Tale of Mahelsonei: How to Betray a Madman

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Hey Dragon Riders! This is my very first attempt at any sort of Fanfiction. I'm not sure how good my writing is, but this is the story of my Viking. I know, sounds boring, but hear me out. I think it's actually pretty cool. This is an AU with an Original Character (no romance, for those of you who like/don't like that). It features a viking from the Berserker Tribe who defects to the Hairy Hooligans after Dagur tries to kill her for being disloyal. It's a slow, gradual thing.


On with the show!


Chapter 1: A View to a Skrill

     “Any last words, Hiccup?” Dagur snarled, his facial expression contorted into a feral grimace. He was so sure of his triumph, he could taste the vaporized Hiccup ash in the air already.

     Hiccup coolly looked back at him, staring down his nose. “I got nothing.” He stated without fear, without respect. He was mocking him. Dagur hated that brat! He took one step closer, his boot in the water. His feet were starting to get wet, but he didn’t care. Hiccup continued, “How ‘bout you, bud?”

     The Night Fury—the unholy offspring of lightning and death? Hah! He had the real offspring of lightning and death tethered in his hands!—just growled back, firing a bolt of shining blue-white plasma at his Skrill. The beautiful, spiky beast of the Berserkers folded its wings in briefly, dissipating the shot.

     For a second, Dagur was sure, utterly certain, that he’d won. The Skrill was too powerful for the dainty little Hiccup and his demon dragon.


     But something happened. A deafeningly loud crack of thunder, a flash of light, and his body erupted into utter, sheer PAIN. He screamed, bellowing, “AAAARRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!” As what felt like fire blasted through his muscles in his hands, to his body. He felt so much incredible, excruciating pain he wanted to die. He spasmed , then collapsed. He could barely feel his body toppling off of the small cliff, hitting the rock below. His nerve endings were busy telling him that he was on fire. He wobblingly tried to stand up, panting, but his shoulders and elbows siezed as another charge rocked his nervous system like a ship hit by a cannonball. He collapsed, and the world was no more.

     “I don’t think he’s going to be leading an invasion any time soon.” Hiccup mused. A lightning bolt struck near Hiccup and Toothless. “Wish I could say the same for this guy!” Another bolt struck nearby. It was a miracle it didn’t strike the metal instruments on Toothless and his rider.

     They bolted across the sky, the liberated Skrill following close behind. Dagur’s beautiful beast of destruction was flying away from him. And he didn’t know. He was very nearly dead. He had taken the full blast of a Skrill’s lightning, and his burnt, broken body lay at the bottom of the small ravine.


     Eventually, the Berserkers found him. His breathing was shallow, labored, but their leader had survived. They took him back onto the ships, and Savage passed the word around. Dagur had been defeated, the treaty with the Outcasts was finished, and they were ordered to retreat back to Berserker Island. A small party was sent out to search for the Skrill, and the Dragon Riders. Little did they know, by the time the Berserkers had sent out the ships, the Skrill had been reincarcerated in another iceberg thanks to Hiccup and the Twins.

     Savage appointed a watch, to attempt to resuscitate Dagur if he slipped away. A young-ish girl. He dragged her into the captain’s cabin by her arm. “Alright, girl, if our noble leader passes into Valhalla, I’m holding you responsible.”

     She jerked free of Savage’s arm. Thor, this man had been a Berserker for less than three hours, and already he was acting like he was in charge. “To be honest, some of us would be glad if he did kick the bucket. But yeah, I’ll watch him sir.” She ducked inside. Dagur was on the bed, his helmet and armor off. Without his helmet, he looked pretty plain. Ugly, even. He breathed in slow, shallow breaths. She lightly pressed her first two fingers under his jaw. His pulse was thready, but steady. Unfortunately, it seemed like he would survive the blast. Well, our people always did play for keeps.

     She sat in that chair for a few hours as the ship rocked back and forth. While we’re here, we’ll describe this particular Berserker girl.


     Her name is Mahelsonei (Mel-so-nay) Sonjen (Sahn-jin) and she was a born-and-raised, dragon-killing Berserker. She generally worked on the ships in the galleys, but all members of the Berserkers lived as soldiers under Dagur’s rule. She had long, hip-length hair that she kept plaited in a 4-strand braid behind her back. She was always very proud of her beautiful brown hair. Her gray eyes were often elsewhere, thinking of different places, times. Some imagined, some being relived. But in a battle, she had excellent, razor sharp skills with her glaive. She loved painting, writing, sewing, and studying the healing arts. Besides whacking dragon skulls apart with her strange cross between a sword and a spear.

     And it was because she was good at wrapping bandages and making poultices that she was drafted to be Dagur’s nurse. “Yay for being too smart,” she muttered to herself.

     Dagur stirred, awakened by the sound of her voice. The shift caused the blankets to rustle and move away, revealing his arms. They’d been seared with lightning-like shapes all over his hands and wrists, all the way up to his shoulders. Marks, left over from the Skrill’s lightning strike. She stared for a moment, willing him to stay asleep.

      Dagur rolled his head to the side, mumbling a single breathed-out word.



Like so far? Please, tell me how I'm doing! I'll take whatever critique you've got!


Guess who's ba-ack! ~♫



The link to my fanfic, 'Tale of Mahelsonei: How to Betray a Madman' is here.

The link to the Harvest Haunt special, 'Tale of Mahelsonei: How to Scare a Dragon' is here.

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(My tag line does NOT come from this author, it comes from my drama teacher.)


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Tale of Mahelsonei: How to Betray a Madman

Really really hope you guys like it so far! Just to dip another toe in the water, here's chapter 2. Sorry it's so soon. Or should I not be sorry. Dunno... This whole fanfiction business is new to me! Feel free to comment on how I'm doing, and please point out any goofs I've made. This chapter is way long, by the way.

Spoiler: Someone finally tells Savage where to get off!

On with the show!


Chapter 2: It's a Rocky World Out There


     Dagur stayed asleep all the way back to Berserker island. She had again been drafted to help transfer him to a litter, and carried up the cliff into the caves.

     Berserker Island was generally a pretty rocky place to live, literally and metaphorically. It was actually two islands, joined together by a sandbar. It was almost all cliffs and rocks, with a few intermittent flat areas that they used to cultivate their deparately needed food. Wooden bridges built into the cliffs made it easier to get from place to place. But, considering how steep the island walls were, you had to be very good at rock climbing. As for the actual population, Dagur had exaggerated. A lot. There weren’t really 50,000 Berserkers. There were only about 6,000. Much fewer, but still enough to technically count as an Armada.

     Dagur’s home was at the top of one of these cliffs. It took two men, plus Mahelsonei to carry him up without disturbing him.

     They finally got to the top of the cliff, the entrance to the Chief’s home. They had moved the litter to his bed, and they finally got to sit down. The man who had helped carry in front wiped the sweat on his brow, taking off his helmet to ruffle his dusty blond hair a little so it would dry faster. “Thanks for your help, Sunny. We really appreciate it.” Sunny was the name that her friends, like her Uncle Bjorn, called her. It was short for ‘Mahelsonei’, but she suspected it was because they thought she was too upbeat, even if she had a contrary nature.

     “No problem, Uncle Bjorn. Glad I could get some help.” She nodded her gratitude.

     “Yeah,” A tall-ish Vikingwith a long beard--answering to Spitwad Odinson-- agreed wholeheartedly. “We were glad to get away from Savage and his loud-mouth-yness.”

     They didn’t really like Dagur’s new lackey. But they couldn’t complain, or else Dagur would do something awful and drastic. Besides, the new guy was practically Nanna (Norse goddess of peace and joy) compared to Dagur. She looked back at the Chief, nearly irrecognisable without his distinctive helmet. But, the tattooed warpaint on his face still made him stand out. His room was covered in drawings of dragons, specifically the Berkian dragons that Hiccup and his stupid little team rode. One of the most prominent was a drawing of the Night Fury across the room. It was clear how much he obsessed over the Berkian dragon riders.

     She was still assigned to take care of him until he woke up. If she left her post, Mahelsonei was sure that Dagur would find out, and punish her severely. Once, a friend of hers fell asleep on watch. He punished him by removing his eyeballs from his eye sockets, and forcing him to eat them with his own sword.

     Dagur finally started coming around late in the evening, when the new guy, Savage, came to check up on him.

     “So, where’s the Chief, girl?”

     “He’s still resting, he’s not well enough to be up and around on his feet yet, but—“ Savage shoved past her. She was really steamed.

     “I will be the first person the Chief sees when he wakes up, and I know he’ll be very thankful for my loyalty.”

     She wanted so much to yell at him.

     “So much more loyal than you, the one who suggested we make no attempt to save his life.” Savage smirked.

     Okay, she snapped. And she snapped very loudly. “Loyal? The way you were loyal to Alvin?” She spat, and he whirled around. “You’re a coward, Savage. You hide behind the skirts of the biggest man, hoping to be protected if you cower enough and kiss up to his orders. And the instant a bigger man shows up, you start cowering before him!”

     His face turned white, then red, then a dark shade of maroon. “Shut up. Shut UP. SHUT UP!” He lifted his hand and was about to slap her across the face when they heard a clattering from Dagur’s chambers. He was up, and evidently moving about.

     Savage shot her a baleful glare and strode into the cave, leaving Mahelsonei alone. She heard them speaking, but barely heard a few snatches. She moved closer to the entrance until she could hear the conversation. She peeked inside.

     Savage put a fist over his chest and bowed. “The fleet has returned, Dagur. No sign of the Skrill, or the Dragon Riders.”

     Dagur said nothing. He picked up his knife and with tremendous, but silent, force he rammed it into the stone wall of the cave, right in the middle of the Night Fury sketch.

     She could feel the icy cold of his rage, hatred, and abject failure coming off the insane young man in waves like gusts of wind in a blizzard from Hel. Dagur was always babbling, cackling, or threatening something. If he was silent, it was a portent of terrible misfortune for the next person who tried to talk to him. And –what luck!- the person talking to him now happened to be a total coward.

     She decided to leave. Her work was done, and she didn’t like hearing the screams of Dagur’s tortured victims.She had seen plenty of pain in her short term of life, and it wasn’t something she enjoyed watching. She decided to take a zipline to her house.

     Berserkers had a tendency to run a little on the reckless side. They invented a quick way to get from the top of the island to the bottom without having to deal with all the hassle of climbing up and down the catwalks. There were a few ziplines from the Chief’s house, mainly because it was a popular place to go for help. Or, rather, it used to be back when Osvald was in charge. She picked the one that led west, towards the lower island.

     She loved going down the ziplines. She loved the feel of the wind in her ears and the speed; Oh, the speed was glorious! She loved it, although the height bothered her a little. She was totally confident that the wire would hold her.

     The thrill of the zipline lasted only a few seconds. When the ground was close enough, she let go of the zipline and somersaulted across the ground. She leapt up, holding an imaginary glaive in her hands and bringing it down with a crack on the skull of an invisible Nadder with a shout.

     “Ee-yah!” She could practically see the skull split open under her blade. It had been a bad day, and she needed to blow off some steam. She swung the invisible glaive around, dashing up to a non-existent Gronckle and stabbing it in the soft spot at the base of its throat. Glaives were generally used by people who liked to run. As it was a two-handed weapon, she didn’t have to carry a shield. However, she could duck, dodge, bob, weave, sting and retreat, wreaking massive damage and then drawing back.

     After she had killed some more fake dragons, she finally sat down, slightly out of breath. She stood up and continued back to her home.

     Because real-estate was hard to come by on Berserker Island, they made use of the natural caves and crevices that formed there in any way possible. This included building houses directly into the side of a cliff, using an unoccupied cave and expanding it with pickaxes and shovels, or (rarely) building on flat ground. If you lived in the Berserker tribe, you would usually survive if you were unafraid of heights or the dark.


     The dark. She remembered when her family first told her about the history of the Berserker tribe. She had been a very small child then. Her grandmother, her teacher and one of her few living relatives, attempted to comfort her during a dragon attack. Their cave-home had been very dark that night, in an attempt to trick stray dragons into thinking that it was abandoned. The iron-enforced, wooden door had many times proven effective in keeping them out. But that night, Mahelsonei hadn’t been so sure.

     “Grandma, I’m scared. What if the dragons get in?”

     “They won’t get in, little one.” She pulled her granddaughter in closer. Little one. Her grandma had never called her anything else, and it was always in her tender, cracked voice. “Your mommy and daddy are very brave, and promised they would protect you, and that’s what they’re doing. Like our first leader promised his people.”

     She remembered looking up at her inquisitively. Mahelsonei had always thought that the Berserkers had somehow magically sprung up out of the ocean, and had always been here. Grandma continued. “Our first leader was Dietfried (Deet-freed) the Berserk. He was a generally well-liked man who loved his people very much. He was rarely stirred to anger, but when he was it was said that he had the power of Thor and the fury of the storming ocean.

     He and his famliy found Berserker Island uninhabited by humans, but densely populated with dragons. Having no place to claim as their own, they set out to take the island from the dragons. They were making very little progress until they came across a rare and powerful dragon. The Skrill.

     It was a huge and terrifying monster, with long, sharp spikes from its head to its tail that could cut a man in half, and huge, purple and black wings that could blow down houses. It didn’t breathe fire like a dragon. Oh no, this dragon had been blessed by Thor and used the power of His lightning and thunder to decimate its enemies with fatal bolts of lightning. This Skrill had been captured in a fishing net, by its own foolhardiness and greed, looking for food to steal from Dietfried’s family.

     It is said that Thor appeared in the sky and told Dietfried to craft a metal harness for the Skrill, and use it to kill the dragons of the island, as a gift for his unwavering faith that the gods would empower them with the strength and skill to take the island as their own.

     So he did as Thor directed, and used the Skrill as a weapon against the dragons. Within five days, every dragon on our Island was dead or driven away. As thanks to the gods, Dietfried sacrificed the Skrill to them and built a shrine on top of our mountain.


     “That is why the Skrill is our symbol, and we are known as the Berserkers.” Grandma finished her story just as the raid was letting up. My parents returned, blood stained and smelling a little burnt, but alive. I was never more happy to see them. Which was a good thing. The next raid was done by fellow Vikings. Outcasts, looking to spread fear and panic, and to take the things we had worked so hard to build. My mother and father were killed protecting our family not from dragons, but from other humans.


     She reentered her cave-home. Now that her parents were gone, only four of them lived here: Mahelsonei, her grandma, Hildegard, the village healer. Hildegard’s son and Mahelsonei’s uncle, Bjorn Sonjen, and her little brother Erick. She found her little brother playing on the floor with his wooden Viking toy, a little iron nail in its hand to substitute a sword.

     “Raar! I’m the biggest, strongest Viking on Berserker Island! hideNadder!” He shook the wooden doll like it was viciously hammering an invisible dragon. It struck Mahelsonei that she had been doing something similar less than half an hour ago. She snuck up behind him, wrapped her arms around his chest under his arms, and flipped him upside down, hanging in the air with his butt in her face. “If you’re the biggest, strongest Viking on the island, then how come I have you upside down, huh?” She shook him up and down a few times.

     “Mahelsonei, cut it out! Grandma! Mahelsonei’s being mean to me!” he whined.

     The response was swift. “Little one, drop your brother now, or you’ll have no dinner tonight.”

     Sunny flipped him right side up and set him back down, hoping vainly that he would just blow a raspberry at her and continue playing with his toy. Nope. He rounded on his sister and started pounding her with his fists. “Why! Are you! So! Mean!?” She caught Erick’s fists and giggled “Because you’re my little brother and I love you.” Mahelsonei pecked him on the nose and let him go, leaving him to recoil from her kiss. She went to the back of the cave to see grandma.

     Mahelsonei gave her a hug around her thin waist. “Hi Grandma. How were things while I was gone?”

     She ran her fingers through her granddaughter's hair. “Well, no one died. A couple of people were ill, and had to splint a broken arm without you.” She returned the hug. “How was the trip?” Grandma had really long hair, like Mahelsonei did, except it had been red, but was now interspersed with multiple strands of gray. She wore a plain, Viking apron-dress, with beads stringing across the two huge buttons that held the straps in place. Her helmet had valkyrie wings, an asterisk helmet. Huge wrinkles lined her face, and she carried a staff with a gnarled top, wrapped in dragon leather.

     “Well, we found the Skrill, trapped in ice just like in the old papers. But the Skrill was taken by the Hooligans the instant we found them. We tried to ally with the Outcasts. Don’t ask, because I thought it was pretty dumb...” She told her all about how the Skrill was found again, how they took the Skrill back from the Outcasts and were about to attack Berk when the Hooligans found them and lured Dagur into a one-on-one fight with Hiccup and the Night Fury. Dagur was electrocuted by the Skrill and now it was nowhere to be seen and Dagur was recuperating.

     “That foolhardy young man is going to turn our village into rubble.” Grandma shook her head. “I think that all of us miss Osvald.”


     Sunny nodded. It was a consensus of opinion in her famliy that Dagur was definitely NOT the good kind of Deranged. He often turned on his own people and made terrible judgement calls. He couldn’t settle a dispute without a threat of torture, and he had never once shown pity, mercy, or compassion for his people. He treated his people and his enemies with equal hatred—or simply with the same amount of loathing. But he definitely knew how to stir a crowd to action, and for some reason knew exactly how to make anyone do what he wanted.

     And, knowing she had insulted Savage and Dagur during the voyage, she realized in hindsight that she was probably going to be doomed.

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I personally don't rlly have

I personally don't rlly have the time to write fan fiction but I love urs! There's a few spelling errors but it may just be the best fan fiction I've read ^.^ hope u post more soon


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I really like it. It's very

I really like it. It's very interesting and has a good story.


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Tale of Mahelsonei Sonjen: How to Betray a Madman

Thanks so much guys! *sobs* These are *sniffle* the nicest things anyone's ever said about my writing! *blows nose*

Here's chapter 3, On with the show!


Chapter 3: My Leader is a Madman


     It had been nearly two months since the failed invasion, and Dagur had been dishing out more punishments and random bursts of anger than ever. Until one day, Trader Johann came bringing news of a crazy huge thunderstorm striking a small island near the iceberg where the first Skrill was found. And the lightning was striking the island in the same spot, one small cave on the east side.

     Dagur, being the power-crazy freak of nature he was, instantly made a non-existent connection. He thought that the island MUST have Skrills. Because NONE of the islands in the Archipelago EVER get crazy huge storms with lots of lightning. So, the Berserker Tribe was once again ordered to pack up and get the Armada going again. Man, this nutcase loved his armada. He managed to drag almost all of the fighting Berserkers with him, everywhere we went. Leaving their island nearly completely unpopulated.


     With all of the recent, unexpected trips, Mahelsonei’s tribe had to develop new ways to keep invaders out with minimal manpower. Mostly, it involved large thick locks and heavy doors that a dragon would have trouble breaking through. The zipline handlebars were taken down while the adults were gone so that the kids wouldn’t try to use them. The elderly, the ill, and the crippled stayed behind to keep the kids out of trouble. So far, they had survived two raids like this with everyone gone, without a single loss of life. Dagur didn’t care. In fact, Mahelsonei speculated he would have enjoyed it thoroughly if people had died.


     Now, she was back on her ship, ‘Freya’s Heel’, in the galley making a fish stew for the crew. Her glaive leaned against the wall, the blade gleaming in the firelight. As the ship rocked back and forth, the reflective metal cast dancing lights all around the cabin. She knew they would be at the island soon, and this fish stew had to be ready before then, otherwise the crew would get pretty irritated.

     She dipped her little finger in and took a taste. Meh, it could have been better if it had more onions. But, all she had left was salt and a few withered and moldy looking cloves of garlic.


     Osvald liked fish stew. And if he didn’t, who could tell? He was always willing to go through anything with a smile on his face. Where Dagur got his ruthlessness and his utter insanity, no one could ever know for sure. But Osvald was probably the most beloved leader the Berserkers ever had.

      He had a large belly and a white beard like a sheep that had been glued to his face. His words were always soft spoken and gentle, but carried the weight of wisdom and good logic. He could be angry and firm when needed, but she never saw him raise his voice to anyone but his son. He usually kept his son in line, but when he was away, Dagur never hesitated to be ruthless and unnecessarily cruel. Osvald earned the name ‘the Agreeable’ because they had never had a single war with any of the other Viking tribes in the entire fifty years he was chief. The Hairy Hooligans, the Shivering Shores, the Meatheads, all of them. Life was good, under Osvald’s rule. Now, it was a living nightmare.

     She didn’t know that pretty soon, she would be offered a chance to wake up.


     “Landho!” She heard above. And then the stampeding of oversized men and women crashing down the steps to the galley. Mahelsonei quickly tried to scramble to get the dishes together, and filled with soup before they came. “Landho!” also meant “Dinnertime!” in the Berserker Tribe.

     She ran out of time, and soon she was forced to make them wait in a line. Have you ever tried making Vikings wait in line? It’s like trying to keep a kids away from a cake. She was soon mobbed, reaching hands groping for her soup spoon.

     “Hey, we’re hungry here, where’s the food?” “Hey, give us something to eat, will ya kid?” “Gimme that soup!” “I’m hungry now!”

