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Hi there
I know summarhildr is a long time to come, but I was replaying the quests and realized how weirdly fixated stormheart was on the Krafin. Now that the tempest is destroyed ( rip I loved that ship) do u think that stormheart will try to make the Krafin into a war machine. Another thing that made me suspect this even more was the fact that grimmel didn't die, he is just hiding in a hole somewhere. And what did grimmel know how to do? Use Deathgripper poison to control dragons. Maybe he even managed to capture the adult furies so we have to work with the night lights to help them access their titan form and free their parents and the Krafin. What do u guys think?

Also I have a few questions

What does the advanced tod do when compared to the improved rod. The improved one has the drag function, but what about advanced?

Also, are there any rumors about thawfest 2022 prize?



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A headcannon about me written by the creative StarZipSky!

Defeating the Hunters




Far away from School of Dragons, near the Auction island, a Hunter were counting dragon bones in front of an enormous cage on a ship. Inside the cage, were the Deathgribber. Every time it roars a roar, the hunter’s sword would scare it to death. 




From the dark night’s sky, 6 shadows arose from the ocean. Its silhouettes got closer and closer to the ship as the hunter stared at them with panic, blankly. Now that the silhouettes were really close to the ship, the hunter was able to see the riders on the dragons’ back. The riders.




“Drago! Drago!” The hunter shouted. “The riders are here!”




“Stormfly, spike shot!” Shouted the rider on a Deadly Nadder. The spikes pinned the hunter to the ground.




“Furies, plasma blast!” Shouted another rider. Four Furies’ lightening like shots burned down all the defense watch tower, making the hunters scream and jump off. 




The Nadder and a Fury headed toward the hunters, dodging arrows and shooting fire as they went. While they were on their mission, the other three Furies, the Night Lights and a young rider went down to the cage where the Deathgribber were trapped.




“Pouncer, Dart, Ruffrunner! Make sure that the hunter doesn’t move until we finish rescuing the Deathgribber.” The rider took off its mask and hood. His platinum blonde hair, purple eye, and a scar, on his right eye.




“Huh, I wondered who this young rider was, but it looks like my brother Kaze. How dare you getting out of here and coming back as a dragon rider.” The hunter said. “Remove this rope for me, brother or else… hey you, white crazy fury! Stop biting my foot! Green black fury! Stop squishing me! And you, muffed blue fury, close your nasty mouth up!” The more the hunter struggled, the more the Night Lights got upset and anxious. 




“Calm down, guys. You guys just keep him quiet, okay?” Kaze told the Night Lights. “I’ll have to rescue this big guy.” 




Kaze slowly opened the cage, and dropped his weapons. It is for the hunters, not for the creature. Kaze reached his hands out right in front of Deathgribber.  It looked at Kaze cautiously, but accepted him, and welcomed him onto its back. 








Suddenly, a screaming of anger emerged from the ship. It was Drago Bloodfist. Kaze quickly unleashed the Deathgribber and faced Drago.




“Looks like it is the young rider Kaze, isn’t? Give me. Give back the Deathgribber right now!” Drago shouted.




“No, Drago. The dragons are meant to be in peace, not your dragon army, that you are trying to collect from years ago.”




Drago and his Bewilderbeast have been defeated by Toothless and Hiccup. The Bewilderbeast returned to its home, the hidden world. Lucky for Drago, it swam there floating. One day on its journey, Drago on the bewilder beast’s back saw Stormheart’s ship. He told Stormheart about everything that have happened and Stormheart, who dislikes the dragon riders gladly helped Drago retreat. Once Drago have fully retreated and got another arm, he decided one more thing that he wanted or needed to do. Collect dragons and bring back Valka’s Bewilderbeast back to life. When a viking collects items for the Dragon eye and melt it, it turns into a potion that can bring dead things to life. Drago stole the Dragon Eye with unknown existence from Trader Johan’s old ship and succeeded to make the potion. And with the old Valka’s Bewilderbeast under his control, he had started Dragon hunting again.




“Bewilderbeast!” Drago shouted. Valka’s might Bewilderbeast arose from water below, just like how Drago’s old Bewilderbeast had done. It eye color had changed, cursed with hunter’s power.  Drago pointed his stick toward the Deathgribber that had been rescued. 




The Deathgribber struggled with the Bewilderbeast’s mind control for minutes, but collapsed powerlessly. Kaze quickly grabbed his weapon and looked straight into Drago’s eyes. 




