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I unlocked the Night Fury lessons,and yes,It's really fun zipping around on Berk's beloved Night Fury. I have a small problem,though.


So,the Dragon Class Levels only unlock once you've completed the one before it,right?

May I confirm first: Does the lesson 'Midnight Search' require a "waiting time/pay with gems lock"?


If not,then there's something wrong with mine. When I completed the 'Gronckle Island' lesson,I could see that there was no lock icon whatsoever on the last lesson. However,when I clicked on it,50 gems were immediately paid for it.


I didn't go on to play the lesson,though. After a while of completing the regular levels with Toothless,I decided to move on and play 'Midnight Search'. Strangely,the game said I had to pay ANOTHER 50 gems to unlock the level,or wait another 12 hours!


I just lost 50 gems straight away if there wasn't supposed to be that lock there in the first place.



HP Envy 4 Ultrabook

Windows 8

Mozilla Firefox Version 24.0


For the attached image,the bottom "duplicate" row of Dragon Class Levels is what the interface looks like BEFORE clicking 'Midnight Search',and as you can see,there's no lock. This was exactly how it looked like when the 'Gronckle Island' lesson was completed in the first place. The bigger portion of the image is AFTER clicking on 'Midnight Search'.

Sorry for the weirdly cropped picture.

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Hey Carotius. Looks like you

Hey Carotius. Looks like you stumbled upon a bug. Our team is looking into this and we'll fix it for you as soon as possible. Thanks!