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Dragon Tactics has always been my favorite mini game and not just for the rewards. I like the challenge of predicting moves and strategizing to counter them. A lot of people ask about the best dragons for Tactics battles. A lot of people ask this without taking into account what the other dragons might be, essentially saying, "I want a bunch of good dragons, but I don't know exactly why." This is not an insult or attack on ANYONE. I think every new player goes through this stage, I sure did! I'd look at the strongest dragon and want that one without thinking about what I wanted my team to be built around. So here are some tips to help you through that curious phase:


First off, let's talk about the dragons you want. Do not go for the one that looks cool or has the coolest moves. I won't deny that strength is important but what happens if you have a team of dragons with amazing healing powers...but don't do any real damage...? If you've played Tactics long enough, you know that after an amount of time enemies will stop idly waiting for you and start coming after you on their own. So throw the idea of, "Well I'll use only strong moves and keep ending turns until I can use them again!" our the window, because that won't work. This is where you put the tactic in Tactics. 

If you're a member you're probably using or going to use Toothless and/or the Light Fury. Toothless especially isn't a bad choice, but you'll spend a LOT of time raising his level (otherwise he's useless), and you won't have access to him when your membership expires. Unless you plan to continuously pay for memberships, over and over, I would advise to use him for Toothless-centric stable quests or just to fly around and have fun with. If you're not a member, I can tell you several ways to get free gems and, unless you get a mystery egg chest, use those gems on dragons in the store.


Each player has their own battle preferences. Me, personally, I go quick and hard. I like high-speed and high-damage, and preferably long-range. But this leaves me with little defense if enemies close in. Since my team is built around getting things done fast, I have a tank (hard-to-take-down defensive dragon) to protect my two snipers (high-damage, long-range, but less health). A Stormcutter  is my tank. With one close-range move and one mid-range move, paired with low speed, why bother if I want speed? My two snipers attack while my Stormcutter takes damage from enemies. This allows the snipers to be protected while they deal damage. Even if my Stormcutter is poisoned or burned (which does damage over time), it has strong self-healing powers that restore it's health fully, so it might as well be invincible for three turns. 

My two snipers are my Skrill and Woolly Howl. The Woolly Howl has to use a turn to up its power, which puts it at a slight disadvantage (Stormcutter time y'all), but next three turns he's a killing machine with long and extra-long ice shots. My Skrill doesn't have the advantage of raising its power like the Woolly Howl, but it doesn't have to wait to deal strong damage. The Skrill is not just a long-range sniper like people think. Once again we're going to put the tactic back in Tactics. A Skrill can nuke. Literally. Unlike the Howl, the Skrill has a trick up its sleeve that makes it a bomb and a full blown target. The target part is the big disadvantage, but the Skrill can use Electric Jacket, which hits close-range every enemy at every angle (including behind). Electric Jacket is its strongest move. To pull off a nuke special, move him to the middle of the floor where a lot of enemies are and defend like crazy. Most of the time he won't be hit. When most or all enemies are surrounding him, use Electric Jacket. Bye-bye! Again the target part is the disadvantage because when you move him, he become the sole target of every enemy in the room. So be careful.


If you build your team around defense that means you build your team around health. A Stormcutter is a good choice for this because it self-heals and endures everything, and its Flame Spiral can burn enemies. A Sentinel can use Wing Clap to attack a whole group of enemies at once, at mid-range, and can also self-heal. A Triple Stryke can self-heal as well and can poison enemies. Having a healer on your team is great, and if your viking can't heal, you may want to consider a Prickleboggle. They're made for healing (literally). A Thunderdrum has high health and mid-range, so although he's not a healer, he's still an option.


If you want your team build around speed, you're probably getting a team of snipers. Additionally, your viking is slow and can't keep up with high-speed dragons. You could have a healer on your team but they're not great at keeping up either, so you'll have to take it slow with snipers unless you know the enemy is weaker. And if a sniper has low health but no healer, your only gets is to put something in front of it and let it snipe from behind. 