“Kaze! Be careful! Drago is powerful than anything if he has Bewilderbeast is next to him!” Hiccup and Astrid shouted as the dismounted Toothless and Stormfly, trying to stop Kaze. But Kaze didn’t budge.




“I cannot let a dragon get hurt by a hunter. I am a rider, I protect dragons, and that’s the life I chose. I would not feel bad even I hideif my death was for a dragon.” Kaze answered. 




“Young rider. Shoot him!” Drago ordered the Bewilderbeast.




Cursed Bewilderbeast blasted its cold breath and covered Kaze up.




As Hiccup and Astrid stared at it happen in shock, the Deathgribber stood up again. It jumped toward the ice and started scratching it with sharp claws and poisonous tail. It shot fire at it and managed to  make a crack. It ran back few meters and rushed toward the ice. With a crash, the ice lost capability and letted go off Kaze alive.




Night Lights hopped around Kaze and Toothless and Stormfly blasted fireballs with joy. 




“Kaze!” Shouted Astrid “You are alive! Thank goodness!” 




“I’m fine, Astrid. How did… I got out?” Kaze asked.




“The Deathgribber saved your life, Kaze.” Hiccup replied.




Drago stared at Kaze escaping out of the ice. His minds were mixed up. A dragon saved a hunter? It was alive? It reminded him of the battle few years ago. He got so deep into his thoughts with anger that when he noticed, he was grabbed by the Deathgribber The Deathgribber dropped Drago into the Ocean, colder than the North Pole. With all the coldness around him, Drago lost his mind and never floated.




The School




“Well, Kaze, it’s great that you are back to School of Dragons and able to join the riders again! Can I ask you something?” Hiccup said.




“Yes, Chief. What is it?” 




“I would like you to help the Deathgribber find a new home. All the dragons we rescued that night, we have found new riders for them, but this Deathgribber looks like he prefers you more than any other riders. Would you like to have him? I think that you guys would make a great bond.”




“Really, Chief? I can really have him? God, this is the most amazing thing ever that happened these days!” As Kaze finished his sentence, the Deathgribber joyfully jumped around him and scooped him up onto its back with its teeth. 




“What are you going to name him, Kaze?” Astrid asked.




“Oh, you should name him Hookfang the Second!” Snotlout shouted.




“No, you should name him Tuffnut Dragon!” “No, Ruffnut Dragon!” The twins argued.




“Maybe Kaze Legs! It would be so cute!” Fishlegs shouted out his idea.




"You guys didn't even come to help us! Why do you think that you get a chance to name a strike class dragon?" Astrid argued.




“Okay guys,” Hiccup said. “Let Kaze think. It’s his buddy.”




Kaze thought for a very long time, and said out loud. “Stormer. He rescued my life like a Storm. He is the mightiest Deathgribber I’ve seen!” 







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Regarding Summarhildr, in my opinion, as Harald wrote (Stormheart is planning sinister plans ......) In my opinion, in this Summarhildr 2022

Stormheart and Leader Warlords will try to implement one of the plans, its main goal as we know is to have dominion over Archipelago and defeat us and marry Krayfin, who is said to belong to her, and it is possible, as you write, that she wants to turn this dragon into a dragon fighting machine. . I also have a theory that we will protect Harald because we destroyed Tempest thanks to him, moreover I think he will want revenge for Tempest as she named him as a "jewel of the sea" and other islands (perhaps even newly added) will be in danger. I also think Stormheart has a lot of resources to arrange a new ship to attack and fight.

In my opinion, Summarhildr will again be based on 7 tasks and prizes (sheep, weapons, decorations) where at the end we will get another of the Night Lights (since at the end it was written that in the future we will have the opportunity to work from Nightlights).

Thawfest is quite a mystery, but there is a theory that the RR dragon should be a prize again, which I do not agree with and hope it will be a good hybrid.

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One question

This was probably a typo but I can't get what u meant by marry the krayfin

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Bad translation, I'm sorry and his name yes was a typo in fast writing

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Another theory yall( spoilers for wrath of stormheart)

Another place where the krayfin was important was in wrath of stormheart, where we where fighting her, and we discovered a huge Skelton graveyard for the krayfin. The current krayfin wasn't even that big compared to the skeletons , so maybe they manage to speed the growth of the krayfin and he becomes so strong that even if the Bewilderbeast comes out ro challenge it , he fails. That would put so much higher stakes and would make it so much more fun to play

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Yes true, I would love to see this huge version in the game.

