Stuck with Fishleg's Dragon Tactics Mission? This might help!

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I am just realizing that SoD might've patched this quest, and I might've been too late. For those who are indeed stuck still, hope this helps you.


School of Dragons released the quest back in December of last year. Since it's no longer winter, they removed the maps, but unfortunately kept the quest in, leading players who accept the quest to be stuck to where they can't complete the quests due to the missing level. But there is a workaround to being able to complete the quest, and that is with the Microsoft Store Version! You can find it here:

So why this version? Why not use Steam, or Mobile? Well, if you scroll down a bit, you can see the updates in the game.

This version is 2.10.0. For those who don't have WIndows 10, or are using Mac, you can find the download links for their older applications However, be advised that you may be asked to update the game, thus taking away the DT levels.

In case if you want to try your luck with downloading older versions besides from the Microsoft Store Version, I've found the download link for various Operating Systems. Wish you the best.




Sorry, iPhone/iPad users, I couldn't find anything for you. :(


Now, on to the method. When you sign in, you're going to want to open the map and go to Berk. Loading into places like Vanaheim will result in a bugged loading screen since that place isn't in the game.


Once you're at Berk, head over to Dragon Tactics, and click on "The Snoggletog Missions." If you of course have these missions, they will be unlocked, unless you have yet to complete the tutorial.

And there you have it! A weird workaround to an unnecessary bug. I hope this helps you out!


And before I go, the old/better lighting for Berk Docks is in this version.

And if you do Rise of the Stormheart, Nikora's walking animation isn't bugged. :D


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