     She gave up and just started whacking hands with the spoon. “Get back in line! One at a time, you’ll all get even portions. Shoo!”

     The mob did not disperse, so she just kept ladling out soup, whacking hands, and generally trying to keep them in check. Eventually everyone was fed and all were up on deck. Mahelsonei  snatched up her glaive and her helmet before she left the kitchens. All the crew was assembled and at attention on deck. Her helmet slid down one side of her head.

     She never understood why Viking helmets had horns. They were heavy, awkward, and were just a handhold for an enemy to grab in battle. She took a look at herself in the reflection on her glaive. However, the horns did make her look super-duper awesome. I guess they could serve as an intimidation factor, she thought. But do Vikings really need to be even more intimidating than we are already?

     The captain paced in front of them, his horns standing out against the cloudy sky.“All right, you lot! We’ve got a Skrill to catch today, and if we come back empty-handed, we come back without our heads. We’ve got orders to spread out, search the beach for any caves that look like a dragon would live in ‘em!” He waved his hammer in the air, “Scatter and search! For the glory of the Berserker Tribe!”

     The crew lifted their weapons in a cheer! Mahelsonei cheered as well, but the Berserker girl thought it was a little odd. Her people hadn’t even done war cheers in ages. Their grandparents had to reteach them all the old warcries. She didn’t like it. It felt a little weird; it was too different. But it felt kind of good at the same time.


     So all of them slid down the gangplank and began searching the island—now being called Dagur Isle, from what she’d heard from everyone else—for anything that looked like a Skrill’s nest. Mahelsonei’s group had to search the southwest shore. They were there for two hours, when one of the men sounded his horn. Two blasts, followed by one long one, and a short one. He’d found something. Everyone crowded around the spot and saw the same thing. A scorch mark that crunched like glass when it was stepped on, surrounded by dragon prints that none of them recognized. The prints were leading away, and marks on either side following the footprints’ disappearance indicated it went up into the air. But, there was another scorch mark next to a cave higher up on the mountain.

     Dagur grinned. Then he started to giggle, then he cackled for a long time, his hands raised in a jubilant expression of crazy, deranged joy. “Oohohoho! Yehahahaha! Ahahahahaha-haaa!” He pointed up at the cavern, “Climb the walls, men! Search the cave!”

     All of them, Mahelsonei included, started scaling the walls, when Dagur called again. “No, wait. All of you, get back here!” The Vikings started going back, when he pointed into their midst with his sword. “You.” He growled,

     “Me?” Spitwad pointed at himself.

     “No not you, the little twerp standing next to you.”

     He was pointing at me. Oh no.

     “You. Go into that cave and see what’s in there. And when you find something... report back.” He giggled again, leering like a devil.

     She knew, instantly, that he meant to kill her, by sending her on a suicide mission. All because she knew that he was completely out of his mind.

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Tale of Mahelsonei: How to Betray a Madman

Hi guys! Here is the next chapter in the Tale of Mahelsonei. This is where she finally gets to meet the Hooligans, although the pleasure is definitely not hers. Don't worry, after this chapter, things will start to pick up the pace.

If this chapter sucks, you have my permission to call me a misshapen reject from a dragon dung heap. :)

On with the Show!!


Chapter 4: The Twins Blow Something Up


     “Go on, girl. Climb up that cliff, and find the Skrill nest.”

     Mahelsonei was rooted to the spot. Her glaive trembled in her hand. Dagur planned on feeding her to the Skrill. If she ran away, he’d kill her without a second thought. If she went, she would get fried by a lightning demon. If she begged to send someone else, or gave a lame excuse, Dagur would kill her for being weak. He knew that sending her to find the Skrill was a suicide mission. But, she had a better chance of finding the Skrill and coming back alive than she did of surviving an axe swing to the neck. So, she stiffened her back and sheathed her glaive in her belt. “Fine!” She called back. “I’ll come back as soon as I can.”

     “Don’t bother, Mahelsonei! We’ll be listening for your screams!” He laughed.

     She did her best to ignore him. She just put her feet and hands on the cliff and did the one thing she did better than painting and getting herself into trouble; rock climbing. This cliff was definitely a challenge. She eventually made it to the top, at the mouth of the cave, about 30 feet up.


     She suddenly felt a wave of nausea as she felt the fear in her heart start to overtake her. But what would she rather do? Get her head taken off by a total lunatic and hidefor sure, or find one of the deadliest dragons in history and possibly get her head blown off by an evil lightning dragon?

      She had to pick the dragon. She could probably just take a glimpse at the thing, unnoticed, and quickly sneak back. However, she didn’t know that her choice would affect her life for the rest of her life, however short it would be.

     She slipped into the cave, sliding her glaive out of its holster on her belt, her feet making little noise in the cave. She was born and raised in stonework caverns, she knew exactly how to move around in them quietly. She listened, carefully, for even the slightest echo.

     She felt a breeze coming from her left. That would mean fresh air, and an exit possibly large enough for a dragon to get to the sky. She smelled something else... something weird, like the air in a storm. Mahelsonei didn’t know this, but what she was smelling was ozone. The result of an oxygen molecule being electrically bonded to two more, an atmospheric compound that forms during lightning strikes. She followed the storm smell through the caverns for a few miles until she stopped for a drink of water.


     As she sat down on the floor of the cavern, downing her water, she thought to herself, Osvald would never have put any of us through this kind of grief. He would have walked away and let old wounds heal. Not Dagur, though. He can’t stop thinking about the Berkians and their dragons, can he?

     She didn’t like the Hooligans either. Mahelsonei thought they were too arrogant and pompous for their own good. They were unfriendly, secretive, and manipulative. But, they tended to be a little bit more merciful than Dagur and his loyal cronies.

     She continued again, but now she could hear echoes. They sounded like dragons. She started sticking closer to the cavern walls, her glaive ready to impale anything that got too close. She stepped on a pebble and it made a loose, gentle clattering on the ground. She froze. What if a dragon had heard that?


     The black dragon sat bolt upright, its green eyes narrowed. The ear-like flaps on its head were sticking straight up. Something else was in this cave, and it didn’t sound like a Skrill to him. His rider noticed the change in demeanor, a one legged boy with a mop of brown hair on his head. “What is it, bud?”

     The black dragon growled something that only his rider would comprehend. The boy’s expression darkened. A blond girl riding a spiky blue dragon asked, “What is it Hiccup?”

     “Toothless heard something.”

     “So what?” Another blond girl with a horned helmet perched on her head. She was riding on the neck of a green, two-headed dragon. A blond boy who looked very similar to her sat on the other head. The boy on the opposite head said, “So, it means something big might be following us and it’ll try to eat us.” He smirked. “I vote we feed Ruffnut to it.” The girl punched the boy in the face in response.

     “I vote we split up and look through the caves all at the same time.” A thickly built boy, riding an equally big dragon.

     “Good idea, Fishlegs. Ruff, Tuff, you take the cave on the far left. Fishlegs, you and Meatlug take the middle left. Snotlout, you take middle right and Astrid takes far right. Toothless and I will search the middle. We’ll meet back up in five minutes, holler if you see anything unusual.”

     “Why do I have to take the middle right tunnel? That one looks dumb and boring.” A strapping kid with a horned helmet groaned. His dragon, a strange species with only two legs that walked on the joints of its wings and its feet, burst into flames briefly. “OW! Hookfang, cut it out!”

     Hiccup turned around on his black dragon. “Well, do you want one that looks like it’ll lead to the Skrill nest, Snotlout?”

     Snotlout turned back and grumbled, urging his dragon into the tunnel.


     “You know what’d be cool? If that Skrill showed up and completely destroyed everything.” Tuffnut sniggered.

     “You know what’d be cool? If that Skrill showed up and we beat the snot out of it.”

     “What, did that thing eat Snotlout? Why do have to beat Snotlout out of it?”

     Ruffnut gave an exasperated groan, “It didn’t eat Snotlout. I meant completely kick it’s butt!” Her dragon head murmured and scrowled.

     “Huh-huh, That would be cool.” Tuffnut laughed stupidly.

     Mahelsonei stayed in the shadows of the cavern wall, watching the Zippleback and its riders pass. She kept her glaive gripped tightly in her hand, sliding around to behind the Zippleback, just clear of its tail. As the two twins were arguing with one another over what would be more awesome—seeing a Skrill shoot its lightning at a ship or seeing it shoot at Snotlout—she leapt, taking all four (three? Does the Zippleback count as two or one?) by surprise. But the dragon reacted quickly, its heads parting left and right quick as a blink. Mahelsonei landed into a somersault roll, jabbing her glaive where the Zippleback’s heads should have been, but it disappeared. She looked around wildly, looking for the Zippleback and its riders. She heard a growl to her left, and another to her right, confused, she froze for a moment. That moment was all that Ruff and Tuff needed to encourage Barf and Belch to action.

     Mahelsonei realized too late it was right behind her. Ruff yelled, “Barf, grab her stick!” The head on the right came from behind, lunging forward, snatching Mahelsonei’s glaive in its teeth, tossing it to the side of the cavern with a clatter. It started spouting sickly greenish gas. Tuff called out, “Belch, light ‘em up!”

     The gas caught fire, and Mahelsonei watched with horror as the flames quickly drew closer and closer until they exploded. She remembered sailing into the cave wall and smacking her head into the cave wall and seeing black night carry her consciousness into oblivion on wings made out of sparkling stars.

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(No subject)

I have to say I really enjoy your writing style. It's fresh, new, and I encourage you to keep up the good work! :)


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L'histoire de Mahelsonei: Comment Trahir un Maniaque

Hello wonderful Dragon Riders (and dragons)! Thank you so much for your readership, I promise it shall be worth it next chapter. This chapter is pretty slow, but next chapter shall be EPIC. However, it may have to wait for a week or so until I'm done moving. :( I hope that this will keep all of you satiated until I can update the story (which I promise will happen! Cross my heart and hope to fry, stick a Nadder in my eye. Here is chapter five!

Do I need to say it?

Que le spectacle commence!

****************************************************(Yes, I speak French.)**

Chapter 5: The Armada is Here

     They turned around heading back to the cave junction; for once, the twins had done something that was relatively useful. “Huh-huh, wait’ll they see this.” Ruffnut chuckled. “We got a random crazy chick with a sharp stick!”

     Tuffnut was quiet for a second. “Did you see her helmet? That’s a Berserker’s helmet.”

     Ruffnut looked at him for a second, then pulled back on Barf’s horns to make him stop. Belch responded to the ‘Brake signal’ as well, stopping the whole dragon. “Wait. You’re saying that Stick Chick is a Berserker.”

     “Well, duh!” Tuffnut deadpanned. “Which means...”

     They both knew what the other was thinking. The Berserkers were here. They needed to find their friends and that Skrill nest before the other Berserkers did.


     They charged back to the cave junction, unable to hold back even a little bit of speed, urging their dragon on with encouraging words. Sure, the twins were immature and were enthralled by carnage and destruction. But this was a life-or-death emergency. The twins held very little regard for their own lives, willing to risk life and limb for another charge of adrenaline. It was what made them stupid and formiddable. But when facts came down to the lives of their friends, the dragons, or their people, was the only time they were ever serious.


      Everyone else was already there, dismounted from their dragons. “When are the twins going to get back?” Astrid grumbled.

     The Zippleback and its riders charged into the cavern, coming to a screeching halt. “Guys, you will not believe what we just found.” Ruffnut panted.

     Tuff pointed at the object laying across Barf and Belch’s back. “We found a Crazy Stick Chick! And we totally beat the Snotlout out of her!”

     “What’d you call me?” Snotlout flashed a glare at the twins.

     “Calm down, Snotlout.” Hiccup gestured at Snotlout with a downturned palm. “What did you find?”

     “A crazy stick chick.” Tuffnut said again. He urged Belch to grab the Berserker by the collar and place her at Hiccup’s feet. She was unconscious, bound hand and foot. Her glaive clattering next to her. Hiccup took a deep breath in aprehension. What he had dreaded was already happening.

     “She’s a Berserker.” He deadpanned.

     “Which means there are Berserkers on this island right now!” Astrid frowned. She fingered her axe.

     “Eh, that’s really, really bad Hiccup.” Fishlegs started subconsciously stroking Meatlug. “If Berserkers are here, they know about the Skrill nest. And if they know about the Skrill nest, it means that Dagur’s here, and if Dagur’s here—“

     “It means he has the Armada here too.” Hiccup finished.

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Tale of Mahelsonei: How to Betray a Madman

Hey guys. Guess what chapter this is? It is indeed the epic one I've been promising! These next two chapters are probably some of the best I've ever written for anything. Ever. In my LIFE!

In this chapter Hookfang becomes probably the heaviest alarm clock known to Viking-kind, Astrid is misunderstood, and our favorite heroes are ambushed!

On with the show!


Chapter 6: Hookfang, the 5,000-Pound Alarm Clock

     “Okay, we officially have no time to waste or spare.” Astrid swung herself back into Stormfly’s saddle. “Every second we wait is one second the Berserkers get closer.”

     “She’s right.” Meatlug bowed, letting Fishlegs climb onto her back. He strapped himself in, careful of his dragon’s diminutive wings. “Did anybody see anything that looked like it would lead to the Skrill’s nest.”

     Everyone was silent. Hiccup took a deep breath. “Snotlout? Did you notice anything?”

     “Umm... no. Well, maybe.” He scratched his neck. “So what? I got off Hookfang for a second because I needed to take a le-“

     Astrid cut him off.  “Don’t have to know that part. Did you see anything?

     “Yeah, a bunch of huge scorch marks on the wall, and it smelled kind of weird in there too. It smelled like a storm, but without the rain.”

     “Yep, that sounds like our quarry.” Fishlegs nodded.

     “Question! I got a question!” Tuffnut put up a hand.

     Hiccup gave an exasperated sigh. “What is it Tuffnut?”

     “Does yak vomit really smell like low tide?”

     Hiccup inhaled sharply. “Yeah, I’m not gonna answer that.”

     “I got one!” Ruffnut put up her hand as well.

     “If it’s about Yak vomit, don’t ask us now.” Astrid groaned.

     “It isn’t!” Ruffnut said indignantly “What are we gonna do with Stick chick and her crazy stick?”

     “Actually, it’s called a glaive,” Fishlegs corrected. “It’s a weapon that’s used frequently in countries further south because it has a long reach and can be effectively used nearly anyone. Why it’s in the Archipelago, I don’t know.

     "I’ll take her.” Astrid volunteered. “If we leave her with the twins, odds are she’ll escape.” The twins protested indignantly.

     “I’ll take her glaive.” Fishlegs volunteered. “I’ve never seen one up close before, and it’d be a good idea to keep her weapon away from her.”

     “Good idea. I’ll go with Snotlout to the cavern, see if the Skrill really is there. We’ll call if we get in trouble.” Toothless murmured, nudging Hiccup in the back as if to say, ‘How can you get into trouble if I’m around?’

     “See you then.” Astrid nodded, Ruffnut and Tuffnut helping her remove the Berserker from Barf and Belch’s back.

     The boys and their dragons slid through the darkness quietly. Even Snotlout and Hookfang understood how important it was to be quiet. Toothless made literally no noise whatsoever,  but Hookfang’s oversized claws shook loose a few stray pebbles.

     Toothless growled at the Monstrous Nightmare, communicating his distaste for his lack of stealth. Hookfang hissed back an unapologetic apology, evidently unable to help the fact that his species was built for maximum intimidation and firepower, unlike the Night Fury. By some small mercy of Odin, they emerged into a large-ish cavern. True to what Snotlout said, it stank of ozone in here, and the walls were covered in scorch marks. Off to his left, Hiccup spied something. A small spark. He nudged Snotlout and pointed in the direction of the light. He nodded, urging Hookfang to scale the cave wall. Toothless’ claws weren’t long enough to climb the cave walls, but he was agile enough to leap from stalagmite to stalagmite with little trouble. What they beheld was unbelievable.

     It was a Skrill. A huge one, bigger than the one that Dagur had captured. She had a paler coloration overall, mostly a dark lavender color with a pale blue underbelly and carbon-colored markings on her wings. She appeared to be asleep, curled up in a circle around three tiny balls of sparking lightning. The spikes on her back lay flat in her slumber, like a pile of swords. But Hiccup knew from recent experience that those spikes could easily stick straight up like a forest of razor-sharp trees. For once, he was dumbfounded as to how he would train this dragon.

     “Great,” Snotlout hissed. “We’ve found it, now let’s get out of here.

     “Wait.” Hiccup gestured with his palm facing Snotlout again.

     “For what? We know it’s here, now let’s get out of here before that thing wakes up.

     “Snotlout, she has eggs. She can’t leave without endangering them. We’re going to have to protect her another way.” He urged Toothless back, the black dragon dissolving into the cavern’s shadows like they were made of shadow themselves. “Let’s get back to the others.

     “Finally, you listen to me!” Snotlout groaned. Hookfang churred in agreement. They crawled across the cliff wall, Hookfang clinging to every crevice with his enormous claws as they made their way back. Toothless gracefully leapt from precipice to stalagmite to outcropping like a professional acrobat.

     Suddenly, the rock wall cracked with a thunderous splitting sound as it splintered under Hookfang’s 5,000 pounds of muscle and bone, sending both the dragon and its rider tumbling into the cavern. “HICCUP!” Snotlout yelled. The one-legged Viking and the Night Fury turned around just in time to see them crashing on top of the mother Skrill.

     Snotlout fell out of Hookfang’s saddle, landing on the ground with a thump. He shook his head, trying to clear his head of the stars that plugged up his senses. He realized only too late where he was sitting. In between his knees was a perfect sphere of crackling lightning. Inside, he could see a tiny shape, a curled up little dragon with diminutive wings.

     “Oh Thor.”

     The mother Skrill opened one red, bloodshot eye. The first thing she saw was Snotlout sitting on her egg. The thin, purple shell seemed to cave ever so slightly from the pressure of his knee, precious lightning arcing to the point of contact within the shell like a lightning globe at a science fair. Her fury was instantaneous and absolute. She reared her head and hissed, static crackling across her scales. She was giving a crystal clear, and universally understood warning, which was more than fair on her part considering the circumstances.

     “Oh, heh-heh, was this yours?” Snotlout pointed at the globe between his knees, chuckling nervously. He lifted his knee off the egg, standing up backing away slowly. “I am very sorry m’am. Didn’t mean to disturb you there. Completely my dragon’s fault.” He had his palms up in a non-threatening gesture. Hookfang snapped his jaws in umbrage, as if to say it was Snotlout’s fault as well, but the teenager ignored him.

     Hiccup could barely believe his eyes. The dragon was responding to Snotlout. The dragon’s eyes were already a little more relaxed, but it still growled at Snotlout and Hookfang. Clearly, she was still pretty angry about them waking her up, and entering her sanctuary uninvited.

     “Um, listen, I hate to be rude--Well, that’s a lie. I like being rude to Hiccup--” Snotlout kept one hand, palm up, in the air. “But there are some really, really bad Vikings coming to take you and your eggs. We’re here to protect you, but if you wanna keep your eggs safe, you should come with us.”

     The dragon hissed, sparks crackling across her wings and skin again. She didn’t care. Let them come, she had driven off threats before. The scorch marks on the wall were proof of that. Meanwhile, this human and his sounds irritated her, and he had already threatened her eggs. It was time for him to get the hint and leave. She let the lightning build in her throat. Suddenly, another dragon (riderless this time) leapt to the ground. It was a dragon like a winged panther; sleek, black, and utterly lethal. He gave a screeching roar, proclaiming that if she attacked the human, she would face him.

     The Skrill took this as a threat, and changed her target from the annoying human to the rival dragon. She fired a blast of pure lightning, the boom of the thunder temporarily deafening the dragons’ sensitive ears, but she missed as the black dragon dodged with unnatural speed. It had jumped halfway across the cavern, and fired a plasma bolt right behind her crown of metallic spikes. She shook her head, stunned momentarily. Toothless saw this weakness instantly and pounced, bringing her to the ground.


     Astrid heard the boom as she was tying the unconscious enemy to her dragon’s saddle. “What was that?”

     “My guess? Hiccup’s encounter with the Skrill isn’t going well.” Fishlegs commented nervously.

     “Wait, he’s fighting the Skrill?” Tuffnut perked up. “Why can’t we fight the Skrill? It sounds awesome.”

     “Yeah, I wanna see Tuffnut take a bolt to the chest!”

     “That. Would be. Awesome!” They butted heads, their helmets clanging as they guffawed.

     “Not now, guys! We gotta get to Hiccup before he’s Skrill bait.” Astrid tightened the last rope on their captive and leapt back into her saddle, her axe out of its sheath. “C’mon, Stormfly! Let’s go!” Her Nadder squawked and took off, flying in low and tight in the cavern passages. All three dragons emerged in the cavern, maws blazing, peppering the Skrill with fire. She shot lightning at Stormfly, who artfully dodged the shot.

     “No, stop! You’re only making her mad! We need her to calm down, not blow us all to pieces!”

