Tail for the Toothless

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Yesterday I suggest add at the game the weather and the change of the day. Now I want to suggest you to add the tails for the Night Fury,  which were in the Race To The Edge in the Hiccup's home.  The usual tail, which is now at the Toothless, as it is already outdated, to be honest.  It would be nice to add a saddle for Toothless from the "How To Train Your Dragon 2".  We have only Hiccup's Flight Suit. It remains to add only a saddle for complete happiness.

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I honestly think that would

I honestly think that would be very cool! Then all the Toothlesses running around wouldn't look exactly alike as much! And they showed so many tail fins on the walls in Race to the Edge, and I really like a lot of them! Why not put them to some more good use? :D




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This is a great idea :D

Though this idea has already been mentioned ( A long lonnnngggggg time ago)


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Well, it's clear that this was mentioned a very long time ago. But, however, it does not hurt to add from soon: D

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You're a predictior. These

You're a predictior. 

These things ( Tails of Night Fury) are going to be added in game in no time. Or rather, I think in this week's update. Somebody already has sent spoilers





About change of day and night.. Oh, boy, be realistic, we all know that this is impossible and it will never happen. 

I think it is not easy for admins to add such things in game. It obviously can injure the game. I mean, SoD has lots of servers, day and night change will be very harmful. Count of glitches will increase 






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I already posted on the suggestions about this. I called it Tail fins for toothless,if you want to check it out






(Not finished yet)