year. Everybody knows that. No way he's gonna-- His train of thought shattered as he pulled open the doors. He blanched. "G-g-g-guys?" He slammed the door shut, stuttering. Sunny stabbed her paring knife into the table as Fishlegs hoisted another crate of apples. Fishlegs' scowl was unseen under his orange and green mask. "Snotlout, if you're going to leave--"

     "Spiders!" The word burst out of Snotlout's chattering teeth, pressing his back against Hookfang's wing.

     "Oh puh-lease." Sunny scooted her chair out and stood up, storming over to the door, Wrathfang at her heels. She slid her mask up, tugged her gloves on tighter over her hands, and pulled open the door. "What do you mean spi--" She paused, her face whiter than Snotlout's. "Okay. Yep. Spiders."

     In the two hours they'd been in the Great Hall, peeling and hauling apples and carrots, the sun had dropped until it was just barely  touching the horizon, turning the sea into a brilliant, glassy gold. It illuminated the fine strands of gossamer that strung across the entire village. Transluscent webs the size of fishing nets spred across the gaps between houses, up battle torches, in every knook and cranny their village had to offer. And perched in these evil nests were massive, yellow spiders.

     Berk had turned into one giant spider nest, draped in a huge cobweb veil.

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Oh, Great Beard of Thor, I hate spiders!








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Was found underneath Berk as an egg, along with two other eggs. Hiccup, knowing Emma had little to no fear of Whispering Deaths, entrusted one of the eggs to her, after much reassurance that she'd take good care of it. Spindle's personality is shy, sweet, and adorably awkward, with little to no social skills. He often has trouble speaking to the other Whispers he was found with, and is deathly afraid of Hiccup's new Whisper, Shredder. Not knowing any other family, he maintains a stubborn belief that Emma is his mother and Peony his aunt (though he can't really say her name right, so he always calls her "Auntie PeeNee"), even as he discovers his past and lineage. Being slightly more sensitive to sunlight than most, Emma made him a pair of tinted goggles so he can fly during the day. He's an overachiever, and always gets depressed at his poor racing skills, but excells at target and shooting games, thank's to Peony's patient training.

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Me too. :( :(

Why do you think I said 'evil spawn of Helheim''? If it weren't out-of-period, I would be sincerely considering tossing a gigantic can of raid into this story and an army of exterminators. :( :( :(

But I'll admit... it was pretty fun to write.

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Tale of Mahelsonei:How to Scare a Dragon (Harvest Haunt Special)

Good evening, boils and ghouls! *coughs* Sorry, boys and girls.

Welcome to the finale of our Harvest Haunt Special, Act III. In this final chapter, we discover the source of our creepy-crawly infestation, Nina chills us to the bone, and we enter a very fateful encounter deep in the tunnels of the Whispering Deaths...

And, we finally unmask the Trickster!

Act III of How to Scare a Dragon, the final chapter. Happy Halloween, and on with the show!

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Tale of Mahelsonei:How to Scare a Dragon (Harvest Haunt Special)

Good evening, boils and ghouls! *coughs* Sorry, boys and girls.

Welcome to the finale of our Harvest Haunt Special, Act III. In this final chapter, we discover the source of our creepy-crawly infestation, Nina chills us to the bone, and we enter a very fateful encounter deep in the tunnels of the Whispering Deaths...

And, we finally unmask the Trickster!

Act III of How to Scare a Dragon, the final chapter. Happy Halloween, and on with the show!


Tale of Mahelsonei: How to Scare a Dragon, Part III


     Mahelsonei pulled the hall’s doors shut as slowly and quietly as possible. She put her back against the door and her heart rate accelerated. Spiders. Of all things in the entirety of Yggdrasil, why did it have to be spiders? I hate spiders! Why couldn’t it be giant bunnies? She breathed in deep and slow, trying to calm down. “Okay. Wrathfang and I are going to go back out there. We’re going to go find Hiccup. We’re going to find out what’s going on.” She said it out loud mostly to settle her own nerves. Stupid, troll-blooded spiders! She cursed them.

     “Wait, you’re leaving us?” Fishlegs whimpered. “With those things out there?”