     “Where’s the fun in that?” Ruffnut and Tuffnut whooped, Barf and Belch swerving to avoid another blast of lightning. The Skrill shot another bolt, which struck Astrid and Stormfly with a crackle and a boom. Stormfly siezed in midair, screeching an ear-splitting roar, drowning out Astrid’s own scream. As they fell to earth, Hookfang caught them with his huge talons. Snotlout cheered, “Snotlout, Snotlout, oi! Oi! Oi!”

     “Okay, that’s it.” Hiccup inhaled, and jumped off the cliff from where he’d been. Toothless leapt, catching him in the saddle. Hiccup’s artificial foot clicked as it locked in the pedal. Now, they were one. They banked sharply, Toothless firing a plasma bolt at the same spot behind the Skrill’s head. It halted, stunned again, as Toothless crashed into it with his legs outstretched, tumbling onto the floor. The Skrill was out of shots now, and without a thunderstorm to recharge  it had no choice but to face all five dragons and six Vikings at once.


     The Skrill was furious. She had been sound asleep, minding her own business, when a dragon dropped on top of her. She was only protecting her eggs, they were the aggressors! This was unacceptable to her. Anger, and more than a little fear flooded her body. If she fell, she was sure that they would take her young. She felt weak now. The fire from the attacking dragons had taken its toll on her strength, and the energy she’d expended was beyond recovery.

     Hiccup and Toothless took advantage of the opening, clipping up to the roof of the cavern and diving, firing two more plasma blasts at her weak spot behind her head.

     The female Skrill wobbled on her two legs, collapsed, unconscious now. They had defeated her.


     The black dragon landed, and his rider disembarked, keeping a careful hand on his dragon in case he needed to get back in the saddle. Toothless sniffed the Skrill, churring quietly to Hiccup. “Yeah, I know, bud.” He scratched his head, his fingers tousling his brown hair. “How are we going to explain this to her when she wakes up?” A small spark jumped off the Skrill’s skin and connected with Hiccup’s metal prosthetic with a zap. He cried out, the weak current jolting his bad leg.

     “Ud-uhfi!” A voice called from the corner of the cavern. Astrid stood wobblingly to her feet. Stormfly was already up, both girl and dragon looking a little punch-drunk.”

     “Ar-gafblor Rill?” She gestured at the Skrill with her axe.

     Hiccup was quiet for a second. Then burst out laughing. “Bwa-ha-ha! I-I’m sorry Astrid, could you say that again? I didn’t qu-quite get that! Oh, man!” Astrid huffed, and punched Hiccup in the arm.Then, everyone started laughing at her. Fishlegs had to hold on to Meatlug just to stay standing.

     “Bwar wabbem armr!” She shouted, furiously. She gasped. Her sharp blue eyes caught movement on the cliffs. “Narsh! Narsh, bir shuramid!” She pointed at the moving shadows at the top of the cavern. But they didn’t listen! They kept laughing at her scrambled speech.

     She punched Hiccup in the arm again, “Okay! Fine, we’ll quit laughing at you, Astrid.” He rubbed his arm. No, she didn’t want an apology, she wanted his attention! She grabbed his jaw, forcefully pointed it in the direction of the cliff, and jabbing her finger at the Berserkers taking aim with their crossbows.

     “Barsherfer!” She yelled. They finally understood what she meant, and all of them paled in fear as they realized they could not escape the eyes of the Berserker marksmen.





I sincerely hope that you liked this one! I'm super duper proud of this next chapter. It took some improvising. I'm not sure how good it is. It was kind of written at two in the morning with a cat on my head.

By the way, I am considering adding a second OC later in the story, a Changewing rider. Please, feel free to PM me if you have any ideas concerns, complaints ANYTHING about my story that YOU think could be better. I am writing this for you, my dear readers, and I value any input you may have.

By the way, big thank you to DragonLover43 for your readership. I'm a big fan of your fanfiction work. :D

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Tale of Mahelsonei: How to Betray a Madman

A pleasant day to everyone who is reading this! I've found my inbox dissapointingly empty this past week... :( Just saying, I feel like all my work on this is going to no one. Soooo, I would like to say a few things. Firstly, you guys are the reason I'm writing this. I'd like feedback from the crowd. Tell me, what directions would you like to see this story take? Should I add a dramatic and awesome scene like Wrathfang suddenly hatches in the cave? Or just yell, 'To heck with it, RAGNAROK HAPPENS AND THEY ALL DIE! BWAHAHA!!'

Secondly, if no one does read this, I will eventually take it off the forum and post it somewhere else. Or remove it entirely and leave the crumbs of missing data scattered across cyberspace.... never to be found again. (Dun-dun-dunn!!)


On with the show!



Chapter 7: Mother’s Love


     “Hello again, Hiccup!” Dagur waved at the Riders with false, malicious cheer. “Aww, did you take down that Skrill just for me? You shouldn’t have.” He cackled.

     Hiccup edged closer to Snotlout, and in a low voice he growled, “If we ever get out of this alive Snotlout, you and Hookfang are going to be doing stealth drills from now until Ragnarok.”

     Snotlout hissed back, “It’s not my fault. If someone hadn’t sic’d Toothless on grumpy mommy over there, I could have had it!”

     Nets dropped from overhead, ensnaring all of the Riders and their dragons. The winged lizards thrashed and screeched and howled, but didn’t burn out of the net. They had used up all of their fire taking down the Skrill, and even if they hadn’t they would have risked injuring their humans by escaping.

     Hiccup and Toothless were the only ones who weren’t struggling. Toothless and Hiccup both knew that they had two plasma blasts left, and would have a third one in about five minutes. Hiccup called over the din, “Stop struggling guys. They’ve got us.”

     They begrudgingly did as their de facto leader asked. Snotlout, however, completely ignored him. “Hookfang, flame up!”

     The Monstrous Nightmare’s eyes narrowed, and his skin burst into flames, making quick work of the net. It quickly extinguished, using up his last reservoirs of flammable saliva. But Hookfang’s sharp claws soon freed Fishlegs and the twins from their nets, and they quickly mounted up and charged.


     The ensuing fight was utter chaos. The Barf and Belch’s tails whipped around like lashes, grabbing Berserkers by the throats and tossing them into the throng. Hookfang’s talons and tail disarmed and drove back ten of them while Meatlug found a sizeable boulder. Her powerful jaws quickly reduced it to rubble, refuelling her shot limit. The Gronckle laid out three perfectly placed blasts of red-hot lava, driving the Berserkers further back. Arrows rattled off Meatlug’s thick skin like pellets of hail on a rooftop. However, one bolt managed to sever a single leather strap, and Mahelsonei’s captured glaive fell to the floor, nearly unnoticed.

     Fishlegs was busy using his knife to cut Hiccup and Toothless free. Toothless’ teeth ripped the rest of the net to shreds. Hiccup mounted up and Toothless released a shrieking bolt of plasma, which hit the cliff where Dagur stood.

     He yelled as he tumbled to the bottom of the cavern, stunned. Ignoring their fallen leader, the Berserkers attempted to swarm the Night Fury. Toothless swept his tail in an arc, tossing three of the men back like rag dolls. His jaws, teeth retracted, closed on one axe-wielding Viking and threw him back into the throng, knocking down two more like bowling pins. Hiccup’s shield deflected several bolts away from Toothless as they waded their way through the skirmish.


     It was now that Mahelsonei finally woke up. She would have been horrified to find herself weaponless and hog-tied. But, the main article of her focus was Dagur. He was making his way to the Skrill, shoving his way past his own men to reach the unconscious mother. Her mind was blown by how huge the Skrill actually was. She was even bigger than the male they had found two months ago. She also saw the three, canteloupe-sized lightning spheres that had rolled into a corner beside her. Her eggs, completely defenseless.

     The Skrill awoke as well. Her huge, red-rimmed eyes fluttered a second as Dagur’s shadow passed over them. He looked down at her and sneered as he advanced towards her flickering eggs.

     The female saw Mahelsonei laying on the floor, the only Viking not engaged in the fight. Their eyes met for one second, and the world stopped turning as they stared.

     Now we’ll never know for sure what happened exactly. Some people say that Odin was bored that day and decided to watch for a minute or two and drag out the moment. Others say that the hearts and souls of the human and the dragon connected. I personally think that something in that Skrill’s eyes reminded Sunny of her own mother. The worry, the love, the ferocity and the pity all wrapped in one single glance communicated one single need to the young woman.

     Help me.


     Now Mahelsonei had looked into plenty of dragon eyes, mostly as the dying lights of their lives were extinguished by her own hand. But this was different.

     She responded by struggling to her feet, her head reeling from what might have been a concussion. She slithered over to her fallen weapon and cut her bonds on the sharp blade. Once her hands and feet were free, she snatched up her glaive and charged Dagur as his sword was poised over one of the eggs.

     “Stop!!” She roared. “Dagur, don’t!”

     He turned around, gave one maniacal grin, and plunged his sword into one of the eggs. The thin purplish skin split, and the tiny charge of lightning arced up his sword, illuminating his face.

     Mahelsonei staggered. He just killed an unborn dragon. She understood defending herself. She understood killing to protect her grandmother and her baby brother. But what he had done was unforgiveable. He had killed a babe in the cradle, in front of its mother. Mahelsonei couldn’t place why, but she felt like he had stabbed the sword into her chest instead.

     He raised his sword again and chopped the second one in half. “Oooh, it tingles.” He giggled. The Mother Skrill moaned, unable to stop him. She looked at him pitiably. He turned around. “Well, I only need one Skrill. Besides, I like watching you plead.” He leered. His sword raised for the last time. The lightning-filled egg crackled feebly, as if the hatchling inside knew it was going to hidebefore it had ever even been born. The sword came down, but was met with a solid clang! as steel met steel.

     Dagur stumbled back, shocked by what he saw. One of his own dragon-killing Berserkers crouched between his sword and the egg, the shaft of her weapon pushing against the blade of his sword.

     “How DARE YOU!” He screamed. He swung the sword in an arc, meaning to behead Sunny. She parried with her glaive again, twisting around and catching Dagur under the arm with the spear-like end of her glaive, opposite the blade. She gave one enormous lift, and tossed him onto his back. He rolled out of the way as her blade came down on the cave floor.

     “How dare you, Dagur! You send your own soldiers into a death trap, and now you’re killing a mother’s children in front of her. You monster!” She stood her ground, one hand on the pointed end of her glaive, the other in the middle of he shaft, her two-foot long blade gleaming wickedly in the light of the fires.

     “Well, I am Deranged, aren’t I?” He shrugged, then charged her. He feinted left, catching her with the pommel on her chin, knocking her over on the ground. She thought fast, sweeping his feet with a quick swipe of the blade, but he jumped before the shaft could connect with his ankles. She stood up quickly and blocked as he came at her again with a two-handed stroke. They traded blows back and forth as the weakening Skrill murmured and groaned, trying to support her champion.


     Hiccup watched quietly as Mahelsonei took daring risk after risk to keep Dagur from the surviving Skrill egg. The skrimish was nearly over, many of the Berserkers retreating with their wounded compatriots. Dagur and Mahelsonei were the only ones left in the cave. But Dagur wasn’t willing to give in yet. He threw down his sword and swept an abandoned crossbow off the ground. “I’ll kill you, you-you traitor!” He let loose the loaded bolt, the shaft whizzing through the air. Mahelsonei didn’t have time to dodge.

     Every rider in the cave gasped when the bolt found its mark.

     Mahelsonei stood up, confused. The Skrill collapsed in front of her, her chest heaving as blood pooled on the floor. The mother Skrill had leapt between Mahelsonei and Dagur just as the madman pulled the trigger.

     Dagur squeaked. He dropped the crossbow and turned tail, fleeing the nest with his tail between his legs. No one noticed him leave.

     Mahelsonei knelt down next to the Skrill, her knees splashing in the blood. “You saved me. Why?” The girl’s hand covered her mouth. She’d seen this kind of injury before on other dragons. This Skrill was only going to live another minute. The beast groaned as she craned her head around to give one last look at her egg. Her last surviving child. She turned again and locked eyes with the young woman.

     Her snout pushed up underneath her hand, the scales rasping on the ground. An electric tingle jumped up her arm as her palm made contact with the snout. She felt the Skrill’s last hot breath leave her nostrils as it gave up the ghost.

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This is a really good story! Urgh Dagur... ---_______---








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Tale of Mahelsonei: How to Betray a Madman

Hi guys!

First of all, I'm glad to say because of the corecing of a real-life friend I'm not going to take this story off the forum. :D Yay! In fact, I intend to make it a fairly long story. Not too long, mind you.

Big thank you to everyone and anyone who has read this story. This next chapter is mostly dialogue and characterization. A slight relationship develops between Sunny and Hiccup (Again, NO ROMANCE in this story. This will be a solely platonic relationship), and she starts easing up on the defense response. Action doesn't pick up again for another two or three chapters, I'm afraid.

I can't wait to write what happens to her in 'Frozen'! That was one of my favorite episodes! However, still fuzzy on what ought to happen. I'm open to ideas from any source, and that source could be you!

Still contemplating adding a new character. I promised to add one RunningBuffalo and his Zippleback Greenz (and Beanz) to this story when I can, so we shall be seeing this fun-loving brony and his trouble-making Zippleback in the future!


Decided I was tired of asterisks... Let us EQUALIZE THE PLAYING FIELD! LOLOL Okay, bad pun.

ON with THE show!!


Chapter 8: Adopting to the Situation

     Mahelsonei sat in the Skrill’s blood for a minute. A dragon had just died in front of her and for the first time ever, she felt tremendous mourning. She protected her, sacrificed herself to save the human who failed to defend her. As much as she wanted to cry, the tears just wouldn’t come. Her fist clenched around the wood of her glaive, the iron core adding a comfortable weight.

     “Umm, this might sound like a bad time, but who the heck are you?” Fishlegs shuffled closer.

     Mahelsonei stood up, glad they couldn’t see her face under her helm. Dark red blood dripped from the hem of her skirt. She clenched her glaive in her hand and just glared at them. She felt a cold iron sphere forming in her gut as she tried to bury her depression and wrath. She turned around and walked to the last Skrill egg. Lightning still arced from the center of the sphere to the thin purple skin of the egg. The hatchling still lived. She picked it up and held it close to her chest. Hiccup held up a hand as if he was going to protest her touching it. But then he remembered how that Skrill had looked when it had died. The Skrill had chosen Mahelsonei to protect her nest, for reasons that no one completely understood.

    "I understand that I’m still your prisoner.” Her voice was low and lethal. “But if you want this egg, you’ll have to take it from my icy, dead hands.” She drew in close to Hiccup’s face. “Is that clear?”

     “Um, sure.” He blinked. “By the way, I don’t think we caught your name.”

     “I don’t think I dropped it.”

     “Well, everybody’s got a name. We can’t keep calling you ‘Crazy Stick Chick’.”  He folded his arms.

     She hesitated. “Mahelsonei. I am Mahelsonei Jephon Sonjen of the Berserker Tribe.”

     “That’s a weird name.” Ruffnut elbowed her brother. “What kind of a name is Mill Sunny?”

     “Yeah. Why can’t she have a normal name like any other respectable Viking?” Tuffnut muttered.

     Snotlout pushed his way forward, sweeping low into a bow before Mahelsonei. “Ignore those losers, please. I am Snotlout Jorgenson of the Hooligan Tribe. That pig-headed dragon over there is Hookfang.”

     Tuffnut shoved Snotlout out of the way. “Hi, I’m Tuffnut, the guy you tried to kill a few hours ago? The ugly one over there is my sister Ruffnut. And the Zippleback, you know, the one whose heads you tried to cut off? That’s Barf and Belch.” His sister folded her arms and leered at Mahelsonei. Evidently, they didn’t appreciate the fact that she had tried to kill their dragon.

     The big kid with the Gronckle walked forward and held out a hand for her to shake. When she didn’t accept it—her hands were full—he put his hands behind his back. “I’m Fishlegs, and this is my dragon Meatlug.” The Gronckle licked his face with a huge, wet pink tongue. Mahelsonei let herself smile when she saw this, knowing no one would see under her helm.

     The girl with the axe pushed her bangs out of her eyes. “I’m Astrid, this is Stormfly.” The brilliant blue Nadder was busy preening its tail, but it lifted its head and squawked as if to say ‘hello’.

     Hiccup was about to introduce himself when Mahelsonei cut him off. “Don’t worry, I know who you are. The Dragon Tamer, right? I thought you’d be skinnier.”

     Hiccup was willing to overlook her obvious jab, but Toothless wasn’t. He hissed as a warning to the strange girl. “And this must be the legendary Toothless. He’s every inch the dragon they say he is. Even the missing tail.” She took a deep breath. “Now, my turn for a question. What do you do to your prisoners, kid?”

     “Umm, wow, straight to the point.” Hiccup scratched his head. He suddenly felt very awkward. “I’ve never taken a prisoner before.”

     “Well I know what you do to a prisoner!” Snotlout piped up. He shoved Hiccup out of the way. “You tie them to a chair and interrogate them! You search ‘em for anything valuable they’ve got. If it’s in their pockets or--” He said this last part in a quiet voice, getting right up in Sunny’s face. “in their heads.

     Mahelsonei gagged when she smelled his breath, and kicked him in the chest, managing not to pop the egg. He fell back on his butt to the floor with an oof! “Stay outta my face, Snotwad.”

     “Ooh, she just kicked Snotlout.” Ruff sang in a sing-songy voice.

     “She is sooo gonna get it.” Tuff snickered.

     Hiccup and Fishlegs had to hold him back as he tried to rush the Berserker. “You got a death wish? Huh? Did you really just kick the owner of a Monstrous Nightmare? Hookfang! Annihilate!”

     The mighty monster rose its head, looked Sunny up and down, and settled back down. Completely ignoring the struggling rider. “Hookfang, I said ‘annihilate’! Stupid dragon!”

     “Calm down, Snotlout.” Fishlegs tightened his grip on Snotlout’s left arm. “We’re not going to interrogate her.”

     “We’re not?” The twins were dumbstruck.

     “No. If you want something, you ask politely. Something you’d know nothing about.” He let go of his arm, and he stayed where he was, dark clouds fuming over his head. Fishlegs cleared his throat. “Pardon my colleague, miss. May I see that egg for a minute, just to examine it?”

     Mahelsonei glared at him. Highly effective, since all he could see were her eyes. “I thought I made it clear. You try to take this egg, I’ll whip you so fast it’ll make your head spin.”

     “Fishlegs, come here for a second.” Hiccup motioned his friend over.

     “She’s protecting that egg.” Hiccup muttered.

     “Yeah, so?”

     “The Berserkers came here to capture the Skrill, but Dagur smashed two of the eggs.”

     “Yeah, I know. What does that have to do with—” Fishlegs gasped. “You don’t think she’s protecting that egg for Dagur, do you?”

     “On the one hand, she might be. On the other hand, you did see her stand up to Dagur to protect those eggs. And the Mother Skrill did try to save her life.”

     “It could have been a ploy. Win the Skrill’s loyalty and it would have come along quietly.” Fishlegs pointed out. “Dagur might have been pretending to shoot her, but the Skrill jumped and caught the bolt anyway. No one would have predicted that.”

     “So you’re saying she might have been playing along. And Dagur smashed those eggs so we wouldn’t be able to hatch and train our own Skrill.” Hiccup guessed.

     “It’s a distinct possibility. I think we should take her back to Berk and see what she knows, maybe find out what they’re plotting.”

     “You just said ‘We’re not going to interrogate her’.”

     Fishlegs bit his lip. Hiccup continued. “If she really did betray Dagur, she won’t be welcome back on Berserker Island. And she’s obviously not gonna let that egg out of her sight. If we try to take it, we could kill the Skrill inside.”

     "So you’re saying we should take her either way?”

     “Exactly, Fishlegs.”

     They turned around. Hiccup spoke. “Alright, Mahelsonei, was it? Looks like you’re coming with us to Berk.”


     “Now, don’t get any funny ideas about esca—What?”

     “I said, ‘Okay’. Is that a problem?”

     Hiccup was taken aback. “No, just thought you’d protest more. She’ll be riding with me.”

     “Shouldn’t we tie her up?” Astrid asked.

     “Once we get into the air, escaping shouldn’t be too much of a problem.”

     Sunny felt a little apprehensive as she approached the Night Fury. He didn't look happy with his new cargo. “What about my glaive?” She asked.

     “I’ll take it.” Astrid said, picking it up off the floor.

     “Great. Let’s get a move on.” He walked to Toothless and slid his leg over the saddle. Sunny had just barely noticed that his footsteps sounded odd, musical even. Tap clank-squeak, tap clank-squeak, tap clank-squeak. His foot gave a solid ka-censored! as it connected to the mechanism that guided Toothless’ fake tail. She wondered how long it took to make all that stuff; the tail, the foot, the mechanism.

     Toothless glared at Mahelsonei. Apparently, all he could see was her helmet too. Not the look of fear on her face. “Come on.” Hiccup stretched out his hand. “It’s perfectly safe. Do you trust me?”

     “Excuse me?”

     “Do you trust me?”

