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Have something concered, add on, or suggest SoD teams about the game? write it down here, and discuss together!



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Burntrap left Traitor Johans ship on the beach...

It's not the most mindblowing suggestion, but it would be nice to build and customise your own longship for sailing. If it's not used to sail around in water that our vikings can't swim in, then it can feature in its own mingame... or maybe a few.

We could use them for a dragon racing style minigame, with the difference being that our vikings are sailing around the coasts/between the seastacks as opposed to flying over the interior of the island. In this case, the first three ships to cross the finish line earn their vikings 50, 25, and 10 trophies respectively. Fourth place to Sixth (assuming the same general setup as Thunder Run racing) and Did Not Finish give penalties of -5, -10, -15, and -20 respectively.

Alternately, they could feature in a semi-dragon tactics style minigame, where the objective is to sink your opponents ship. There could also be a single player mode in which the vikings ship(s?) is(/are?) pit against Dragon Hunter/Warlord Goon ships and has to capture the ship/free the dragons trapped in it to win the battle. In this case, the winner gets the same general rewards as Dragon Tactics, but they get more of them, and they're a bit more diverse. In this mingame, a viking would get 10 chests per completed level, with a larger amount of gold coins in the first chest, a garunteed wood/scrap chest, and a garunteed dragon skin/saddle chest (perhaps previously exclusive event skins and event saddles could make appearances as semi-rare rewards, earned about as frequently as legendary weapons in DT.) Chests containing Legendary DT items, Gems, and Titan Runes would appear once every four levels each, but they'd contain larger amounts of each reward. There could also be a rarer chance of getting a braodwing dragon and/or dragon egg from this minigame (perhaps once every 8 levels.)


The last idea I have (for now) is a Defend Berk(RoB) style minigame, but with the player controlling the ships, not the dragons. This could alternatively be a fun way to participate in ship battles without having an active broadwing dragon. In the latter case, the idea would be to attempt to sail the ship through the training grounds without getting sunk. If the ship sinks, then the crew automatically teleport back onto dry land, are rejoined by their dragons, and get the same rewards that the dragon riders would have gotten from losing the event. If it successfully sails out of the training grounds, then the crew get to keep what the dragon riding players (or ai controlled dragons) would have presumably looted.


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Oops, I left my spare wood pile in the wilderness...

I forgot to mention how these ships would be built. The viking building a longship would need a large pile of wood, and a bunch of scraps/unwanted DT items. Wood would be used to build the majority of the ship, but with the right amount of scraps a viking could upgrade their ship, adding various Dragon Proof weapons, shields, and armor. They could also perform indirectly tactics related upgrades like replacing ropes with iron/copper chains and nets.


The ability to directly find/gather rocks/small amounts of gems/titan runes in the overworld could be added to the game to explain the presence of gem/titan rune chests in this minigame and in Dragon Tactics... not to mention why most vikings find 5-6 gems and/or one Titan Rune per level (or 2 to 4 in the gems case) in Dragon Tactics.

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Dragon model revamping

I've been a player fro a while and I think many older dragon species' models desperately need revamping. I'm talking about the basic dragons (gronckle, nadder, nightmare, zippleback), the typhoomerang, the moldruffle (and others that share its bodyshape), and so on.

Some of these need a whole replacement of the model, the animation and the texture, others just need a little bit of polishing. I think it would be amazing if all dragons looked detailed and smooth. There's a very big gap between older and newer dragons, just take a look at the typhoomerang, the nightmare, the mudraker, or the sweet death and compare it to the nightlights, the lightfury, the golden dragon, the humbanger, the triple stryke, the sentinel, the grim gnasher, or the seastormer.
This, and statistics. It's unfair that dragons tied to membership or money in general have the best stats. If you ever go racing, chances are if there is someone who has a nightlights the lightfury, or Toothless, they will win. It's frustrating sometimes and I think at least strike class dragons should have better statistics, so there's *some* equality.

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The furies...

Thunder run racing is not fair at all.


Toothless and Lightfury should be banned because only members can use them. I don't argue about the night lights becuase you can buy them with gems while there's people who has reasons and can't/don't want to buy membership. 


It is same for all other features except for all flight club dragons and expansionpacks. 


Mainly eggchests and gems / longnightflight stable quest.


Only members can have it and I think at least everyone needs to recieve it if they are over 30 lvl. 

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Aloha Lola

Hi there! I read your post and couldn't help myself but to give my own personal opinion on the matter.


While you may view having Toothless and the Light Fury available dragons on Thunder Run Racing be unfair, I personally think it is quite the opposite. 


I think having both Furies on TRR is something beneficial for those who decide to purchase memberships in-game, especially since member perks have become more downgraded throughout the years. Since expansions and dragon eggs have become more cheap in comparisson to their prices a few years ago, memberships have become less of a "necessity" than they were in the past. I personally think that, as members have already purchased memberships with real life money, they should have perks that most players don't. Ergo, the Furies. 


And since they have access to both Toothless and the Light Fury, wouldn't it be a shame that they're not put to good use? Sure, you have the Stable Quests and some other minigames (FBF, but to be fair, all dragons are fit for winning FBF matches), but wouldn't you like to use high-speed dragons for minigames like, in this case, Thunder Run Racing?


If we were to talk Furies to be banned, I think this should also apply to Night Lights, since even though they are available to everyone, their high non-member price makes it so not everyone can buy them right away. Thus, creating a similar advantage to those players who have Toothless and the Light Fury. 


What I think it all boils down to is player skill. You can ride a dragon with half the speed of that of Toothless', but if you have mad skills, you could win so many races. 