     “We don’t have a choice.” She bit her lip. “Meatlug and Hookfang are too big to move through the web without startling the spiders. Stay here with everyone else. If any spiders come through the walls, splat them. Don’t. Use. Fire. The last thing we need is panicked people trapped in a burning building during a spider invasion.”

     “Don’t order me around!” Snotlout grumped. “You’re not the chief.” Mahelsonei slid her glaive out of its sheath on her back. “I know. Snotlout, I’m asking this as one soldier to another. Hold down the safe, stable fort while I go out and maybe get eaten by a spider.”

     Well, when you put it that way. “Fine.” He backed away from the door. She cracked open the door a few degrees. The sun was sinking fast. She didn’t have time to stall. Glaive in one hand, door handle in the other, she started sliding out when Fishlegs grabbed her arm. She looked at the brainy dragon rider. “Be careful, Mahelsonei.” he said.

     She quirked the corner of her lip in a wry smile. “My friends call me Sunny.” She brushed away his hand. “I’ll be back with Hiccup and Astrid. If I’m not back in two hours, keep the villagers in here until Stoick gets here.”


     Wrathfang slithered out of the crack in the door after her. The doors shut with a quiet, barely audible sound. She readied her glaive in a low, defensive stance. Wrath was almost five feet long now, his sword-like spines fully raised to slice any spiders that came too close to him or his mother. They made it to the side of the Great Hall without disturbing any webs. She had to bite her cheek to keep from screaming when they passed under a huge web full of glowing, yellow spiders.

     Okay, the Arena is about a mile away. If I continue at a speed like this, I should be there in—Her thought was abruptly cut off as her foot stepped into terrifyingly empty air.

     “AAAIIIEEEE!!!” The screams of the girl and the Skrill sounded nearly identical as they pitched headfirst into the abyss.


     Sunny thought fast, reacting on battle instinct. She jabbed the spear end of her glaive into the wall, ripping a long path of rock as the blade slowed her fall. It fell out of the rock wall, and she continued falling, her speed unchecked! Wrathfang tried to grab her by the vest, flapping crazily to slow her breakneck dash for the ground!

     Finally, they hit the ground, their speed just sufficient to keep them from splatting on the floor of the deep pit. They fell in a crumpled heap. Sunny panted, heavily. She looked up, “Oh, boy.” She gave a low whistle. “That would’ve been unpleasant. Thanks, Wrath.” She looked down to thank her young dragon. He was nowhere to be found. “Wrathfang? Sweetheart?” She started panicking.

     Her adopted son was missing.


     Darrien dropped down from the shadowed sky, down into the trees. His pale, cloud-white wings stood in contrast against the dark evergreen wood, but blended in just fine with the snow on the ground. Nina's tough feet barely acknowledged the cold that draped ice on the boughs of the trees over their heads.

     Darrien's feet shifted. The cold never touched Nina, like it did with the other humans in the village. He squawked, "I'll never understand how you humans just put up with the cold."

     "It's never been an issue for me." She replied in Dragon speech. She heard the hissing, squeaking, and growling of her flock of Terrors as they followed through the tenebrous night. They were never far from her. Herby landed on Nina's shoulder. He said gently, "It's always been kind of you to pay respects to him this time of year." He put his tail around the side of her neck, a sort of dragon hug.

     "It was my fault that he's dead. It'd be wrong to ignore or forget it." Her bare feet made no sound on the icy dirt as they approached the gravesite.

     It was a simply pile of stones, near a clear stream. A tall tree reached its boughs to the moon, shielding the tomb from snow and rain. It looked very pretty in spring and in summer. She made sure of it.

     She pulled the fish from Darrien's saddlebag and gently laid it across the little grave. She dipped her head, her Harvest Haunt mask obscuring her face as she muttered a respectful memoriam for the dragon she'd killed as a child.

     Crk. Her head whipped up straight and alert as she and her dragons heard the branch snap. "We're not alone." Herby hissed.

     The Terror's sharp eyes snapped around the clearing, looking for the intruder. Darrien's tail spikes flicked open, ready to be launched at the slightest provocation. The white Nadder’s eyes narrowed. "There, in the bushes. A small boy. He's alone."