     Sunny inhaled deeply. “Not really, no.” Hiccup smirked, his cheeks playing up at the corners of his mouth. He grabbed her forearm and hoisted her into the saddle. She was very careful not to crush the delicate egg in her arm. Toothless gave a mighty flap of his wings and zoomed through the cavern, completely taking Mahelsonei by surprise, yanking a brief yelp out of her lungs. She felt her stomach lurch and clench as the dragon swooped. Her heart was completely in her throat! She’d always thought riding a dragon would be like the zipline, but she was sorely mistaken. This was more like being strapped onto the bow of a ship in a hurricane! She almost dropped the egg in favor of siezing the shoulders of the boy in front of her. But something blocked her action. Something calmed her down. She took a deep breath, which was hard to do because of the wind. In this entire instant, they shot out of the cavern and into the sky. It was dawn when her ship had landed, and now it was bright midday.


     “Well, how do you like flying?”

     “I’ll like it better when we’re on the ground. How far is Berk?”

     “A few leagues. Make yourself comfortable, because it’ll be a while.”


     “So tell me about yourself. Do you have family?”

     “Why are you asking me this?”

     “Oh, curiosity.”

     She hesitated. But only for a second. “I have a little brother, Erik. My Uncle Bjorn, he helps protects the village. My grandma is a healer.”

     “What about your parents?”

     “They were murdered by Outcasts five years ago on a raid on our home.”

     “Oh. Sorry to hear that.”

     “Osvald was sorry too. He said the prayer to send them to Valhalla at their funeral.”

     “Oh. My mom was killed in a dragon raid. I was just a baby.”

     “I’m sorry to hear that, Hiccup.” She paused. “Did you build all this by yourself?”

     “I built Toothless’ tail and saddle, but Gobber made my leg after the Red Death was killed.”

     “Who’s Gobber?”

     “The blacksmith on Berk. I’d been his apprentic since I was little. Well, little-er.”

     Sunny let herself laugh a little. They continued this back and forth. She found herself thinking of Hiccup and the rest of the Berkians less as enemies and more as real people. Gradually, even Toothless seemed a little less fearsome. Hiccup was starting to feel the same way; maybe not all Berserkers were bloodthirsty barbarians. It turned out that Hiccup and Sunny both liked art, and she had a sketchbook full of paintings she’d done of the landscape of Berserker Island, and the inside of her home.

     “I’d show it to you, but I’m holding a baby right now. Sorry.” She apologized.

     Hiccup was quiet again. “What’ll you do when that thing hatches?”

     This question shook her for a second. She hadn’t thought of that. “I... don’t know.”


     Mahelsonei did actually know what she would do with the Skrill. She just didn’t want to say it out loud. She wanted to protect it, care for it. After what its mother had done for her, she couldn’t dare do less. She couldn’t explain it. She didn’t know how to put it into words. She just... knew exactly what to do and how to do it. It was like she already knew everything about the Skrill egg she was holding.

     She would adopt it.


     “We know almost nothing about the Skrill, if it hatches on Berk we may not know how to take care of it.”

     “I’ll think of something. I’m not letting him go.”


     “What, got a problem with that?”

     “Oh look, we’re here.” Hiccup dodged the question.

     Mahelsonei peered around Hiccup. “That’s Berk?”

     “Yep. This is Berk. It’s frostbite and fresh snow nine months of the year and colder than the gods should allow the other three. There’s fishing, games in the Great Hall, and the forest full of wild dragons on the back side of the island. The dragons are definitely the best part of living here on Berk. Life here is tough, unpredictable, and mean as a Nightmare with a toothache. The people here are even more so. You might like it here.”

     “Who said anything about me liking it? I’m a prisoner, remember?”

     “Oh, yeah. Right.” Hiccup blushed. “Doesn’t ‘long-term, restricted houseguest’ sound less... negative?” They landed in front of the Great Hall. Stoick was already there. He came right up to Hiccup and asked, “Where is the Skrill, son? Was Johann’s information wrong?”

     “Oh no, we found the Skrill all right. In fact we found a nest.”

     “Well, where is it?”

     Hiccup rubbed his neck. “Yeah, about that...”

     Sunny slid off Toothless, who growled at her. She boldly walked right up to Stoick, the glowing purple egg still safe in her hands. She felt a little trepidatious, but resolved to sound confident. “Hi. I’m your new long-term, restricted houseguest.”

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Hi its Adallia_Thalis!!


I wrote on your wall asking if I could borrow your idea for a story, it gave me a really good one, and I just wanted to say I love your story!!!!!



Also my first chapter is up, and will be edited soon, can I borrow a few more ideas, like the mother skrill and eggs, her hands type thing?  I'll be sure to give you lots of credit, as I just wrote the first chapter with a special thanks to you for helping inspire me to do a story that will be my best yet!


Thanks again!! I am also hoping you will let me have her get one of those sword spear really cool thingies?



Thanks, and if not I understand!!


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I would like to encourage you

I would like to encourage you to come up with some of your own ideas for your story. The plot elements in my story are things that I have placed in here because they have a special significance to me, or they were ideas given to me by my friends. Sunny's glaive is in this story because I am learning how to use a glaive. The mother Skrill and Wrathfang's egg were from an old dream I had a long time ago, when I was a little kid. Sunny's fingers were inspired by my best friend's own personal struggles with being born with half of her leg missing. For a long time in Elementary school, she hid her prosthetic leg under long pants and leggings. She never went to swimming parties, she wore jeans and long socks even in the summer. It was only in 7th grade when she finally told us that she was 'handicapped', and showed us her prosthesis.


Your story will mean a lot more to you if you draw from your own experiences. The more soul you put into your story, the more it will come across to your readers. If you borrow too much from my story, it will just turn into a fanfiction of a fanfiction. Here's what I did; When I start writing a story, I read up on old mythology and legends to come up with ideas. Maybe you could arrange your story around 'the Ilead' or 'Beowulf'. Is there something important to you, something very close to your heart that you can put into your story? A family story, an experience from church/an after school club/ a sports team?


I'm glad you like my story. But I think that your story would be better if it were 100% you, and not 40% me. Thank you, and I'm sorry. :( :(

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I just gotta say this is a

I just gotta say this is a super good story!  Keep up the good work, I look forward to the next chapter!


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Thanks very much, I take a lot of pride in my work. :)

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Tale of Mahelsonei: How to Betray a Madman

Sorry about the long wait, guys. I just got done moving, and now that everything is settled, I can go back to writing.

This next chapter is pretty short, but it could be considered important. This is where Mahelsonei is *gasp* thrown into prison! And, surprisingly, she's OK with it. We see more of her relationship developing with Wrathfang, and how she feels about adopting a dragon egg, and about dragons in general.

On with the shooooooww!


Chapter 9: Long-term, Restricted Houseguest

     “Hiccup, who is this?” Stoick regarded her cautiously. Well, everyone in the village was looking at her by now.

     “Umm, Dad, this is Mahelsonei, our prisoner. Mahelsonei, this is Stoick the Vast.”

They looked at each other coldly for a minute. They said nothing. “You’re a Berserker.”

     “Yes. Yes I am.”

     “What is that you’re holding?” Stoick reached out to grab it from her, but she shied away.

Hiccup stepped between them. “There was an accident, Dad. Dagur killed the Skrill, and two of her eggs. This is the only egg that survived.” Mahelsonei cleared her throat, reminding him that he forgot something. “And, evidently, she’s not going to let go of it.”

     “I see.” Stoick folded his arms. “And why isn’t she tied up, son?” Stoick was clearly on edge.

     Mahlesonei answered, “Have you ever tried to run or fight while you’re holding a baby? It doesn’t happen. Besides, if I even fidget, squeeze too hard, or if someone tries to take it, this egg will burst like a raindrop.” What she said was true. She delivered her facts bluntly, and her warning was crystal clear.

     Stoick glowered. “Fine. Gobber! Mulch! Bucket!” Three passing Viking men, all tough-looking, bearded, hook-handed Hooligans, stopped and as they walked by.

     “What is it Stoick? I’ve got a deliv’ry to make within the hour.” The one on the left spoke with a thick accent Mahelsonei couldn’t place, had a long blond mustache that came practically to his knees, and had two missing limbs: his left arm and right leg, both replaced with wicked-looking prosthetics.

     “Show our new ‘long-term houseguest’ to her room. Make sure she’s properly shackled, too.”

     “All right, Stoick. We’ll make sure this little lady makes no trouble.” The one with the bushy brown beard and a hook for a right hand grabbed her shoulder with his left. “Come along, now.”

     Hiccup watched as Mahelsonei was led away by the three men. Bucket reahed for the egg with his hook-hand, but the prisoner jerked it away before the brain-damaged sap could injure the delicate egg. Toothless chuffed and nudged Hiccup’s elbow. “I know, bud. Crazy Berserker with a Skrill egg in our jail. That’s not going to turn out well, is it?” Toothless made a low, warbling sound that sounded almost like ‘no’. “Didn’t think so.” He deadpanned.


     “Well, here y’are. Your new home for the foreseeable future.” Gobber shoved her inside. Not maliciously, but forcefully enough that she went inside. “You get yer meals twice a day. If you misb’have, it’s one meal a day. Those shackles are to be on your ankles until you’ve proven you won’ run off. The bucket in the corner is your relief. Guard checks on you periodically. If you disrespect visitors, ye’re in solitary for however long we feel like. Sound fair?”


     “Too bad, because this isn’ a— what?” Gobber did a double take.

     “It’s very kind of you, thank you. The prisoners we take aren’t treated nearly as well.”

     Gobber, Mulch, and Bucket just blinked, so she added, “I’m not saying I’m enjoying it. I’m just saying it’s better than I would have expected.”

     “Well... All righty then!” Mulch closed the heavy iron grate, and pulled a lever. An iron-bound log as thick and round as her uncle and brother standing next to each other rose from the floor, sealing her inside.

     “See you tomorrow!” Bucket called. "Wait, if she's a guest, why are we locking her up?" He asked Mulch as they walked away.

     When they were gone, she set to work. She moved carefully took off her fur-lined, studded leather jacket and arranged it neatly in the corner next to the cot into a vague donut shape, fur facing in. She carefully rested the egg in it, her gloved hands handling the egg gently. After she’d made sure it wouldn’t roll away, she removed her helmet and set it on the floor by the door. She took deep breaths in, stretching her arms. It felt good to have that thing off. She wiped her face off on the long sleeves of her shirt, and sat down on her cot. She undid her messy braid and finger combed it until the tangles were out. Her gloves made this hard, but she kept them on. As she redid it, she looked at her—no, the Skrill’s—egg. How did she know the dragon inside was a male? There was no logical way of knowing what it was while it was still unborn. Was there? What in the name of Odin did that Skrill do to her when it looked at her? When it touched her?

     She shoved the thought out of her mind. She had done nothing her. The only reason she was doing this was because Dagur had gotten carried away, and she’d gotten carried away trying to stop him. Now she’d been literally carried away. And she’d probably stay where she was for a long, long time.

     She finished her braid and tied it again with her hair string. She shed her outer-skirt of studded leather and peeled off her boots. She was left in her wool socks, leather gloves, her wool skirt, and her top. Shaking out the blanket, she found a mouse and a couple spiders. Obviously, this cell hadn’t been used in a long time. The startled little rodent was clearly quite unhappy that she’d upset its nest, but didn’t stick around to fight her for it. It hadn’t been the first nest she’d upset today.

     Flying had taken a long time. Now, it was about 4 o’clock in the afternoon. But Mahelsonei’s body told her that it was much later than that and she needed to sleep. So, she slipped into the covers and fell asleep. She had bad dreams. Dreams of a demon with mismatched horns and a scar across its left eye, slashing through fields of children with its sharp claws. As it laughed and sang and the children wailed. In the sky, a spiky dragon dove in and out of storm clouds.


How do you guys like it so far? Lemme know what you'd like to see next. Spoiler alert: I got something big and plot-twisty for the next chapter.

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namdaM a yarteB ot woH :ienoslehaM fo elaT

.yrroS .yadot sdrawkcab gnileef m'I.

Here's the next chapter. As I promised, crazy unseeable plot twist. When you do hit 'THE BIG ONE', try not to let your head explode from the 'WHAT IN THE NAME OF ODIN'S SKIVVIES??' factor.

Hope you enjoy this one. I put a lot of effort into it. And sorry if there are any spelling errors in this. I have an aged cat climbing on my head. :P You'll understand, rgith?

!!wohs eht htiw nO!!


Chapter 10: Visiting Hours

     Hiccup readjusted his grip on the basket as Toothless flew to the jail.  The jail was on the east side of the village, far from the Academy and the houses, but close enough that if it was to be attacked in a rescue attempt, the response would be abrupt and brutal. The walls were solid stone, and the doors were heavy iron grates that could only be opened by releasing the giant logs that blocked the doors. They used a similar mechanism to keep dragons in their cages, back when the Academy was the Killing Arena. It had been two days since Mahelsonei had been captured, and nothing had happened. She hadn’t complained, which was nice. But no one had come to rescue her, which was disconcerting.

     They landed in front of the jail, and as Hiccup disconnected his leg and swung off, he was greeted by Bucket. He waved his hook-hand. “Hi, Hiccup!”

     “Hi, Bucket.” Hiccup stopped for a second. “Are those doors open?” The the cell doors swung wide open, the locking log sunk into the floor.

     “Yep. The girl said she had to use the outhouse, and I told her she could if she didn’t take too long.”

     “Oh man, this is bad!”

     “She said it was an emergency, and if she didn’t leave soon something bad would happen. Did I do something wrong?”

     “You let her escape!” Hiccup dropped the basket. “Come on, Toothless, we gotta find her.” The dragon burbled as if to say, ‘I told you we shouldn’t have trusted her’.

Bucket’s face fell. “No good, no good, no good!” He whacked his bucket with his hook.

     “Hey, Bucket. We’re back!”

     The man, boy, and dragon, whipped around and saw the Berserker strolling towards them, with the egg in one arm and the other with loosely gripping the helmet by a horn. Hiccup was slightly shocked that Mahelsonei was actually kind of pretty. He half-expected her to look something like a crazed monster.

     “Oh. Hi, Hiccup.” She nodded at the one-legged teenager. “I wasn’t expecting you to visit.”

     “What are you doing out of your cell!” It was more a statement than a question.

     “Oh come on, you expect me to take care of business in a bucket? With a person watching?”

     "What’s wrong with buckets? I like buckets.” Bucket gripped his hook bashfully.

     “Nothing’s wrong with them. Unless I’m expected to use them as a toilet. Haven’t you ever had a prisoner who was a lady?” She scolded.

     “Yeah, once.” Hiccup answered.

     “Did she have to go in a bucket?”

     “No, but—”

     "Then neither should I. It’s not the bucket that bothers me as much as the lack of privacy. A curtain would be nice. Just so I can have a scrap of dignity.”

     “Fine, I’ll talk to my dad about it.” Hiccup conceded reluctantly.

     “Please do.”

     “Speaking of dignity, those clothes of yours are probably really gross by now. We brought you an extra set.” He kicked the basket over to her. Inside was a wool skirt, with a fur outer-skirt. There was also a pink, short-sleeved shirt made out of woven strands of wool with a matching fur half-vest. There was a pair of leggings as well.

     She thanked him, and picked them up carefully. They smelled strange. They smelled like pine trees, seawater, and the dry, sour-sweet smell of dragons. They smelled distinctively Berk-ish. Not at all like the dusty, rainwater smell of Berserker Island. She went back into her cell and the doors shut behind her, the log rising out of the floor to seal her in.  “Well, now we’ll give you some privacy so you can change.” Hiccup gestured for Bucket to follow him, and all three—no, the two of them left. The dragon didn’t count as a person. Did it?


     When she saw Toothless’ mismatched tail slide away, she walked up to the grate, and peered down the hall left and right. When she was sure that no one was watching, she undressed and put on the unfamiliar garments. They fit her well enough, but they didn’t fit per se. They felt so foreign and strange to her. But, she accepted it any way. She tightened the glove on her left hand. She couldn’t believe they hadn’t noticed her gloves yet. She hoped to Odin that they would never notice. That they would never ask her about why she never took off her gloves. She put the thought out of her mind. They would never know. They would just assume it was a personality quirk, like a phobia of dirt.

     She hated doing it. But she had to do it to keep them clean. She slid off the glove on her right hand, and before she took off her left, she double-checked to make sure no one was coming. She sat down, facing the corner where the Skrill egg lay nestled in her wadded-up jacket, and slid off her left glove revealing what was underneath.

     Wooden fingers. The wooden attachments to her pinky, ring finger, and middle finger fastened to her hand by thin leather straps looped through holes in a flat board on the ball of her palm and another on the back of her hand. She undid the straps on the sides of the boards and slid off the prosthetic. Her hand was still as ugly as ever. The tip of her pinky was gone, and her middle and ring fingers ended at the second knuckle. Ugly pink scars bloomed from the tips down the stumps, to the back of her hand like a web. She flexed them experimentally. Her first finger was still a little stiff, but the other fingers bent just fine. What was left of them, anyway.

     She grabbed the drinking water pitcher and rinsed off her stumps. She picked her dirty shirt off the ground, rubbing them clean. She did the same for the sockets of her wooden fingers. She didn’t have any oil to protect the wood from splitting. That was gone with the contents of her bag, locked up in Stoick’s home. So she just replaced them onto her hand, redoing the leather thongs with her right fingers and teeth. She slipped the glove back on, making a fist. Her middle two fingers still poked out ever-so-slightly at an awkward and unnatural looking pose. It was why she only ever punched with her right hand.

     She quickly slid the other glove back on her right hand when she heard Hiccup’s step-clank, step-clank, step-clank. “Hey, if you’re done we’ll take those old clothes and get them washed for you.” She stood up and hurriedly passed them to the boy, tightening her gloves after he took the skirt and shirt from between the bars. “Thank you.” He said.

     “No problem, Hiccup. It was very kind of you to get me new clothes. I ought to thank you.”

     Hiccup turned around as if to leave, but he stopped. “Mahelsonei, I want to ask you something.”


     “Why did you save that egg? You had every reason to let Dagur destroy it and take the mother Skrill.”

She bit her lip. She considered lying to him, but something in his eyes pulled the truth out of her. “I don’t like seeing children hurt. I don’t care if it’s a lamb, or a human, or even a dragon. I will never hurt a child. And...” She choked up. “There was something in the way she looked at me. I can’t explain it, but I just knew what she was thinking. She wanted me to help her, to save her nest, and when she died I knew she wanted me to take her egg.” She turned around, willing the tears away, banishing them back to her heart. She was a prisoner here. Why did he care?

     Hiccup just stood there, holding the basket of dirty clothes, looking at her like she'd grown a tail. She had cared about that dragon. But, weren't Berserkers supposed to be bloodthirsty nutcases? No Berserker he'd ever met cared about dragons enough to look one in the eye without hatred or apathy.

He wished he could reply to what she said. Instead, he just muttered an apology and stepped out of the building like he was walking on broken glass. Toothless bounded over to him in his odd, bounding gait that looked graceful, scary, but comical at the same time. He crooned as he nudged Hiccup affectionately, just as he stepped into a pile of snow. The one-legged viking lost his balance for a second, and fell over with a somewhat girly yelp as the basket flew into the air! Crunch! The basket broke, and Mahelsonei's clothes tumbled out. Her shirt had landed on his head, a sleeve covering one half of his face. Irritated, he pulled it off his head, and a piece of paper slipped out. It drifted like a little leaf to the ground. He picked it up, and turned it around. It was a painting.

     A small one, granted, but it was done beautifully. The artist had used only blues and greens, but it looked real. It was a picture of four people, standing against a white background. An old woman with long white hair, braided to her knees, leaning on a staff with a crook and various bangles and strings. A man with a short-cropped beard and shoulder-length hair carrying a small boy on his shoulders, both wearing horned helmets. The boy and the man looked like they were having fun, the boy's arms in the air and a joyous expression on his face. Standing between them, her gloved hands proudly on her hips and her chin high, was a young lady with hair almost as long as the old woman, brought across her shoulder displaying the intricate, four-strand braid. She looked happy. She wore no Berserker helm that hid her whole face, or studded leather armor. She wore a simple long-sleeved shirt and wool skirt. She looked... human. Not like the faceless warriors that had swarmed and threatened Berk time and again.

     He pocketed the picture absentmindedly and mounted Toothless. The dragon picked up the mangled basket with his paws and they flew away.

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-Electrifier makes a purring

-Electrifier makes a purring sound and sits up- proud much? It is a story about Skrills after all. Ehem excuse my over confident dragon -hears a snort- I really love this story. I was wondering if I could make one like yours with my character from the berserkers too? It sort of fits her.


Let's get right to buisness, with...

My Dragon Cave



"Are you, are you.

Coming to the tree

Where they stung up a man, they say he murdered three

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight, in the Hanging Tree.


Are you, are you

Coming to the tree

Where the dead man called out for his love to flee

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight, in the Hanging Tree


Are you, are you

coming to the tree

Where I told you to run, so we'd both be free

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight, in the Hanging Tree


Are you, are you

coming to the tree

Wear a necklace of rope, side by side with me

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight, in the Hanging Tree"

When a math quiz is announced.

And then I get the paper back and I'm all like.

And my friends are all like

And the teacher's all like



Since the first three of these seven dragons have been stolen, I'm leaving Anduril (Drawn by The Ecliptic Eight) to watch them.