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It's honestly hard to say if we'll get another Summarhildr or not. A lot of people are expecting one but there's only been 1 so it's hard to tell whether it will become a regular thing or not. It could've just been something special they decided to do because a lot of people kept asking for adult NLs and they figured an event-expansion would be a good way to introduce them. If we do have another Summarhildr I hope it's another event-expansion. I absolutely loved last year's Summarhildr because of the expansion feel to it. I loved the fact that quests were prizes, it really got me motivated to keep earning notes, and the lower amount of currency required to complete it also helped. lol.


The advanced rod also has the drag function. The better your rod the easier it's supposed to be to catch fish, especially the harder types of fish to catch.


There's been no leaks of what the dragon for Thawfest will be. The only thing people can do right now is speculate.


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Yeah! And to be honest I couldn't be more excited for Thawfest. Either if they do the Songwing from RR ( which i really hope so since all of the hybrids we have left are dreadfall themed or look way to uncanny, simply it'll not fit thawfest. ) or the Zoomerang RR. Absolutely fast and stunning dragon, which I love the design for. The dragons here : 


sincerely I hope they don't pick a dragon that doesn't fit the theme or looks hideous. I love the hybrids from Titans Uprising I really do, however most of them just doesn't fit thawfest. With the bright colors and the joy of it, having a dragon that looks scary wouldn't fit. Maybe the Zippleback + Snowraith hybrid could work however, disregarding this I am happy with Thawfest coming. It's one if the more funner parts of SoD in general, and Summerhildr adds to it.

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I'd be happy with most any dragon. The only dragons I'd be disappointed to have as the prize would be flightless ones. There's just not a lot to do with flightless dragons in game so the work put into earning it wouldn't seem/feel worth it. There needs to be more things for flightless dragons to do. I'd love for a racing game for flightless dragons to be added and also maybe an obstacle course game for flightless dragons.

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As I recall, Brynjolf said they will avoid more RR dragons as Event prizes after the failed Golden Dragon. They will continue to add RR dragons, but only in additions outside of Events. I personally think it's better...
And finally someone commented on Zoomerang! Everyone knows how much I HATE RR dragons, and for me the SoD just ended this outbreak once and for all. But, I have to admit that Zoomerang is an exception. It's the best dragon in this series, and literally the only design that worked. The shape of the wing still bothers me, but otherwise it's really the only dragon in this series that worked.
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Good to know that someone else agrees! Most of the dragons from Rescue Riders Heroes of The Sky are mostly not talked about or not known from many people. However, I totally agree. I adore the Zoomerang, and they would be a really cool addition. Especially for racing and durance, they would be fun to be on if I have to be sincere!

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I think it's better not to talk about it at all. That dragon named "Sparkle" NEEDS to be kept away....
Most of the dragons in this series don't fit at all, but Zoomerang is the only dragon whose design really harks back to something Nico Marlet (the main franchise's artist) would do. He's the only one that really fits the standard of the main franchise, although he still has some adaptable details like the wings and eyelashes. I would be happy if SoD could update at least these 2 details when adding it, but seeing Golden Dragon with 0 adaptations it worries me...
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Another one

Maybe they could add some islands which we get to visit ( wingmaiden , defender, outcast, berserker, etc) and in the first few quests we visit them and eventually they get raided by stormheart ( with op lumie) then maybe they could work in us loosing, so we need to wait longer, so long that se more or less has full control of the archipelago. This could be a cool was, I honestly hope they do something like summarhildr instead of abandoning it, cause it was my favorite event. Even if they work it in as the other 3 events( as in quests for prizes) it will still be cool

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Deathsong is my favorite dragon

it's hard to say if Summarhildr will repeat itself. But I heard that SoD wanted to have 4 annual events

Thawfest - Spring event Summarhildr - summer event Dreadfall - autumn event Snoggletog - winter event
in addition, they made a race track and Dragon Taktics and exchange items for Summarhildr, so I think the event will be repeated.

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You are completely right.
ALL (without exception) games that work with "themed events" have 4 Events, one for each Season of the Year. SoD worked 2 years with only 3 Events, which caused a big gap in the middle of the year, between Thawfest and Dreadfall.
With Summarhildr, the calendar is complete.
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I am completely sure that the Event will repeat itself.
Perhaps, because of the immense success of the first attempt, Summarhildr becomes something of an early addition to Annual Expansions. Of course, this is just a theory, but the quests from the first Summarhildr leave a big loose end for this to happen. It's a great opportunity for SoD to do that too, they might take advantage of it or they might not (bc SoD is unpredictable).