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I need some help on the Stoker class puzzle. I know how to do it but I cant get past it. Anyone have any tips for me?

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You need to inch close enough to the fire things to trigger them then run past right after the fireball gets out of your way. Don't linger for they will fire a second one after a moment.



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I know

I already know that I just lose my nerve when I get on the falling platforms.

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Wiggles the Whispering D.eath ate my subject

Those you just have to wing it. There's no trick to them. Plot where you're going to go before you start a group of them and know you don't have to touch every one.

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I have a few tricks for the

I have a few tricks for the dropping stones. Before you jump on them angle yourself so that you are facing the end point if possible. That way you don't waste critical seconds trying to turn. Some are just tricky, don't give up. Also, there will be a dropping stone section (possibly the third) where you will have 2 stone pathways after the grill. Walk across the grill (carefully avoiding getting blasted), and then turn your viking left. Shimmy along the edge of the grill till you reach the shorter stone pathway, and then straighten out to jump the shorter path. Also, when you hop on a single stone don't wait, you should be angled, and immediately jump, sometimes turning midair, it reduces your chance of getting dropped through to lava.


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You need a brave and confident heart on making it through the stoker level. Honestly, stoker's one of the easiest challenges for a veteran, but I understand how it can be difficult for new players.


You need to practice and understand how far your viking can jump. Usually the distance of the platforms devs make in these puzzles are just the right jumping distance for your character.

Another thing is to, just keep running. Don't even pause to think, just go go go.


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