Natt Mord the Hypnotic Night Catcher adopted from Golden Scarlet. I wrote my butt of trying to adopt this, so there will be salt if this get's stolen.

Same for Advarsel. Except she's an Ominous Storm Rider, still from Golden Scarlet. Again, if she get's stolen, it will be Saltageddon 2015.

Vindfjaer by Goldenfury360! PS. It's a Windsong ;)

Simon the Screeching Hunchback by Chameishida! He's so adorably deadly, ain't he?

Canopy the Spacial Beauty adopted from KrazyKira. His nickname is the Einstein dragon.

Aang the Legendary Air Jabberjaw adopted from The Ecliptic Eight. Wow that's a mouthful!

 Sirius the Star Fury adopted from goldfish50!

 Electrifier spore-ized, made by BeaReptileLover!

Don't Eat My Back/Yellow Snow/ Sub-Zero adopted from Iron Man 2000! And I bet you can guess where I got all those names from!

 Darude the Paranoid Sandskritter made by NightmareRebuff



You made it to the end! You get a cake!






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I have a fan! *squeals happily*

Absolutely! Just so long as you give me credit where due, feel free! Thanks so much for your readership!

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I love your story, and have been reading non-stop!!!! I was wondering the same thing? I will give you credit, and I thought of the story-line quite awhile ago, but I didn't have forum account,





Friend code: 2SKZP

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Subjects are overrated LOL

Feel free! Let me know when you get your story up, I'd like to read it. :)

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I will let you know, also can I steal the idea of her hand and whatever? She too is a berserker but soon is asked to join the Berkians. Her skrill hatches into Lightningflash (my skrill) and she has also had Lightningflash following her around (Lightning flash thought that 'Ash' is her mother,) I will tell everyone who reads it to read your story, and there is a sad part in a chapter that is kinda a cliff hanger.... but I would write it soon. It would be a funny story, but also a very very sad part, and the attacks have lots of action in them! Really enjoy your story!!!

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Tale of Mahelsonei: How to Betray a Madman

Okay, guys. Here it is! Finally, we get to the AU versions of the last few DoB episodes. This one is a three part-er, and I've only got the first chapter done.

This is the chapter where Mahelsonei finally meets one of my most favorite characters in all of Berk. This young Viking is so bedazzled by the older Vikings in the village that he wants to become just like them, one in particular. The twins are practically handed a chance to make some trouble, and we meet Silent Sven. And, we finally get to call the Skrill egg something other than 'the Skrill Egg'!

In the meantime.... On with the show!


Chapter 11: The Flight Stuff, part 1

     So, life continued like this for another two weeks. She had a different guard every other day or so, and was fed twice a day with water, bread, and a small fish. Sometimes, if she was especially well-behaved, she would get a side helping of vegetables. She frequently talked with the guards, since there was nothing else to do, and learned a lot of things about Berk.

     Fishlegs and Hiccup were both avid dragon fans, happy to learn more about any type of dragon. Astrid was extremely competitive, and excelled in nearly anything she did, with the exception of cooking. If she ever offered any yak nog, she was to turn it down politely. The twins had rocks for brains and didn’t care much about danger—in fact, they relished danger. The deadlier, the better. They thrived on chaos and destruction, and frequently sniped at each other, and even fought. But, they couldn’t live without each other. Snotlout was selfish, greedy, and did his best to impress the girls. He was tough on Hookfang, but had a soft spot for the dragon. The Monstrous Nightmare himself reflected his owner’s personality like a mirror. As for Fishlegs, it was hard to say who loved the other more; the boy or the Gronckle. They were inseparable. If you’d never seen a Gronckle in person, or if you had and it was angry, you’d never call the bulky Boulder class dragon ‘cute’. But Meatlug was undoubtedly the most adorable dragon, a real sweetheart.


     Once, Snotlout was her guard. It had been a pretty windy day, with overcast skies. It had gotten cold enough that they had brought Hookfang in and shut the door, using the Stoker Class dragon as a furnace to keep warm. With Snotlout was a small boy that looked exactly like a mini version of him, down to the helmet.

They stared at each other for almost an hour. Sunny had the egg in her lap. The egg had shifted and rolled out of its little nest, so she picked it up and held it. It was sparking more than it had before, and the shape inside was getting to be very large. Snotlout sat in the stool, legs crossed and arms folded. Mini-Snotlout did the same, in the other stool. Hookfang just slept. He knew that Mahelsonei wasn’t a threat, but Snotlout wasn’t so sure.

     The kid finally broke the silence. “So you’re a Berserker, right?”

     “Yep. All my life.”

     The kid uncrossed his legs and leaned forward. He whispered loudly, “Promise not to turn into a monster and eat my guts while I’m  asleep?”

     Mahelsonei stared. She snickered, trying to hold in her laugh through tightly pursed, smiling lips. She couldn’t hold it in. She burst out laughing. The kid gave a nervous laugh, and she stopped. “Wait, you’re serious aren’t you?” she asked.

     The boy nodded. “Snotlout told me that Berserkers turn into giant, hairy monsters that look like bears with dragon heads at night,” he jumped up on the stool, hands raised and clawed as he pretended to stomp like an enormous dragon-bear. “And they rip doors off houses!” he slashed, “And yank you outta bed!” he slashed again, “And then...” he whispered louder. “They kill you, tear you open, and eat you alive!

     She sat for a minute. Just how bad were the ‘crazy, evil Berserker’ stereotypes around here? “How do you kill something and then eat it alive?”

     “Well, I dunno.” The boy shrugged. “How would you?” he plopped back down in the chair, reassuming his previous position, trying to sound intimidating. It didn’t exactly work for a ten-year old.

     She rolled her eyes. “Snotlout, what have you been telling your little brother about me?”

     “He’s not my brother.” He said indignantly. “He’s my sidekick.” Hookfang snorted a small cloud of black smoke in his sleep.

     She blinked. “Seriously? What in Thor’s name is a sidekick?”

     The kid answered. “Well, when Snotlout knocks somebody down, it’s my job to kick them in the side. At least that was what I did at first, now I follow him around because he’s cool.” He stuck out his chest proudly. “Because I’m his sidekick.”

     She didn’t even want to pretend to understand him. “So, kid. You got a name?”

     “I’m Gustav.”

     “Pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am Mahelsonei Jephon Sonjen of the Berserker Tribe.” She patted the egg gently. “And this is—“ she stopped. “Well, I don’t know his name yet.” She got a brilliant idea. “Hey, Gustav. Do you want to help me name the first Skrill ever hatched by a human?”

     His eyes brightened. “Would I?” He came to the bars. She got off her chair and kneeled down next to him. Gustav looked at the egg with wonder in his eyes. “Wow. Is it true that if you poke it it’ll pop like a bubble?”

     “He’s not quite that delicate, but yes. You have to handle him very very carefully. Like a baby.”

     “He’s going to be a Skrill, right?”




     “Any dragon with the name ‘fang’ in its name will be awesome and terrifying, and lay waste to his enemies!” He made an exaggerated sweeping motion with his hand like he was sweeping chess pieces off a chess board.

     “No, that doesn’t feel right to me. But the ‘fang’ part sounds good.”

     “Fanghook’s an awesome name!”

     “Fangstorm?” She tried.

     “Nah, sounds like it’s raining teeth.”

     “Maxfang? Fangmax? Fax?”

     “Blech, no way!” the kid shook his head.

     “Well, the Skrill attacks with lightning. Isn’t that supposed to be, like, the wrath of Thor? How about Thorfang!” She tried.

     Gustav shook his head. “That’s no good. The chief’s Thunderdrum is named Thornado.”

     “How about Wrathfang?” Snotlout spoke up.

     Gustav bobbed his head. “I like it!”

     “What?” She recoiled at the thought of Snotwad naming her dragon. But the name did sound good, despite its source.

     “It’s almost as cool as Fanghook.” Gustav prodded.

     She nodded. “Wrathfang it is, then.”

     Gustav whooped. The dragon egg had a name. The wind picked up, and the door burst open. The twins came in, Barf and Belch following them, followed by a tall, bald man with a thick blond mustache that hid his mouth. The way the dragon walked was strange. As it walked, its tail stayed high above the floor, and its heads bobbed forward like a cobra.

     “Hey, Snotlout!” Tuffnut addressed the teenager. “Hiccup’s pulling together a meeting, and he wants you there.”

     “Can I come?” Gustav pulled in his arms and pretended to punch an adversary like a boxer. “I’m tough! I’m strong! I can be a dragon rider!”

    “No way, Gustav. Especially not after what you did this morning. You're too young.” Snotlout shook his head.

     The mini-‘Lout groaned. “I wanna train a dragon.”

     “Don’t feel bad, Gustav. I mean, you’d be a better trainer than Tuffnut.” Ruff jerked a thumb at her brother, and in response he clubbed her on the head. Se hit her brother on the head and they broke down into a squabble. Silent Sven just watched, silent as ever.


     Suddenly, a powerful gust of wind blew open the doors again. The tree outside the jail whistled in the wind, it’s moaning sounding strangely like a woman singing in morose tones. Rain took every advantage of the opening, hitting everyone in the jail like a swarm of wet, icy arrows. Sunny turned her back, protecting Wrathfang’s egg from the water. They managed to force the doors closed, with Barf and Belch’s help. Before they did, Sunny saw the sky. The storm was starting to move away now, the skies mostly clear.

     “Weird.” Ruffnut noted, letting go of Tuffnut’s arm. “It sounded like that tree was singing.” She imitated the sound, Ooooo-wooo-oooooo. Tuffnut shivered. “Cut it out, you’re scaring me.” He paused. “Actually, I kinda like it. Keep doing it!” Ruffnut kept moaning, and now Tuffnut was joining her.

     Snotlout was shivering now. “C-cut it out guys.”

     “What? Are you scared Snotlout?” Ruff moaned again, the twins circling the bigger kid like wolves. Water dripped down from the ceiling, pelting Snotlout on the head. He looked up, and groaned in an irritated way. “Urgh, stupid roof has a stupid leak.”

     Gustav cocked his head. “Hey, Snotlout. You saw a bunch of flying fish this morning, right?

     “Yeah, a bunch of salmon jumping out of the water at the river. So?”

     “Aren’t a singing tree and a weeping rock and flying fish three of the five signposts to Valhalla?”

     “Yeah, so what? The signposts to Valhalla only appear to—“ He gasped. “Really, really brave and powerful warriors.” He paled.

     “What?” Tuff pointed at Snotlout. “Snotlout? He’s not powerful or brave.”

     “Oh yeah? I’m tougher than you and Ruffnut put together times a-a-a... really big number!” He snapped.

     “Hey, ‘Tough’ is my middle name!” He shot back.

     “No it’s not,” Ruff pointed out. “It’s your first name. Your middle name is Lloyd.”

     “Oh, yeah. I’ve always wanted to name something Lloyd.” He pointed to the leaky rock. “That rock. Now Lloyd.”

     Snotlout ignored them. Just barely audible to Mahelsonei, she heard something along the lines of, Oh Odin, I’m gonna kick the bucket.

     They eventually left. Sunny didn’t like the look on the twins’ faces when they left with Snotlout. She could tell something was up. If the twins were ever smiling, it was because they were doing something stupid, or plotting something stupid.

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Do you

do you read my mind?!?!?! I pretended that they named rocks, trees, sheep.... anything RANDOM.... good job!

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Subjects are overrated LOL

Mind reading comes into play later in this story. :) But no, I didn't read your mind.

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I figure you know what this is by now... LOL :)

Pleasant salutations to y'all! So, here I am, pitching part 2 of 3 your way. if you like it, love it, hate it, or... whatever. :D :D :D

To any of you who want to cameo in my story, please PM me! I've figured out how to do it without ruining the story continuity!

Speaking of artwork threads, I'd like your input. Should I make an art thread to go along with this story? Tell me so, if you do.

So, to all my dear, dear, wonderful readers... On with the show!


Chapter 12: The Flight Stuff, part 2

     Silent Sven lived up to his name. He hadn’t even coughed in the three hours since the changing of the guard. She awkwardly tried to break the silence with conversation.

     “So... they call you Silent Sven.”

     He nodded solemnly.

     “Do you have a last name?”

     He nodded.

     “What is it?”

     He pursed his lips and shook his head. He couldn’t tell her.

     “Well, this is awkward.” She mumbled. She stroked the egg a little more. “Um, if you don’t mind, I’m going to call it a day. G’night.”

     He nodded, as if giving permission for her to excuse herself. Man, this guy really didn’t say much. She set the egg—wait, he’s Wrathfang now, isn’t he?—in his little nest, took off her fur vest and covered it so it would be protected from any drips. The storm had stopped long ago, but she was still wary of melting snow. Again, she couldn’t explain how she knew it was bad for the egg to get wet, but followed the feeling anyway.

     There was starting to be a mounting list of ‘feelings’ and ‘I-just-know-so moments’ that she couldn’t explain no matter how she tried.

     She undid the outer fur skirt and pulled off her boots. Again, her gloves stayed on her hands. She got into her cot and pulled up the covers. She wasn’t actually tired, she just wanted to end that very awkward, one-sided conversation. She pretended to sleep, not even daring to twitch under the owl-like gaze of the mute shepherd. Ooh, he creeps me out. She shivered.

     She didn’t mean to fall asleep. She’d been having trouble falling asleep the last couple of nights, so she didn’t think that she’d slip off now. Especially with the menacing mute watching her like a hawk. But she did nod off, and she had a dream.


     It felt eerily real, more vivid than anything she’d ever felt. She was standing on a gray, barren wasteland of an island. Across the water was a larger one, covered in thin, black-ish trees, bare of any leaves reached for the night sky like the hands of the long-dead. Around her were the other riders and their dragons, minus Snotlout and Hookfang. Hiccup and Toothless crouched behind a ridge, a telescope to Hiccup’s eye. He leaned forward, as if trying to get a better look at whatever was going on in the encampment below. He sighed with frustration. “I can’t get a good look.”

     “Well, they’re building something, and I’m guessing it’s not good.” Astrid deadpanned as she lowered her own spyglass.

     “All right! I say we blow it up!” “That’s the best idea I’ve heard all week!” She turned. The twins banged their helmets together, getting ready to go all gungho on the enemy across the water, but Hiccup reined them in.

     “Tuff, we’ve been over this. We don’t shoot first and ask questions later.” He chided.

     “Of course.” Tuffnut stated matter-of-factly. “We never ask questions.”

     Sunny ignored them.  She peered around, wanting to get a better look at the encampment. “We’ll keep an eye on it,” Hiccup said, raising the telescope to his eye again. “If it turns out to be something we have to worry about, then—“

     “We blow it up!” Tuffnut interjected.

     “Okay.” Hiccup pulled his eye away from the telescope and sighed as he rolled his eyes, prepared to launch into a long lecture about how they needed to plan before an attack, not charge in blindly. A lecture the twins wouldn’t listen to if their lives depended on it.

     She started walking/floating to the encampment, her feet just barely brushing the water. You know how movement works in a dream; If you try to run, you either run incredibly slowly or you just bounce long distances in slow motion like you’re on the Moon. The trees didn’t move, but they never touched her. She got closer to the encampment.


     She saw what the device was. It was a contraption like a catapult crossed with a net, with some other nightmarish madman’s ideas. The net looked like it was big enough to capture a dragon. She walked up to it and pressed a hand against it. She felt nothing, like always in her dreams. But it looked like metal. A metal net? What in the world would Outcasts want with a metal net?

     She heard a voice behind her. So uncannily familiar she couldn’t have possibly dreamed it.

     Dagur walked up to the machine, talking to Savage. Savage was carrying his bone club, Dagur was armed with his sword, sheathed on his back. She stepped back as their conversation came closer to her, but they simply stepped through her, like she was a ghost.

     “The metal net worked perfectly during the test run, Dagur.”

     “Have you planted that red herring yet?” Dagur laid a hand against the catapult.

     “I personally made sure that Trader Johann overheard our plan before he left. When he makes his stop at Berk, he’ll spill everything to Stoick. And then, we’ll have the Night Fury in our grasp.” Savage made a fist, like he was closing his fingers around the Berk Riders.

     “No!” Dagur unsheathed his sword and brought it to Savage’s chin faster than a crack of thunder. “I will have them in my grasp! That Night Fury’s head belongs to me! Me! I won’t let anyone take my glory!”

     “Yessir! Of course sir! You’re always right sir! You’re undisputed chief of the Outcast-Berserker tribe!”

     Did she just hear that right? ‘Outcast-Berserker tribe’?! Dagur smiled, and took the sword away from Savage’s cheek. He kept talking, “Outcast-Berserker tribe. We gotta get a new name for that. Something new, something scary. Something that’ll make poor wittle Hiccup soil his wittle skivvies.” He held his sword and rocked it like a baby. He grabbed his sword again and a snarl crossed his face. “And make that traitor Mahelsonei pay for taking away my Skrill!” He chuckled darkly, smiling devilishly. For a moment, Sunny was reminded of the horrendous demon from her dream. “I’ll kill her. Just like I killed Oswald and my sister.”

     Her heart froze like water in the coldest, most lonely place on earth, and shattered into splinters. It exploded from her chest in a silent wail of pain. He had killed his father. His own father! And his sister! She thought that his father and sister were lost in a boating accident! Dagur continued, oblivious to the invisible girl. She had to remind herself it was only a dream when he continued monologuing. “She’s just like my stupid, kiss-up sister. She never listened to me! She just listened to Oswald! ‘Yes, daddy!’ ‘Of course, daddy!’ ‘Daddy, he made a man eat his own eyeballs! Punish him, daddy!’ It felt so good to throw her off that boat. You should have seen her floundering around in that water!”

     Savage shifted uncomfortably. “Yes sir. Whatever you say Dagur.”

     She couldn’t take this any more. She had to wake up, and she had to wake up now!

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Tale of Mahelsonei: How to Betray a Madman

I've decided I won't kill you guys with the suspense. I, personally, LOATHE cliffhangers. So, here is the third and final part of 'The Flight Stuff'.

Random question for you. Am I too long-winded? Just curious.



Chapter 13: the Flight Stuff, part 3


     Gustav woke with a start, coughing and sputtering as the cold water dripped down his face. He saw the two big girls, Astrid and Ruffnut, standing over him. Astrid was holding a bucket in her hands.

     “Hey, hey, hey! Don’t throw water on him! Tiny Snotlout will just shrink more. Duh!” Ruffnut shoved Astrid’s arm.

     Gustav coughed. “How did I do?”

     “Well, you lasted about two seconds.” Snotlout said disdainfully, scratching himself.

     “Hey, but those two seconds; awesome.” Hiccup nodded.

     “I got to admit, you’re gonna make a great replacement for Snotlout, Gustav.” Astrid agreed.

     “Says who?” Snotlout pouted, scratching his shorts more. Then, realized their plot. “Hey, wait a second. You’re trying to convince me I’m not dying! What kind of friends are you?” He sounded genuinely wounded.

     Hiccup groaned, and took a few steps toward Snotlout. “Look. Snotlout, maybe you have seen the five signposts to Valhalla. And maybe you are going to hidesomeday.” Snotlout continued scratching his butt, more furiously this time. Hiccup continued, irritated, “And maybe you could stop scratching your butt while I’m talking to you.”

     He grunted. “Sorry, it’s all this broadgrass in my shorts.”

     “And your shorts are full of broadgrass why?

     “More importantly, why aren’t yours?” He frowned at Hiccup, irked that he was even asking such a question. “The twins told me it prevents saddle chaffing.”


     Hiccup raised an eyebrow. It all clicked now, like his foot locking into Toothless’ tail. He understood it perfectly, and it made him want to slap the twins. “Oh they did, did they?” he took a few steps closer to Ruffnut and Tuffnut, who were trying their best to look nonchalant. It was failing miserably as Hiccup picked their harebrained scheme apart with his knife-sharp logic. “They also let the sheep in, and sheep love broadgrass.”

     The twins were starting to look panicked now, but they were clinging to their act to the bitter end. “And I’m guessing you were also the ones who dropped the bird of death.

     Ruff and Tuff pulled a fake grin, one that said ‘Who, us?’ “We have no idea what you’re talking about.” Ruff said through clenched teeth. Two chickens suddenly dropped from the sky, clucking and shrieking.

     Everyone looked up, and saw Barf and Belch, hovering over the Academy. They released two more chickens, which fell to the ground with a b-b-b-b’GAWK! The twins fled, realizing that their prank was busted, skirting around the grave they’d dug in the arena.

     Snotlout’s face dawned. “Ah, oh, I get it! So this means....” His voice trailed off. “I give up. What does this mean?”

     Astrid groaned. “It means the twins were messing with you.

     “Right, right.”

     “And – you’re not dying!” Hiccup shouted frustratedly.

     Snotlout perked up. “I’m alive? I’m alive! Oh!” he started smooching himself all over,  praising Thor. “Mwah! Mwah! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Thor!” he laughed “Snotlout’s too bea-u-u-tiful to hideanyway.”

     Astrid gagged, her hand over her mouth. “Ugh! And my lunch is in my throat.”

