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I have a problem to report. Sometimes the chat will give you a warning like " that word is not allowed, this is your first warning"  But, a few days ago, I saw a viking with a swear word for a name! I wont say the word, only that it starts with f. I think u get the idea. I just dont want little kids seeing that word and repeating it. Please fix this problem.



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I agree!

You're right. Chat supervision is a bit too heavy (mainly because of the "word not found-->word not allowed"), while I'm not sure there's any nickname control at all. Hope they'll fix that, some names - if not rude - are at least uninstructive.

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Thanks for the report, tory. Could you please send an email to gaming@schoolofdragons.com with the inappropriate Viking name? We'll look into this and fix things as soon as we can.

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Ok, i sent the email to

Ok, i sent the email to gaming@schoolofdragons.com  I hope this problem is resolved

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Yeah, I find it extremely ironic that the chat is heavy on word filters, yet things like spam are still allowed. The other day someone was spamming up the chat with "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!"s and it was very annoying. :/




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