Stuck Hidden world Quest

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Im having issues with continuning the hidden world quest. I tried contacting the admins and i didnt get much help from them. 

I have a quest from Hiccup but everytime i log in i keep getting messages from snoutlout to talk to hiccup. When i do i get stuck in a infinate loading loop just to talk to hiccup and on top of his head there is an exclamination mark on top. This happends every time i log into game and i was not sure if it was a glitch or not.  This was going on for the past year and im getting fed up, not recieving any help or update from the admins, at this point im might even cancel my membership.


I was hoping the new update will help solve this issue but it didnt. It seems talking to him was okay when i compeleted the hobglobber quest but the issue resumes when i tried talking to him again.


Please fix this!

Thank you!





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