     Gustav’s heart sank to a bottomless pit somewhere in his stomach. “Wait.” Hiccup and Snotlout turned around to face him, their attention finally on the crestfallen ten year old. “So this means... I can’t be in the academy?” The looks on the big kids’ faces said it all. “I just wanted to be a dragon rider so bad!” Gustav burst.

     Snotlout came up to his sidekick. “On the one hand, I sympathize with your ruthless devotion to your goal.”

     “And on the other hand?” Gustav said hopefully. Snotlout just sneered at the boy, his face saying the thing he dreaded. You’ll never be as great as me.

     He didn’t have time to cry. Fanghook’s tail caught the boy and tossed him onto his neck, and the kid shrieked with delight as they raced out of the arena, Snotlout chasing them. Stoick came into the arena, but Gustav didn’t notice. He and Fanghook were already up and away, Snotlout becoming a tiny speck in the distance. He started to cry a little now. Fanghook purred, trying to cheer up his new friend. “It’s okay, Fanghook. I know who we can talk to!” He pulled the Nightmare’s horns east, towards the jail.

     They landed on the grass, and Gustav jumped down from the purple and yellow dragon, tripping on the snow and mud. He was getting better at dismounts. He ran into the jail, trying to keep the tears back. “Mahelsonei?” He called. Silent Sven was gone from the stool in front of the cell, and all he could see inside was a lump of sheets and a curtain of brown hair. “Mahelsonei?” He called again.


     She opened her eyes, frozen for a minute. Justadreamjustadreamjustadream, she chanted in her head. Her breath came in ragged gasps. She was starting to relax a little, when she heard a very young voice calling her name. She sat up, half-expecting to see her own room, her little brother Erik standing at her door. But no. She was still in jail. At the cell door was the kid who helped name Wrathfang. What was his name? Gustav?

     “Hi, Gustav.” She said blearily. “Whatcha need?” She slid out of the sheets, her bare feet padding across her cell on the cold stone floor. She knelt at the bars.


     Gustav bit his trembling lip. He tried to tell her all that had happened that day with a brave face. All about Snotlout seeing the signposts, and him almost dying, and him being chosen as Snotlout’s successor to Hookfang. She listened intently when he told the strange girl about training Fanghook, and how really really happy he felt that he finally had his own dragon. But he broke down when he told her about the twins making up the whole thing just to scare Snotlout, and how now they all thought he was a dumb waste of space.

     Sunny’s heart melted for the little kid. In so many ways, he reminded her of Erik. She reached through the bars, her gloved fingers wiping the tears off his cheek. But now, he was really crying. Sobbing, in fact. “Shh, shh, shh.” She crooned. “There now, dry those tears. Now who said that you were a dumb waste of space, hm?”

     He sniffled. “Sn-Snotlout. Hiccup. Everybody! They think I’m never gonna be a good dragon rider.” Fanghook crooned, nuzzling the little kid with his snout.

     “Well, you said you named your dragon Fanghook, right?”

     He wiped his nose on his sleeve. “Yeah. Because I thought that Hookfang and Snotlout were cool. I wanted to be just like him.”

     “Remember  what you told me this morning? When we were naming Wrathfang?”

     He wiped a tear off his eye with the ball of his hand, and nodded.

     “You said that any dragon with the name ‘fang’ in its name will be awesome and terrifying, and lay waste to his enemies! You tamed a dragon named ‘Fanghook’! And to be honest, I think he likes you more than Hookfang likes Snotlout.” The dragon gave a low, affectionate growl again, confirming her statement. “And you tamed a dragon! A ten year old! Hiccup and the other riders are my age, and they were too scared to tame a dragon before Hiccup tried! Even Snotlout.” Gustav looked up, meeting Mahelsonei’s eyes. “You’re not a bad dragon rider. You’re not a waste of space. You’ve got talent! And bravery! That’s more important than what Snotlout thinks or what Hiccup says. You understand me, Gustav?”

     He sniffed his tears back again. “I guess so.” He smiled and looked at her in the eyes. “Thanks for being the only big kid who’ll listen to me, Mahelsonei. Even if you are a Berserker.”

     She held her breath for a second. Should she tell him about her dream? This boy had trusted her more than anyone else on this island had. She felt obligated to return that trust. “Gustav. I’ve got something to tell you, now. I think that the big kids are in trouble. Real danger.”

     “Even Snotlout?”

     “Even Snotlout. They’re going to Outcast Island to fight Dagur, but it’s a trap. I can’t go because I’m still a prisoner. Stoick wouldn’t believe me, and the other Vikings wouldn’t be able to get there in time. You’re the only one who can save them, Gustav.”

     “I am?” His face lit up with hope for a moment. Then, it darkened. “Wait, how do you know?”

     “I...” She swallowed. Here was the hard-to-believe part. “I had a dream. A really bad nightmare. I don’t know how to explain it to you in a way you’d understand. But I know that the Riders are in trouble, and Dagur plans on killing them. Can I count on you?”

     He looked doubtful. She was a stranger, a stranger from an evil tribe, no less. This could be a trick. But Mahelsonei was so nice. And she did promise to not eat his guts that morning. He decided to take a blind leap and trust her. He saluted and barked, “Sir, yes sir! You can count on me!”

     “Great. Now get outta here, kid! They need you!” She shooed him off. He nodded and Fanghook grabbed him by the collar, tossing him onto his neck. They slithered out of the jail and took off. Leaving Mahelsonei behind.

     She suddenly felt an irrational surge of fear. She was putting the fate of her captors in the hands of a ten-year old Tiny Snotlout and a dragon that was only half-trained. Captors she, oddly enough, cared about. They’d formed an odd, tentative bond. Not exactly friends, but not entirely enemies anymore. The only person on this island that she could possibly trust entirely was a kid who dreamed of becoming a carbon-copy of one of the least savory characters on Berk. And she’d just sent him off on what might be a wild goose chase to an island populated by killers.

     But she knew that what she saw did actually happen, no matter how unlikely. And that same ‘feeling’ led her to believe that the Riders were in grave danger, and needed the extra firepower Gustav could provide.


     She sat in her jail cell for many hours after that, alone. Not even a guard to talk to. Her heart was constantly pounding on her ribcage like a drummer playing out a rapid, terrifying death cadence. She paced up and down the floor, which she could do now; they removed her shackles last week. She counted the bricks in the wall. She stroked Wrathfang’s delicate egg skin. She did exercise, stretches, everything but bite her nails. Her missing fingers were starting to sting and itch with phantom pain, like they always did when she was very nervous. By the time someone came to check on her, night had fallen and she was a nervous wreck. It was little Gustav. He looked absolutely over the moon. But Fanghook was nowhere in sight.

     She spoke fast and almost incoherently. She clung to the bars with both her hands. “Pleasetellmenoonedied,iftheyalldiedIdon’thinkI’dbeabletohandleit!” She blurted out.

     Gustav looked at her, and laughed a little bit. “Don’t worry, everybody’s fine!” He stuck his chest out. “Because I got there and saved them all! You were right, Dagur was planning a trap. And because of my heroic actions, Hiccup made me...” He paused for effect, taking a deep breath and letting it out in one long stream of words. “Junior Apprentice Auxiliary Reserve Backup Replacement Rider-in-training, Fourth-class!”

     She smiled, and his heart soared. “That’s great news, Gustav. I’m so proud of you!”

     He didn’t mention to her how terrified he had been. He didn’t want her to know how he almost abandoned them to save himself when the Berserker Outcasts started shooting. He didn’t want her to think any less of him, treat him like the other big kids did. How he’d shut his eyes when his dragon returned fire alongside Hookfang.

     He let out his breath. He supposed he had to tell her the sad part. “But, the big kids made me release Fanghook. They said I wasn’t ready for a dragon.” He hid his face, hoping she wouldn’t see his expression. He had to keep Fanghook a secret, for now. No one would know. No one would find out until he had to ride to another daring rescue.

     Sunny had a ‘feeling’ again. Gustav was lying. She peered at him. “Where is Fanghook?”

     “In the forest, somewhere. I’ll probably never see him again.” He acted so sad, so crestfallen. But she still wasn’t convinced. She lowered her voice. “You didn’t release him, did you?”

Gustav’s face paled, the shock splashed across his face like a cod had just jumped down his shirt. His lip trembled. “Please don’t tell them.” He whimpered. “I- I just couldn’t do it. Fanghook is the best friend I’ve ever had! I don’t expect you to understand, but—“

     “I understand completely, Gustav.”

     He flinched. “You do?”

     She gave a gentle nod. “I’m starting to get an idea of how you Berkians feel about your dragons. I’m starting to think about dragons a little differently now, myself.” She lowered her voice. “If you promise not to tell anyone about my dream, I promise to keep Fanghook a secret.” She reached her hand through the bars. Her right hand, of course. “Deal?”

     Gustav didn’t even hestitate. He clapped forearms with her, and they shook on it. “Deal!” He started walking away, his small feet making a gentle pattering on the cobblestone floor. Mahelsonei called after the boy.


     He turned around. “Yeah?”

     “My friends call me Sunny.”

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Tale of-- oh, forget it.

(Maheslonei) Today, I shall regale you with the story of--

*tomato splats* *crowd laughs hysterically*

(Mahelsonei) *Wipes tomato gunk off her face* Seriously? Who threw that? C'mon, own up!

(Tuffnut) *Points at Ruffnut*  It was her!

(Ruffnut) Yes it was! Wait, what?


Sorry, thought I'd mix it up a little. :D This next chapter is one of my longest yet! It contains a lullaby, a deal, and a whole lotta--

*Splat!* *Sighs* Really? REALLY?

(Snotlout) *hefts tomato* Maybe if you shortened up your intros a little, eh? *Splat!*

(Mahelsonei) Okay, okay! Fine! *whistles to Wrathfang and Harptail, each carrying a catapult full of tomatoes*

On with the show, guys! *SPLAT-PLAT-PLAT-PLAT!*


Chapter 14: Lullabies and Lost Ground


     “How would you know?” Astrid crossed her arms.

     “How wouldn’t I know? I’m the one who’s watching the egg all the time.” She kept stroking the egg, sitting cross-legged on the floor of her cell.

     “I still can’t believe Stoick let you keep the egg.”

     “What does that have to do with Wrathfang hatching?”

     It was true, as far as she knew. The shape in the little electricity-filled bubble had grown so large she could practically count the spines on his back. The sparks were starting to jump across the membrane on the outside of the egg, now. Oftentimes, the purple-ish glow of the egg would keep her up at night. That, and she was getting one of those ‘feelings’ again.

     “Let’s say it’s a trust issue.” She lowered her eyes to Mahelsonei’s hands, forever sheathed in beat-up leather gloves, where the egg rested. “We still don’t know for sure that you actually did betray Dagur. No decent warrior would let a powerful weapon into the hands of their enemy. And we still don’t know if you really aren’t an enemy.”

     “That’s why I’ve been in a jail cell for a month? Come on Astrid. You were there!” She gave an exasperated sigh. She stood up. “Trust is a two-way street, you know.”

     Astrid blinked. She knew that Mahelsonei was right. They hadn’t given her much trust, outside of letting her keep the Skrill egg with her in her jail cell. But the Berserker had withheld a lot of trust as well. Unfortunately, after the Heather incident, the Hooligan tribe wasn’t very inclined to trust their prisoners, or any strangers for that matter. Astrid raised an eyebrow. “Alright then. I’ll leave you here for a minute and talk to the other riders.” She walked away and looked over her shoulder. “If that Skrill is close to hatching... we may not let you keep it.”


     Astrid didn’t wait to see Mahelsonei’s reaction. She wasn’t saying that to be a tormentous captor. She was stating it as a matter of fact. Even newly-hatched dragons could be dangerous, and no one knew more about how capable a Skrill could be than a Berserker. It was like handing a murderer an axe and letting them roam in your village. She climbed into Stormfly’s saddle, and they took off towards the Great Hall. Stoick needed to know about the Skrill egg, and what they would do with their prisoner if it did hatch. She found Stoick and Thornado near the Granary, supervising a shipment of dried fish.

     “Chief? Can I talk to you for a minute?”

     “Not now, Astrid. We need to get this catch stowed before it gets too cold.” He walked next to Thornado as he had a hand on a blue Gronckle pulling the cart up the hill to the storage shed. Following him were three more carts, each pulled by either a Gronckle or a Nadder.

     “Sir, it’s really important. It’s about the Skrill egg.”

     Stoick halted. The Gronckle sat down in the dirt, its tongue hanging out as it looked on the ground for rocks to snack on. Thornado hummed as he looked at Stoick. “All right Astrid. What about the Skrill egg.”

     “Mahelsonei thinks it’s going to hatch, and soon.” The Gronckle found a large stone and picked it up with its jaws, the rock crunching as it was crushed to powder by its powerful jaws. One cart, pulled by a green nadder, passed them, loaded to the top with bags of preserved fish.

     He nodded darkly. “I was afraid of that. Talk to Hiccup about it. Any problems that are dragon-related should be relayed to him.” He patted the Gronckle on the side, and it reluctantly stood up and continued hauling the cart up the hill. “He is head of the Dragon Training Academy.”

     Astrid nodded. “Yes sir. Come on, Stormfly! Yah!” The Nadder flew off, and Stoick continued guiding the Gronckle up the hill. Thornado looked at him and moaned disapprovingly.

“What are you looking at? You and I both know Hiccup’s got everything under control.” He chided the Dragon.


     Astrid landed at the Dragon Academy, where Hiccup was working on firing drills with Fishlegs and Meatlug. On one side of the arena, he had a row of catapults, and on the other end he had a row of wooden Outcasts.

     “Ready Fishlegs?” He cranked back the catapult. Fishlegs nodded, “Ready!” Meatlug’s tongue hanging out as she happily hovered at the top of the arena. Hiccup released the catches on all three of the catapults, and Meatlug caught all the boulders with her jaws. Within seconds, the rocks were gravel in her belly.

     “Meatlug, spew!” Fishlegs ordered. The Gronckle laid out three perfect shots of lava, each one hitting the targets. They disintegrated in the heat of the molten magma. He patted the Gronckle’s side, and she licked his face with her huge tongue. They landed when they saw Astrid and Stormfly entering the Academy.

     “Hi Astrid!” Hiccup waved. “Were you plannning on doing some target practice? Or did you want to race again.”

     “Actually Hiccup, not today.” She jumped off the blue Nadder’s back. “I’ve got some news from the jail.”

     “What is it?” Fishlegs asked.

     “Mahelsonei thinks that the Skrill egg might be close to hatching.”

Fishlegs and Hiccup looked at each other and were quiet for a second. Then they whooped and started dancing like kids on Snoggletog. They were excited?

     “What are you guys cheering about?”

     "The egg is going to hatch! No one in recorded history has ever trained a Skrill!” Fishlegs grinned. “No one!” He corrected himself. “Well, except the Berserkers, but I don’t think that counts as training it.”

     “This is going to be huge for the Academy!” Hiccup crowed. “Fishlegs, can you start looking through the Book of Dragons for anything about hatching a Skrill!”

     “Consider it done!”

     “Great. I’ll look through the Bork Notes for the same thing. We’ll meet back here once we found something, Astrid—“

     “Hiccup, what about Mahelsonei?”

     “I was just going to talk to you about that. I need you to talk to her and see if she’ll let us examine the egg once we have our data.”

     “Are you kidding?” Astrid put a hand on her head in disbelief. “She never lets go of it!”

     “She’s gonna have to if she wants it to hatch.” Hiccup said. Toothless murmured his agreement. He was in Toothless’ saddle before she could argue. “Don’t worry, I have faith in you!” he called as he and Fishlegs flew off.

     Stormfly scrowled and squawked. Astrid didn’t even realize she dropped her head against her Nadder’s shoulder. “Wish I did.” She muttered.


     In another two minutes, Astrid was back at the jail. In one hand, she had a small bag full of crab cakes from Fishlegs’ mother, hopefully a decent bribe. As she walked into the jail, she heard singing. It was a lovely high alto/low soprano, rich as butter. She stopped to listen.

     I-I-I-I hear yo-o-our voice on the wi-i-ind.

     And I-I-I-I hear yo-ou call out my na-a-ame.

     Astrid slid around to the side not wanting to startle the singer. She saw Mahelsonei standing in the middle of the room, cradling the egg like a baby, no guard in sight. The purplish glow diffused across her face, giving it a lavender tone. Her gloves kept the orb snug against the crook of her shoulder as she sang.

     Listen my child, you say to me.

     I am the Voice of your history.

     Be not afra-aid come follow me.

     Answer my call and I’ll se-e-et yo-ou



     I am The Voice in the wind and the pouring rain,

     I am the Voice of your hunger and pain.

     I am the Vo-oice the that always is calling you,

     I am the Voice, I will rema-ai-in.


     I am the Voice in the fields when the sun is gone,

     Dancing on the leaves when the autumn winds blow.

     Now do I sleep throughout all the cold winter long,

     I am the Voice that in springtime wi-ill gro-o-ow.

     Astrid was a little dumbfounded. She was a Berserker, a barbarian that hunted and killed dragons for sport and defense alike! Yet, here she was, singing lullabies to a dragon egg like a mother! She watched as Mahelsonei started dancing, twirling and swaying slowly in her jail cell.

     I am the Voice of the past that will always be,

     Filled with my sorrow and blood in my fields.

     I am the Voice of the Fu-uture!

     Bring me your pe-e-ace!

     Bring me your peace and my-y wounds, they will he-e-eal!


     I am the Voice in the wind and the pouring rain,

     I am the Voice of your hunger and pain,

     I am the Vo-oice that always is calling you,

     I am the Vo-o-oice!

     I am the Voice of the Past that will always be,

     I am the Voice of your hunger and pain.

     I am the Voice of the Fu-uture!


     I am the Vo-oice!

     I am the Vo-oi-ice!

     I am the Vo-o-oice!

     I am the Vo-o-o-oi-ice!

     She cut off the song with a long, slow twirl, raising the sphere in the air over her head, looking up at it with love in her eyes. She brought it back down with a slow, gentle motion, cradling it again, humming the haunting, beautiful song again. Astrid decided now was a good time to talk her into relinquishing the egg. She came in and coughed, making herself known. Mahelsonei flipped around, startled by the sound. Her face drew tight when she saw who it was, wary of the girl standing before her. “Oh. Astrid. I didn’t expect to see you.” She said. “What do you need?”

     Mahelsonei listened as Astrid answered, telling of how she spoke to Stoick and Hiccup about the egg, and wanted her to give up the egg, at least temporarily, so they could study it and ensure that the Skrill inside would hatch safely.

     “If you cooperate, I can’t promise that you’ll get Wrathfang back. But I can promise that he’ll receive all the love and attention we can spare at the Academy. He’ll be safe, happy, and with other dragons.”

     Mahelsonei gave her answer without waiting. “I’ll let you have him, on one condition.”

     “Let’s hear it.” Astrid folded her arms, the crab cakes still dangling from one hand. “But you’ll have to run it by Stoick before anyone agrees.”

     “Fair enough. I want Wrathfang under my supervision at all times. No one touches this egg without me watching.” Astrid was about to reply, but Mahelsonei cut her off. “The Berserker tribe has knowledge, secret knowledge, about the Skrill that I guarantee you Riders know nothing about. You’ll need all the information I can give if you want this dragon to survive when it hatches.”





Like the song? It’s called ‘The Voice’ by Celtic Woman, as part of their album ‘the Greatest Journey’ released in 2008. I do NOT own the song, although I wish that I did because it is absolutely beautiful. The first time I heard it, I wept. If you want to listen to it, it’s on Youtube. Bring a hanky!

*splat* Again with the tomatoes? Really Snotlout?

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Hey, Tuffnut! *Splat*

LOL i just DIED laughing. XD XD XD XD splat!

Your right, that is a realy pretty song. I <3 this story! Plz plz PLZ write another one soon!


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Thanks! :D

I'll get right on that, ASAP. I've got one chapter half-finished.

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Yay! i cant wait to see it!

Yay! i cant wait to see it! btw, is sunny esp or something? Cuz she, like, read Gustav's mind or some-such and had a dream about somthing that rly happened.

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Oops, double post.

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You know, that isn't such a

You know, that isn't such a bad idea. It would fit in with where the story is going, (in my head, anyway).

I'll tell you what. If someone else agrees with your idea, I'll throw it in. Sound like a deal?

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I really love your story! I

I really love your story! I can't wait for the next chapter :)

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Subjects are overrated LOL

Thanks very much, I'm glad you've liked it so far! :D

No more waiting for the next chapter, I've finally got it up. If you have any ideas for what should happen next, please PM me. (That goes for everybody else, too.)

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Tale of Mahelsonei: How to Betray a Madman

Okay, here's this chapter.

On with the show!


Chapter 15: The Wayward Tempest


     “She said what?” Snotlout said incredulously.

     “She said that she’ll let us study the egg only if she can watch everything we do with it.” Astrid said firmly.

     “If she’s watching everything we’re doing, that would mean watching us read the Book of Dragons. And doing actual dragon training while we’re reading the Book of Dragons!” Snotlout pointed out. “She could be spying on us, Hiccup!”

      “I agree with Snotlout.” Ruffnut said. “Don’t trust a Berserker!”

