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With the possiblity of Summerhildr on the way very soon, I thought it would be nice for the newer players heading into their first Summerhildr event to help them with some ideas on how to amount a huge pile of points. Just some pointers basically, but something that can help. 

Also, please note i have no idea what the amount from each one is and I'm speculating from Last Year's Summerhildr, but its accurate nonetheless.


So, firstly is Summerhildr is possibly one of the only events that I've ever seen without a maze. This is unfortunate because the first time though a maze, you generally get like 200 points, and 50 every 20 hours after that. Bummer, i know, but you can make up for it with other areas.


1) Dragon Tactics

While this was specificly an adventuring curve last year, the prospect of the Gruesome Goregripper makes me think there might be some new DT levels for gaining points. The general way the SOD team has dished out points is making the first one like 15 or 20 points and then going up 5 or so points with each higher DT level. This can give you a ton and every 20 hours, you can go back and do the same levels again for more points!


2) Racing

This one can give you quite a few points if you manage a 1st place run (can be as much as 25 points per track if you get first place). There is a catch though, you can only get 1st place on each track once for points. Sometimes what i do then is purposely get into 2nd or 3rd or 4th for more points after I've gotten 1st on every track. There's generally 4 or so tracks for an event, so altogether, you could get quite a few points! Again, you can redo these racetracks every 20 hours


3) Farming

All be it the boring option (some vikings may disagree with me, apologizes to said vikings), it can get you a lot of points. Every event has at least one animal customized for them and there's always a farm animal given out as a prize! The higher the animal's level to unlock on Farmer UDT, the more points you're going to get! There is no limit to how many points you can get on here, if your willing to wait.


4) Stables

Again, another waiting option (some can take up to 24 hours to complete, so just a suggestion as soon as you get on, put your dragons in said quest), but this one can give you a lot of points if youre dragons are up to the challenge! Certain dragons need to be with certain quests, and often their level changes the success rate, but in the end if you get a success you'll get some nice points out of it!


5) Chests and Trade

I know what you're thinking: what do chests have to do with getting points? Well, there's a tab on the event pannel that says "exchange". Buying Chests and getting stuff from said chests is good because if you dont want to keep it, you can get a healthy amount of points by trading it in! Simply click on thing you want gone and drag it to the cauldron and the said amount of points on the object will be given to you! About chests is that most of them cost 120 gems a piece (Sod team, be so kind as to lower this please) but sometimes the SOD team gives you 100 gems to start the event. Simply saying, saving up for chests in the long run is a good idea.


Thats all I can think of that is specific to this event (did not include mazes cause i did say they might not have one). Hope this helps!




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Summerhildr Announced

Summerhildr has been announced on twitter, and showing the tail of the goregripper.

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Thank you for the tips good

Thank you for the tips good sir



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Thank you for the tips good

Thank you for the tips good sir