     Gustav peered through the branches of the elderberry bush, trying to get a better look at what was going on. It was so dark he could barely see anything. What was Nina doing out here on her own? His mask did nothing to protect him from the October chill, and nothing would protect him from the cold of Nina's fury.

     The young woman's eyes narrowed behind her mask. She growled in a blend of Dragon speech and Norse, "We see you, boy." Gustav's body froze, Nina's icy, dragonish voice like Flightmare mist in the air. She advanced on the shrub where Gustav cringed. Her soundless, menacing step seemed to make her float across the snowy ground. Darrien loomed behind her, tall and fearsome. Herby perched on her shoulder like a gargoyle on a cathedral.


     She looked like Death.


     "Leave. Now." The bush trembled as she growled, her voice rumbling and almost animal-like. "You were never here." Gustav shook uncontrollably. He wanted to run. He wanted to go as far and as fast as his feet would take him, but it was as if his legs had turned into tree trunks. Finally, his will reasserted itself and he took off like a jackrabbit out of a fox's den. Nina's terrifying, inhuman words rang in his head like death bells, deep and clear



     You were never here.

     He didn’t care about how his feet broke every branch and leaf in the undergrowth. He needed to get back to Fanghook, now! He tripped on a low branch, and scuffed his knees on the sharp rocks in the dirt. He heard a growl up ahead, a flash of violet and gold. He felt his body being lifted off the ground, and dropped onto a large, warm dragon neck. He relaxed a little bit. “Fanghook! Good boy!” He hugged the Monstrous Nightmare around the neck, where the dragon had deposited him. “Training exercises are over, we are outta here!”

     Fanghook didn’t have to be told twice. He flew low between the trees, just a flickering shadow of dark purple flashing between trunks like a ferret in a garden. Gustav leaned perfectly with each turn, almost perfectly in sync with his Nightmare.

     In the time it took for Nina to relax and finish her respects to the dead Terror, he and his dragon were up and out of the trees.


     “Wrathfang! Sweetie, this is a really bad time to pull pranks on Mommy!” She called into the darkness. “Wrathfang! Come!” There was no answer but wind in the tunnels. The situation terrified her; trapped in a tunnel, spiders the size of Labradors above her head, and her dragon—her dragon who thought that she was his mother—lost in a tunnel on the one night of the entire year that he was in any real danger. She could just climb out of the tunnel. With the many handholds and narrow passage, it would be child’s play for any rock-climbing Berserker to find her way out.

     She shuddered. The wind in the tunnels should have been taken as a good sign; it meant that there was air circulation in here, meaning an exit somewhere very close. But it only turned her blood into ice, the moaning of the air like a chorus of tortured spirits. She hefted her glaive, low in a defensive stance, and proceeded into the dark cavern.


     “Everyone calm down!” Stoick’s voice thundered in the immense space of the Great Hall. The villagers kept shouting, protesting, demanding answers the chief did not have.

     “Is this the curse?” “Who is responsible for this?” “Are the gods punishing us?” “Where did all these spiders come from?” “We should evacuate Berk!” “We can’t let these insects run us over! We need to fight!” Voices collided and chorused until Stoick couldn’t stand it. “Thornado, rein in this rabble.”

     The Thunderdrum bellowed, a loud, overpowering roar that drowned out all argument. “AAROOOOOOOOO!!! The villagers covered their ears, cringing at the din. When Thornado closed his mouth, the villagers were silent. Stoick continued talking. “We’ll hunker down here in the Great Hall until we can discover where these spiders have come from, and put an end to them.” He swatted at a fly. “Until then, we remain calm.” The people grumbled, but they dealt with Stoick’s order. Stoick approached his son. “Son, do you have any idea where these spiders came from?”

     Hiccup shook his head. “No, dad. I’ve never seen super-sized spiders like this.”

     “Well, what drew them here?” Stoick crossed his arms. “The village needs answers, and I don’t have any to give.” He waved off another fly. “Ugh, I’m not sure what’s worse, the spiders or the flies.”

     Hiccup jumped. “Dad, what’d you say?” Stoick blinked. “I said, ‘I’m not sure what’s worse, the spiders or…” He caught on. “You think that the flies are what drew them here?”