     “You’re just saying that ‘cuz she tried to kill you.” Tuffnut elbowed his twin sister.

     “She tried to kill you too, numbskull.” Ruffnut kicked Tuffnut in the shin.

     He cried out. “Ow! Wait, that actually felt good! Do it again, but this time on the other one!” She obliged. Soon he was hopping up and down on both feet, clutching his shins as Ruffnut tried to kick them and he encouraged her.

     "Guys, cut it out. We’re trying to have a meeting about what to do with Mahelsonei and the Skrill egg.” Fishlegs groaned.

     “We know!” Ruffnut called back as Tuff kicked her shins.

     “That’s why—Ouch!—we’re doing this!” Tuffnut yelped as Ruffnut aimed too high and hit his kneecap.

     “Sometimes I wonder what life is like on Island Thorston.” Astrid shook her head.

     “There is no life on Island Thorston. Not intelligent life, anyway.” Said Fishlegs.

     “Uh, guys? ‘Crazy Berserker chick with dangerous dragon egg’ problem here?” Snotlout waved a hand.

     “Unfortunately, Snotlout’s right. What are we going to do about our prisoner?” Fishlegs asked Hiccup.

     “I don’t know!” He ran both hands through his hair in frustration.

Stoick and Gobber came into the Academy. Thornado wasn’t with them. “What have you decided, son?”

     “We don’t know, dad. Mahelsonei is insisting on watching us watch the egg.”

     “We could always go back to Plan A” Gobber threw his vote in. “Club ‘er on the head ‘n take the egg.”

     “She says she has information about the Skrill,” Astrid said. “Secret information that only Berserkers know.”

     Fishlegs flipped open the Dragon Manual. “Well, according to the Book of Dragons, Skrill eggs can’t be touched with your bare hands or it’ll give you an electric shock that’ll scramble your senses for hours.”

     “Then why can Crazy Stick Chick touch it? I mean, she never lets go of it!” Snotlout gestured with his hands.

     Hiccup thought for a minute, a hand on his chin. “Her gloves!” He said. “Mahelsonei is always wearing these beat-up leather gloves! That’s why she hasn’t been shocked yet. Her skin is never touching it!” He pointed at the book. “Does it say anything else?”

     “No.” Fishlegs moaned. “There is nothing else on Skrill eggs in the Book.” He shut the heavy book with a thwoomf. “Is there anything in Bork’s notes?”

     “Well, there’s plenty about the Berserkers harnessing them and using them like storm-powered cannons. Evidently, they eat sheep and fish.” He leafed through the notes again. “He did mention that the eggs will stun you if you touch them barehanded. And unfortunately, Mahelsonei was right. Skrill eggs don’t have shells, just a skin that’s really thin. It’ll burst if you handle it too roughly.”

     “Son,” Stoick addressed Hiccup with a patient tone. “Have you tried asking Mahelsonei what to do with it?”

     “Erm...” Hiccup sighed. “No dad. We haven’t.”

     "Then let me propose this. We release her from the jail—“ Everyone gave various cries of protest before he silenced them with a glare. “And let her participate in this study. If she does have knowledge we need, she’ll give it freely to protect that dragon from dying.” Astrid involuntarily thought of the imprisoned Berserker, swirling and twirling in her cell, singing lullabies to the dragon egg.

     Hiccup tried to speak up. But who would hear him over the deafening presence of his father? He groaned. “Alright, Dad. Astrid, do you want to come with me to get her?”

     “Sure, Hiccup.” She lifted her foot and swung into Stormfly’s saddle. Toothless nudged Hiccup, and he did the same. His foot went Ka-chunk! as it connected to the connecting rod in Toothless’ tail. The twins exchanged looks, their mouths hidden behind their hands.


     The Nadder and Night Fury flew out of the Academy doors. The jail was a brief flight away. They dismounted from their dragons. Or, rather, tried to. Hiccup was irritated to discover his foot was stuck.

     “Um, Astrid?” She turned around. “I can’t get out of Toothless’ saddle.” The Night Fury purred inquisitively as he looked at Hiccup’s left foot. Toothless jumped up and down, trying to dislodge the prosthetic, but it wouldn’t budge. Astrid came over to examine the metal leg and groaned when she saw it.

     “Hiccup, the pedal’s covered in Loki tree sap.” They looked at each other. “The twins.” They said in unison.

     “We’ll get some rubbing alcohol to get it off later. Right now, we need to...” he grimaced when he realized he couldn’t do anything. “Pick up the prisoner.”

     “I’ll get her.” Astrid walked towards the compound, Stormfly at her heels. She opened the door to the prison, getting the cell door keys from the hook on the wall. She banged the key on the bars, and called out,

     “Hey, Mahelsonei!”

     Mahelsonei bolted upright. She’d been sitting in the corner, back turned, cleaning her wooden fingers. She jammed them back onto her hand and slid her glove back on, not bothering to tie them back on properly. “Yeah, what do you want Astrid?” She said without turning around.

     “The chief agreed to your terms. We’re releasing you.”

     “Really? That’s fantastic!” She tried to sound happy, but her heart was still hammering. Holy Thor in Asgard, that was a close one! She picked up Wrathfang’s egg and walked over. She was extremely conscious of how her fake fingers felt dangerously loose. Astrid unlocked the lever and pulled it. The log sank into the floor, for the last time. Astrid pulled the door open, but before she stepped through it, Astrid held her back. “However.” She lowered her voice. “If you even think about betraying us the way you did Dagur, you’ll regret the day you were born. Clear?”

     She returned the venomous glare. “Crystal. If you or your friends even think about hurting Wrathfang, I’ll make all of you pay.” She walked out of the prison, her head held high. Astrid followed, begrudgingly. Hiccup welcomed her with a forced smile. Toothless welcomed her with a wary look. Stormfly was just preening, and didn’t care one way or the other about the stranger. She rode with Hiccup and Toothless back to the Academy, Astrid too insulted to let the girl near her dragon.


     She was again thrust into the air, but this time she found it much more enjoyable. She hadn’t seen sunlight for almost a month, and the freezing air was utterly delicious to her.

     When she saw the Dragon Academy, she was intrigued to discover it was basically a pit arena with a metallic net strung across the top. She gasped when Stormfly and Toothless dove through the doors with no fear. She ducked, fearing she’d hit her head on the ceiling, only to discover it didn’t happen. Toothless landed and she disembarked. Astrid did the same, flinging her leg over the Nadder’s back and landing on her feet like a cat. Hiccup sat in his saddle, looking awkward and angry while the twins cackled.

     Fishlegs asked to handle the egg first. He was wearing a pair of gloves, like she was. “Found out about the egg’s defense, I assume.” She said, noting the gloves.

     “Yep. Really incredible how it does it, isn’t it? We read all about it in the—”

     “Fishlegs!” Hiccup warned.

     “It’s fine. I know you have a book about dragons.” She waved a hand dismissively, like it was no big deal.

     They examined the egg. Fishlegs looked it over with a magnifying glass, writing down various things in a notebook. “Hiccup, it’d be great if you’d come over and help.” Fishlegs sounded impatient.

     “I’d love to, Fishlegs. But I’m kind of tied up at the moment.” He glared at the twins, who just snickered. Toothless moved closer to the egg, and as he did so, Fishlegs saw Hiccup’s gummed up foot. ‘Oh.’ He mouthed. He took off his gloves and passed them to Hiccup, who donned them on his hands.Toothless sniffed the sparking egg, eyes wide with wonder. A single spark jumped the gap and stung his nose. He gave a roar of surprise, recoiling and making faces as he tried to regain feeling in his nose. It was pretty funny to watch him wrinkle his short, cat-like snout and sneeze, and trying to itch the spot with his club-like paws. Hiccup laughed as Toothless bucked and rocked. Everybody had a good chuckle at the Night Fury’s misfortune, Sunny included. She gingerly passed the orb to Hiccup when Toothless was done itching his nose. He examined it carefully, gently prodding it to test the elasticity of the skin. He conversed with Fishlegs, both writing down things. Hiccup did a sketch of the egg. Fishlegs wanted to put it in the water to make it hatch, but Mahelsonei quickly shot this idea down.

     “Absolutely not.” She said firmly. “It’ll kill him.”

     “Why?” Fishlegs and Hiccup both asked. Hiccup added, “I’ve seen dragons dropping their eggs into the water when they hatch. The water absorbs the force of the explosion.”

     “Really?” She seemed genuinely surprised. “Huh. But you can’t do that with a Skrill egg.”

     “Again, why?” Fishlegs asked.

     “The water will cause the electricity in the egg to disperse, and it’ll kill the hatchling. The same thing happens if you touch metal to the egg. It’s called ‘shorting out’. It’s also why Skrills can’t fire lightning underwater.” Wait. How in Valhalla did she know that?

     Fishlegs added this to the Book, deeming it important to future riders. “Okay. Anything else?”

Sunny thought for a minute. “This is the tricky part about hatching a Skrill. I did a fair bit of reading on them before we left on our voyage to the Skrill nest.” This part was actually true. They did have books about the Skrill and how to harness it. “A mother Skrill uses her lightning to release the hatchling when it’s ready to come out. We can’t just cut him out of the egg, or he’ll die.”

     “That is going to be a problem.” Hiccup rubbed his chin. She noticed he did that a lot. He also talked with his hands. “Is there going to be a storm anytime soon?” He asked no one in particular.

     “I was on lookout this morning and I saw some storm clouds a few leagues away from Berk. They should be here by nightfall.” Fishlegs volunteered.

     “Great. What part of the island gets the most lightning in a thunderstorm?” Mahelsonei asked.

     “The Thor Statue by Mildew’s old house.” Hiccup said without hesitation. “We built it to please Thor when we were having problems with lightning strikes in the village.”

     “Great. Then we ought to get going.” She picked up the egg from the box it rested on, and came up to Hiccup and Toothless. “Well? Let’s get some camping gear and get going.” She said.

     “Yeah, about that.” He looked around the arena. The twins and Snotlout had long since left, and Astrid was gone to get a drink of water. “The twins kinda glued my leg to the connecting rod. I can’t get down.”

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good chapter, great prank LOL

good chapter, great prank LOL whens the next one coming out?

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Tonight, hopefully. It's

Tonight, hopefully. It's going to be a good one, I promise. :)

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This story is very original! I loved the lullaby so much! ((Heh, no one can keep a straight face around the Twins! XD))

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Hey, thanks! I'm going to post the next chapter later tonight, if you want to give it a read. And yeah... If that prank actually happened on the show, I would just hidelaughing. Stoick did always say it was hard to keep Hiccup and Toothless apart. Why not just glue the kid onto the dragon? Nobody would notice... right?

LOL Thanks a bunch for the read. :)

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Hey... have you read Dragulora Island? The main character is REALLY ''glued'' to her dragon!!!!! :D


Please read and tell me what you think?



Great story, loved the song, and the prank!!! Silly twins!

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Subjects are overrated LOL

No, I've never read Dragulora Island.

If I can find it, I'll read it. Is it a fanfiction, a fantasy novel, what?

I'm really glad you liked it. I try to make my work the best I possibly can.

The prank! Odin's eyeballs, if we lived in a world with dragons, I would DEFINITELY pull that prank on my brothers. :D

That song is one of my absolute favorites. I'm glad you liked it. Did you listen to it on Youtube? It sounds divine, doesn't it?

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Tale of Mahelsonei: How to Betray a Madman

Hey guys! We finally broke the 600 view mark! W00t! I am so over the moon right now, and it's thanks to you guys! I did get a suggestion for the next chapter (suggester asked to remain anonymous. If you're reading this, you know who you are, so tanksawad.)

Here is Chapter... wait, where are we? Holy cow, 16?? Anyway, on with the show!


Chapter 16: Unmasked


     It took a while to find enough rubbing alcohol to dissolve the Loki tree sap around Hiccup’s foot. But soon, all the riders, plus Mahelsonei, were at Mildew’s old house. Sunny disembarked from Meatlug’s saddle and took a good look at the surroundings.

     It was a pretty ugly, worn-down house with a roof that had been poorly patched after a pair of large holes had been punched into it. Like most of the houses in Berk, the main support on the roof jutted out, and had been carved to look like a dragon’s head, not unlike the figureheads on their longships. The dragon on this one had closed eyes and an uptilted chin as if it were dead, or dying and pleading for the gods to release it from its pain. Vines hung from its mouth like a cruel last meal. In front of the house was a field overgrown with weeds and a few cabbages that had gone wild. Standing in this field was a metal statue of a bearded man in a winged helmet, holding a large hammer skyward in his right hand and left palm facing the house. She looked at Thor with a twinge of envy in her heart. He had all his fingers. All. Ten. Of. Them.


     “We’ll wait ‘til nightfall. That’s when the storm will hit.” Hiccup spoke. “In the meantime, set up camp outside the house about 200 yards back in that dry riverbed under the bridge.”

     “I’m not sleeping under a bridge!” Snotlout protested. “What do I look like to you, a troll?”

     “Yes.” Astrid scoffed.

     “We should probably dam up the river so that we don’t get flooded when it starts raining.” Fishlegs suggested.

     “Great idea!” Snotlout said, his voice dripping with sarcasm like Astrid’s yaknog oozing down the side of a pitcher.  “Let’s just block it off and hope water doesn’t go over it! Outta my way, losers.” He and Hookfang flew off, and Hookfang shot at the cliff next to Mildew’s house. Boulders rolled down the cliff into the riverbed. He then proceeded to use Hookfang’s massive hind claws to dig a channel around the riverbed, depositing the dirt at the opposite end of the riverbed, leaving a space roughly 20 feet by 10 feet that was completely blocked off from water. When he was finished, he had completely diverted the riverbed around the bridge.

     He landed next to the other riders. “There, see? That’s how you do it!”

     “Great job, Snotlout.” Astrid sighed in her angst-y way. “You just destroyed the road.”

     “That’s a good thing! Destruction’s great!” Ruffnut shrugged.

     “Well, we may as well run with it now.” Mahelsonei pointed out. “Hey, Fishlegs. Could you get your Gronckle to seal up the cracks, so it doesn’t leak on us?”

     Fishlegs looked at her. “She has a name you know.” He muttered. Meatlug rose and hovered over the dam, sealed up the cracks with her lava, and landed in the 220 square foot space near the bridge. They all came and set up the two tents under the bridge. One for the boys, the other for the girls.

     Sunny sat in the girl’s tent, her bedroll in the corner furthest from Astrid’s and Ruffnut’s bedrolls. The egg sat in her lap like it almost always did. Astrid sat on her blankets, her hair unbraided. She was detangling it with a wooden comb as she kept a careful eye on their prisoner. Astrid’s hair was considerably longer when it wasn’t braided, the hair running in thick, long-ish blonde waves down her back after being in a tight braid all day. Her headband and pauldrons were resting in the corner on top of her other clothes. She was in a long white nightshirt and trousers, barefoot. Ruffnut was dressed the same, except in a red pajama shirt and blue pants. Sunny was just in her top and wool skirt, her boots in the corner and her hair undone. When it was out of her braid, her hair came well past her bottom. Ruffnut sat wrapped up in her bedroll, sitting and staring at Mahelsonei. They were all wary of one another, but weary of being watchful.

     Finally, Ruffnut broke the awkward silence. “You know Tuffnut and I haven’t forgotten you tried to kill us, right?”

     “Would it help if I said I was sorry?”



     Verbal silence again. The background was teeming with sound from the crickets, the dragons outside, the waves on the cliff, and the crackling of Wrathfang’s egg. A nightbird sang in the blackness. Mahelsonei took a breath like she was about to say something, but words lost their power as they came to her tongue and died there, leaving a bad taste in her mouth. Astrid spoke this time.

     “So how do you know so much about the Skrill?”

     “It’s a part of our culture. There’s a reason the Skrill is the symbol of the Berserker tribe. What about you? What’s the symbol of the Hooligan tribe?”

     “It’s a Grapple Grounder, curled up in a circle. None of us at the Academy have ever seen one, though.” Astrid said.

     “Nuh-uh! Tuffnut and I saw one!”

     Astrid shot the long-haired girl a look. “Oh give me a break, Ruff. You didn’t actually see one.”

     “Yeah, we did. This morning, we woke up and found one in our pajamas.” She grinned, and in a singsong voice she said. “How a dragon got in our pajamas, I shall never know.”

     Sunny  facepalmed. It had been a gag, a joke. Despite herself, Sunny started laughing. Then Astrid started laughing, and Ruffnut too. They spent the better part of an hour telling jokes and funny stories. Ruffnut smirked when she told them she and Tuff had buried Snotlout alive.

     “Say what?” Astrid said in disbelief.

     “Well, yeah! He said he wanted to be buried alive last week, didn’t he? When he thought he was dying? So we did!” They looked at her incredulously. “Eh, don’t worry. We dug him out after a few hours. Hookfang wouldn’t let us out of the Academy until we’d gotten him out.”

     “Well, if we ever need proof that Hookfang actually cares about Snotlout...” Sunny shrugged, slightly disturbed by her adversary’s insanity and stupidity.

     “That’s nothing, you should have been there when Snotlout ignored Hiccup’s orders during a rescue mission and they both got sucked into a cyclone and hurled onto Outcast Island.” Astrid and Ruffnut started telling more stories, and Mahelsonei listened, late into the night. Finally, the girls were letting their guard down around each other. They were starting to trust their ‘frenemy’, and Mahelsonei was beginning to do the same.

     The sky grumbled, and lit up with a bright flash of lightning, a ray of rogue sunshine in the darkness. A gentle pattering  sounded across the top of the bridge. The storm was here, finally. Mahelsonei noticed a glinting of metal under Astrid’s pillow. “Do you... always sleep with your axe under your pillow?” She asked.

     “Yeah. Why not?” Astrid replied.

     She heard a tapping on the fabric of their tent door. It was Snotlout, dressed in a pair of forest green pajamas. He was still wearing his helmet, the ram’s horns curling out to the sides. “Are you girls ready?”

     “Yep.” Astrid stood up. Snotlout whistled when he saw her pajamas. All three girls glowered at him and he backed off, joining the boys as they walked to Mildew’s old doorstep. Sunny gathered up the egg, wrapping it in her jacket as they dashed into Mildew’s old house. The egg remained dry. Inside, it was covered in scorch marks, and a few small puddles dotted the floor.

     “Why was there lightning striking inside this person’s house? Did Thor not like him or something?” She asked. Then she got a whiff of the inside of the house. Even though it had been long abandoned, it still stank like boiled cabbage, sheep feces, old man sweat, and rot.

     “Nobody liked Mildew.” Tuffnut said. His pajamas matched Ruffnut’s, except his were blue on top and red on bottom.

     “He was a crusty, jerk of an old man. He was always trying to convince Stoick to get rid of our dragons before he became an Outcast.” Ruffnut added. Mahelsonei tensed up at the word ‘Outcast’.

     “That, and the Thor statue is metal, so it conducts lightning, and shoots it out of its palm. We discovered that by accident.” Astrid said.

     “Yeah, but we dropped it here on purpose.” Snotlout crowed.

     It would have been a relatively pretty house if someone could spruce it up. The entire interior was whole, solid stone, save for a few roof supports made from thick logs and a small second floor made from rotting wooden planks. A stove had been carved out in the far corner, across from a raised table that looked like it was stone as well. Underneath was a small cubby hole. It was uncanny how much this place looked like the inside of a Berserker dwelling, although it was quite small. She felt oddly at home here. But then she smelled the stench again as Thunder boomed. Nope. Definitely not home. She thought. “That would explain the awful smell. What did he eat, diaper cloths?” She quipped.

     “We may never know.” Hiccup responded. His pajamas were completely black, and he still wore a boot on his foot. “We should probably set the egg down here. It’s where the Thor statue strikes the most frequently.” He tapped his good leg at a spot in the center of the floor that was covered in burn marks. She set the egg down and nodded. Jokingly, Snotlout made like he was going to stomp on it, but a glare from Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs, and Mahelsonei forced him to set his foot down and step away.

     “Now what?” Fishlegs asked the Berserker girl. His pajamas were a dingy yellow-green. The pants of his pajamas came up to his midcalf. It was obvious he’d long outgrown them.

     “I guess we wait for it to be struck by lightning.” She said, rubbing her shoulder.

     “Well, I’m not sticking around for that to happen.” Snotlout walked out of the decrepit building. “I’ve been struck by lightning plenty of times, it’s not something I enjoy.”

     “Yeah, but it’s something we enjoy.” Tuffnut snickered. “Watching Snotlout try to talk after taking a lightning bolt to the head is hilarious.” He said to no one in particular.

     “Well, I don’t want to get struck by lightning either.” Astrid got up and left, with the twins and Hiccup in suit.

     Fishlegs looked from the egg, to Sunny, to his exiting friends, one foot outside the door. “Umm, aren’t you coming?” He asked. The collar of his PJs flapped in the breeze.

     “In a minute. I just want to make sure that Wrathfang will be okay without me before I leave.”

     He shifted from foot to foot. “We can’t leave you unsupervised, Mahelsonei. Sorry.”

