Super Hero Role-Play!

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  • No Godmodleing
  • No invincibility (Unless its your power)
  • No bad words
  • No only one character per person
  • Only 5 spots open
  • No OC characters (Ex Spiderman, Wolverine... But some enemies can be Marvel)
  • You must fill a form


All the role-players are going around their normal super hero duties,

You know, capturing Batrok The Leaper...

When a man dressed in full black steps out of the shadows and attacks each one of the role-players.

He has all powers,

And he nocks each of the role-players out.

Then, we role-players find each other.




Super Hero Name:

Actual Name:



Power(s) (Limit of three):

History (How he/she got her power):





(Please use this link for Apearence: )

I will tell spaces open in the second comment.

ENJOY!!!! :D


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Good luck! I will update this list as people join!

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Will anyone join?????

Super Hero Name: Angle

Actual Name: Luna Dragonson

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Power(s) (Limit of three): Can fly; Can control animals.

History (How he/she got her power): When she was young a gunman shot her parents, and then science laccensored grabbed her and experimented on her. They gave her a shot with hawk DNA, and she painfuly grew wings. Then seeing that their experiment worked they tried to give her dragons breath, but as the girls wings were growing, they were getting stronger too, so when the scientists came with the dragons breath shot she broke free. Then as she was running out of the labs, her wing cut against another shot cilender, and it gave her the power to talk, and control animals.

Personality: You'll find out.

Weapon: Her small dagger.

Notes: None.


(I know I spelled Angle wrong)