     “It makes totally perfect sense.” Hiccup paced. “Flies and other insects are attracted to rotting food. All the food that fell out of the carts during the harvest has gone bad. The pumpkins and food we put out to drive off the spirits are rotting. It’s an all-you-can eat buffet for a fly. And lots of flies means lots and lots of spiders.”

     Stoick nodded. “I can see the reason behind that.” He put a hand on his son’s shoulder. “Son, I need you to gather the riders. Find all the rotting food and pumpkins and get rid of them. I’d rather deal with an angry great-grandfather than what’s out there. Once you and the riders have disposed of it, get rid of those spiders.”


     Hiccup nodded. He soon gathered the riders and told them his father’s plan. There were a few questions, most of them dumb and pointless ones from the twins. But there were two genuinely necessary inquiries in the mix. Fishlegs asked, “What happened to Mahelsonei? She hasn’t come back yet.”

     “We’ll find her, and Wrathfang. But right now, we have bigger issues to handle.” He reassured his friend. Fishlegs’ eyes said that he thought otherwise. Hiccup tried to put his friend at ease. “She’s a strong warrior, she can take care of herself.”

     Astrid asked a question. “What about the food and the pumpkins? Without them, we’ll be exposed to… you know…” She didn’t want to say ‘the ghosts’. Hiccup shook his head. “My dad isn’t worried. So neither am I.”

     They all agreed. They would remove the rotting remains of Harvest Haunt as quietly as possible. After that, they would take care of the spiders. And after that, they would find their missing rider.


     Sunny’s excellent sense of direction underground proved extremely useful in these tunnels. Glowing moss lined the walls. Looking at the marks on the side, as well as the obvious bits of ivory teeth that were scattered occasionally across the ground, she knew that these were Whispering Death tunnels. She bent over to check the dirt again. Small Skrill tracks in the newly-tilled dirt were a good sign. Signs of air disturbance in the soil were not such a good sign.

     Mahelsonei bolted upright when she heard a high-pitched, dragon scream. “Wrath.” She whispered. She charged off in the direction of the pained shriek, images of a shredded baby dragon flickering behind her eyes in the darkness of the tunnels. She didn’t even notice as she passed a massive web, the throne of a gold spider the size of a dinner plate. She screeched to a halt as she barely discerned what was happening.

     It was an underground clearing, lit only by the blue glow of the tunnel moss. Wrathfang was backed into a corner by two large, hungry Whispering Deaths. The Whispers reared their ugly, thorny heads and hissed. Wrathfang sparked weakly, whimpering. Where was his mommy? He wanted mommy! The Whispers hissed, drool dripping from their six rows of rotating teeth. They started closing in for the kill…

     “GET AWAY FROM MY SON!” Mahelsonei shrieked. The Whispers whipped around, hissing furiously as she charged. She slashed with her glaive at the one on the right, the left slamming into the dirt, vanishing into the ground. Wrathfang yelped happily. Momma! You came!

     Sunny’s senses heightened as even more adrenaline spiked her blood. She shifted her grip on her glaive, the blade reflecting the blue moss glow as she glared at the Whisper as it hovered before her. It’s pale white eyes narrowed. He knew he only had to draw the human’s attention for a little longer until his mate could resurface and finish them off. Mahelsonei carefully maneuvered around to its side, the Whisper’s eyes following her. Without warning, she leapt, glaive raised! With a mighty swing, she attempted to bury her blade into the dragon, but it maneuvered aside, easily dodging! The second Whisper burst from the ground in a fountain of dirt, right underneath Wrathfang.

     Wrath squealed as he tried to evade the Whisper’s teeth. It jaws snapped shut, just barely missing his tail. “Wrathfang!” Sunny cried. The other whisper took advantage of the opening and struck, knocking her over. Sunny’s glaive flew out of her hands and buried itself in the cavern wall. The dragon loomed over her, teeth rotating in its jaws.

     Time slowed for a moment. The only thought in Mahelsonei Sonjen’s head right then was, After all that I’ve done, this is how I’m going to die? Devoured by a dragon? Doesn’t get much lousier than that.


     The Whisper hissed and went in for the kill, the helpless young woman boldly looking it in the white, bloodshot eyes. All at once, there was a brilliant flash of golden light! Sunny had to look away to keep from being blinded. The Whispering Death hissed as its thin eyelids tried to block out the light. He couldn’t see!