Alas, this is my personal point of view. Just thought I should say this. :)



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You don't need to have Toothless or the LF to win in racing. There's more to racing than having a fast dragon. You need to know the tracks and how your dragon handles on the tracks. There are a lot of dragons that can keep up with and even beat Toothless and the LF. Even slower dragons can beat them if you know the tracks really well and the people using Toothless or the LF don't. Also, people pay money(or work hard earning gems to buy the trial membership)for Toothless and the LF so they have every right to use them if they want to.


Membership is one of the ways the game makes money. No money = no game. People have to have incentive to buy membership. There needs to be more membership perks than the hero dragon Flight Club levels and all the expansions being free. Toothless, the LF, the monthly egg chests and gems, the gem stable quests, and the store discount are a big incentive for people to buy membership. Membership is a good way for the game to make money. I understand that some people can't buy membership or they don't want to spend money on the game but good membership perks have to exist in order for people to buy membership. You can get far in this game without having membership or spending money. It just takes time and work.


I do think there should be a few more gem stable quests for nonmembers. Right now there's only one and it's extremely rare and requires a lot in order to actually get a 100% success rate.




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Let's Go!
Some suggestions are old, others are new. Obviously, I know that a lot of stuff here would literally be asking too much...but it doesn't hurt to dream!
- Add Alpha Species as "splitters" for clans. Each clan, when created, needs to choose between Foreverwing, Bewilderbeast, Shellfire and Green Death to "follow", and each Alpha Species would have a map unlocked only for those who are part of a representative clan.
Why do that? well, in addition to the maps being better for clan meetings without weighing the server, Alphas could generate stat/exp/rewards bonuses if there is an in-game donation system to activate them. Also, it's a better divider for a new and restructured Clash of the Clans.
- A "moba" minigame with our own dragons. It could be a "Flag Catch" in the style of the fallen "Dragons and Titans".
Why do that? New minigames are always welcome! Our dragons would have an even larger skill deck, which would make them an even more unique species and make use of certain lesser-used dragons. In addition, the minigame could also provide Trophies as prizes and we would use a turn-free interface, and the vikings would also have greater participation with weapons, it would further unify the minigames by joining this one with Dragon Tactics and Battle Events.
- Add more Hero Dragons to Flight Club: Windshear,Sleuther,Skullcrusher and Cloudjumper.
Why do that? Flight Club is a great minigame, but it's outdated. Adding more Hero Dragons would not only be a focus, it could also generate more different Achievements with cool prizes!
- Enchant Dragon Stats with Minigames. The more minigames you play, the better the dragon's stats: Fireball Frenzy improves range and firepower,Flight Club improves dragon flight control,Thunder Run Racing increases overall speed stats,Dragon Tactics improves and unlocks more appearance functions of the dragon.
Why do that? Well, we know that dragons are already very unique depending on each species. But, this system would give even more customization to each player's individual dragon. In addition to, of course, improving the dragon's performance from effort.
- Flight Maneuvers, with the dragon being able to perform various types of maneuvers while flying across the map.
Why do that? Obviously for personal tastes! It would be awesome to just enjoy the maps and landscapes without worrying about minigames...something lighter and more delightful to do outside of the hard work. But, going back to functionality, it would be great to be able to better dodge the different projectiles of the ships in the Battle Event.
- More dragon-Class themed stables: Strike (with open sky at night and iron arches, where lightning strikes all the time), Sharp (made of wood with various iron barbs and ornate wooden spikes) and Tracker (made of caves and grass, with various plants "hiding" spaces to place dragons) and more functionality for Stables: Dragons placed in their respective Stable-class can recover energy/happiness while inactive, with this function also being applicable in the "Fury family" with the Night Light Stable and the Hidden World Stable and Dream Stable being neutral in this regard.
Why do that? Obviously more functionality for the stables. Also, it would be perfect to have more options of places to keep the dragons.
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I have a FEW suggestions…

Okay number 1: LET US USE THE LAB EVEN IF THERE IS NO QUEST!!! I started the game around early 2020 or smth, and I keep hearing about this wonderful mini-game that was unnecessarily removed from the game that included the lab. Idk what that was, but I think I would've enjoyed it. And if you absolutely can't bring that censored system back, then you can at least let us go in the lab and expirement on our own with the items we got from quests, and maybe even with wood too. I'm bored cuz I'm usually not that interested in TRR or FBF, and it takes ages to save gems to buy an expansion, so if this was added, I would be online in the game much more cuz I'm more into that type of stuff.




number 2: LET US EXPLORE VALKA'S SANCTUARY MORE!!! Let us swim the waters and jump on the bewilderbeast(that sounds wrong). It would also be fun to fly with our dragon there, flying around with the other dragons. I've explored every single island that is available to me, and as soon as I'm done with the quests in an expansion, I will explore whatever new place there is there too, but now there's nothing to explore, and it annoys me (and probably others too) that the walking space in Valka's sanctuary is very limited. So letting us go everywhere would be great! (That also sounds wrong)




number 3: Ok, this one might be too much to ask for, but if you have any free-time people can work on this (did I srsly just say that?) Add hidden places in each place, like maybe smth secret hidden in the trees in the wilderness, and some secret special (maybe custamizable) cave hidden in the school. Maybe there's a special reward you can get if you find the hidden place. That would be very fun for someone who finished their quest, and also for people who are in the middle of a quest but that quest leads them near the hidden place and when they're just looking around they find it. Looking for smth like that would be much more enjoyable than walking around waiting for the next battle-event.


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