Stuck on level 11?

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I was stuck on level 10 but I levelled up by shooting fire pits. I am now on level 11 but I cant find any quests. Anybody know whats wrong.

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     Same here. I have found

     Same here. I have found a way to level up, by planting crops in the farm you can grow in farming levels.  But so far I am stuck on either 11 or 12 and there are no quests to help me up.  Some people say that I have reached the end, but how do I know that I'm at the end?  It would realy help me out if I knew what is going on.  Thanks!:):):)


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Ye they are making more

Ye they are making more quests, I'm at level 11 (Viking) - but try looking over the island like for Fishlegs or stoik


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