     Wrathfang cowered in the corner, the female dragon preparing to munch the baby Skrill when the air in front of her exploded into golden brilliance! It slowly solidified into a single, shimmering form. It was a man carrying a thick war hammer, his white beard braided into several plaits. Next to him was someone Wrathfang had never met, but recognized instantly.

     It was a large adult Skrill, a female. The shining dragon looked over her wing’s shoulder at the small, young one. Wrath’s brain could barely register it. “Mother?” squeaked.

The female Skrill just smiled a dragon smile at the hatchling and turned back to face the Whispering Death, shoulder to wing joint with the white-bearded warrior. The female Whisper couldn’t comprehend what was in front of her. “What are you?” She hissed.

     The specters didn’t answer. The Viking wordlessly lifted his hammer and swung hard. The scintillating weapon connected with the Whispering Death’s jaw, its head whipping to the side as the impact threatened to snap its neck. The ghostly Skrill leapt forward and snapped her jaws on the Whisper’s wing joint. She unleashed a hissing roar as the ghost’s very solid teeth dug into her flesh, its wing claws like two massive claymores ripping spikes out of her body.


     The male Whisper had plenty on his plate as well. Before him stood two Viking warriors, bathed in a yellow glow. One was a woman, her thick shoulder length hair tied in twin pigtails by her ears. Her thick arms and meaty hands gripped her spear with familiar ease. Beside her was a man with a clean-shaven face and flint-hard eyes. He carried only a sword and a shield, but it was clear that he knew exactly how to use them.

     Mahelsonei’s heart stopped beating when she saw them. Her parents.

     The man charged with his shield, bashing the Whisper in the face as he quickly maneuvered his sword in a flurry of blows. The Whisper dodged each one, but these blows weren’t meant to kill. Only to distract. The woman somersaulted underneath the dragon with her spear, landing directly behind it. She drove her spear with both hands into the dragon’s soft hide, right behind the wing joint. It howled in agony!

     The female Whispering Death shrieked, “We can’t fight them!” She tried to dodge another tail slice from the shimmering phantom dragon, just barely saving her bleeding neck from decapitation. The male hissed “Below ground! Go!” In one accord, both Boulder class dragons dove into the dirt, throwing up a shower of earthen clods and stones as they escaped.


     Mahelsonei and Wrathfang still sat on opposite sides of the cavern. They were alone now, accompanied only by the phantoms before them. The bearded, hammer-wielding ghost appeared beside them. The beefy woman put a hand on her husband’s shoulder, the man’s sword tip in the dirt, hands on the hilt. The three twinkling apparitions smiled at their little girl, proudly. “Mommy? Daddy? Grandpa?” She breathed.

     Wrathfang tiptoed closer to the golden Skrill. “Are you… my real mommy?” He purred. The golden dragon bent down closer. Her nose touched the hatchling’s own nose. Yes. You are my son. The words came to his heart like a ray of sunlight. But she is your mommy, too.

     The spear woman knelt down next to Mahelsonei. We are so proud of you, sweetheart. You’ve been so brave since we died. She put a hand on her daughter’s cheek. She felt nothing but a patch of warmth where the light touched. A tear rolled down Mahelsonei’s cheek. “Please don’t leave me again, Mommy.” She wrapped her arms around the solid pillar of light. “I missed you!” She sobbed. Her father and Grandfather joined in the embrace. Hey, kiddo. Her grandpa’s voice touched her heart. You’ve done good. Thanks for taking care of my Hil hidefor me. “Grandpa, I—“

     Sweetheart, we don’t have much time left here. Her father said solemnly. Once the last sunlight in the skies goes out, we have to go back. “Back where?”

     He squeezed her a little tighter. To heaven, baby girl. They released her. Oh, Sunny. My little rogue sunshine. Life’s only going to get harder for you from here on out. God’s chosen something special for you. But you and your dragon can handle it.

     Her mother spoke. Take care of your brother, baby. And your grandma and your uncle. They need you to be strong. You have to move forward.

