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This is not the first thread for this topic let alone from me, but at the height of the new Bewilderbeast hype. I both got the brainworm for the ideas and feel like it would be a good time to bring it back up too. Now with a few inspiration/refernce to showcase.


1. Ice/Glacier Stable

Aesthetic/Reference: Ice storm island (ice cave)

I have previously state that it would be nice to have a stable specifically for Ice climate dragon like snow wraith/groncicle and wooly howl. The substitute for it use to be (at least for me) The tidal class one and now we have the Bewilderbeast one with all the Ice finally but still i think it would be nice to have specifically ice theme stable that don't need to be as fancy or big like the bewilderbeast. Just the simple 300 gems small space(like tidal/stoke/boulder) without any perks. It can even have distinct design seperate from the Bewilderbeast Ice one by leaning more toward Ice storm or Glacier island type of snow and Ice. Here're some refernce visual and hole-like spot your dragon could be in.


2. Tracker Stable

Aesthetic/Reference: Bewilderbeast Stable/ Thawfest maze Tracker room 

What I didn't expect to like so much about the Bewilderbeast stable is all the greens and jungly look, Like ice stable above, it makes me wish for a simple small 300 gems juggle theme stable. Then I am reminded of the tracker room in thawfest maze and how both theme could overlap! basically make a Tracker stable all green and jungly. I think I want jungle-theme stable first and foremost and just strap the trracker name on top of it to be honest


Andddd Those are the two top one that I like but since I already start with tracker might as well get the rest of the class over with. 

I have state before that unlike Stoker/Tidal and Boulder, the theme each remainign class could have isn't as terrain specific and is probably just there for the aestheric rather than puting water dragon in water terrain or fire dragon in the vocano. Which is why I'm not so hot about them as much as the first two, but anyway here we go.


3. Sharp stable

Aesthetic/Reference: Rise of Berk stable/ Thawfest maze sharp class room/Arena/Fireball Frenzy

The recuring theme I see for sharp clss is the wooden spikes. So I can imagine Sharp class stable being this kind of indoor training area-y. Would kinda have similar feel to Boulder class stable or the actual hangar in the movie. With lots of woods/ spikes and some weapons.


4. Mystery Stable 2

Aesthetic/Reference: Recolred Stoker class stable/ Gas

I'm sorry. I think the death song stable is very cool and it's interesting to see a species being single out to represent the class but whenever I actually think of mystery class. I usaully think of Ghastly, green gas or something and then I think kinda like Stoker stable but green.



5. Tracker Stable 2

Aesthetic/Reference: Hiccup's workshop/ Library

Just like I've mention. I'm more wanting the jungle stable then just slapping tracker name on top of it because of the maze but if I'm to think about actual tracker and what the theme could be. I think about small room with lot of maps and books. I think it could be the small stable with the feel of dragon being in the room with you, with the pile of paper everywhere

the dragon could be in this                          v             small room/door here 



6. Strike Stable

Aesthetic/Reference: Thawfest maze Strike room/ Gothi's hut during lightning storm/ black metaly windy and stormy/ Skrill

Strike stable would be the only big interactive one on here that I suggest. You'd have to scale/parkour your way up the stair until you are  above the lighting cloud like during the Gothi's hut quest. where your dragon will be there on the metal bar (like in stoker class stable) you can walk on.


Anddd that's it! ^ ^ What do you think, anyone else have a cool stable ideas?


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Stable suggestion - wilderness

I just want a stable where I can clearly see my dragons


something blue skied and sunny and free to climb/explore like the mystery stable


dont get me wrong berwilderbeast and hidden world are jaw droppingly awesome but I just want a bright and light stable that doesn't cast dragons in shadow or tint their colours


ive just returned to the game, used to play in 2017 and the wilderness was alway my favourite with the geyser and a spot to catch eels which is probably making me bias


Stormßaby A1GWFS

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Underwater stable

Still just want a well lit, True Tone stable but the coral reef graphics created for expansion quests are beautiful can it'd be nice to revisit those graphics through an underwater stable

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subject disappeared like the deathsong armour

woah this just blew my mind but YES.

underwater stable pls sod!!!


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Aloha Lola

A Warlord Stable.



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Some ideas

Couple of ideas:

1. Impossible island stable, maybe with the stable rooms being decorated with various flora and fauna of the island.

2. Titan stable, with the ability to titan up your dragon in the stable.

3. Training Ground stable, where there's rooms that you could put your champion for each game in, like for example, there'd be a DT room for a dragon, a Racing room for a dragon, a Fireball Frenzy room for a dragon and a Flight School room for a dragon.

4. bring back the fury stable!!! 


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Yes impossible island!

That final room with the giant flower was so pretty and the colour of the water on the island is beautiful and the flowers and ferns.. 

also if the krayfin was wandering around like the berwilderbeast stable  

but I'd rather be able to climb over everything than have blocked areas which would probs happen if the krayfin is included. 
not necessarily though cause you can jump on it where it's swimming on titan island


also that learn to fly area when a new Viking is created has really pretty vines