     She reluctantly stood up, after kissing her two first fingers on her right hand and pressing them against the egg shell. A spark jumped the gap and zapped her finger, stopped by the glove. It was like the egg tried to return the kiss. She felt her prosthetic fingers wobble and shift under her left glove, and resolved to tie up the strings once she could get some privacy.


      She followed the wide boy through the door, her heart thumping in her chest. It had been the first time in almost a month since she’d been more than three feet from the egg. She felt a little shaky with worry, until she felt a heavy, but gentle hand on her shoulder. Fishlegs smiled. “Don’t worry about Wrathfang.” He reassured her. “He’ll be right there when you get back. If it makes you feel better, I’ll keep an eye on Tuffnut and Snotlout to make sure they don’t try to take it.”

      “That’s very kind of you, Fishlegs. Thanks.” She returned the smile, then asked, “Why are you being so nice to me?”

     “I don’t know. Because it’s what I expect of you, I guess.” He replied.

     She didn’t know what to say to that. They just continued walking to the tents under the bridge, and split up when they came to their respective tents. She watched as Fishlegs gave Meatlug a giant hug around the neck, and the dragon’s eyes softened in utter adoration. She tried to follow him into the tent, but couldn’t fit through the flap. She grumbled mourningly and waddled off to rest with the other dragons in the center of the bridge’s shadow, between the girls’ tent and the boys’ tent.

     Mahelsonei didn’t feel like sleeping. She’d always loved storms, so she decided to stay up and watch the show. She wrapped herself in her studded leather jacket—the only remnant of her life before she’d been captured—and sat in front of the tent flap watching lightning illuminate the clouds with their brilliance and listening to the deep crackle and roar of the thunder as the storm passed over the island. Astrid and Ruffnut were probably halfway asleep by now.

     Hiccup peered through the gap in the tent flap, furtively watching the prisoner. He barely heard Snotlout’s laughter as Tuffnut shared one of his infamous Berkian jokes, one of the ones that had saved their lives only two months ago.

     “What are you doing Hiccup?” Snotlout pushed the scrawny boy out of the way and looked through the tent flap. “Yeah, cool storm. Wait, what is the prisoner doing out of her tent?”

     “Watching the storm.” Hiccup dusted off his black pajamas.

     “Wait, if she’s watching the storm, then who’s watching her?” Tuffnut asked, looking up as he stopped combing his extremely long hair.

     “Hiccup was.” Snotlout said. “We should put her back in her tent so she doesn’t try to sneak off.”

     “I think that the dragons have that covered.” Fishlegs was peering through the gap now, pointing at Toothless and Stormfly as they quietly watched her.

     “Well then, we don’t have to worry about her escaping, do we?” Hiccup said, hinting that they should stop watching her.

     “Yeah, I guess.” Fishlegs said. He did a double take. “Wait, what is Toothless doing?”

     “Hey, let me see!” Hiccup tried to push his way to the front of the crowd, but only succeeded in getting Snotlout’s elbow to his cheek. He resorted to crawling onto the ground to get a look out the bottom of the tent flap. He watched breathlessly as Toothless crept towards her, silent.


     Mahelsonei was always awed by the power of the gods during storms like this. Thor could really do some incredible things with lightning. Her heart jumped as another bolt struck the slate-gray sea, the water tossing its white hair. She heard a warbling, gentle murmur by her ear and she froze with absolute terror.  Toothless. Is. Right. Be-hind. Me.

     She didn’t dare breathe for fear of provoking the Night Fury. A warm jet of air washed down her neck as he sniffed her wet, unbraided hair. He mumbled again, this time drawing back a little and moving slowly around her side, low to the ground. Almost like he was trying not to provoke her. His red tailfin stood out against his body like a drop of blood on a sheet of obsidian. Shhhhhhaaahhhhh, the rain said as it accelerated into a downpour. He growled again, softly. She could feel his emotions, just like she felt Gustav’s, and the Mother Skrill’s. He was wary, calm, but most of all he was curious. He sat down in front of her, blocking her view of the storm, his tail wrapping around his feet. He waited for her to make a move.

     “Umm... Hi, Toothless.” She stammered quietly. The Night Fury gave a gentle moan. He said ‘Hello’.

     “I’m sorry I tried to hurt you and your friends. I hope you understand I was only doing my job.” She didn’t know why she was talking to him like this, but hoped he would really know what she was saying. After all this was Toothless—he was something of an evil legend among the Berserkers. “I didn’t do it because I hated you. I did it because it was what I was told to do.” She stood up, blood rushing to her legs and causing them to prickle. Rain continued to pelt the bridge, the droplets becoming larger and larger. The wind picked up, and thunder groaned across the sky.

     “What’s she saying?” Tuffnut asked. The other three boys shushed him, and continued watching.

     “Be quiet, I wanna watch this!” Snotlout hissed.

     Toothless dipped his head, his pupils as wide as two black moons in a sky of emerald green. She stretched out her left hand, her heartbeat slowing as time seemed to trickle by. She heard nothing but Lub-dub. Lub-dub. Lub-dub. “Will you forgive me?” She asked the dragon. “Will your friends forgive me?” She saw herself reflected in his deep black pupils. The image of a frightened young woman, drenched hair plastered to her head, begging a monster to forgive her.

     No. Not a monster. A dragon.

     Toothless narrowed his eyes and moved his head forward only a few inches, but it felt like a mile to Mahelsonei. She felt his lips close around her glove and tear it from her hand, the prosthetic coming away with it. She gasped as the lightning flashed, illuminating her scarred, stumpy hand.

     The dragon pressed its nose against her palm, the ultimate expression of trust between a human and a dragon. For the first time in three years, her naked hand touched a living being.


So... did the boys see her hand? You'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

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oh COME ON, u cant do that to

oh COME ON, u cant do that to us! u better post teh chapter soon or im gonna explode!!!1!

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Tale of Mahelsonei: How to Betray a Madman

Hi guys! Sorry about the wait. Here is the Chapter 17 you ordered, with extra drama on the side. Enjoy with a healthy dose of surprise plot twist and character reveal.

In this chapter, we see a lot of tears, Hiccup makes a statement, and Sunny finally comes clean.

So, on with the show!


Chapter 17: Freedom from Fear


     “What just happened, I can’t see anything!” Fishlegs wailed.

     “Well, I can’t see anything either, your stupid dragon’s in the way!” Snotlout barked.

     It was true. Meatlug had decided now was a great time to try and come back into the tent. She wanted to lick Fishlegs' feet like she always did before bedtime, and this stupid human contraption was getting in the way.

     Tuffnut and Snotlout grumbled and sniped while Fishlegs tried to compromise with Meatlug. None of them saw Mahelsonei’s hand finally being revealed, her last secret being unravelled.


     No one, that is, except Hiccup. He could hardly believe his eyes when he saw the lightning illuminate Mahelsonei’s disfigured hand pressed against his dragon’s snout. So, that’s what it was. I see now. Hiccup thought to himself. It had explained so much, this last piece of the puzzle.

     Mahelsonei’s jumpy and furtive behavior when Hiccup had given her the new clothes. Her gloves that she never took off, not even when she slept. The way her hand moved when she was picking something up or making a gesture. But most of all, it explained why she had kept herself so distant from the Riders. It had nothing to do with being a spy for Dagur. In fact, she probably wasn’t spying on them at all.

She was ashamed of her destroyed hand, and thought that they would mock her or mistreat her for her deformity if it was discovered. She’d probably experienced some pretty harsh mockery back home, and was afraid it would follow her here. She was afraid that her captors would torment and taunt her about her hand.

“You guys hang tight here, I’m going to go talk with Mahelsonei.” Hiccup stood up, sweeping dirt off his shirt and pants and sliding past the puppy-like Gronckle. They other three boys made no argument. He walked outside and was promptly blinded by a flash of lightning. He instinctively raised a hand to his eyes, and thunder boomed. That one was close by, less than two miles. With spots in his eyes, he saw Mahelsonei frantically searching the ground for her glove. Toothless came over to Hiccup, his earflaps down in dejected sadness. Hiccup rubbed Toothless’ head. “Don’t worry, bud. You just scared her.”


     Mahelsonei’s panic tripled when she heard Hiccup’s voice. Where was that glove, where was it? She’d found the prosthetic, but without the glove she’d be discovered! Maybe she already was! She felt a person standing right behind her. “Looking for this?” She whirled around, her left hand tucked under her armpit.

     “Um, yes. That is mine.” She tried to censored it out of Hiccup’s hand, but he pulled it away. “Give it back, I need that!” She growled.

     “To cover up something, right? Something you’re afraid of people seeing.” He kept jerking the glove out of the way of her reach.

     “Please, just give it back.” She pleaded. Hiccup dropped the glove on the ground, and as she dove to grab it, Hiccup put his metal foot on it. Sunny’s hand recoiled as it brushed against the icy cold iron.

     Hiccup lowered his voice. “Do you know what this is, Mahelsonei?” She didn’t respond. “It was the price of my life, of me surviving. My leg didn’t fall off, you know. I wasn’t born without it. I lost it protecting my friends and family from a great threat. Did you know that?”

     She drew back, plopping in the mud. “I heard the stories.” She muttered.

     “And did you know that there are other people on this island that lost more? People on this island have given up a lot to survive. I mean, look at Gobber. His life cost him an arm and a leg. Bucket’s cost him an arm and half a brain. My mother lost her life protecting me.”

     She stayed silent. She was hoping he wouldn’t say it.

     “And you know what?”

     Please don’t say it! She pleaded.

     Hiccup whispered, his voice sad but understanding at the same time. “You shouldn’t be ashamed of what you’ve lost, especially if it’s only a couple of fingers.”

     The words formed daggers that slashed her throat and stung her eyes. She cried out in fury and grief, “You don’t know anything about it!”

     “Look me in the face and say that again!” Hiccup spat. He took off his fake leg in one movement and slammed it in Mahelsonei’s good hand, balancing on one leg. Thunder rumbled as she clutched the cold, metal instrument in her fist. “I think I know plenty about it. The stinging, burning itch you feel in a spot that’s not even there anymore? Waking up in the morning thinking you still have it, your foot hitting the floor and then tumbling to the ground when you realize it’s been long gone? Constantly going in to have your socket resized because the stump just shrunk too much to pad it with layers of socks? Worrying, wondering what would happen to you if you lost the prosthetic, or if it broke?” He exhaled. “I know what you’ve gone through, Mahelsonei.” Toothless purred, slapping his tail on the wet ground. The metal in the fake half squeaked. Hiccup added, “Toothless knows too. A lot of our village does.”

     She sank to her knees, clutching the fake leg, and started sobbing. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry-y-y!” She gasped out, tears running in rivulets down her cheeks, each tear a torturous drop of pure heartbreak.


     Hiccup let out a breath of air again, coming out as a puff of white mist in the cooling air. He dropped down next to her, an arm wrapped around her shoulder as he tried to comfort her. She kept sobbing, her nose starting to run as well. She leaned her head against Hiccup’s shoulder, not caring that she was getting his pajamas wet. He held her like that for a while. The storm intensified even more.

She finally stopped crying. She handed Hiccup his leg back, and he twised it onto his socket with a click. He patted her on the back, and she sniffled. “But I didn’t lose my fingers doing something brave. I lost them because I was a total chicken.”

     “How so?”

     “A dragon attack on our home, three years ago. I was out, helping my  Uncle Bjorn fight off the dragons. My parents were gone now, so my Uncle and I had to protect Grandma and Erick by ourselves. I was so scared. I didn’t even know what to do with that axe. I was just hiding under a cart, hoping that the dragons would ignore me until the raid passed. But luck wasn’t with me that day. A hungry Gronckle upset the cart, looking for something to eat. I got up, and tried to run, but it fired at me. It missed. Mostly.” She held up her left hand, looking at it disgustedly. “Seventeen people died in that raid. People I knew, people whose lives I could have saved. Lives I didn’t save because I was being a simpering, mewling little weakling!” She set it down on her lap, the wood clacking as it went down. “This wasn’t the price of survival. This was the price of being a coward.

     Everyone in the campsite was wide awake. All ears, human and otherwise, listened intently, taking in her story. Mahelsonei’s greatest secret was now dust in the tempest that raged around them, the rain cleansing her of the old wounds in her heart.

     She was free.

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what did i just read?! OMG THAT WAS AWESOMENESS!!!! I love hicup here. "LOOK ME IN THE FACE AND SAY THAT."

So. much. WICKED.

BTW, the last chapter you posted with sunnny's family? I REALLY want to reach thru my screen adn STRANGEL Dagur.

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Tale of Mahelsonei: How to Betray a Madman

Hey, guys. So, if you were here yesterday, you'd see that I'd gone from Chapter 17 to Chapter 19 in one day. Where's Chapter 18, you ask?

(Stoick) That is an excellent question. <Looms behind Mahelsonei> <Mahelsonei whimpers> Go ahead. Tell them.

(Sunny) Do I hafta? <Stoick gives a VERY intimidating glare> OK-OK-OK! I posted out of order, there I said it!

(Stoick) There. Was that so hard?

(Sunny) <squeaks> Yes?

(Stoick) <picks her up and pitches her off a cliff> DON'T DO IT AGAIN!

(Sunny) <voice fading in the distance> Pleaseforgivemeeeeee!!! <splash>

So sorry guys. I made you miss a pretty important bit of story. Here's the real Chapter 18. My sincerest apologies. So. So. Sorry. <wrings water out of braid>


Chapter 18: Wrathfang Comes


     The sky split with an ear-crumbling KARACKABOOOOOM!!!, the brightness of the sun resting on the Thor statue and then vanishing.

     Mahelsonei and Hiccup screamed, hands to their ears, dragons roared in surprise. Two more bolts of lightning, smaller this time, struck the Thor statue, the bolts touching the hammer and shooting out the palm. It was hard to follow such a quick sight, but the bolts of lightning really did enter the house. Sunny wasn’t in her head right then. The grief over her discovery, fear for her egg, and anger at Hiccup for prying at such a sensitive part of her heart drove her insane for a minute. The other riders were already out of their tents, watching her and calling for her to come back as she ran toward the ruined house.

     Her feet barely touched the waterlogged earth, her ears deaf to any sound except the thunder and the tiny little noise coming from the house.

     She ducked through the door, and saw the baby dragon in the midst of a huge burn mark in the center of the room. It reeked of ozone in the room. She didn’t have time to admire the dragon. Another bolt of lightning struck outside. She had to go, she had to go now! She scooped it up, its spines cutting on her arm. She didn’t notice the blood oozing, but kept running. A bolt of lightning struck the Thor statue again, but she was clear of the house now. The sound surrounded her, crushing in on her head with the force of a Thunderdrum’s roar. Lightning blinded her, and electricity surged up from the ground, siezing her legs. She cried out with pain as the electricity clenched her leg muscles.

     Suddenly, she felt a powerful force grab her by the collar and she was moving forward faster than she ever could have run. She was only half aware of the dragon’s teeth in her shirt. She was dropped, gently, at the feet of the riders. “Thanks, bud.” Hiccup’s voice was muffled by the groan of the electrified air and pain that was still shaking her skull. She felt a large, soft hand cupped under her head, two cold fingers prodding her throat. “She’ll be alright.” Fishlegs’ voice announced. “Whoa...!”


     There were various sounds of awe as she slowly sat up. She finally noticed the little dragon in her arms. He was a beautiful, tiny little thing. His scales were a deep, beautiful royal purple, his wings a bright copper. His underbelly was a brilliant electric blue. He squeaked. He really, actually squeaked! His eyes locked with Mahelsonei’s, and widened as it gave a teeny little growl. She lifted her right hand, letting it hover just in front of his face. She felt her heart soar when its snout touched her palm.

     He raised his wings, revealing beautiful blue patterns that looked like raindrops on the underside of his shimmering orange-red wings. “Why hello, Wrathfang.” She smiled, her voice weak. Tears welled up in her eyes. Tears of joy, this time. She pulled the dragon close, her arms careful of the spikes. He looked up at her, a tongue darting out to touch her nose. He had a tongue! A cute, tiny, perfect little tongue! She could not begin to describe the wonder and gratitude that flooded her.

     Thunder boomed again, shock waves searing the ground. Toothless shrieked, and the other dragons started grabbing their riders, unbidden. They knew that there was no time to stick around, they had to get out of here, now! She felt Hookfang’s teeth grab her shirt as they lifted up off the ground. The wind started tossing the dragons around like leaves.


     Sunny screamed as they flew to Berk. The wind battered her and rain a barrage of hard, icy droplets as she dangled from the Monstrous Nightmare’s jaws. The windchill cut to her bones with glacial blades. “Hang in there!” Snotlout called to her, one hand on Hookfang’s horns and the other on his ram’s horn helmet, trying to shield his eyes from the water that flew and stung like a cloud of arctic bees. Lightning flashed across the skies.

     She clutched her baby dragon tight. He was crying, his little eyes wide in fear. She saw the other dragons fighting the air for control. Toothless and Hiccup were cutting through the wind, trying to carve a path through the storm for the dragons behind. Meatlug’s bumblebee-like wings were struggling with the wind, Fishlegs clinging to the Gronckle as tightly as he could. Even the twins knew this was not the time for jokes, clutching Barf and Belch’s horns  with freezing white knuckles in the hurricane that attacked the island like a colossal, hungry dragon. Shadows were split by lines of lightning, the roar of the wind drowned out by the storm’s throbbing growl. They were racing the storm for Berk, the prize being their lives.

     It felt like ages, but they finally saw the glow of firelit windows in the distance. Berk was in sight. By now, Sunny was so cold she could hardly stay awake. Hiccup couldn’t call out orders, not with wind louder than a dragon’s roar. But Toothless still managed to guide them to the village. They touched down in the middle of town, right in front of the Great Hall. Stoick opened the doors when Snotlout and Fishlegs banged on the door with their fists, ushering them and their dragons in.


     She was suddenly engulfed in searingly painful warmth. Hookfang and Stormfly pushed the humongous doors shut, sealing out the deadly wind. She stumbled and fell to the ground, not even feeling the pain as she collapsed on the stone. She dimly acknowledged a large man picking her up off the ground, but was acutely aware of the baby dragon squeaking and hissing in surprise and anger. Please leave my baby alone, she thought distantly. She heard a clattering as someone cleared off a table with a sweep of their arm, and rested her on the wood.

     “Is she gonna be alright?” Astrid asked worriedly, shivering even though they were out of the cold. She stepped aside as Gothi hobbled over on her staff, checking Mahelsonei over with her withered, skillful hands. The baby Skrill sat atop her chest, hissing at the healer. Gothi gave it a single, withering look and he yelped, scampering off. He buried himself in Mahelsonei’s wet hair. He wouldn’t give the creepy old woman any more trouble.

     Stoick put a hand on Astrid’s shoulder. “She’s in good hands, Astrid.” The warrior girl shook off Stoick’s hand, not entirely convinced. Gothi used Gobber to ask for warmed blankets, some water, and a few herbs, which she received very quickly. She administered her skill to the injured girl. She scribbled on the floor again, a piece of charcoal tied securely to the bottom of her staff. Gobber translated. “She says that... Mahelsonei will be fine when she wakes up.”

     The riders let out a collective sigh of relief. Except Ruffnut and Tuffnut, who groaned dissapointedly. Toothless moved closer to the unconscious girl and sniffed her hair. He jumped about five feet straight up when Wrathfang poked his head out of the mass of brown hair. Toothless came a little closer after the shock wore off.

     The Night Fury was very curious about this little dragon. He’d seen hatchlings before, but he’d never seen an infant Skrill. Wrathfang was curious about the bigger dragon, too. Wrathfang sneezed, and Toothless warbled a dragon-ish chuckle. Well, he supposed the baby dragon was pretty cute. Wrathfang detangled himself from his mistress’ hair and flopped onto the floor. His tiny little foot claws scrabbled on the stone. The people in the Great Hall all had their eyes on the tiny Skrill. He lifted his wings and yawned, again revealing the blue raindrop patterns on the copper undersides of his wings, which matched the tone and color of his electric blue belly. Fishlegs put a hand forward, trying to touch him, but Wrathfang just snapped his jaws at the large boy. His fingers just barely escaped his teeth.

     “Um, he’s not very friendly.” Fishlegs sounded nervous. “Maybe you’ve got the magic touch, Hiccup.”

     Hiccup crouched down low, his belly on the floor. He fished some green dragon nip out of his pocket. Astrid whispered, “Who keeps dragon nip in their pajamas?” Ruffnut answered, “Well duh, Hiccup does.” He ignored them, and continued talking to the dragon in gentle tones. Hiccup put a dragon nip blade near Wrathfang’s nose and he instantly became disfocused and relaxed. Wrathfang nibbled at the grass and flopped down, curled up in a circle as he fell asleep. Astrid knelt down next to Hiccup, examining the sleepy little dragon. “Well, now that he’s hatched, what are we going to do?”

     “We keep an eye on him, and Mahelsonei.” He answered.

     “Who’s going to train Wrathfang? Mahelsonei?”

     Hiccup bit his lip, “I have no idea.”

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I'm loving this story so far!

I'm loving this story so far! Keep up the great work! (Posting here to follow future updates!)


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(Thanks for the fun, guys! You're all awesome!)

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Subjects are overrated LOL

Thanks! :)