     Then, they stepped aside, letting the fourth ghost see her. The mother Skrill sat on her haunches in front of the girl. I want to thank you for looking after my son, Mahelsonei. “Are you…?” Yes. I am Tempest Moon, Wrathfang’s mother. Thank you for saving his life.

     “But I couldn’t save yours. Or your other children.” More tears slid down her cheeks, her voice cracking. “I failed.” The Skrill shook her head. No. You did what you could. As did I.

     The four ghosts started fading, golden light sinking into blackness. “No! Please don’t go!” She sobbed. “I have so many questions! Don’t leave me!” The golden light dissipated. Wrathfang tried to catch the light in his wings. “Wait, mom! I have so much to tell you! Where are you going! Please, come back!”

     One single voice rang out in the silence. Her grandfather’s. We never left, kids. We never left…

     Then they were gone. Wrathfang moaned piteously. Mahelsonei sank back to her knees, sobbing quietly. She wiped the tears out of her eyes. “Well…” She sniffed. She couldn’t say much else. Wrathfang nudged her, his pupils huge. She stroked him gently. “I know. I miss my mommy already, too.” She picked him up. “Come on, sweetie. Let’s go home.”


     Two hours later, they found their way out of the caves, feeling slightly numb from what they had just seen. Mahelsonei’s gloves seemed to possess a will of their own as she hauled herself out of the Whispering Deaths’ pit. When she reemerged aboveground, she only dimly acknowledged that the spider webs were gone, replaced by some very interesting burn marks, and random spider corpses. Her mind was still on what she’d just seen. She opened the doors to the Great Hall, and was immediately tackle-hugged by a blur with red hair. “Sunny!” A cheer rose up from the gathered throng when they saw who just walked in.

     “Hi, Erick.” She muttered. The boy hugged her tighter. “Where were you?? Everybody was getting ready to tear Berk apart so they could find you.”

     The riders swarmed her, questions pelting her like hail. “Where were you all this time?” “Were you hurt?” “Did you see those spiders? They were awesome!”

     Astrid punched Sunny in the arm. “Ow, hey!” She yelped. “That’s for scaring us!” Astrid scolded. Hiccup put his hands on his hips. “Care to explain where you and Wrathfang have been?”

     “Later. I just want to be alone for now…” She hauled herself off to a corner, Wrathfang jumped up onto her shoulder. Hiccup started after her, but Astrid held up an arm. “Let her go. She’ll tell us what happened when she’s ready.” Hiccup wanted to protest, but he just exhaled and stepped back.


     Stoick slipped out of the Great Hall, quietly. Now that Mahelsonei had been found, he could tie up another matter; the Trickster. He whistled a note and a figure emerged from the trees. A barefoot girl, just barely a teenager. “You have some explaining to do, Nina.” He crossed his arms. “I thought that we agreed to one trick when I appointed you as Trickster this year.”

     “Chief, you know how much I hate spiders. I had absolutely nothing to do with them coming here!” She stood her ground. Stoick uncrossed his arms, putting them on his hips. “Oh, really?”

     “Yes! Stoick, I never—” She peered around him. “Hey, what’s that in those trees?” She stepped past him. They looked over into the tree that grew next to the Great Hall. Entangled in the branches was a massive, silvery web that was nearly invisible in the pale moonlight. The harvest moon glowed in the sky, illuminating letters in the web.

     “Did you do that, too?” Stoick grumbled. Nina shook her head. “No, absolutely not. I loathe spiders. I’d never…” They looked at each other, a single thought passing between them. Stoick whispered, “Do you think…? Is it possible??”

      They gazed at the words written in the tree. A crow cawed. It sounded disturbingly like an evil cackle.


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Satisfying conclusion. "NEXT

Satisfying conclusion. "NEXT YEAR, MORTALS..." >:D

Excellent writing, Mahelsonei (and DragonLover43)! I'm definitely looking forward to the next installment of "How to Betray a Madman."


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thanks, it was a ton of fun

thanks, it was a ton of fun to write. :)


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really good

Mahelsonei, you had me crying with this one!!!!!! Your stories are great!!!



Btw: I can't wait for the next chapter of ToM.




also: Ashlyn has two BIG. and I mean GIANTsecrets, would you like me to Pm you them or just let it be in the story?


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