For any team, your best bet is to raise their level to the max (level 50, to date). Is your team is weak you can have the best healers or attackers in your arsenal but it won't do you any good if your enemies endure and take you out first. This has nothing to do with dragons but your viking can act as support. If your viking can't heal, I would recommend a sword as the weapon and raising your attack, then you can go sweep the front lines of an enemy group so your other dragons can pass without harm.


Just remember to take all this with a grain of salt because your personal preferences may tell you to get a Whispering Death instead of a Thunderdrum. These are only suggestions, you do you. :) Good luck!


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Autocorrect decides what I'll say so some of the words won't be right and I can't edit them. Sorry about that!

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so what your saying is my team should consist of..

so your saying that i should have a skrill, a sentinel, and a hideous zippleback? those are my good dragons, well, maybe not the skrill but its still good.




my name is indoraptorian, and i am a long-time player! 

my account was created back in 2014, when i was 8.


my top three dragons are:

lemonade, my flame whipper. he is based on my real life leopard gecko named lemonade!

alfa, my speed stinger!

pistol, my whispering death. ( i never knew what a pistol was back then. he is also my first dragon.)


my in - game viking name is indoraptorian. 

my account name is angelinajoy111.


dragon i'm currently leveling: babies and teens via stable quests! they actually help a lot tbh, go do that if you have useless babies and teens laying around. 


please make hybrids come back im begging you i really need a flightstinger pls just do it


planning on filming the aftermath of httyd : the hidden world where all of the rider's dragons and old enemies grow into titans, and meet again.

sounds cool?

i hope so.



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I suppose

I would highly recommend a Skrill. Leveled up, it's a sweeper, sniper, and bomb. Whatever your team works best with. ;)

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I do have my own tactics for

I do have my own tactics for that, but it’s very nice from you to create this, so lil players can get more familiar


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I’am currently a lone wolf without a clan or friends, sitting on MMO off for whole the time except battle events.

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I always want to coddle new players. Their questions, to a veteran (2014 here), are so simple and obvious but you just can't help loving them! Besides, why accumulate all this knowledge and not share any of it? I love new players, and I remember asking the same things and making the same mistakes. Like in pokemon games, people will restart the whole freaking game because they found a shiny and thought it was a glitch. ONLY NEWBIES FIND SHINIES, I SWEAR! So yeah I like helping people out when I can. :D I love them new players!

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This is like the best guide ever! I do some of those tricks, but I like to have at least one character who can target more than one enemy. That skrill move sounds cool, and way better than the monserous nighmars "Flame jacket". 

One tip I have: the sword is one of the best weapons. Your sword can do the sweep. a good strategy to use that move is to move where at least two enemies can move to be right in front of you when they are on alert. put on your defence, and then after use the sweep to knock them out.

I am a sniper guy. I like to have a couple on my team too. One strategy with them is a "hit-and-run" strategy. If you can help it, try to attack an enemy without moving, then move as far away as possible to avoid being hit (this won't work too well on other snipers). Dragons with the Hyper up-grade are good for this one.


(P.S. this is the account I use in the forums. My game account doesnt work for some reason with this so I use this one. Scroll for more info)




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This is me


My titan Nadder, Spineshot








I also have...

Zippleback: Gassy and Spark

Shockjaw: Thundershock

Gronckle: Rocker

Groncicle: Glacier

Monsterous Nightmare: Flamethrower

Whispering Death: Groundfire

Thunderdrum: Sonic Boom

Prickleboggle: Sundew

Armourwing: Sheild

Tideglider: Wavewalker

Stormcutter: Dinrall




In game:

Where you can find me: First off why do you want to know? Anyway, I am usually one single player, but I go on multi player during battle events and when I feel like it. When on multiplayer I am in the Training Grounds.

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miscellaneous: I collect legos and put them in my "Lego Tactics" game I made (basically Dragon Tactics with legos.)  I collect lightsabers and practice almost every day. I actually know how to build a real "lightsaber."



















Now for those codes:

Lavaeater: Eruptadon egg (yes my dragon is named after the code)

Cloudcover: Stormcutter armour

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SkrillThrill: Lightning skrill armour (no shoulder pads)













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